Two Hunters

“Hey, Charlie,” Bernie says. “Did you find any eggs?”

“One,” says Charlie.

“Just one?” Bernie says.

“Chet got all the others.”

Bernie looks at me. Well, of course I let Charlie find one – he’s such a great kid. I wait for Bernie to say, Good boy, Chet.

Welcome Audrey from Cape Cod (but not our Audrey from Cape Cod) and Gus, living the dream.


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102 Responses to “Two Hunters”

  1. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    9:25 am on April 8th, 2012

    Love today’s post!! Poor Charlie.

    Happy Easter, everyone. I hope that Shiek continues to improve and that Dan is out of the corner.

  2. Barb & Maggie
    9:39 am on April 8th, 2012

    Good morning, Wolfie. And to all of those who celebrate Easter, Happy Easter morning to you.

    That post reminds me of one of our E.S. group stories. Last year their ES found an egg out in the yard that the grandkids had overlooked. Her people gave her lavish praise when she brought it up to the house. So yesterday when they hid a few doz eggs for today’s Easter egg hunt, guess what!
    Right, they found a large pile of most of the eggs on the patio last night. What a good girl!

  3. Macy the Min-pin
    10:04 am on April 8th, 2012

    We love to hunt eggs. The first year we just noselled them around, but last year we discovered that if you bite down gently, those plastic eggs pop right open and spill the goodies. Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait….

    Good Easter morning to all.

  4. Rose
    10:07 am on April 8th, 2012

    Good Easter Morning to all!

    May there be lots of eggs, chocolate bunnies, and sugar-free Peeps to all!

    For those celebrating Passover, hope you and your families and a lovely Seder dinner!

  5. Rose
    10:09 am on April 8th, 2012

    I thought today’s post was very sweet!

    Dawson: Happy Retirement!

  6. B.Stover
    10:16 am on April 8th, 2012

    Well, what did Bernie expect? Jeeze!

    What are “Peeps”?

    Dawson: The best thing about retirement is that you don’t have to live by a schedule. (At least, I hope you don’t.)

    We haven’t heard from Steven recently. I hope he’s okay.

  7. BearSpiritDog
    10:26 am on April 8th, 2012

    If Bernie won’t say it,
    I will.
    Good Dog Chet!

    A Wonderful Easter to some and to others hope your Passover’s the Best.

  8. Tyb
    10:53 am on April 8th, 2012

    Warm wishes to everyone.

  9. Tyb
    10:54 am on April 8th, 2012

    Warm wishes to everyone.

  10. Tyb
    10:58 am on April 8th, 2012

    That wasn’t exactly a double Dawson, maybe a 1 1/2, Speaking of Dawson, I wish you a long and happy retirement.

  11. Tupper and Gilly
    11:09 am on April 8th, 2012

    Happy day of spring to all of you!

    Bee- oh dear, we really must get you out more. Peeps are the iconic Easter junk food. There are gourmet jelly beans, there are decadent dark chocolate eggs filled with elegant cream. And then there are Peeps – neon yellow, sugar encrusted, marshmallow baby chicks. Absolutely nothing healthy or redeeming about them. Great when they are soft and fresh, great when they are stale and crunchy.
    They now come in various pastel colors and in different shapes like bunnies, but the original bright yellow Peeps, sparkling with their sugar dust, peeking out of an basket lined with green cello-grass – now that is Easter morning

  12. Rose
    11:11 am on April 8th, 2012

    Tyb: Looks like the Easter bunny was very good to you!

    Rio: Both our teams are 0 and 2 .

    B: Peeps are marshmallows cover in sprinkle yellow stuff made to look like chicks.

    Belle: Red beard two- legged put your new collar on, right?

    Rio : Pepper was up top earlier.

  13. B.Stover
    11:36 am on April 8th, 2012

    Thanks guys. Okay I’ve seen “peeps” but didn’t know that they were called that. I’ve never had one and don’t know if I’d like them. The “decadent dark chocolate eggs filled with elegant cream,” on the other hand, sounds like something I’d really enjoy.

  14. B.Stover
    11:40 am on April 8th, 2012

    Melanie: I keep forgetting to say that the glider looks wonderful! (I’d hate to have to put it together however.)

  15. Melanie
    11:40 am on April 8th, 2012

    The morning Walk / Run was wonderful! No one plugged up a hole with dirt or with their bodies!

    Peeps. The Neon Food Group.

  16. Barb & Maggie
    11:50 am on April 8th, 2012

    Bee, Now you have been enlightened! Barb does not share the Royal Mum’s love of Peeps either (but she did know what they are!). Her favorite candy, when she was a kid and got Easter baskets, was the chocolate creme filled eggs of the Russell Stovers variety. Yum!

