This Saturday!

10 AM – joint appearance of Spence and Jim Frangione – voice of Chet in all the audiobooks! Books By The Sea will be there, so signings are in the cards.

Centerville Public Library 585 Main St., Centerville MA 02632 – 508 790-6220.

Weather looks good. And after you could stroll down to the beach and see if the great whites are back. Make a day of it!


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52 Responses to “This Saturday!”

  1. Barb, Maggie & Lucy
    8:30 am on April 14th, 2016

    Good morning all, and good luck Spence.

    Sorry to hear about Howlers sad news last night.

  2. Herd of Hounds
    8:46 am on April 14th, 2016

    Good morning B&M&L and everyone! Howlers, you will stay in our pawrayers today for strength for y’all. Hey, we liked labor sin and understood it.
    Thursday? Really? Enjoy it.

  3. B.Stover
    9:11 am on April 14th, 2016

    That sounds like a fun event. (Now, if I lived in MA….)

    Good morning all.

  4. B.Stover
    9:20 am on April 14th, 2016

    Howlers: I am sorry about Linda.

  5. Staff
    9:35 am on April 14th, 2016

    Dear Howlers. We are sorry for your loss. It seems your plate is mighty full this year. I am wishing you strength and courage right now.

    Here is today’s nature video. The Snow Geese continue their journey… gone gone gone!

  6. Staff
    9:39 am on April 14th, 2016

    BSTover. Had I but money enough and time I would be flying into the Cape to see Peter and maybe the whales. It sounds like a lot of fun. And also it is spring migration so Cape May New Jersey would be on my list. As long as I was in the area.

  7. Tupper and Gilly
    9:40 am on April 14th, 2016

    Good morning all.

    Howlers – you are in our thoughts. Sending virtual hugs.

    And now, we will go and sin no more. Nope, no labor for us today.

  8. BooBear
    9:44 am on April 14th, 2016

    Howlers, we just caught up from last night. We are so sorry for your loss. Comfort and hugs from south Texas.

  9. Herd of Hounds
    10:15 am on April 14th, 2016

    Staff, we are really enjoying the nature videos 🙂

  10. B.Stover
    10:26 am on April 14th, 2016

    I loved the feather on the beach at the end of the video.

    Now I’m wondering where the white whales go when they aren’t near the cape and why do they go wherever it is….

  11. Barb, Maggie and Lucy
    10:39 am on April 14th, 2016

    I like that video. I had never really thought about mid-air collisions, but if those birds were instead people driving cars, think how many accidents there would be. Thousands!

  12. Rose-the small and meek
    11:07 am on April 14th, 2016

    Howlers: WosenGrizz prayers and hugs go out to you all.

  13. The Other Side of the Bridge
    11:10 am on April 14th, 2016

    Howlers: We welcomed Linda on This Side of the Bridge. She is Restored to Prime. Many of explained to her that our hearts also skipped a beat when we were told we would be parting ways with a couple of our parts, but after the giraffe juice wore off, we didn’t give them a second thought. She laughed at this. We have know idea why. The Veil will be thin for her to be with you, her children and grandchildren. Thank you for loving her.

  14. SnowBella
    11:12 am on April 14th, 2016

    Creator, Please bless and keep Linda’s spirit. Thank you for letting her pass quickly. Please comfort those who are grieving her loss whether they be animal or human. Please bless she will know she is loved. Thank you for her. Amen.

  15. c.hobbitz
    1:58 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Howlers: peace be with you and your family. Take care.

  16. B.Stover
    2:15 pm on April 14th, 2016

    It’s a beautiful day here….54 and sunny. I had to crack the windows open when I was driving in the car.

    I’ve been trying to find info on the white whale. Its genus (Delphinapterus) is the from the Greek for dolphin without fin. It’s apparently between the size of a dolphin and whale and many live in the arctic during the winter and migrate to warmer water in the summer. Of course, I’m immediately reminded of Moby Dick–not one of my favorite novels.

  17. Herd of Hounds
    3:21 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Mom saw a fin whale in the Gulf of Alaska on the first day of the season. One BIG guy.

  18. Masquers
    3:35 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Howlers: Love and hugs to you.

    Staff: The lone feather at the end of today’s video was lovely.

  19. Herd of Hounds
    4:37 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Okay, new fone here. Trying hard to out think this thing.

  20. Zoe Montague
    5:54 pm on April 14th, 2016

    While I did not know Linda, I know the Howlers thru Melanie and am sorry for their loss. I think the Other Side of the Bridge got it right. This would be Melanie’s 62 birthday and I am sure she was on the bridge to meet her.

  21. Staff
    6:04 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Mr.Staff is cooking. :-O He is making roasted chicken pasted with a honey/soysauce/mixture. The oven is taking longer than he wants. He is grumpy.

  22. Staff
    6:19 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Oh those sneaky thermometers. Did you know that they can tell the temperature in Celsius as well as Fahrenheit? Mr.Staff didn’t. LOL That chicken is DONE!

  23. Herd of Hounds
    6:45 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Oh staff, she is so glad he is yours and not hers. She might strangle him. Heck she might strangle her own! Men in cooking and kitchens crack us up. It always means there’s more for us though dogs he he he!

  24. Herd of Hounds
    6:47 pm on April 14th, 2016

    GAH! New phone big feet not a good combination!

  25. Barb, Maggie & Lucy
    6:50 pm on April 14th, 2016

    When men can cook they are usually better than women. When they can’t, they are totally helpless. Just an observation.

