The Masters: Not Everybody Loves Golf

(The culprit in the story – or dude with good taste, depending on your viewpoint – is named Sierra, but isn’t our Friend of the Month Sierra over there on the right, of course.)

Welcome Brunswick and Legend.


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96 Responses to “The Masters: Not Everybody Loves Golf”

  1. OleyHowlers
    9:04 am on April 7th, 2012

    Good morning, all!

    Dawson, sorry we missed you last night, WOOOO Triple HOOO! Lucky lucky you. Enjoy!!! (once those pesky taxes are done that is).

    Staff, Husky Hugs and Buddy & T.C. Kisses and Mom & Pop prayers sent up to Maggie. Hope she gets to see the rhododendrums soon.

    As for the ]*}%|>{€ Masters, who’d want to be there? Surely not Sierra.

  2. Barb & Maggie
    9:55 am on April 7th, 2012

    Sierra was a smart doggie. She knew that the “prestigious” Augusta golf club does not allow female members. What century are they in?

    Good morning, Oley. How is Shiek?

  3. B.Stover
    9:55 am on April 7th, 2012

    Good morning all.

  4. bluecat
    10:03 am on April 7th, 2012

    Oh, Howlers. As much as you like your horse friends, Dad likes golf. He was fortunate to be at the Masters for a practice round. He’ll appreciate the story; thanks, Admin.

    Dawson – happy retirement to you.
    Staff – prayers for Maggie and the rest of the family.

    Everybody – we hope there are chocolate rabbits in your future.

  5. OleyHowlers
    10:08 am on April 7th, 2012

    Shiek is improving, bit by bit. Heh heh. Thanks for asking B&M.

    Bluecat, we admit we don’t watch golf, but the issue here isn’t golf; it’s that those 19th-century types are still not allowing women to join the club. Even the female president of their sponsor, IBM, was not given a membership, unlike every (male) predecessor before. Sorry, but people need to stop contributing to them.

  6. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    10:29 am on April 7th, 2012

    I hope thar IBM drops their sponsorship.

    They should sponsor Snowhook instead. They allow girls. Darn straight they do.

  7. The Budster
    10:57 am on April 7th, 2012

    Siber-H up top, with his stuffedies. Hi Siber!

    Phillies vs Pirates 7:05. Cliff Lee on the mound. Just in case youse were wondering.

  8. The Budster
    10:59 am on April 7th, 2012

    Kat and I were rassling this morning, and I took her down! She was embarrassed.

  9. AbbietheKitty
    11:02 am on April 7th, 2012

    Hey Budster! Sometimes I am called the Abster. Mostly by TurtleManFred’s wife. Sometimes by Staff. Speaking of Staff she said to tell you all thanks for the prayers and the share of the quilt.
    Staff is taking Dad (Grandpa) and going to see Maggie this morning. And we have decided to have Easter next weekend in the hopes that Maggie can be there and the knowledge that Dawson will be there too.

  10. dawson
    11:07 am on April 7th, 2012

    There is a whole lot of splortin’ going on around the blog lately. Even Spence has got the bug. Ugh.
    Welcome to the new Friends of Chet: Legend, who looks like fun and Brunswick who looks like trouble.
    Thanks for all the well wishes and especially the harmonious tune. I think the tune will have to suffice as a party because I will be crazy busy until I leave. So this is retirement eh? I have a room that needs a coat of paint, papers to rampage, wood to stack, clothes to wash, packing to think about and dinner with the sister-in-law. One thing about retiring – you get asked to lunch and dinner. This is one I couldn’t refuse but all the other last minute offers…could I have a rain check?
    Cawfee…I need cawfee!
    Easter weekend is being set back a week? Yes!! All the chocolate bunnies will be on sale!

  11. Tipper and Gilly
    11:09 am on April 7th, 2012

    Mama is so upset with the out-of- date chauvinism of the masters that she sent a letter to the “eye” network that is broadcasting coverage. Just short – just said she wouldnt watch their coverage and wouldn’t support any sponsors of the broadcast. She cc’d IBM and the golf club( not that the club would care – all they care about is their blankety-blank tradition)

  12. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    11:11 am on April 7th, 2012

    Great plan, Abster!