    We are just haning out at home today. Went in to see the kids last Monday, and will be heading their way again next Sunday for Lily’s tenth b-day, so decided not to make the 200 mile round trip today.

  17. Tyb
    11:51 am on April 8th, 2012

    Wow! I’ve always known pastel peeps, but I’ve never seen anything like Melanie’s neons. They’re special.

  18. Riö – The Evil Pug
    12:02 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Easter!…Woooo!… Lots of cooking going on upstairs. I opted to stay out of the way, but Beau is right under foot. I’m so excited today, I couldn’t tell you why though…snort!snort!…Its going to be a great great day!…Woooooo!

    Photo!…Of fence and Beau’s handy work coming up soon…snorkel!

  19. Siber-H
    12:07 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Happy Easter and Happy Spring to everyone!!

    Mom has never eaten a peep in her life. They don’t come in chocolate. That is a good photo of them, Melanie. For so many years, they were just this awful yellow.

    TYB: Cute, peaceful picture.
    Melanie, Love the glider and the handsome couple will too.

    Rose, don’t make it worse than it is…our team is 1-1 but that was a crappy game they played last night. The Rockies fielding errors were so unlike them. I almost splorted.

    Macy (whispering) Liked your Easter basket last night. I can be a closet Southener at times.

  20. Siber-H
    12:13 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Stover, “the decadent dark chocolate eggs filled with elegant cream” are Delish.

    Rio, I want to see Beau’s work. I may want to offer him a job.

  21. Masquers
    12:28 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Tyb: It wouldn’t be Easter without a greeting from you.

    Peeps aren’t our kind of treat. We here prefer chocolate bunnies.

    Sadly, our day has hit a snag. One in the family is not feeling tip top so we will be staying close to home.
    It is a beautiful day though and we are going to enjoy every minute of it.
    I’m settling into a patch of sunlight as we speak.

  22. Riö – The Evil Pug
    12:34 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Marked!…See those two spots on that piece of wood?…snort!…Yup, that was Beau. There is not one piece of wood left in the whole yard that he has not covered and I have re-covered…grunt!

  23. OleyHowlers
    12:39 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Happy Easter everybody. Mom and Pop rode horses in the park on Easter morning. They saw doggies, including 2 Newfies. And they asked us to post this picture from the park and tell youse that T&G’s joke is really making the rounds!

    Now its off to our uncle’s house for Easter ham!

  24. Riö – The Evil Pug
    12:40 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Experiment!….Here is a photo of what my friend made yesterday while being annoyed by the Fence Post Diggers Kin…grunt!…She is experimenting with beads so the story goes…..sneeze!

  25. Siber-H
    12:48 pm on April 8th, 2012

    The beads are gong to be a nice addition to her work. They will be a success!

    Good dirt work, Rio and Beau!

  26. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    1:08 pm on April 8th, 2012

    I hope we get to see a photo of Belle Starr in her sparkly collar today!

  27. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    1:09 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Oh, and Rio, hor friend is absolutely amazing! That is gorgeous.

  28. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    1:11 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Dang ipaw. Your friend. I swear, this thing changes words after I press send.

  29. Riö – The Evil Pug
    1:33 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Boutique!…This is one of the things I will be donating to the Spring Boutique…sniff!…Someone doesn’t know it yet, but there you have it….heh!…She says she is going to make smaller projects like this right up to the opening of the Store…grunt!…Right after she finishes an order for a Mothers Day Bouquet…wuffle!…The colors the gal wants are Tourquoise, Maroon, Baby Blue and Pink…gah!…Someone is having a hard time with this…sniff!

  30. Melanie
    1:46 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Wolfie, can you check your SDD? Or could you SDDD me?

  31. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    2:16 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Ten Four, Melanie.

  32. Gus & BooBear
    2:16 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Happy Easters and hope everyone has a wonderful day with family and friends.

    Gus & BooBear

  33. Gus & BooBear
    2:18 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Don’t know why we have Mom type for us…and we can’t even blame an IPaw!!

  34. Tupper and Gilly
    2:22 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Whew – all the pre-cooking stuff is done. Escargot are stuffed, onion pie is a lovely golden brown, the spiced apples are fragrant and the eggs are bedeviled.
    Now we just have to wait for the rest of the day to see if there is going to be any excitement.

  35. B.Stover
    2:36 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Rio: Your friend’s project is breathtakingly beautiful.

    Ten Four is pilot-speak right? I can’t remember what it means.

    Yes I have seen peeps but I prefer my marshmellows toasted.

