Tonight: Seattle

Third Place Books, 7 PM, (17171 Bothell Way NE, Lake Forest Park WA).

“Fun crowd at Book Carnival in Orange CA last night,” Spence calls in. “Pics to come!”


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73 Responses to “Tonight: Seattle”

  1. Herd of Hounds
    10:08 am on August 9th, 2014

    Whoo hoo! in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy and hope no ‘Maters are in your future.
    Glad the grand tour is going well 🙂 Yesterday was a 2-fur here…2 books arrived and 2 plastic table clothes eaten 🙁 Waiting to read until tomorrow afternoon as Rock will be wending his way to So Cal. What a summer. Love hat we have Chet & Bernie waiting for us to read (along with the original Frank Baum “Wizard” book.

  2. Herd of Hounds
    10:15 am on August 9th, 2014

    So quiet without B&M, BSD/Masquers/Nana, Dawson AND…US on a regular basis. Rio, it is Saturday, where are you? Here is one thing that g-son and mom saw yesterday…

  3. Herd of Hounds
    10:16 am on August 9th, 2014
  4. Herd of Hounds
    10:21 am on August 9th, 2014

    …and your little dog, too

  5. Herd of Hounds
    10:27 am on August 9th, 2014

    Wose, you would LOVE this display!

  6. B.Stover
    10:44 am on August 9th, 2014

    I made the mistake of reading last night’s comments while eating breakfast. (Gag!) And speaking of breakfast, Buddy and Leno mentioned the bacon scene–not really a SPOILER: “I glanced around and saw that the remaining bacon strips were just sitting there in a dish on the table…in easy reach, pretty much ready for the taking.” And later: “‘Let’s just finish up breakfast,’ Bernie said, his gaze on the table, possibly narrowing in on the bacon dish, now empty, no getting around that…” (193-4).

    Good morning all.

  7. Tupper's Mama
    10:57 am on August 9th, 2014

    Morning everyone.
    We hope all the vacationers are having a marvelous time. We miss all of you and can’t wait to hear about all your adventures!

  8. Wose-the small and meek
    11:08 am on August 9th, 2014


    HOH: Waaaaaaahh! I will probably never get a chance to see the ruby slippers up close like that! Neat Wizard of Oz stuff too. I know you probably said this before, and I was only reading every other word, but where was this? I know the house that Judy Garland in Grand Rapids Minnesota, is now a museum.

    It is very quiet with most of the Plunderer family gone. Hope everyone is having a tip-top time. Expecting lots of pictures!

    Good morning, Royal Mum, and HHR, B!

  9. Wose-the small and meek
    11:10 am on August 9th, 2014

    GRRRR…should have been the house that Judy Garland grew up in.

  10. Herd of Hounds
    11:14 am on August 9th, 2014

    Wose, this is a traveling children’s exhibit currently at the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga, TN. Mom was sooooooo glad g-son enjoyed it as she (mom) goes around doing munchkin and other voices from the movie “)

  11. Herd of Hounds
    11:20 am on August 9th, 2014

    Wose, wtch your SDD for a few fotos we took at the exhibit ayer.

  12. Wose-the small and meek
    11:31 am on August 9th, 2014

    HOH: Thanks! Shame on me, I have never read the OZ books.

  13. Staff
    12:19 pm on August 9th, 2014

    I didn’t thing that bacon comment was a spoiler either…and neither is this…

    from page 178…
    “Bernie always says that the shortest distance between two points is something or other and that’s become one of my core beliefs.”

  14. Staff
    12:21 pm on August 9th, 2014

    My definition of a spoiler is something that gives away part of the plot or tells you something that impacts the story line.

  15. Staff
    12:30 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Has anyone else on here heard of Bookbub? I saw an article about it and looked it up and now every day Amazon sends me a list of currently published books that are free or very low cost. These are publishers specials that are an attempt to get you interested in a particular author. They are usually good for only one day so you have to do it NOW and not lollygag.

    I have been doing it for about two weeks now and I am hooked.

    I recommend it highly.

    You choose your preference in reading material out of a big list and they tailor the offerings to your likes.

  16. B.Stover
    12:52 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Staff: I love that comment on 178 also.

  17. Herd of Hounds
    1:03 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Love Chet’s core beliefs. AND they get better and better.

    Not reading yet, but will soon :

    GAH: Can we wait ????

  18. Staff
    1:15 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Going out to pick some more edible podded peas in the garden. YUM.

  19. Siber-H
    1:20 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Stover, About last night. I am sorry.

    Rio, I am not watching any Broncos games either. I have decided I like soccer better than American football anyway…not that I have ever liked football that much.

