The Fun Party

Ray read what Bernie had written on the cocktail napkin. Then, kind of mumbly, he said, “I want you to come with me.”

Bernie glanced at Ray’s chest where the wire was concealed behind his shirt. “Didn’t quite hear you,” he said. “Can you speak up a bit?” Bernie had a look on his face like he was having fun. Was this a time for that? Not that I’m against fun. I’m for it, big-time. Once we had an election for mayor of the Valley, and a dude we knew ran on the Fun Party ticket. He got Bernie’s vote, and maybe one or two more.

Ray spoke louder. “I want you to come with me.”

“Yeah?” said Bernie. “Where?”

“My dad wants to see you.”

“I figured that,” said Bernie. “But where?”

Ray glanced around the bar. We were at Dry Gulch, in case I forgot to point that out. He looked scared. “Maybe better if I just guide you to the place.”

“Better for who?” said Bernie.


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126 Responses to “The Fun Party”

  1. B.Stover
    4:29 am on November 5th, 2010

    We are inching forward.

  2. Melanie
    4:40 am on November 5th, 2010

    Chet: Bernie sure likes to pull tails! Glad he doesn't pull yours.

    Morning B.Stover! I saw that you used TTFN! You're going to really pug bug your students. I have to say that I LOVE pugging bugging my guys.

  3. Melanie
    4:41 am on November 5th, 2010

    I now I have to say TTFN because I must pick up our "go to guy". If Jesse didn't come, the entire house would fall around us. AND he loves the dogs.

  4. Mollypop
    5:11 am on November 5th, 2010

    Melanie – Do the Newfs 'help' Jesse?

  5. Riö - The Evil
    5:14 am on November 5th, 2010

    Strange!… I wonder what Bernie wrote on the napkin…sniff!… and why he is being so holly-go-lightly about Ray being wired up and Col Bob not showing up….sniff! cough!

  6. Riö - The Evil
    5:32 am on November 5th, 2010

    Inching! …. Is a stretch….grump!… The only new thing that happened was Bernie writing something on the napkin….sneeze!… No other real action occurred, except for Chet’s funny Mayor story…heh!

  7. B.Stover
    5:55 am on November 5th, 2010

    The only new thing today is that Bernie is having fun (as is someone else). What does that tell us?

    As Sam said, Bernie is playing games with whoever is listening in. Ray is scared. Bernie isn't.

  8. Riö - The Evil
    6:06 am on November 5th, 2010

    Bernie!… He probably has the whole thing figured out already…snort!… I wonder if that detective, (Stine?), has anything to do with this and is trying to get Bernie in trouble?…grunt! …Ray could be scared because Stine knows he was at Albie’s at the time of the murder….sniff!

  9. B.Stover
    6:21 am on November 5th, 2010

    I think of Stine as a Lestrade. He's a good guy who has a different way of going about the business of capturing perps than his antagonist–the hero detective.

    We don't have all the facts. For example, did Bernie go to LA after leaving Stine at the crime scene? If so what did he find out? The next time we see him (after he leaves the crime scene–Ratko's murder) is when he gets a phone call from Col. Bob that wakes him up and they arrange to meet. After hanging up the phone he asks Chet, "Where is that damn flowchart?"

  10. Melanie
    6:23 am on November 5th, 2010

    Do you think he needs the flowchart posted again?

  11. Riö - The Evil
    6:28 am on November 5th, 2010

    Scarecrow! …((sigh))…. I wasn’t inferring that Bernie was there when Albie bought it. I was saying that Ray was there when it happened. …snort … grunt!… Next time Spence starts a blog mystery I am going to print it all out as it happens…wheeze!

  12. Riö - The Evil
    6:29 am on November 5th, 2010

    Kirby!…. Please throw the Flow Chart on the blog!…snort!…We need it badly!…grunt!

  13. Melanie
    6:40 am on November 5th, 2010

    YSAS had his Preview yesterday. First, the PR place that sent out the info had everything wrong. 2nd, They changed the blocking at one point, didn't tell the actors and they ended up coming on stage in the dark. They tripped over each other and ended up at the wrong places.