  36. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    2:37 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Yup, we know what you mean.

    Can’t wait for Easter dinner. Mom’s friend Peggy is the best cook ever!

  37. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    2:38 pm on April 8th, 2012

    I think (hope) it means message received. Over and out.

  38. BearSpiritDog
    2:41 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Wonder if we will get to see Belle-Starr in her new sparkly collar.

    Rio: I must say, your Friend is really on top of things. Where does she come up with all these ideas? We here are still brainstorming. The new project is Beautiful as always. She just keeps getting Better and Better.

    Royals: It smells wonderful!
    And, that reminds me…it’s almost lunchtime here.
    Off to rustle up some chow.

  39. Tupper and Gilly
    2:53 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Masquers – sorry to hear someone isn’t tip top – should we be sending in the rescue squad? Or is it a case of one too many jelly beans?

  40. Snowhook Bella
    2:58 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Hello Plunderers! I woke up with a migraine this morning and am now just up wandering around with the blinds shut and the lights off. Belle Starr, on the other hand is put playing in the sunshine with the rest of the kennel. One she comes in for a nap I will take a picture of her in her sparkly pink collar.

    Belle Starr waiting up all night for the Easter Pug to visit but couldn’t stay awake. When she woke up this morning, the Zinger she left out for the Easter Pug were gone.

  41. Barb & Maggie
    3:04 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Bee, Back in the 80s when everyone used CB radios in their vehicles, 10-4 good buddy was a common term. It meant heard and understood, good friend.

  42. Rose
    3:12 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Rio: Each project your friend works on amazes me even more!

    Rebecca: Sorry to hear you are not feeling tip- top! Did you get a chocolate bunny from AJ?

    Looking forward to seeing Belle in her bejeweled collar!

  43. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    3:21 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Rebecca, I’m sorry to hear about your migraine. Mom gets those too and she likes it nice and quiet.

    I hope you are feeling better soon.

    Howlers, how is Sheik today?

  44. Snowhook Bella
    3:33 pm on April 8th, 2012

    No chocolate bunnies for me, but AJ let me try and sleep while he kept the dogs quiet. Belle Starr likes to howl every morning. This morning she had to keep her song to herself.

    Rio: the beads are a nice touch and the project is absolutely beautiful. I still need to figure out what to put into the MMSB.

  45. Siber-H
    3:37 pm on April 8th, 2012

    10-4 is also cop speak and it basically means “okay”.

    Gus and BooBear, I don’t have the excuse of an IPaw either. It must be the toenails

    Rebecca, Feel better soon.

  46. Tupper and Gilly
    3:43 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Aww Rebecca – we hope you feel better soon

    We have a new addiction here – we always liked hummus, but we just found Kalamata Olive hummus…oh my!

    Rio – is your house starting to smell like roast turkey yet?

  47. Masquers
    3:44 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Bella: Migraines are the worst! Nothing seems to help. Years ago mom suffered through many episodes. You have her complete sympathy and understanding.
    I hope the Easter Pug left a goodie for Belle-Starr.

    T&G: We are okay. It’s another family member who is feeling under the weather which resulted in the trip being cancelled early this morning.
    Bear is rummaging through the fridge right now. If he can’t come up with anything tasty maybe one of youse could blurr over some left-overs.

  48. Terri
    3:46 pm on April 8th, 2012


    “dark chocolate eggs filled with elegant cream” – YUM! Mom has NO chocolate at home (yet). She’s waiting for the after Easter sales. She is meant to be on a diet but has a bad habit of breaking it for special occasions — and there are lots of special occasions .

    “I prefer my marshmellows toasted”
    Mom says she and B. Stover have the same food tastes!

  49. Terri
    3:47 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Flower: I just got brushed but there’s stuff all over my hair from the deck.
    Terri: Get over yourself. We have to talk about more important things.
    Flower: Like what?
    Terri: Moles in the back yard. They’re taking over! I’m a herder, not a hunter. What’s your excuse?
    Flower: I just like to watch. I don’t wish to touch little moving animals of any kind.
    Terri: Snort! Mom doesn’t want to use poison – YEECH! So she wants a more “natural” way to get rid of moles.
    Mom wants people to visit with their rodent hunting dogs. I’d think Rat Terriers, Manchester Terriers, JRTs and the like would be good at killing moles and field mice. Bring them on!

  50. Masquers
    4:06 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Terri & Flower: Give Maggie a call. She can give you some good advice.