    I am so glad your friend is getting to go to the Todd Helton number retirement day. I really like that guy. sniff
    I hope the Rockies spell his name right for all the celebrations.

  20. B.Stover
    2:00 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Siber-H: Not a problem. (I was mimicking Rio with the “gag” comment.)

    I wonder why “gag” also means joke….

  21. Buddy and Leno
    2:07 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Good afternoon! Pausing the book to catch up with y’all. No worries, I’m not very far in either.

  22. Buddy and Leno
    2:14 pm on August 9th, 2014

    OK…first, the bacon scene I referred to was earlier (I haven’t got to that one yet, HOH). Sorry, no clue about page numbers, Audible doesn’t give those, but it says:
    “…and soon, we were chowing down. Yogurt for Susie, bacon and eggs for Bernie, bacon and kibble for me. And then a bit of bacon for Susie, which she and i ended up sharing.”

    Spoiler comment: it was really a bit tongue in cheek…I didn’t think it would be a spoiler for anyone really, with the possible exception of Chet.

    Oz books: oh goodness. I love The Wonder Wizard of Oz. There’s stuff in there that isn’t in the movie, like the china people. Fantastic stuff! Audible has all the original Baum Oz books in one great big huge ginormous omnibus that’s like a gazillion hours of audio. Do I have this thing? Yes, yes I do.

  23. B.Stover
    2:27 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Buddy and Leno: That bacon comment is on page 18.

  24. Buddy and Leno
    2:29 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Ah. OK…so y’all know how far along I wasn’t. I’m a bit further on now, but still, things are just getting started. …….

  25. Dawson
    3:05 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Last day of vacation. I am picking blackberries to take home. This usually involves blood being spilled. Ouch!

  26. Herd of Hounds
    3:15 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Mom is at Wally World having her car serviced so the tri to Hotlanta tomorrow a.m. will NOT be awful 🙂 In between times, she is reasons Baum’s Wonderful Wizard of Oz 🙂 BBL

  27. B.Stover
    3:18 pm on August 9th, 2014

    “Gag” the verb is derived from Middle English “gaggen” which may in turn have been derived from imitating the sound a person makes when choking. “Gag” the noun may have been derived from fooling a “credulous” person–to see if that person would “swallow” what is done or said. It may also “be of onomatopoeic origin with the original sense of ‘unmeaning chatter'”–gaggle (according to the Oxford English Dictionary).

  28. Herd of Hounds
    3:39 pm on August 9th, 2014

    We love onomatopoeia…fun words 🙂

  29. Herd of Hounds
    3:50 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Bow wow, ding dong, cock-a-doodle-doo, grrr,meow, et al.

  30. B.Stover
    4:09 pm on August 9th, 2014

    HOH: My favorite onomatopoeic word is “buzz.”

  31. Herd of Hounds
    5:09 pm on August 9th, 2014

    HRH, so do WE 🙂

  32. Tupper's Mama
    6:11 pm on August 9th, 2014


  33. Siber-H
    6:33 pm on August 9th, 2014


  34. Riö -The Evil Pug
    6:43 pm on August 9th, 2014


  35. Riö -The Evil Pug
    6:45 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Tracking!…I have it on good authority that Maskers and Nana are at the airport. They have been upgraded to First Class for their flight home…chuffle!….The flight will not be departing until 5:05 West Coast time…grunt!

  36. Staff
    6:51 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Many years ago I think when I was visiting Dawson and A Catty when they lived in Whitefish Montana. There was some kind of flea market or carnival or something and a complete set of the OZ books was available for purchase. I was a poor divorcee and had no money. I still remember how beautiful those books were and how much I wanted to have them.

    Until that day I didn’t know there was more than one book. Sigh. But the illustrations and the designs on the covers were fabulous! I think whey were going for 350.00. heh. What an investment that would have been!

  37. Staff
    6:53 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Would gulp be that onomato.. thingy?

  38. Staff
    6:54 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Which reminds me, I got my third tomato off that loverly tomato plant today. All the other plants are stubbornly green.

  39. Siber-H
    7:09 pm on August 9th, 2014

    I will be happy to have Bear and Masquers back with us.

  40. Riö -The Evil Pug
    7:09 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Green!…Someone will have to take photos…sniff!….Big beautiful bunches of green tomatoes that have apparently no inclination to ever turn red…snort!…Someone grumbles every time she goes out to check them…heh!

    Staffie!…She also needs to take photos of your Zinnias which are very lovely right now. The few that survived her mother’s sharp hoe anyway….grump!

  41. B.Stover
    7:25 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Staff: Yes, “gulp” is onomatopoeic.

    Siber-H: I think Tupper’s Mama used “hiss” in the same way.