    We have 5 Kats who live here. Wallace could take just about anyone down. Even people. He is tough. Mom refers to him as the most annoying kat in the world because when he wants loves, you had better give them to him Right Now. His well of persistence is deep and limitless.

  13. Tipper and Gilly
    11:15 am on April 7th, 2012

    Oh – we forgot to mention the best news we have heard in a LONG time – Marshmellow Peeps are now available SUGAR FREE!!!!
    Woo Hooooo
    Mama feels about Peeps the way Rio feels about the Rockies, but she hasn’t been able to have them for years and years and years! AND next week they’ll be on sale (thanks for that reminder Dawson – she hadn’t thought about that)

  14. The Budster
    11:20 am on April 7th, 2012

    (whispering) Wallace and I have much in common. They get so annoyed with my persistence in bed, they try to kick me out. Try. Heh heh.

  15. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    11:20 am on April 7th, 2012

    RIP Thomas Kincade. We thought that his work was beautiful but overly commercialized. We are sorry to hear of his passing because he was only 54.

  16. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    11:25 am on April 7th, 2012

    Abster- do you suck on the blankets and make them all slobbery? That’s one of my favorite pastimes! I also like to sit on the kitchen counter and hit mom if she is taking too long to open up my special kanned katfood.

    Love, the Wallaster

  17. Masquers
    11:26 am on April 7th, 2012

    A good Saturday morning to all.
    Golf. Mom says she never could get the “swing” of it. heh, heh.
    The Budster. I like it. It has a certain devil-may-care, suave faire touch to it. With your recent victory over Kat it seems most fitting a title. Very glad to hear Shiek continues to improve. Go Shiek!
    Abbie: Prayers sent for your dear Maggie and all of you. We like the idea of postponing Easter one week so all can be together.
    Melanie: Bear is out mailing a package your way. Look for it early next week…Monday or Tuesday.

  18. Gus & BooBear
    11:34 am on April 7th, 2012

    Did anyone else notice that Brunswick has 1 arm and shoulder all bandaged? Wonder what happend to the little guy?

  19. Snowhook Bella
    11:37 am on April 7th, 2012

    Dawson: Annabelle says, from one of the newly retired to another, that your schedule will be full, but it is a different kind of full. She wonders how she ever found time to nap. She also want to know if you me I haven’t been able to speak with AJ or find anyone with information about today’s event. to see if AJ is available to lift you up to an arch like he did with her when she retired? I don’t think he is too busy today.

  20. Staff
    11:39 am on April 7th, 2012

    Staff needs to know if any of you have baked a spiral sliced ham. We have a Berkshire Heritage Ham, spiral sliced, from the local food co-op but are now reading that it is easy to dry them out. Sort of sorry we bought a spiral sliced one.
    Any ideas for her? Remember she doesn’t have to cook it until next weekend.

    Oh, we also want to taste the ham, not the sugar glaze. All the recipes seem to include lots of sugar. (((sigh)))

  21. Macy the Min-pin
    11:40 am on April 7th, 2012

    Morning everybody. Shhh, not so loud, there was some party last night.

  22. Snowhook Bella
    11:42 am on April 7th, 2012

    Gah! A sentence I didn’t write showed up in the middle of my last post. We’ll try again…

    Dawson: Annabelle says, from one of the newly retired to another, that your schedule will be full, but it is a different kind of full. She wonders how she ever found time to nap. She also wants to know if you want me to see if AJ is available to lift you up to an arch like he did with her when she retired? I don’t think he is too busy today.

  23. Staff
    11:44 am on April 7th, 2012

    Macy, wow what a bunch of hung over dogs. They are hung over the sofa and hung over the chair and hung over the pillow and hung over the rug. Looks like a good time was had by all.

  24. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    11:47 am on April 7th, 2012

    An open letter to Ginni Rometty:

    Dear Ginni,

    We are inviting you to join the 21st century and decline sponsoring an organization that believes that women are second class citizens. Instead, we invite you to send your millions of sponsorship dollars to Snowhook Kennels. Not only would you be given a green jacket, but I am certain the Commander Rio would be happy to share his coat of many colors with you.


    PS Blurring lessons provided at no cost.

  25. Siber-H
    11:55 am on April 7th, 2012

    Hey and Hi Buddy!

    I don’t like golf.

    Was there a photographer at our last party?

