Tucker and His Anonymous Benefactor

A very nice story:




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99 Responses to “Tucker and His Anonymous Benefactor”

  1. Barb & Maggie
    9:13 am on April 24th, 2014

    Thank you for a real feel-good story. There really are some wonderful people in the world. Most of them animal lovers!

    Barb is off to her job. Have a great day everyone.

    BooBear, Is there any way your mom could just cut back on her hours and still keep her insurance benefits?

  2. Mollypop's Mom
    9:17 am on April 24th, 2014

    Rio, I agree with you that Caleb should be the American Idol and if not, Jena. Sam will do well and I would buy his records. I like listening to him.

  3. Wose-the small and meek
    9:28 am on April 24th, 2014


    Happy travels, Hobbit!

    RIO! I hope your friend’s knee is tip-top!

    Siber-H, Enjoy your travels! Will me you.

    ML, I know of what you speak. Even though my mom and dad died several years ago, they both fill me heart.

    BooBear! I know your mom will make the best decision. Sending love and hugs to youse all.

    Love today’s post. There are still some good people out there. sniff

    Good day to all!

  4. Herd of Hounds
    9:28 am on April 24th, 2014

    Good morning, everyone! We loved the story about Summit but mom’s eyes are leaking, she says happy tears, huh? So glad the WA family is home, now we miss the NM family…2 weeks? Have fun and be sure to sing around that campfire Mr. Siber H.
    V e t just left here. We like him but today he gave us our shots 🙁 Oh well, we got treats 🙁
    Have a thumbs-up Thursday.

  5. Wose-the small and meek
    9:29 am on April 24th, 2014

    Thumbs-up back at ‘ya, HOH!

  6. Herd of Hounds
    9:30 am on April 24th, 2014

    Darned big paws… “treats :)” Hey Wose!

  7. B. Stover
    9:43 am on April 24th, 2014

    That is a great story and Tucker is beautiful.

    Good morning all.

  8. BearSpiritDog
    9:49 am on April 24th, 2014

    Something In My Eye so early in the morning? sniff.

  9. Staff
    9:52 am on April 24th, 2014

    Good morning Barb (and Maggie), Mollypop’s Mom, Rose the tiny and terrific,Herd of Hounds and B Stover.

    Wet, grey and rainy here.

    Dad is having trouble with his catheter and we are waiting for the nurse to arrive. She won’t get here until noon at the earliest. Meanwhile he wants to empty his almost empty catheter every 10 minutes because it “feels full”. It is going to be a long day.

  10. dawson
    10:13 am on April 24th, 2014

    Thank you for that good news story. Strangely, tears came to my eyes while reading it.

    Wolfie Wigglebutt up top, blurring.

    Staff: This is happening so that on the day you leave for home your happiness will be double! Or triple!

    Still snowing. It is now a winter wonderland out there. This afternoon it is supposed to turn to rain. Oh joy.
    I know. This is happening so that when Spring comes I will be twice as happy. Or more.
    Think I’ll go back to bed for awhile.

  11. Masquers
    10:15 am on April 24th, 2014

    HOH: Lots of fun…happy to be back. ^..^
    Staff: Gloomy and rainy here too. Hope your very long day improves as it goes along.
    Dawson: So sorry about the spring snow, but like us weather types always say: We guarantee everything but the weather.
    – Weatherkat

  12. dawson
    10:42 am on April 24th, 2014

    Masquers: A nap, a bubble bath, snowman making, last chance to wear my winter gear. This weather opens up all manner of opportunities.

  13. Herd of Hounds
    10:44 am on April 24th, 2014

    Always look on the bright side of life 🙂

  14. Tupper and Gilly
    10:52 am on April 24th, 2014

    Greetings all. Sometimes, it is nice just to be alone. We are here with just Mama for a while today. We are going to go sit outside in the sun since the back deck is protected from the whipping winds.

    We are going to miss Siber. Maybe the other “Head” will post a lot to keep us entertained.