  42. Teddy Ruff Rider
    7:29 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Watched tomatoes never turn red, do they.

  43. Riö -The Evil Pug
    7:31 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Teddy!…sniff!…No they do not…grunt!…All I know is the lettuce was great this summer. My friend eat a whole garden full of it…heh!heh!…Her mother keeps pulling it up by the roots so it is almost gone now…wheeze!…What is with that woman anyways? She wants to chop and kill everything in her garden…grumble!

  44. Herd of Hounds
    7:32 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Spritzes of rain,
    G-son packed.
    Pups been a pain,
    This is a fact.

    We’ve done a verse,
    Now off to relax.
    Since mom can’t curse,
    WE must call pax!

    Going down early tonight to be able to take Rock to
    Hotlanta in the a.m. Might check in later.

  45. Herd of Hounds
    7:46 pm on August 9th, 2014

    (Blondie here, whispering) Think mom might be a little P.O’ed with me since in the past 2 days I have shredded 2 tablecloths, crunched an acrylic glass and broken the crock that holds our puppy brushes. Is this what they (2 leggers) call being in the doghouse?

  46. Riö -The Evil Pug
    9:04 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Flight!…Nana and Maskers took off while we were out walking our fool heads off…snort!…Here they are almost out of California already!…Woooooo!

  47. Herd of Hounds
    9:15 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Safe trip Nana, Masquers and BSD. Peeps are hitting the road to Hotlanta at 5 a.m. tomorrow to put the g-son on a plane 🙁 Dawson…safe trip. B&M…enjoy the reunion…safe trip. Everyone else, know WE love y’all and you are special, hear that in AK and WA and CA and points east!
    Now…night, night,
    sleep tight, don’t let the bed pugs bite!
    But if they do, just grab your “foo” and
    beat them till they are black and blue.

  48. Riö -The Evil Pug
    9:31 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Raining!…Very very hard here…zow!…I hope this isn’t the beginning of another flood season…sniff!

    Nana!…Her and Maskers are out of California and into Oregon now…wow!wow!

  49. Siber-H
    10:12 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Nana will be landing before I fall asleep tonight.

  50. Riö -The Evil Pug
    10:25 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Landing!….Wooooo!!…They are taxiing to the gate right now…snorkel!…Thank Dawg they are safe and sound on the ground once again…wheeze!

  51. Macy the min-pin
    10:39 pm on August 9th, 2014

    So happy that Nana! and company are safely back in Washington. Our Austin girl has gone back to her sister’s place and will be leaving in the morning, sniff. That is the sound she has been making the entire time she was here, but at least mom got to see her. In the words of Chet, her new boyfriend is an excellent patter. Although he mostly scratched and scritched me, it was still some primo stuff. If I understand correctly, Niki bought him off the internet. I need to find out the website so we can get a boyfriend for Angie too. You can get anything online these days. Who knew?

  52. Wyatt
    10:41 pm on August 9th, 2014

    The elf herself has landed!

  53. AbbietheKitty
    10:55 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Macy you are a funny dog. I hope you are careful what you order over the internet. snicker. But anyone who is a good petter/scritcher is to be welcomed!

  54. Riö -The Evil Pug
    10:55 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Elf!…And the Sax Player have indeed come home …yeeep!…And they got to meet Spencer on their vacation. How awesome is that?…snort!

  55. AbbietheKitty
    10:55 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Hi Rio!

  56. Riö -The Evil Pug
    10:57 pm on August 9th, 2014


    Snakes!…They are up 7 ta 4 over those Rockies…grump! …Now it is 8 ta 4, bottom of the 8th inning…wheeze!gurgle!

  57. Tupper's Mama
    11:03 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Glad to hear Nana is home safe and sound. We sure have missed her and her crew.
    Rio – you are not alone in the green tomato situation. We have loads of big greens, but nary a one is blushing.

    HOH – we know you will be sad to see g-son go, but he will always remember the summer with his abuela.

    And yes, Siber, we were hissing in concert with the conversation.

    Now, we are heading off to our nice cozy bed. See you all tomorrow.

  58. Riö -The Evil Pug
    11:11 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Cruel!…Our beloved announcer, Drew Goodman, just said, “Baseball can be cruel.”…sniff!sneeze!…Our team is now down 4 ta 9 bottom of the 8th…and the Snakes have the bases loaded….gah!weep!

  59. Riö -The Evil Pug
    11:12 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Wait!…Make that 10 ta 4 with the bases still loaded….grump!…Our pitcher walked a Snake…sniff!