  26. OleyHowlers
    11:58 am on April 7th, 2012

    Great picture, Macy. Now we can sort of, kind of, imagine what mornings after must look like at the Newf Pack home.

    Good letter, Wolfie. Mom says that her brother will for sure have that tournament on when they are at his place for Easter dinner. Carpola.

  27. Barb & Maggie
    12:06 pm on April 7th, 2012

    We are p.o.d at the post office! We got Melanie’s seed envelope back today with a request for another $1.50 in postage. We had already put .65 on it, because it “had bumps” and the p.o. charges extra for that. Took it in and asked why, and they said it wouldn’t fit thru their little **** slot, due to the paper towel Barb put inside. So she did a new envelope w/o the paper towel and they said it was still too thick. Finally took out the package of 4 yr. old squash seeds and it went for 65 cents. They are a pain you-know-where. Pumpkin seeds are once again on the way, Melanie.

  28. Barb & Maggie
    12:15 pm on April 7th, 2012

    While we are venting, here is another good one. Barb’s CL boss called from out of state to tell her the realtor who showed the house last week, and has interested buyers, has some questions. Evidently she left a message on her voice mail. Barb asked if she could call the realtor back and find out what the questions were (since that is a job she would normally do at the office).
    OH NO, that would not be proper since it is our home. So CL will call the realtor back (sometime), ask the questions, call us back to get the answers, then call the realtor back again. All this will probably take several days! Does this make any sense?

  29. Melanie
    12:23 pm on April 7th, 2012

    WOW! Is that what all that singing was about last night! The Pack had a great time, and said just to let them know when the recording of Awesome Dawson’s Retirement Song will happen.

    Macy, love the picture of the dogs. Staff, love the comments.
    Staff, SDD to T&G. They are having that kind of ham.
    T&G’s mom will now be eating one of the major color groups. Neon.

    Barb, thanks for everything you’re going through to get the pumpkin seeds here.

    Bella, considering sending that marriage advice to FOTAS. snicker.

    So sorry to hear about Maggie. I hope this morning finds her better. Our quilt does amazing work.

    Dan? That signed contract didn’t last very long. Now he’s upset with me. Not because he did something wrong, but because I caught him at it. Let’s see 155 pound man using a walker incorrectly, tiptoes through 900+ pounds of Newf.


  30. BearSpiritDog
    12:42 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Barb&Magpie: We think the CL thought she would have to pay you over-time if you answered the realtor’s questions. That is the only possible explanation.
    Your problems with the POed Office sound familiar. TYB has had these kind of issues. Seems like they changed the rules again when no one was looking.

    Dawson: Now that you are officially retired…song, party and all…you are soon going to asking yourself what all the hoopla is about. Those papers you are going through? Unless you are one of the few organized folks out there, this may become a familiar theme. We are thinking about starting a huge bonfire here.

    Wolfie: Here’s hoping Ms Rometty takes heed of the advice you and the Royal Mum have offered her.

    Melanie: Poor Patsy must be exhausted keeping an eye on Dan.

  31. Snowhook Bella
    1:26 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Wolfie: That is very generous of you to throw in free blurring lessons.

  32. Barb & Maggie
    1:35 pm on April 7th, 2012

    BSD, You are right, it is similar to the problem TYB had with mailing pictures. They have sooo many rules.

    Melanie, it certainly wasn’t your fault, and at least now the seeds are winging their way to you. Tell Dan you are going to put him in time out, like a small child.

  33. dawson
    2:20 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Budster: Way to go!

    Snowhook Bella: No way on the AJ! I’m afraid of heights.

    Wolfie: Ya know, you may have a brilliant idea there. What if each of us write a letter to IBM telling them how much better it would be to sponsor Snowhook Kennels in the Iditarod rather than some sexist golf tournament? Our team shows equal opportunity for both sexes, as does the Iditarod.

  34. Riö – The Evil Pug
    2:22 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Holy!…Crap!…snort!…We’ve been babysitting a little girl this morning…grunt!… Thank dawg that doesn’t happen to often. Someone kept her busy by teaching her how to quill…heh!… The little girl loved it and cleaned my friend out of all her extra paper…sniff!…Now its lunch time. Dammit!

