The Iggy Chronicles, Volume Two!

That’s the name of the short story that will accompany all preorders of Of Mutts And Men. Save your receipt! No need to remember anything else, now or ever!


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8 Responses to “The Iggy Chronicles, Volume Two!”

  1. Wose-The Small and Meek
    10:43 am on January 24th, 2020


    Iggy returns! Yay!

    Make it a good Friday!

  2. B. Stover
    10:45 am on January 24th, 2020

    This will be fun!

    Good morning all.

  3. BooBear
    3:52 pm on January 24th, 2020

    Hobbit!! If the tour comes to Houston, you can come visit Mom and Auntie in Dallas and take a road trip to Houston to see OFA!! We have a guest room all set up. You can even bring Mr.Big, but we have no dog Facility for Sadie!!

    Spence came to Houston last year but he has been know to come to the Murder by the Book Store Years in a row.

  4. Ole Doc
    6:16 pm on January 24th, 2020

    BooBear: What about me? Will I have a place to rest my head during OFAs book tour? No need to get me a dog pillow. I will sleep on the big bed with you. Remember to lift with the knees and not the back.

  5. BooBear
    7:41 pm on January 24th, 2020

    Ole Doc! You, of course, are always welcome IF you are willing to share said “big bed” with many, many cats! I wonder if you have ever met a real cat……

  6. Ole Doc
    9:30 pm on January 24th, 2020

    Boo: Share? What is share? It doesn’t not compute. As far as to whether or not I’ve seen a kat before, I will respond just as W&Ts paw instructs: I cannot recall at this time. However, my paw Tenzing was mistaken for a kat when he was a wee pup. According to my Lady, kats like to sleep. I like to sleep. She also says that they like fish. Hey! What do you know—-I like fish. I’ve been suspecting for some time that I’m part kat. This might be the proof I need.

  7. Ole Doc
    9:45 pm on January 24th, 2020

    Double negative! I added one too many negatives. Sharing doesn’t compute. Yeep!

  8. Sadie
    10:09 pm on January 24th, 2020

    If Ole Doc gets to sleep on the big bed, so do I.

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