  26. Herd of Hounds
    6:54 pm on April 14th, 2016


  27. dawson
    7:15 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Howlers: Sympathy for your unexpected loss. Prayers for your family.

    Zoe: I’m sure you are right and Melanie was there with a pack of Newfs to welcome Linda across the bridge.

  28. Barb, Maggie & Lucy
    7:24 pm on April 14th, 2016

    62 is way too young. Still miss her.

  29. Thieves of Snowhook!
    8:32 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Zoe: Coach, the father not the dog had the good sense to be born on the same day as Melanie. Yeep!

  30. Riö – The Evil Pug
    9:24 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Howlers!..Oh Dawg!…I am so sorry to hear this news…sniffle!…Beau did his best, but the good Lord had other purposes…sniff!….My condolences to you and your family from all of us here.

  31. Riö – The Evil Pug
    9:45 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Coach!…His birthday is today???…snort!…Happy Birthday Coach! And many more by golly…chuffle!

  32. Riö – The Evil Pug
    9:47 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Coach!…We are both Aries…heh!…I bet we would get along just great!…snort!…All kinds of head-butting Ram stuff we have in common….snorkel!

  33. Staff
    10:07 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Rio, The Twins lost number 8. Will they EVER win this year? hmmmmmmm.

  34. Riö – The Evil Pug
    10:10 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Barb!…Another inflamed SDD on the way to your whatcha-call-it…heh!

  35. Linda
    10:11 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Howlers: So sorry for the devastating loss for your family.

    Staff: The Twinkies. Sigh.

  36. Riö – The Evil Pug
    10:12 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Staff!…My condolences to you too…sniff!…My team is a mystery to me right now…sniff!…My friend has not had time to settle down and scope things out properly…grunt!groan!

  37. Riö – The Evil Pug
    10:18 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Memories!….I remember the good ole days when it was just me and my friend and things were so much simpler…grunt!…Now we are back in my house, but we got Mother and her “stuff” and now Beau and his “Stuff”…sniff!…My friend and I are feeling like we are trapped by these oldies…but we cannot leave. No we cannot..grump!…So Trapped.

  38. Riö – The Evil Pug
    10:35 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Sad!…Is everyone sad and mopey tonight?….wheeze!…I know howlers are going through some tough times and our hearts here go out to them…snuffle!…But doesn’t anyone have anything interesting to say on this here blog?

    Frangione!….I have a feeling that Spencer is very excited to meet Mr. Jim Frangione…heh!…It will be great and I wish I could be there in all my pug glory to witness this meeting…heh!heh!

  39. Riö – The Evil Pug
    10:50 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Sigh….All by myself. Don’t wanna be All by myself anymore…snort!

  40. ALR
    11:00 pm on April 14th, 2016

    So Rio… it true you may be getting a whole bunch of snow out your way? I have heard 40″ and then my friend in Ft. Collins says, nah…..maybe a few inches there and some rain, which they need. It has been windy and dry.

  41. Macy the Min Pin
    11:23 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Condolences to the Howler family in this time of shock and sadness.

  42. Tupper and Gilly
    11:25 pm on April 14th, 2016

    We are here – just working late in the Mud Room. Hard for Mama to use the ‘puter when her hands are full of mud.

    Today has been kinda hard too with her missing her Best Friend.

  43. Macy the Min Pin
    11:25 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Hey Puggy, are you excited about the prospect of more snow? We know how much you love it.

  44. Tupper and Gilly
    11:27 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Oh ya, and there is a show this weekend. So everything is being double hurry-upped getting ready for the Big Pottery show in 2 weeks, and the Little Jewelry show this weekend.

  45. Macy the Min Pin
    11:28 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Hi T and G and family. You are up late. Hope your mom didn’t get mud all over the new ‘puter.

  46. Tupper and Gilly
    11:47 pm on April 14th, 2016

    Hi Macy – how is your mom liking that Sears place?

  47. Wolfie Wanderbutt
    12:09 am on April 15th, 2016

    So,we had a new arrival last night! While she wasn’t a Plunderer, she was related to a Plunderer, and that’s good enough for us. The celebration was, well, Heavenly!

    A kind and beautiful lady told me to tell you thank you for the birthday wishes. She was dressed in a shimmering tie dyed purple mumu. Stunning!

  48. Thieves!
    12:10 am on April 15th, 2016

    Rio: We have a lot of interesting things to say, but Luna frowns on dirty jokes on account of your delicate sensibilities.

  49. ML
    12:15 am on April 15th, 2016

    Sears is …well, it’s a job but I can’t say I’m in love with it.

  50. Staff
    12:40 am on April 15th, 2016

    Rio, Mr.Staff is jealous of your new Rockies 3rd baseman Mr.Storey. He would like it if he was on the Twins right now.

  51. Staff
    12:45 am on April 15th, 2016

    No, Now Mr.Staff says he is a Shortstop and he is the NL player of the week with 7 homeruns already. Trevor Story. (He was busy listening to talk radio and became confused.) That often happens while listening to talk radio

  52. Howlers
    2:23 am on April 15th, 2016

    Thank you all for your kind words and condolences. Thank you Wolfie for reporting back from the other side of the bridge. Linda loved dogs, and cats, and birds, and flowers. We are sure she loves everyone she has met over there.

    Zoe, we have been thinking a lot about Melanie. Saw your facebook posts reminding us of her birthday. Too too many good people lost to us, but only for a little while. Our job is to make the most of the life we still get to enjoy here, and hope that we are making our loved ones up there proud of us.

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