  51. Wookie of Chevy Chase
    4:15 pm on April 8th, 2012

    I had tried to post earlier but I think the marauding goats ate my post, so I will try again.
    It has been a fantastic week here in Chevy Chase with my dad home all week. We had great walkies every day in Rock Creek near our home and I was not left home alone, even once. LIfe does not get better than that. We had a lovely Seder Friday night (just dad and mom and me; grandpa is visiting relatives in Missouri) and my Aunt Julie and Aunt Donna will be joining us for Easter dinner later tonight. I am feeling tip top, although I know mom and dad still worry about me a lot.
    Rio, tell your friend that her latest creation is really spectacular, and we are glad that youse guys liked our little surprise.
    I just hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Life is good.

  52. Riö – The Evil Pug
    4:42 pm on April 8th, 2012


  53. Riö – The Evil Pug
    4:45 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Wookie!…You are the best pal a guy like me could have…wuffle!….Glad you had a spectacular week and are feeling clip clop!..snorkel!

    Rebecca!…Does this headache thing mean you will miss Easter Moose Dinner at Jodi and Mikes???…grunt!…That would be a serious pity…sniff!

  54. Riö – The Evil Pug
    5:30 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Walk!…Well, we are going to go try and walk off some tators and gravey…burp!wheeze!

  55. B.Stover
    5:36 pm on April 8th, 2012

    I looked up the ten four code. There are eleven codes using ten as the first number. There is no logic in them that I can see so they irritate me. The article said that they are being phased out “in favor of everyday language.” Now that makes sense.

  56. Barb & Maggie
    5:56 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Terri, Yes Masquers is right. English Shepherds are classified as a herding breed, but part of my genetic code is vermin killer (also called pest eradicator). You don’t know this, but last year we had 2 families of rats that took up residence under our chicken coop. By the time all was said and done, 3 or 4 litters of rats later, I had eliminated about 50 rats! Barb kept count over several months, and it was not a pretty sight. Either I finally got the last one, or they high tailed it out of here. Moles would be a cinch. I turn from sweet to Cujo in a nanosecond!

  57. Siber-H
    6:02 pm on April 8th, 2012

    There isn’t any logic to them and the numbers can mean different things depending upon what the particular police department assigns them. In this city. 10-4 means okay, 10-27 is a traffic stop, 10-7 is dead, 10-42 means mentally unbalanced person, and so on and on.
    Mom once listened to a police scanner that someone gave her. Radio Shack kindly gave out sheets of paper explaining the police codes.

  58. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    6:08 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Yes, Terri, Maggie is Quite the hunter. And it seems to me that either Abbie or Alice has some talents in that area as well.

    We could send you Wallace the Most Annoying Cat in the World. To keep. He is an excellent mouser!

  59. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    6:12 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Oh. Apparently mom wants to keep Wallace. Never mind.

  60. Terri
    6:12 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Barb & Maggie — So, can you come to visit? I wonder how long it would take to kill all the moles or whatever they are in the back of our yard? It would likely take a while.

    50 rats! WOW! That’s a lot. Good for you 🙂

  61. Melanie
    6:26 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Folks? The Easter Beagle seems to have given me the flu. So I’m off to bed!

    Wölfie and T&G check your SDDs.


  62. Barb & Maggie
    6:41 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Terri, That looks like moles to us. They sometimes make a long trench underground where the grass is raised as they travel along. Ground squirrels just make 2 little holes and go down not across the lawn. Barb will not do poison either. I would be happpy to blur over and help you.

  63. Riö – The Evil Pug
    6:51 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Back!…wheeze!…We are back from our long walk…sniff!…I think we managed to walk off all those tators and then some…heh!…What a great dinner those two put together today. It was wonderful! Beau filled up on Kibble during the crucial moments before it was served because he couldn’t take it any longer. He regretted doing that big time…chorkel!…Live and learn pal. Live and learn…snorkel!

  64. B.Stover
    7:10 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Terri: They sell mole traps at under the patio, lawn and garden section. It’s called Victor 0631 Out O’ Sight Mole Trap. I live in a condo and the gardeners here use that kind of thing.

  65. Tupper and Gilly
    7:53 pm on April 8th, 2012

    you can also stick pieces of Juicy Fruit gum in the holes. For some reason it kills the moles without being toxic to other animal life

  66. Tyb
    8:34 pm on April 8th, 2012

    I’ve heard about the Juicy Fruit gum remedy. It seems that JF is the only gum that does the trick and I wonder why. Is it the smell that attracts the moles or is there an extra ingredient in Juicy Fruit that other gums do not have. My biggest problem with this is finding the gum.

  67. Staff
    8:50 pm on April 8th, 2012

    My goodness I will never chew juicy fruit gum again.

