The subject of titles came up yesterday, raised I believe by Amy Broughman. Title suggestions from readers are warmly welcomed! I believe the first reader suggested title in the Chet and Bernie series was The Sound and the Furry, but there have been others, including It’s A Wonderful Woof (coming in Oct.). That was sent in by Jennifer Godwin who will receive a signed copy of the novel when it comes out. So – don’t be shy! Shyness doesn’t seem to work in our society.



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9 Responses to “Titles”

  1. Wose-The Small and Meek
    8:56 am on August 13th, 2021


    I will have to put my thinking cap on and try to come up with a clever title for the next book! :^)

    RIO! How exciting that the baseball game was played in the legendary Field of Dreams in your neck of the woods!

    WATFP: What BooBear’s mom said about those pictures!

    Happy BooBear day to all!

  2. B. Stover
    10:54 am on August 13th, 2021

    I remember when we used to offer title suggestions.

    Good day to all.

  3. Herd of Hounds
    1:38 pm on August 13th, 2021

    Good day to all. Thunder boomers like crazy and just a little rain.
    Trying to think of creative titles , but sometimes my brain is melting !
    Happy boo bear day to all

  4. Hobbit
    3:52 pm on August 13th, 2021

    Trying to get my rear in gear. I bet Chet never has that problem. Also looking for my phone which evidently is on “mute.” Between my phone and my keys it is amazing how much time I spend looking for one or the other. Groan.

    I am going to think of titles also … and order It’s a Wonderful Woof so I can get that ornament.

    Have a good Boo Bear day.

  5. Herd of Hounds
    4:12 pm on August 13th, 2021

    Hobbit, get that Velcro I told you about!

  6. mlaiuppa
    4:15 pm on August 13th, 2021

    I love the cleverness of the titles. Something I am not that good at. I worry that there will be no more books once the titles run out, but with everyone thinking and contributing, hopefully that will not happen.

    I’m almost half way through The Finders. It’s not Chet and Bernie but good in it’s own way.

    I have canceled my refrigerator and will be getting a full refund from the local Appliance place. Apparently Kitchenaid has been LYING to them about delivery. When I called and they gave me yet another delivery date I asked for the Kitchenaid number to call them directly. After a few transfers I ended up at an order desk with a guy that actually told me the truth. That model has been pulled from the line and is not being manufactured nor will it be any time in the near future so I won’t be getting it August 24 nor by September 16, which is the anniversary of when I ordered it. He gave me a song and dance that basically condensed down to “Covid” and “profit.” IMHO Whirlpool could have bought any number of derelict factories in Michigan and Indiana, retooled them and produced whatever parts they needed that are lacking in their supply chain but they have chosen not to do that, but to instead concentrate on the popular, I.E, profitable high end line. So I called Appliance Alley back and Bob was very upset to hear this. They had been lying to him for months. I canceled my order and he said he would mail me a full refund this afternoon, which saves me a trip down town in the heat. And it is hot.

    Luckily for me my old refrigerator still works as does my microwave. The microwave I want is the high end one so of course it is available. This time I will get it in white as I do not want stainless steel. When refrigerators are available again I’ll consider what to do. I do NOT want to take out another cabinet. I don’t need a huge refrigerator because I am only one person. But short refrigerators are difficult to find and are usually the low end ones that are not being manufactured. I only hope my refrigerator doesn’t die but even if it does, it’s not like the one I ordered is going to arrive. It is not being manufactured and there are people in line in front of me so even if they started making it on Monday it would still be months before I would get it. Maybe even another year.

    The Kroc Center has decided to start requiring masks again.

  7. Hobbit
    9:06 pm on August 13th, 2021

    MLAIUUPA: I am sure there are repair places that also sell new and used appliances on their premises. The place I use picks up appliances that have been disposed of. Sometimes they need a repair, sometimes it is merely a matter of someone buying a new high-end refrigerator and dumping the previous one. The are sold for very reasonable prices.

    I had a high-end washer and dryer set that came with my house. The dryer stopped working and the repair was expensive. I picked up a used dryer that ended up being much better than the one I had. Good luck!

  8. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    10:45 pm on August 13th, 2021

    Titles!….Let me think….wheeze!

  9. mlaiuppa
    1:03 am on August 14th, 2021

    Oh, my refrigerator is working. I thought it wasn’t when I ordered the new one as I had puddles of water on the floor and the freezer and refrigerator weren’t as cold as they should be and you could hear the refrigerator straining to try to stay cold.

    Turned out there was a box of Girl Scout cookies that had fallen behind the freezer drawer preventing it from closing completely. Cookies removed, draw able to slide all the way back, everything fine.

    The refrigerator is a GE Profile and 25 years old so it could go any day. But it is still fine and as long as it is I’ll be keeping it. And if there is a problem I will be paying to have it repaired.

    I chose the Kitchenaid I did because it was short enough to fit under my cabinet and did not have an ice maker. There is an identical Maytag but it has an ice maker. Whirlpool pulled bother models from the line and they are on hold. I doubt I could find a reconditioned used one as the interior is fairly recent. Today I did another search of refrigerators and almost al lof them are 68 inches high or taller. I need something shorter. The 18 cu ft ones from Whirlpool (KitchenAid, Maytag, Amana) are perfect. The Whirlpool and Amana have an interior exactly like my GE (which I have grown to dislike) and ice makers. The Maytag and KitchenAid have an interior like my Mother’s refrigerator which I really like. The KItchenAid comes with no ice maker. That’s the one I ordered and paid for a year ago. Oh, and one more thing. KitchenAid doesn’t make their refrigerator doors so you can reverse the swing so you have to order either left or right. I ordered a left swing so that limits me even more when it comes to finding a used one.

    My washer is a recycling washer. Whirlpool made it for about one year around 1990 and I got it on sale at the end of that year as a discontinued model. It’s wonderful as it can suck the water back in for a second wash. You might think Eeeew but Consumer Reports tested it and said the second load was just as clean as the first. It’s a handy thing to have when we are in drought. I do a white load in hot and then recycle the now cold water to do a second dark load. Then I can line dry, thus saving gas too.

    The matching in all but color gas dryer I got for $50 at an estate sale. It was almost new and hardly used. Still have that too.

    The microwave is 15 years old but at least it is still working and if it quit, I could get a replacement easily.

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