    This is a very disturbing piece about returning veterans (the writer used the documentary "The Lost Platoon" for research besides talking to veterans). YSAS is NOT a nice guy. Turns out a Veteran had read about it and came to check it out and said that it was "right on".

    So mistakes and all, they did a good job.

  14. B.Stover
    6:43 am on November 5th, 2010

    I don't think that Someone Else needs the flowchart. I think he is using his genius for cliff-hangers to the fullest extent and, like Bernie, he's having fun.

    6:45 am on November 5th, 2010

    We'll probably get a little bit more tomorrow, then Sunday with Ingrid, so then we are into newxt week….

  16. Mollypop
    6:46 am on November 5th, 2010

    Kirby updated the flowchart but was not successful in posting it. Here's the last copy.

    [img ] flowchart.jpg[/img]

  17. Melanie
    6:47 am on November 5th, 2010

    A double posting!!

  18. Mollie (a black pood
    6:52 am on November 5th, 2010

    I wonder if the case will be solved by Christmas…maybe next Christmas. Rio: Before I forget, I want to thank you for making this baseball season so much fun with everyone commenting on the blog. I paid more attention to baseball than ever before and even learned some things (thank you Bee for asking questions). I may even miss it. I have even gotten some friends interested. Thanks again!

  19. Mollie (a black pood
    6:58 am on November 5th, 2010

    And Admin liked my Giants pictures too…

  20. B.Stover
    6:58 am on November 5th, 2010

    I paid more attention to baseball than ever before also……

  21. B.Stover
    7:00 am on November 5th, 2010

    Melanie: I don't know about Jasper but there is no snow here. It's 39.

    I'm going to post the info I have that–I think–brings the flowchart up to date.

  22. J.V.
    7:08 am on November 5th, 2010

    just finished "To fetch a Theif" and it was great but is was a little Predictable.

  23. B.Stover
    7:17 am on November 5th, 2010

    Aug. 31 Ratko's body is found wrapped up and in a closet at Cactus Heights.

    Sept. 2 Lt. Stine is there, Bernie having called him after finding Ratko's body.

    Sept 8 Same.

    Sept. 10 Same.

    Sept. 15 Bernie leaves the scene and apparently is going to LA. (We had a Special Edition post because the quilt arrived the same day.)

    Oct. 7 Col. Bob on the phone.

    Oct. 9 At the Dry Gulch; Chet gets steak tips; Col. Bob is late.

    Oct. 12 Ray comes into the Dry Gulch.

    Oct. 18 Ray wants to take Bernie to Col. B who got "tied up temporarily." Ray is wearing a wire and Chet smells fear on him.

    Oct. 21 At the Dry Gulch. The wire is for listening to conversations.

    Nov. 1 Bernie writes something on a napkin.

    Nov. 5 Bernie is having fun.

  24. Riö - The Evil
    7:27 am on November 5th, 2010

    Geeze!… Nothing has really happened since Ratko was killed… grump!…What the Hell!…grump!

    Junior_Varsity!… I have to disagree with you….snort!… I did not find To Fetch A Thief predictable at all!….grunt! …There were lots of surprising scenes in that story!…sneeze!

  25. Mollypop
    7:29 am on November 5th, 2010

    Rio – Ditto for me on the baseball.

    Mollie ABP – Your pictures are so good they could be publishable. How did you ever get those shots?

  26. Riö - The Evil
    7:36 am on November 5th, 2010

    Baseball!… Is good for everybody!…snort!… It’s America’s favorite pastime….wooo!…We could follow LizF’s brand new baseball team? What say? They are throwing out the first pitch this Saturday night….sneeze!… I doubt it will be televised….drat!

  27. Mollie (a black pood
    7:36 am on November 5th, 2010

    Mollypop:I thought you knew, I took them from a paper. Sorry, I'm not that good.

    7:45 am on November 5th, 2010

    I guess those photos were publishable!

  29. Mollypop
    7:55 am on November 5th, 2010

    How funny!

  30. B.Stover
    7:59 am on November 5th, 2010

    JV: What do you mean by "predictable"?