    By the way, everyone say hi to BlueKat. Just cuz.

    Hi BlueKat! We love you.

  15. BearSpiritDog
    10:52 am on April 24th, 2014

    As long as we’re a Sniffling Mood this morning: The Power of Words

    Dawson: We agree with the Herd’s Mom…That is an Awesome Attitude!

  16. BearSpiritDog
    10:54 am on April 24th, 2014

    Hi BlueCat! I Love You Too.

  17. dawson
    11:05 am on April 24th, 2014

    Hi BlueKat! You just reminded me of more good things to do today. Brush the kats! Two are not bad but one is shedding like crazy.

  18. O'Howlers
    11:09 am on April 24th, 2014

    Hello all. That was a very nice story about a very generous tipper. Thanks for posting that, Spence and Admin.
    Hi BlueKat! You know we love you. That is why we gave our Blockhead such and Irish name. heh heh!
    BooBear, hugs to you and your mum and dad.

  19. BooBear
    11:27 am on April 24th, 2014

    Hi, Bluecat!!! Hope things are going okay in your neck of the woods.

  20. Masquers
    11:30 am on April 24th, 2014

    BooBear: Hoping your wish to Blukat is reflected back to you.

  21. Herd of Hounds
    11:31 am on April 24th, 2014

    Hey, Bluecat!
    BSD, yes, that video did cause some eye drips.

  22. Masquers
    11:33 am on April 24th, 2014

    Howlers: We miss Siber already and, as Dawson suggested, it is now up to Zeus to fill in for him while he is on vaca.

  23. Masquers
    11:34 am on April 24th, 2014

    (whispering) does Zeus like baseball?

  24. Herd of Hounds
    11:45 am on April 24th, 2014

    He probably finds them very tasty, I know I do. -Lucy Lou
    Mr. Blockhead Zeus, I am an adorable 15 month old Newf gal who is looking for a paw pal. You seem like a big, strapping Siber. Interested? -Darah Thea

  25. Billy's Buddy
    11:51 am on April 24th, 2014

    Love you, Bluecat!

    Touching story about Tucker.

    Welcome back to Nana and her companions. We missed you.

    Greetings and loving thoughts to all the rest of you.

    It is dreary, 40 degrees, and raining hard in this part of Wisconsin today. I am making chicken noodle soup to counteract the weather.

  26. B. Stover
    11:52 am on April 24th, 2014

    Hi Bluecat.

  27. BearSpiritDog
    12:08 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Billy’s Buddy: Chicken Noodle! My Favorite!
    Rainy Day here too. Nana says it’s a Good Day to Unpack and Relax.

    Hounds: I prefer Tennis Balls myself.

    Zeus: Forgot your formal name…Zeusikof?

  28. Masquers
    12:14 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Thinking about Macy’s Mom today.

  29. dawson
    12:15 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Heh, heh.
    Masquers: Tupper and Gilly were the ones @ 10:52 that mentioned “the other Head” keeping us entertained while SiberH was gone. Credit given.

    I forgot to wish SiberH an excellent vacation away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Enjoy the peace and quiet amid wide open spaces.

  30. dawson
    12:16 pm on April 24th, 2014

    One more thing before I go:
    Chicken noodle soup! Delish!

  31. Blockhead of the O'Howler Pack
    12:22 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Siber-H, how could you leave me all alone with nothing but Siber girls and non-Siber friends? You are my ally, pal.
    Darah, you do sound adorable, but this lady tells me you are about as big as those horses that have me all riled up.

    Speaking of that lady: she told some folks that I am ready for my diploma. Wonder what that means?

  32. Wose-the small and meek
    12:25 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Scritches, scratches , and headbumps to you Bluecat. Love you lots!

  33. Masquers
    12:26 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Sorry, Royals (one would think I could remember back a few posts ago) Dawson to the rescue!

  34. Trigger
    12:29 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Zeus, Do I see a fellow Countersurfer in our midst?