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    2:26 pm on April 7th, 2012

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  36. Masquers
    2:33 pm on April 7th, 2012

    B: Are you still having problems with allergies?
    Rio: The small two-leggeds can be a handful. Clever idea to teach her the quilling.
    Wolfie: We were reading about Thomas Kinkade this morning. Yes, 54 is a very young age to leave this earth, and by natural causes. His work will become quite valuable now, as is usually the case.
    Gah! An Intruder!!!

  37. Masquers
    2:35 pm on April 7th, 2012

    A Russian spy? Natasha, where are you?!

  38. dawson
    2:36 pm on April 7th, 2012

    When we record the retirement song, I’ve got dibs on playing the triangle.
    Dan the man: I’m starting to think he has selective memory syndrome. You maybe should sew bells onto his pants so you will know when he is on the move.

  39. Snowhook Bella
    2:42 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Dawson: AJ put a bell on Belle’s collar last year while she was out and about in the backcountry with him. He put it in her, she ran into the trees and came back a few minutes later with no Belle. Perhaps we better tell Belle Starr not to share her secrets with Dan.

  40. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    3:02 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Apologizing in advance here:

    AJ had also told Belle that she would get a treat. When Belle came back from the trees, she was awarded the no bell prize.

  41. Staff
    3:21 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Oh Wolfie! Very Punny.

    Maggie had fluid in her lungs and around her heart from Congestive Heart Failure disease. They have siphoned off a lot of it. (She has a potty right next to her bed.) They are talking about her breaking out and coming home this coming week. Monday was even mentioned. She is kicking butt in the physical therapy room. Those guys were impressed, and the doctor says “they are hard to impress”

    The quilt is working its magic!

    I am going to ‘help’ Dad with his taxes today. Pity me people…


  42. Snowhook Bella
    3:22 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Wolfie: Snort! You are one fire today!

  43. Barb & Maggie
    3:57 pm on April 7th, 2012

    The no bell prize! Why didn’t we think of that? Very, very clever, Wolfie.

  44. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    4:12 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Only one fire, Bella?

    I thought I was least three fires!

  45. Kirby T. Penworthy
    4:16 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Hey, y’all! All this talk of seeds and plants has gotten Mom and Dad all fired up to do some gardening. So they went out this morning to get some plants, and after going to four different nurseries they came home with a bunch of plants. They haven’t planted them yet, but when Dad let me into the backyard I tried to show how helpful I can be by watering one of the little trees he planted last year. Only he yelled at me! Well, see if I try to help out again! (Actually, I probably will!)

    Oh, and they ate lunch while they were out, and didn’t even bring me a doggie bag. I’m sorely disappointed in those two!!!

  46. Masquers
    4:22 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Wolfie: Very nice! And you pounced so quickly.
    Staff: Smiling at the clever punny comeback from you too.
    Sounds like Maggie is very determined to get out of that place.

    Poor Kirby! No doggie bag AGAIN.

  47. Mollypop
    4:30 pm on April 7th, 2012

    I’m at Sam’s today and was going to take her for a walk when the hawk flew by. Poor Sammie is stuck in the house.

    Tomorrow we’re going to her girl’s college to go to church and then to lunch. Sam is coming and will have to guard the car some of the time. She really wants to get back in the dorm room and give everything a good sniffing-over.

  48. B.Stover
    4:38 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Masquers: Thanks for asking. Yes, I still have sinus problems. It’s caused by allergies.

  49. Terri
    4:59 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Happy weekend everybody!

    Macy — love that colorful photo of dogs!

    BearSpiritDog — Those papers you are going through? … We are thinking about starting a huge bonfire here.

    Well, that is just such a great idea. I think my Mom would like to see the end of all those bothersome papers that pile up on the desk and table.

    Moles! What should we do?
    Now then, Mom is not pleased that I have no interest in hunting. I’ve told her many times: I’m a herder, not a hunter!

    Flower has no excuse; cats are supposed to hunt rodents. She seems to pretend they aren’t there. My Mom says she had a cat many years ago who would catch lots of field mice.

  50. Barb & Maggie
    5:18 pm on April 7th, 2012

    From one Maggie to another: get well quick! We want you tip top for your late Easter celebration.

    Terri, I am both a herder and a hunter, actually farm pests of any kind are on the short list around here. If those moles were in my yard, Kirby’s dad could plant trees in the holes. No digging on his part would be needed. I am said to have an iron fist inside a velvet glove, and I rule!