  31. Riö - The Evil
    8:31 am on November 5th, 2010

    Stover!…. 10 to 1 odds JV won’t answer you!…snort!… He’s a Lurker and probably won’t defend his remark…heh!

  32. Riö - The Evil
    8:55 am on November 5th, 2010

    She?… JV is a she?…snort!…When did we learn that?

  33. B.Stover
    9:24 am on November 5th, 2010

    Rio: It's difficult to see but I used s slash he.

  34. Riö - The Evil
    9:24 am on November 5th, 2010

    MagPie!… Everyone has a right to criticize. I say at least give some valid reasons for dropping the “Predictable” bomb before running away to lurk in the shadows…wheeze!

  35. Wölfie Wigglebutt
    10:25 am on November 5th, 2010

    Mom is in a better mood, thank goodness. And it sounds as if we May be going to see Col Bob! I too am curious as to what Bernie wrote on the napkin.

  36. B.Stover
    9:29 am on November 5th, 2010

    I'm not up in arms. I'm merely curious to know what JV thinks is predictable about TFAT. I wonder if s/he thinks that the Astrid case is predictable.

  37. Melanie
    9:30 am on November 5th, 2010

    Personally I did not see you know who coming through the you know what like a tank.

    And is still think the funniest line was about herding.

  38. Riö - The Evil
    9:34 am on November 5th, 2010

    Scarecrow!… What in the world are you talking about?…sniff!sniff!…Is it just me???????

  39. B.Stover
    9:35 am on November 5th, 2010

    I think Melanie is referring to Peanut but I'm drawing a blank about herding.

  40. Gus and BooBear
    9:36 am on November 5th, 2010

    We're back after a couple of stressful days. Gus seems to be fine. We don't know if it was a seizure in that he let out a very loud strange meow (not his normal speak) and went into a trance like state for a couple of minutes. He was not responsive to voice or touch. Then he slowly came out of it and now is back to normal. Maybe a small stroke? Then yesterday our oldest cat sister ( she was over 20) decided to go to the rainbow bridge. We have thought several times in the past few years that she was leaving us, but she always rallied. This time she decided she was tired and ready to go. Expected but sad. And very hard on Mom.

    But anyway, happy belated b-day to Wookie's dad. He seems like a super intelligent and well-informed man! Hope u had a great day.

    Do any of y'all remember the of the Creed case on the blog? We always thought it just kind of ended short of a full revelation. Guess SQ gets really tied up in the books (as he should) and let's Chet just ramble at will.

  41. Riö - The Evil
    9:41 am on November 5th, 2010

    Puss N’ Boots!… I’m happy to hear the old fart Gus is doing better….sniffle!…So sorry for the loss of your older sister. Sounds like she had a long full life….wiffle!sneeze!

    Dawson!…Where the heck is Dawson?….grunt!… I thought she was going to be back on Nov. 2nd and here it is Nov. 5th already… snort!…I wander if Staff knows what has become of her…..sniff!

  42. B.Stover
    9:41 am on November 5th, 2010

    In the tag section, click on Greed and you'll get the end of that case.

    G&BB: Sorry about your older sister but I'm glad Gus is better.

  43. Mollypop
    9:44 am on November 5th, 2010

    B. – Melanie's reference is to you-know-who trying to herd the one who is like a tank.

  44. Sam
    10:46 am on November 5th, 2010

    I think Bernie is playing games with whoever is listening on the wire.

    9:47 am on November 5th, 2010

    When we said we get up in arms, we were including ourselves.

    I think Melanie might be refering to Chet saying Peanuts did not seem to know how to be herded. Not sure about the tank.

  46. Riö - The Evil
    9:49 am on November 5th, 2010

    Molly!… You are my official Scarecrow and Min Pin translator…snort!… I will call on you whenever those guys start posting wacked out verbage….heh!

  47. B.Stover
    10:50 am on November 5th, 2010

    We were told that Bernie wrote something on the napkin four posts ago.

  48. B.Stover
    9:50 am on November 5th, 2010

    Mollypop and B&M: I remember now. Thanks. (B&M: I know you were including yourselves.)