  35. Masquers
    12:30 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Hi Rose!

  36. Masquers
    12:31 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Miss you already. sniff.

  37. Loulou
    12:40 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Hi BluKat!

  38. Wose-the small and meek
    12:51 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Hey, there Masquers !

    Hi LouLou! Mr. Carrot is keeping me company while I read!

  39. Wose-the small and meek
    12:53 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Masquers, I want to thank you and Belle Starr for staying under the quilt with me and helping me feel better. I love youse. sniff

  40. Blockhead of the O'Howler Pack
    12:58 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Trigger, I can counter-surf with the best of them. Everything in this house was suddenly moved way way up, for some reason.

  41. Herd of Hounds
    1:55 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Mr. Blockhead, see, ‘xactly my point. I can reach most anything you want, counter, table low cabinets, fence rail. Oh, and I am blurring better and better every day 🙂

  42. Blockhead of the O'Howler Pack
    2:20 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Darah, if they ever let me off my leash or out of my kennel, maybe you and I can go round the block a time or two. {wink}

  43. Herd of Hounds
    2:27 pm on April 24th, 2014

    No kennel here but know the leash and fence:( Shouldn’t be too long till you get a little respect.

  44. BearSpiritDog
    2:46 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Hounds: And “Who” might You be? Darah?

  45. Goofball of the Chevy Chase Clan
    2:54 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Hi Blockhead and Dara. Here in Chevy Chase, I’m being strongly discouraged from that counter surfing type of activity. However, it is another matter if stuff is left at my level. Like yesterday, with mom’s raspberries and whippped cream for breakfast. Boy was that certainly yummy.

  46. Herd of Hounds
    2:54 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Bingo 🙂 Did it show?

  47. O'Howlers
    3:07 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Way to go,Goofball! Did you really eat the rasberries AND the whipped cream?

  48. Siber-H
    3:10 pm on April 24th, 2014


    I am still here. We are not leaving until early in the morning.
    The mechanic isn’t finished with my truck. It is just as well because we received a SDD from Amalia, which I will reply to in a few minutes.

    Thank you for all your good vacation wishes.

    My good pal, the Blockhead, will keep you company in all things male Siber while I am gone. He is already flirting, Way to go, guy.

    Bluekat, We do love you.

  49. Siber-H
    3:12 pm on April 24th, 2014

    It looks as though Teddy may not need to attend Trigger’s school of the fine counter surfing arts.

  50. C.hobbiti
    3:19 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Oodles of noodles from Turkey. Tomorrow a travel day for the most part but will go to a carpet factory and at night see the Whirling Dervishes (the people not the dogs). In two days I will be in a hot air balloon –maybe.

    I posted once on the blog (your yesterday)and will post when I can. Since I am taking photos with my phone rather than iPad, my photos are not on the right device to send.

    Lots of feral cats but not too many dogs. The ones I have seen do not have collars and aren’t on a leash –but are usually near a person.

    MPM: even thought I paid to have international texting, nothing is going through.

  51. Masquers
    3:30 pm on April 24th, 2014

    CHobbiti: Sounds like a super trip and first class all the way.
    Siber: Glad you are still here…that will be one day less to miss you.
    Goofball: You can’t fool us…we all recognize our pal Teddy…er, except for the counter-surfing part that is.

  52. Natasha the Nefarious Borzoi
    3:37 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Vait just minutes here. If Natasha is going to do the camping in the voods, ve must have proper bug spray, net of mosquito proof, and high heel, lace up camp-type boots.

    Is very hard to keep up vith demands. Natasha – go follow doggies through ice and snow in Iditarod. Natasha – go vith Siber to camp and make sure he is not hor d’eorves for bears. Natasha – spy on Commander Bee and Rio…oh, vait a minute, ve are not supposed to tell you that von. Never mind.

  53. Mollypop's Mom
    3:37 pm on April 24th, 2014

    CHobbit, you can access the blog from your phone and pop a picture in the post.