    We are sorry to hear that Thomas Kincade passed away at such a young age, but we are not fans of his work. I know they were they popular, but just not for us.

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  52. Barb & Maggie
    5:31 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Rio, Should I click on the link above?

    CL has not called back with the questions from the other realtor. We are betting she does not call her back till Monday when she is on her way home.

    Melanie, is Dan in the corner?

  53. BearSpiritDog
    5:33 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Terri: Those mole holes are huge! Since you and Flower are turning your noses up at the job, what’s your Pal going to do?

    Sammy: What a predicament! That hawk is really putting a kink in your lifestyle. Hopefully, your girl will take you for a long run to make up for it.

  54. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    5:52 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Mom just finished taxes. How depressing. We are increasing both our 401k and the amount of withholding so that next year we won’t have to pay.

    We are going to the sunrise service at church tomorrow and then to a friend’s house for an early dinner? It is going to be a nice day.

  55. Tupper and Gilly
    6:05 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Hey everyone.
    Staff – spiral ham is fabulous if you take the time to cook it the right way. You will be a convert forever.
    Place ham flat side down directly in a roasting pan. Cover the entire pan with foil and seal tightly. Bake in 350 oven for about 2 hours (for an average 9 to 12 pounder) If you want to be sure that there will be enough moisture to keep the ham moist, you can put enough apple juice, pineapple juice or cider to cover the bottom of the pan – most hams actually have enough water in them to stay moist, as long as that foil cover is tight!
    As far as the glaze – it can be a nice touch if it is done correctly; it accents the ham without overpowering it. If you want to glaze the ham, remove it from the oven after an hour and a half, open foil and brush glaze over the whole thing, put the foil back over, but don’t worry about sealing it. In a half hour, take the ham out, and let it sit for 15 minutes, still foil covered. Then remove foil, brush another coat of glaze over it, serve and stand back for the applause. (Mama makes everyone applaud her holiday dinners – its her only perq. tee hee)
    Oh, and by the way – a mustard/honey glaze is wonderful without being icky sweet. Mustard and bourbon is nice too.

  56. Staff
    6:13 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Dear T&G,
    Thank you for the recipe instructions. I will follow them precisely or Dawson will tell on me. I think I might put some Pepin Heights cider in the pan. Love that stuff.

    I have printed out a glaze recipe with Maple syrup, dark brown sugar, whole grain Dijon mustard, cinnamon and nutmeg. Any opinion?

  57. Tupper and Gilly
    6:16 pm on April 7th, 2012

    YUM! Sounds great!

    Hey – what is everyone else doing for their holiday? We love to hear about that kind of stuff.

  58. B.Stover
    6:25 pm on April 7th, 2012

    T&G: I’m not doing anything but the meals you and Staff are preparing sound delish. I think I’ll have Wolfie blur me to both.

  59. Snowhook Bella
    6:27 pm on April 7th, 2012

    T&G: Mick and Jodi, the people not the puppies have invited us over for dinner. I asked what we could bring and Jodi was quick with the answer: cheesecake!

  60. Macy the Min-pin
    7:00 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Dad is making Something and potato salad. Our aunt who shows up whenever she wants is bringing a ham. Dibs on the bone.

  61. Tupper and Gilly
    7:08 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Bee – the rest our menu is baked sweet potatoes, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, sauteed apple slices, onion pie, deviled eggs, and for dessert, pineapple mousse angel cake. Come on over, there should be plenty!

  62. Riö – The Evil Pug
    7:11 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Fence!…Well those damned annoying people finally left for the day…grunt!…Her mother hired a guy her neighbor knows to dig out some busted fence posts and put up new ones for her….sniff!…Little did she know we would all be stuck with his wife and kid all damned day long too…grump!… Annoying!Annoying!Annoying! ….My friend has had it Up To Here with them!….wuffle!… Beau and I were stuck inside all afternoon because someone couldn’t keep his black smelly butt on our side of the fence when the panels came down…wheeze!… So they threw us in the house and forgot about us…wuffle!sneeze! ….The good news is they are all coming back tomorrow after Dinner….grump!….My friend says she is going to hide in the basement this time…sneeze!

  63. B.Stover
    7:13 pm on April 7th, 2012

    T&G: Yum! (I’ve never hear of pineapple mousse angel cake.)