  49. Melanie
    9:53 am on November 5th, 2010

    Hey Gus and BooBear: May she have a wonderful time at the Rainbow Bridge as she waits for everyone. Gus, sorry to hear about your spacing out. I hope it's because you had too much catnip and nothing very serious.

    Riö: Yes, Peanut.

    B.Stover: If you still have T-FAT on the Kindle, look for herding or herd. Chet can not believe that Peanut does not understand the concept. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I found that hilarious. Reminds me of some strong willed guys I know.

  50. Melanie
    9:54 am on November 5th, 2010

    I've had to drive in the rain in the last two days. This is not a pleasant shower. It's been downpours. My focus is now tired, sorry Riö.

    Scarecrow out!

    9:57 am on November 5th, 2010

    G & BB, Sorry about your loss, but it sounds like she had a long and wonderful life. We should all be so lucky to have such caring guardians!

  52. Gus and BooBear
    10:01 am on November 5th, 2010

    B, we clicked back on the Greed case to reread the ending but still seem to remember the that got posted to wrap things up. We may be wrong and don't expect the blog cases to flow like the books that SQ works so hard on. A fact we don't mind at all….we love all the asides and interesting tidbits posted by everyone!

  53. B.Stover
    10:18 am on November 5th, 2010

    "This was herding, something I just knew how to do, hard to explain. My job now was to get Peanut turned around away from the road and headed the other way. This was a point Peanut didn't seem to be getting, because she showed no sign of turning around, just kept coming in that lumbering walk that made the ground tremble under my paws and that was starting to irritate me, I admit it. Was it possible she didn't know how to be herded?" (TFAT 272-3).

  54. Melanie
    11:18 am on November 5th, 2010

    I don’t think Bernie was there at the time of the murder. Remember Albie was pretty well frozen.

    I think at this point we all we know is Ray is scared and has been wired, Bernie thinks this is funny and I probably would have joined Bernie in voting with the Fun Party ticket.

    MollyPop: The Newfs ALWAYS want to help Jesse.

  55. Macy the Min-Pin
    10:27 am on November 5th, 2010

    Gus and BooBear, our condolences to you on the loss of your sister. Be sure to give mom lots of snuggles and lap sitting, since she probably knew your sister longer than you two, and it will leave a space in her heart for a while.

    Mom's new medicine is still leaving her all poodled so I will have to spend extra time loving on her until she comes back to "normal"

    Take care all.

  56. Melanie
    11:46 am on November 5th, 2010

    B.Stover and Jasper, are you guys getting the snow I’m seeing on the radar?

  57. Melanie
    11:06 am on November 5th, 2010


  58. B.Stover
    11:07 am on November 5th, 2010

    You're welcome Melanie. That is a laugh-out-loud scene!

    Macy: Hope your mom feels better soon.

  59. B.Stover
    11:08 am on November 5th, 2010

    G&BB: I'm not sure what you were saying about the Greed Case ending.

  60. Siber-H
    11:24 am on November 5th, 2010

    Gus&BooBear and family, I am very sorry about your loss. I'm glad she had such a long life, but it is never easy to lose part of your family.

    It sounds as if Gus had a very minor seizure since he is back to normal. Mom has seen those type of seizures in dogs…petite mal they are called. I am unsure of the exact spelling. French, I do not know.

  61. Siber-H
    11:30 am on November 5th, 2010

    I didn't find TFAT at all predicatable and, ah ha, I remembered the herding scene. It is hilarious. Unlike me, Chet must have some herding genes in him.

  62. Jasper the Poodle
    11:40 am on November 5th, 2010

    Yes, I saw the snow when I was outside doing my business. Mom is ignoring the snow by watching the Cooking Channel.

  63. Mollypop
    11:41 am on November 5th, 2010

    Siber-H – You asked a while ago about my dislike of the Buffalo Bills. I know lots of cities have losing teams and still stand by them, but most of the Buffalo people have lost faith. Their last game was blacked out because no one is buying tickets.