    Also, can you install WhatsApp?

  54. Beau - The Black Pug
    3:49 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Traveling!….Hey! How come everyone is traveling except me?…sneeze!…I’m always stuck in my same stinkin’ back yard with smelly Beau…grunt!

    Story!…My friend sent me a text on my little Go-Phone saying the Hot-Shot got a haircut last night and just realized the gal had taken a big chunk of his hair off on the side of his head with the razor…heh!heh!…It’s all snaggly looking and she said she laughed when he pointed it out to her…snort!

    Hair!…My friend says Patrick Roy uses the same barber as the hot-shot!…snort!

  55. Riö - The Evil Pug
    3:50 pm on April 24th, 2014


  56. Siber-H
    3:55 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Natasha, You not need to worry about bugs. It is still the windy season here.

  57. Riö - The Evil Pug
    4:05 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Wait!…Who’s spying on who?…grunt!

  58. Siber-H
    4:05 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Rio, Is that Patrick Roy in the picture?

    We are going to pick up my truck now.

  59. Riö - The Evil Pug
    4:34 pm on April 24th, 2014

    SiberH!…Yup! That is Roy = Wah!…heh!…He is the Hot-Shots doppleganger…snort!

  60. O'Howlers
    4:34 pm on April 24th, 2014

    We want to go camping with Siber. The ‘rents are forever reminiscing about their camping days with Boris. Why don’t they take us camping? Huh???

  61. Riö - The Evil Pug
    4:36 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Aged!…Only Wah is about 15 years older and has a few pounds on that there skinny Hot-Shot…snort!

  62. Riö - The Evil Pug
    4:52 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Camping!…I want to go camping with SiberH too!…snort! …I could be packed in a jiffy….wheeze!

  63. Masquers
    4:52 pm on April 24th, 2014
  64. Masquers
    4:55 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Songs around the kampfire? If youse need a sax just say the word.

  65. Wose-the small and meek
    5:49 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Masquers, I love the cartoon!

  66. Wose-the small and meek
    5:52 pm on April 24th, 2014
  67. Mollypop's Mom
    6:18 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Wose, I love that cat café and wish we had one here. Loulou would probably have a new sister or brother.

  68. Masquers
    6:19 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Rose: Mom thinks that is a kool idea…kats and katachinos…who could resist!

  69. Wose-the small and meek
    6:20 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Teddy, Yum! I love whipped cream and raspberries. I hope your mom forgave you…

  70. BearSpiritDog
    6:23 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Counter-Surfer Teddy Extraordinaire: Bet the White Mustache was a dead give-away. snicker.

  71. Wose-the small and meek
    6:23 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Masquers, best idea ever!
    MPM, We have to convince the Hobbit to stop in and bring one of those kitties to you when she meets you. I would like one of those kitties and a katachino myself!!

  72. bluecat
    6:35 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Dear Everybody,
    I appreciate the cheery greetings. You guys are the kat’s meow.

  73. B. Stover
    6:42 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Why are you spying on me Natasha?

  74. Barb & Maggie
    6:59 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Hi Nattie, haven’t heard from you for a while have we? Have you been in Mother Russia?

    Hi to Bluecat from us too.

  75. Belle Starr
    7:00 pm on April 24th, 2014

    If I don’t say hello to BlueKat I am going to be in a very bad mood.

    BlueKat: Hello. Hi. Head bumps.

  76. Siber-H
    7:26 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Ok, all of you that think they want to can come camping with me. We don’t just camp…we do a lot of four-wheeling on all the jeep roads in that country.
    The Reds will be our primary hunters, while the Heads advise them on the best hunting strategy.

  77. Kat
    7:28 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Zeus is on the loose! We got a Loose Zeus!

  78. Herd of Hounds
    7:29 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Oh boy, watch out rodents! With a hunting crew like that no varmint is safe.