  64. Tupper and Gilly
    7:14 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Rio – you are lucky that that kid didn’t see your cute little curled up tail and mistake you for the Easter Pug.
    She might have squeezed you to try to get some jelly beans.

  65. Riö – The Evil Pug
    7:16 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Turkey!…I hear we are having a Turkey Dinner tomorrow…sniff!slobber!…Turkey. I love Turkey. Mashed tators and gravy and green peas and stuffing. I saw my friend come home with some wine. She says she did not get enough because she didn’t realise the Fence Post Digger and his Kin will be here again tomorrow…heh!heh!…She may have to go buy another bottle….chuffle!

  66. Tupper and Gilly
    7:25 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Bee –
    1 20 oz can crushed pineapple, packed in water or pineapple juice -undrained
    1 container cool whip
    1 package vanilla jello instant pudding (we use sugar free)
    1 angel food cake (we get the sugar free kind)

    pour the pineapple with its liquid into a large mixing bowl. Add pudding mix and stir well.Add the cool whip and fold in until well mixed.
    refridgerate for an hour or more
    Cut the angel cake into three layers
    Place widest layer on a plate – top with one third of the pinapple mousse.Repeat with the next two layers,ending with the mousse.
    refridgerate til dinner

  67. Staff
    7:36 pm on April 7th, 2012

    We are having roasted root veggies (Carrots,yams,parsnips) pickled beets, fancy olives from the co-op, a salad from my sister-in-laws sister and the ham. We are having key lime pie from Mr.Staff for dessert. My sister in law is decorating the table. So far no wine has been purchased.

  68. Melanie
    7:46 pm on April 7th, 2012

    We are having roast chicken and a salad. Dan will be going to my sister’s church and then to her house to watch her kids do an Easter Egg hunt. Ummm, her youngest is 20! But they must have their HUNT!

    Zoë and I will have our Sunday morning Walk / Run. I will take a picture and text it to my guys and gal telling them Good Morning! Then back here to do some paper work (just how high do you think we could get that bon fire to be?) and then some work in the yard. Getting the rest of the windfall apples up and into the composter.

    Dan … i think Dawson has put it best. Dan kept pretty much to himself after this morning’s go around. I went out and bought the Wedding Gift!

    OTAS and FOTAS have a huge backyard and this is a glider for two!

  69. Riö – The Evil Pug
    7:56 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Glider!…Wow!…That is super neat…sniff!

  70. Melanie
    7:57 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Yup! Want to come over and help put it together Riö?

  71. BearSpiritDog
    7:59 pm on April 7th, 2012

    The family is off on the ferry to a neighboring island tomorrow afternoon. Don’t know what’s on the menu but can guarantee it will be scrumptious and there will be wine. Ten two-leggeds plus several of my kind are expected, so it will be a full house.
    Great food and Good company – what could be better.
    Oh, yes…I forgot…no cooking!
    B: You are welcome here too!

  72. Barb & Maggie
    8:01 pm on April 7th, 2012

    We love the glider! Where did you get it?

    We are going to excuse ourselves and go watch To Kill A Mockingbird. Later!

  73. Riö – The Evil Pug
    8:04 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Rebecca!…What is Jodi cooking up for youse guys tomorrow…snort!…Isn’t she the one who cooks moose for supper?…gag!

  74. B.Stover
    8:06 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Now I have three places I can go! All of the food sounds delish!

    Thank you for the recipe T&G. I have cut and pasted it.

  75. Melanie
    8:10 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Glider comes from the Tractor Supply Company. Or as we call it here? The Tractor Store.

    I think it would be cool to go out to a friend’s by having to go over by boat.

  76. Melanie
    8:26 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Well, I’ve tried but I can’t stay awake any longer. Patsy is ‘looking’ at me so I must be tired. Or she is tired. It’s hard to distinguish between the two of us.

    Whew … so for your enjoyment and TTFN

  77. Macy the Min-pin
    8:30 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Back to the war of Northern Aggression…

    Heck, it’s just who we are.
    Happy Easter everyone.

  78. Riö – The Evil Pug
    9:08 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Wooooo!…Our new guy, Cuddyer, just hit a homerun!…snort!snort!….I think we will keep him…heh!heh!