  60. Riö -The Evil Pug
    11:14 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Worse!….The Snakes get a Grand Slam!…gurgle!…Now it is 14 ta 4…wheeze!….Unbelievable. I sure hope SiberH is not watching this blood-bath…gasp!

  61. Siber-H
    11:17 pm on August 9th, 2014

    The Rockies only have to get ten runs to be tied with the Snakes.

    Macy, That is funny.

    Glad Nana has arrived safely back in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

    Night All

  62. Siber-H
    11:19 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Blood bath is a good word for what is happening tonight….sigh

  63. Dawson
    11:24 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Hooray, Nana’s on the ground and possibly even home. I know she is going to send my Paw and Order snail mail to me soon! I owe her big time!
    I am giving cousin Elly’s garden one last watering from her rain barrels and filling her many bird baths. She will be back in a couple days. I sure do appreciate her letting me use the wifi on her deck while I was here. Unfortunately for me, she is selling her place here and moving to Florida, something to do with a new grandbaby being born.

    I hope all the mosquitoes and black flies are gone when I get back home. My scabs from scratching those bites have disappeared while I was here.

    Hi MacyMinPin!

  64. Riö -The Evil Pug
    11:29 pm on August 9th, 2014

    Bull!…Well, it is official. Our Bullpen sucks big-time…grump!…I am so sick of those guys giving up games because they CANNOT pitch. Kick their asses off the team and bully-up and get some real-deal pitching…grumble!pissed!grump!

  65. Riö -The Evil Pug
    11:29 pm on August 9th, 2014


  66. Siber-H
    11:39 pm on August 9th, 2014


    I am being held prisoner in my own house because there is a skunk out there.

  67. Riö -The Evil Pug
    11:58 pm on August 9th, 2014

    SiberH!…snort!…No skunks. You know the rule…heh!heh!..But maybe HoHo has a recipe for that ole skunk!…heh!heh!…Gravy might be involved…gag!

  68. Herd of Hounds
    5:01 am on August 10th, 2014

    Got g-son up…undogly hour…heading for Hotlanta….Be back MUCH later :l

  69. Macy the min-pin
    10:17 am on August 10th, 2014

    We here will be glad when OFA gets back on the right side of the country. This seems bassackwards to be posting on yesterday. Back to Niki’s internet boyfriend. He is the art teacher at a fancy private school in Austin. One project that I saw pictures of is they made fairy houses and put them in the trees on campus. No word as to how many fairies have moved in so far.

    Stay cool everybody, drink lots of water and don’t forget to pant.

  70. Macy the min-pin
    10:18 am on August 10th, 2014

    Hi, Dawson

    She gave me a greeting, and I gave her a greeting right back.
    Heh, I think like Chet now.

  71. Dawson
    11:31 am on August 10th, 2014

    HOH: Me too!
    Up bright and early and have finished the first leg of trip home.
    Now in Vancouver airport wondering why I can never fall asleep the night before an early morning flight. Every other night I’m asleep before my head hits the pillow.
    I have 2 gallons of frozen blackberries in my checked luggage! My brain may be in there too, because it isn’t present on my person at this time.

    Hi Rio!

  72. Princess Sam
    11:53 am on August 10th, 2014

    OFA is MIA

  73. O'Howlers
    11:54 am on August 10th, 2014

    Hey Everyone! We are sorry to be M.I.A. For so long, but Mom has this quirky rule about. Computers, iPaws, and phones when we are on vacation. She says if we can’t afford to go away on vacation, then we pretend we are, by doing nothing or seeing nobody from normal workaday life. It must work, because we are all as relaxed as can be. In fact, we are so relaxed, we forgot this is Egg Day! Mom says she will make it up to us at suppertime. Our weather has been as perfect as we have ever had. Ever. We are outdoors all the time, and sometimes Mom and Pop go away on their own, and Court comes and feeds everyone here. When that happens, Mom does carry her phone, just in case Court needs to reach her. So when she was at the beach, she got a text from BooBear’s mom. Thanks, K, for checking with her and letting everyone know we are fine.
    Mom asked us to ask Maggie to tell Barb that she finallyread Woman in White,and thanks her for recommending it. She downloaded it to her Kindle long ago, but never started it because she was afraid it would be boring. But wow!!! It is one of her favorite books ever! She was reminded to read it because it kept being mentioned, along with other classics, in The Thirteenth Tale, which she really liked also.

    We are now reading Paw and Order, and loving it. Pop already finished. Mom said she always loved Chet, but now she feels like she is living with him. What that means, we aren’t quite sure. It may have something to do with him coming in thru the window, screen and all, again this morning. Zeus said he had no choice; the door was locked.

    We still have another whole week of bliss, so it may be awhile before we get all caught up.

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