  79. T.C.
    7:40 pm on April 24th, 2014

    I like the idea of a Cat Cafe. The Howlers always get to go to Yappy Hours, and I go nowheres.

  80. Siber-H
    7:45 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Does Zeus have a light touch of brown on his leg?

  81. Wose-the small and meek
    7:55 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Kat, you are making me laugh.

    T.C., Kats unite!

  82. Herd of Hounds
    7:55 pm on April 24th, 2014

    (Darah) Zeus, I love your pinkish ears, and the swoosh in your tail…I could swoon!

  83. Natasha the Nefarious Borzoi
    8:19 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Commander Bee – ve have been given very important job to find best and vorst langvage vernacularity so vhen other not as glamorous spies come to vatch American customs, they vill have as good command of English as Natasha does.
    Ve have filed reports to not say “read” as verb, and vhen to use “its” and “it’s”. Is very helpful to have great and powerful English Professor as example.
    You see how good is Natasha’s English? Ve no longer even say “base of balls” for silly national sport.
    Is all credit to Commander Bee.

  84. Herd of Hounds
    8:21 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Mom just found a foto of her first 2 dogs. Sonja, the wolf/husky and Kahlua the g.shepherd/husky.

  85. B. Stover
    8:29 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Thank Natasha. I really like “vernacularity.”

  86. Mollypop's Mom
    9:04 pm on April 24th, 2014

    American Idol is on and someone has to go home. I hope it’s not Sam, cable, or Jena.

  87. Wose-the small and meek
    9:05 pm on April 24th, 2014

    O’Howlers, How is Fern? All quiet in the chickie house?

  88. Mollypop's Mom
    9:07 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Funny. I don’t type anymore, I use the little microphone on the keypad on my iPad. So cable is really Caleb.

  89. Barb & Maggie
    9:47 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Night all, we will be back tomorrow morning.

  90. BearSpiritDog
    9:59 pm on April 24th, 2014

    We Here are getting ready for Dinner & A Movie.
    Nity-Nite – Bear

  91. Riö – The Evil Pug
    10:01 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Gah!…Idol is on RIGHT NOW and I am piddling around catching up on the blog!…gasp!

  92. Riö – The Evil Pug
    10:14 pm on April 24th, 2014

    MollysMaw!…How lazy can you get?….heh!heh!

  93. Riö – The Evil Pug
    10:17 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Natasha!…What do you officially call the American National Sport?…huh? …heh!

  94. Riö – The Evil Pug
    10:33 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Idol!…Well, I told youse all the Alabamies would get voted off…sniff!…Two out of 3 are gone. Next week the last one will go…grunt!…She is excellent, but not unique, so I fear for her safety…wuffle!

  95. Macy's mom
    10:48 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Hi Bluecat! Mom says you and your mom are the cat’s pajamas!

    I did not leave the house today. Must get out tomorrow. I have arranged someone to pick me up when I sell Blue. I will be blue, too.

    I just realized I never ate dinner. Hmm, kind of late now. Niters all.

  96. AbbietheKitty
    11:15 pm on April 24th, 2014

    Macy’s Mom. You forgot dinner? Jeez louise don’t do that. Dinner is the most important meal.

    Dawson, check your SDD

  97. Siber-H
    11:16 pm on April 24th, 2014

    We are really leaving tomorrow so Night All

    Macy, Take good care of your mom.

    Masquers and Bear, Look after Nana

  98. Thieves!
    2:25 am on April 25th, 2014

    SiberH: Have fun!

  99. O'Howlers
    6:28 am on April 25th, 2014

    Good morning! We are worried about Macy’s maw not eating. We here seldom skip a meal.
    We all slept like zombies last night, except for Pop who got called back in to work. He is up now, but feels like a zombie.
    Meashka sleeps in the bed that says “Katrina”. Zeus sleeps in the bed that says “Meashka”. And Kat, of course, sleeps in the bed that used to be Mom and Pop’s. Heh! That’s how we roll here at Howling Arabians.

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