  79. OleyHowlers
    9:13 pm on April 7th, 2012

    We just got back home, and will be going to the “Summer Kitchen Tavern. Here are our plans for Easter: First tihng,we get our Easter Baskets. Then Mom,Pop, Annie, and Ned will celebrate with a ride in Green Lane Park. Then it’s dinner at our uncle’s. Can’t wait.

  80. BearSpiritDog
    9:19 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Melanie: Great wedding gift!
    My Snoopy dance has twirled me into exhaustion and now it’s
    Supper-time!…one of my 3 favorite meals of the day.
    See youse in the a.m. Wait, let me just grab one of those colorful eggs out of that basket…ouch!…those Southern Chicks are tougher than they look.
    Bye – Bear

  81. Snowhook Bella
    9:25 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Rio: you don’t need to worry— tomorrow’s menu lists ham, not moose.

    Belle Starr is certain that the Easter Pug will visit her tomorrow.

  82. Riö – The Evil Pug
    9:28 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Wrinkle!… Well her mother has gone and invited our neighbor for dinner tomorrow…sniff!… Now they will barely have enough food to serve all of us…grunt!…What are those guys thinking anyways? If they were making a whole turkey, that would be one thing, but they only have two small turkey tenders and one turkey thigh…grump!…I had one eye on that thigh and the other on some potatoes and gravy…gruffle!…Now I bet there won’t be any left-overs at all…sniff!

  83. Riö – The Evil Pug
    9:37 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Wow!…Wookie, Spencer, Me and AbbieTheKat are all up top on our computer right now…heh!heh!…Now, what was I going to say???

    Easter!…Pug!…snort!… Rebecca, Beau is still tired from going all the way to Melanie’s and back. He says there will be no Easter Pug this year…grunt!

    Lost!…The Rockies lost their second game…grunt! …What the hell?

  84. Riö – The Evil Pug
    9:42 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Heston!…Now we can watch The Ten Commandments…snorkel!…One of our most favorites of all times…snuffle!

  85. OleyHowlers
    9:55 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Phillies and Pirates tied 1-1 at the end of the 9th. Extra innings!

  86. OleyHowlers
    10:19 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Carpola. Good night.

  87. Riö – The Evil Pug
    10:36 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Boutique!… Here’s something amazing…heh!…While that little girl was bugging my friend and her mother was yakkety yakkety yakking on and on about something, my friend was able to finish a project right in front of them for the Boutique…grunt!…I hope all of youse are working on some things or at least thinking about what you will be donating to our beloved Snowhook cause…wheeze!….We cannot have all Shoppers, we need Items to stock those newly re-decorated shelves…chuffle!

  88. dawson
    10:51 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Life is good.
    First day of retirement nets a ham and scalloped potatoes dinner with banana cake for dessert. And a Detroit Tigers shut-out.

  89. Riö – The Evil Pug
    11:38 pm on April 7th, 2012

    Issues!…Seems Beau still has anger issues…sniff!…Today when she was trying to get him from the neighbors yard after he scurried over there once the fence panel was down…grunt!…He huffled and then growled at her so instead of picking him up she pushed him back throught the fence with a few swift kicks…heh!heh!….He was very mad and he turned and growled up at her, but he didn’t act nearly as ferocious as he used to do when he tried to intimidate her…gruffle!….Once she had him up on the patio he apologised profusely over and over again…sniff!…As well he should have…Brat!sneeze!

  90. Riö – The Evil Pug
    12:03 am on April 8th, 2012

    Alice!… tail pu – ullll….heh!….We can never ever stay up to see the very end of The Ten Commandments….snorkel!…Goodnight All!

  91. Tipper and Gilly
    12:08 am on April 8th, 2012

    we just finished watching the ten commandments too. We love all those old extravaganzas. Ben Hur, Cleopatra – just thinking about what it would cost these days. Yikes!
    But now Mama says we gotta go to bed – lots and lots of cooking to do. Thanks to everyone for sharing all the fun stuff of your lives. We love sharing with all of you and hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful day filled with family and love and laughter and peace.
    Joy to all of you and g’night.

  92. Snowhook Bella
    1:07 am on April 8th, 2012

    It snained all day today and tonight during evening chores. My coveralls courtesy of Dawson were soaked through to my skin. Time to dry off, warm up and go to bed. Night.

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