  68. Snowhook Bella
    9:07 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Ahem…We are at Mick and Jodi’s for Easter Dinner and have one thing to say to the Plunderers: Thank you! We were surprised with your letters and the wonderful pottery given to us. I can’t believe we are the owners of a Stinky Mama original. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Mick and Jodi let us have the time to ourselves to read your messages. We are grateful for your kindness an friendship.

  69. Staff
    9:11 pm on April 8th, 2012

    This was put up on the giants facebook page today. He called it “taking the pups for a walk.”

  70. Riö – The Evil Pug
    9:15 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Yikes! …Juicy Fruit is a stick of death…gasp!…Good thing no one here chews that stuff…sniff!….Holy cow!

    Tired!…We just came inside after a rousing game of Play Ball…heh!heh!…She got a really good work-out tonight…sniff!…Now we are hanging out “waiting” and watching Damages…snort!…The last episode of the Second Season…gasp!…This just gets better and better!…woooo!

  71. Macy the Min-pin
    9:25 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Sob…it rained out our Easter egg hunt. We still got treats but there was no sport to it. Not the same.

    The Ft.Worth Star-Telegram has a Peeps Diorama contest every year. We are trying to access our e-account for pictures, maybe tomorrow.

  72. Tupper and Gilly
    9:25 pm on April 8th, 2012

    and a BIG giant “Whew!”. Thank goodness the pot got there, Bella and the Giant got there and we all didn’t chew our fingernails to stubs trying to make sure we didn’t leak the surprise.

  73. Tupper and Gilly
    9:29 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Macy – we had a news story on tv last night anout the Peep convention. Some of the entries were a hoot. We especially like the “peep-les choice award ceremony” complete with Peeps in gowns and jewels. Snort.

  74. Riö – The Evil Pug
    9:46 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Refresh!…Its always a good idea to Refresh!….Wooooo!…AJ and Rebecca have the Big Surprise!…snort!…Keeping that secret for so long was wearing on me…wheeze!…Thank goodness they have it and have read all the notes and stuff. Rebecca seems a bit over-whelmed at the moment…chuffle!

  75. Siber-H
    9:53 pm on April 8th, 2012

    I’m glad Rebecca felt well enough to go to Jodi’s house for dinner.

    Love the photo of the dogs and the snow.

    Maggie and Meashka could elimintate the moles in no time.

  76. Barb & Maggie
    10:14 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Thanks Siber, but if Meashka and I can’t be there it sounds like Juicy Fruit will do the job. Who knew!

    We are glad the gift got there and that they have received it.

    Off to bed for us. Be back tomorrow.

  77. dawson
    10:17 pm on April 8th, 2012

    The pot of many wonders has reached it’s destination!

    The dogs of Snowhook look happy to be playing in the snow.

    I love those neon peeps. To look at…not to eat.

    Rio: The addition of beads to the quilling has raised the bar another notch. Very nice

  78. Gus & BooBear
    10:26 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Rebecca, being a couple of the non-artistic types in the Plunderers, we felt honored that Amalia let us be part of the gift to you and AJ. Snowhook has become a special project for us and we love being a small part of your dream

    Happy Easter Everyone!

  79. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    10:36 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Whew, I think we were all busting a gut waiting for the big reveal!

    The Plunderers are brilliant at many things but waiting is not one of them.

    A special thanks to Jodi and Mick for their willingness to help out. They are wonderful.

  80. BearSpiritDog
    10:38 pm on April 8th, 2012

    To SnowBella & the Giant: We are delighted you have opened our
    Special Gift…The Northern Lights…a Golinka Masterpiece.

    There was no name or note, but a Big Thank You to whoever left the Doggie Bag on the doorstep. A virtual Feast with leftovers to last a week.
    Stuffed to the max I’m off to catch up on some missed TV episodes.
    See you all in the morning – Bear

  81. Tupper and Gilly
    10:39 pm on April 8th, 2012

    a big Woo Hooo to Jodi and Mick – the people, not the puppies.

  82. Staff
    10:43 pm on April 8th, 2012

    YahHOoo. The secret was kept. We are all so amazing I am proud! I can’t wait to see some pictures of the Northern Lights cache-pot and the pot owners. The pictures I saw in my email were beautiful! Thanks to Amalia and Leonard for the wonderful work of art that was given to Rebecca and AJ.

    Going to bed now. The news is that Maggie might be coming home as soon as tomorrow. No promises though. One more night under the quilt.

    Night all ‘cept Liz, G’day Liz

  83. Riö – The Evil Pug
    10:44 pm on April 8th, 2012

    Damn!…I am having trouble keeping my wireless connected tonight…grump!…I’ve lost several amazingly witty comments and am giving up…gruffle!…Goodnight All!..snort!

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