    Now Buffalo is a big sports town, people here love the tailgate parties for each game, yet they are turning away in droves. Ralph Wilson has milked too much money out of a city that can't afford it. Now he's trying to get some Bills enthusiasm in Toronto, which is only 90 miles away. This next Toronto game is sold out so it will be on TV, but rumor has it that someone bought up the unsold tickets so it would look successful.

  64. Riö - The Evil
    12:01 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Football!… I can relate to being mad at your team…snort!… The Denver Broncos are doing squat this year…grunt!…We have not even watched a game the whole season so far….sniff!…I bet Stover is happy about that!…heh!

  65. B.Stover
    12:07 pm on November 5th, 2010

    There is more constant action in football than there is in baseball. That doesn't mean I like watching it.

  66. Siber-H
    12:23 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Me too, Molly, like Rio, I can relate. Here, it is the University of New Mexico's football team. No one is going to the games, the coach is a wannabe thug, along with a few of the players. They are the worst college team in the nation. It would cost the university several million to fire the coach.

    The Dallas Cowboys are in the tank along with the Broncos.

    Rio, can we figure out a way we can follow baseball in Australia?

  67. Mollypop
    12:30 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Our 5 p.m. News just said Toronto wants half of the Bills games. What that really means is that it's already a done deal and they are breaking it to us gently. Of course, in Toronto, they can sell tickets at way higher prices.

    I did like the Bills back in OJ Simpson days and then also Jim Kelley.

  68. B.Stover
    1:41 pm on November 5th, 2010

    If by “predictable” s/he means that Chet and Bernie catch the perps at the end, then of course it’s predictable. A criterion of the mystery genre is that order and good prevail over chaos and evil. It would not be satisfying to read otherwise.

    If s/he wants the unpredictable, I’d suggest poetry.

  69. Mollie (a black pood
    12:41 pm on November 5th, 2010

    I think the 49ers are pretty bad, only won 2 games. Maybe they need a new coach & new quarterback. I used to watch when Montana played, but haven't watched lately.

  70. Mollypop
    12:59 pm on November 5th, 2010

    I don't want to try to top everyone on the badness of the local football team, but we are the worst. The Bills have milked our poor city for all they could get and now they're going to Toronto. I say bye bye.

  71. Mollie (a black pood
    1:06 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Sounds bad Mollypop, We liked O.J. Simpson. The fans at 49ers games are booing their own team. Sounds like who can top being the worst football team doesn't it….

    2:19 pm on November 5th, 2010

    I wonder why so many “lurkers” never come back? Snicker

    Boy, we sure get up in arms when someone criticizes our guy!

  73. Riö - The Evil
    1:58 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Simpson!…. O.J.? You guys do realize he is a cold blooded murderer, don’t you?…yeee!

    Molly!…Someone came home EARLY on a Friday night!…Woooo!… For once you cannot be mad at me….snort!

  74. Macy the Min-Pin
    1:59 pm on November 5th, 2010

    The best thing you can say about the Cowboys is that we have one fantastic stadium. phftt that is it. Everyone here wants to fire th owner, but we are finding that a bit of a problem. Romo is out, and the rest of the team is on vacation I guess, because they are certainly not showing up on game day. Bring on the Super Bowl, and everyone be sure to spend lots of money, even over here in Bedford if you don't mind.

  75. Macy the Min-Pin
    2:00 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Mollypop, are you a poodle too?

  76. Riö - The Evil
    2:00 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Coach!… We got a punk for a coach who doesn’t know his head from his ass…snort!… After losing the game in London because of a penalty….grunt!… He gave the team a week off for bad behaviour. What an idiot…growl!

  77. Mollypop
    2:17 pm on November 5th, 2010
  78. Melanie
    2:17 pm on November 5th, 2010

    I guess I won't talk about the Patriots. 🙂

  79. Melanie
    2:17 pm on November 5th, 2010

    MollyPop, you are beautiful! Is that Sam with you?

  80. Melanie
    2:19 pm on November 5th, 2010

    I not only double posted with MollyPop, I double posted myself, making a triple post.

  81. Riö - The Evil
    2:25 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Hey!… If that is Sammie, she is A LOT bigger than I had imagined…snort!… Not very Princessy like, for the movie I mean…snicker!

