The Irresponsible Reader …

… on It’s A Wonderful Woof (coming on Tuesday!).

“I had a blast with this … Quinn and Chet are as fresh and entertaining now as they were in Dog On It.

There’s heart, there’s excitement, there’s humor, there’s the devotion that only a dog can have for their human, and you even can even learn a little bit about art history. Throw in a little holiday magic and you’ve got yourself another winner in this series.

Go read this—which readers of this series probably don’t need me to say. But if you haven’t read any before, this functions well enough as a jumping-on point, just be prepared to make some time for the previous 11 novels. You’re going to want to read them all.”


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11 Responses to “The Irresponsible Reader …”

  1. B. Stover
    12:25 pm on October 16th, 2021

    That blog has an interesting title.

    Good day to all.

  2. Staff
    12:55 pm on October 16th, 2021

    Yes it is an interesting blog title. It made me laugh. Maybe I will check it out.

  3. Wose-The Small and Meek
    3:40 pm on October 16th, 2021


    I thought the blog title was funny too…

    Good Saturday to all!

  4. mlaiuppa
    5:58 pm on October 16th, 2021

    The irresponsible reader. Is that anything like the unreliable narrator?

  5. Herd of Hounds
    7:23 pm on October 16th, 2021

    Good day to all!
    Not quite sure how OFA finds all these interesting posts to put up, but we love them.
    Having trouble waiting for the new book.

  6. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    9:47 pm on October 16th, 2021

    Play-Offs!….Guys, we have now found ourselves Braves Fans…gah!…But there is not enough slim jims in the world to make me root for those Dodgers…grump!…Game 1 of the National League Division…wheeze!…We are watching a recording so no spoilers please! (as if!)…heh!

  7. Riõ - The Evil Pugr
    9:59 pm on October 16th, 2021

    mlaiuppa!….I so appreciate all of your comments from last night…snorkel!…My friend has been seeing first paw in how unfairly the City takes away funding from the local library and gives it to the money-losing Golf Course…grump!…Schools should be our most high priority…Even a Pug can fathom that…gruffle!

  8. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    10:11 pm on October 16th, 2021

    mlaiuppa!…I also love the use of the word “batshit” in your dialog…snort!…I’m going to steal that one just so you know…heh!

  9. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    11:57 pm on October 16th, 2021

    Braves!…They make me mad. What is that stupid hand chop they do when cheering their team on…grrrr…I don’t like the Braves but they are all that stands between the NLS and those Dodgers….grump!gurgle!…crap!

  10. Riõ - The Evil Pugr
    12:09 am on October 17th, 2021

    First! ….Game win!…snort!…Freddy Freeman please come over to the Cardinals…guffle!…We just like you I guess…heh!..Any win over the Dodgers is incredible! …heh!YEEEEP!

  11. mlaiuppa
    12:28 am on October 17th, 2021

    Río. That hand chop is supposed to be a tomahawk. Just one of the racial stereotypes associated with the team name. Braves, Red Skins. It is a dichotomy that historically the fans both worshipped and reviled the very source of their team names, rooted in racial bigotry. Current fans will excuse it as “tradition.”

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