    Molly!…She is a very valuable Agent for the Plunderers, even though she has a bad shopping habit!…snort!

  82. Mollypop
    2:30 pm on November 5th, 2010

    That is not Sam with me. Heavens! Sam weighs 6 pounds and would fit in my pocket if I had one. That was my sister dog Pooh Bear.

  83. Siber-H
    2:32 pm on November 5th, 2010

    You can talk about the Patroits, Melanie. They aren't a bunch of losers like the teams we have been discussing. Out here in the Wild Wild West we won't get to see their games, though.

    That is a nice picture, Molly. Who is your white friend?

  84. Melanie
    2:37 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Dan is enjoying the Patriot games. I watch for awhile and they get behind and then stop watching and then they win.


  85. Riö - The Evil
    2:43 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Wot!… Molly has a Sister?…. snort!… Why do we never hear about her I wonder?… hmmm! … Maybe cause she might steal the limelight…snort! … Oh wait, I see the word Was, maybe Molly’s sis is no longer with her…sniff!

  86. Riö - The Evil
    2:46 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Scarecrow!…Please concentrate. How is Dan doing? Is he eating okay and getting enough therapy/exercise?…. snort!… Please tell him he is still in my Pug Prayers…snuffle!

  87. Riö - The Evil
    2:57 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Drat!… Melanie is probably sawing logs with Patsy by now….sneeze!

    Hey!… My friend says we might have pizza tonight…. Yeep!… But I did not see or smell anything when she came home…. Gruff!…Where the hell is this so called pizza anyways???

  88. Melanie
    3:00 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Trryyiinng tooo coonnnncceeenttrattteee . . .

    Dan is getting stronger. Not as fast as he would wish. That fall at the rehab still has muscles hurting but he's working with the PT person on that. Zoë is making great dinners and he's eating. Though last night we had take out Chinese. Gluten Free! It was delicious. My favorite was shrimp with walnuts. Dan's favorite was a beet, chicken and shrimp dish and Zoë's was a hot dish with shrimp and that little bitty corn cobs.

    We had it for lunch too. Can you tell we don't get out much?

  89. Riö - The Evil
    3:19 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Melanie!…Thank you! Thank you so much!…snort!… You were able to put together sentences that made sense and conveyed important information….wheeze!…Thank you again…whew!

    Oh!… Please tell YSAS, I want to call him Clarkson, but Dan called him something else that I cannot place right now…snort!.. Anyways please tell your actor son, whom I adore, that I am anxiously waiting to hear how the Opening Night turns out!…gruff!gruff!

  90. Riö - The Evil
    3:21 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Mckey!…Is that the name of YSAS??… Mckey?

  91. Wookie of Chevy Chas
    3:23 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Melanie. We just love those itty bitty corn cobs here. Makes you think of the scene in Big, where Tom Hanks is eating them just like regular corn on the cob. Absolutely hilarious.


  92. Melanie
    3:39 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Wöökie: Exactly!!

    Riö: YSAS has four last names as a name. A very Southern thing to do. His first name is Clarkson, but he goes by McKey. He like the fact you call him Clarkson.

  93. Barb & Maggie
    3:39 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Rio, I think McKey is correct. That is a family name.

  94. Mollie (a black pood
    3:55 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Mollypop: What a nice picture of the two of you. Pooh Bear looks smaller, but maybe you are on higher ground.

  95. Riö - The Evil
    3:58 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Melanie!… If your actor son likes that I call him Clarkson, then Clarkson it will be!…snort!snort!… I want you to know how very much I enjoy hearing about all of his experiences while he is working to make it as a Actor…snort!… No one can be more brave than a struggling actor in NYC. … Clarkson is my hero!…Wooooo!… If there is ANYTHING we can do for him, please, DO NOT hesitate to ask…grufffffff! Woooooffff!

  96. Melanie
    4:06 pm on November 5th, 2010

    I will tell him, Riö, but it's time to say TTFN!

    Scarecrow signing off.

  97. Riö - The Evil
    4:10 pm on November 5th, 2010

    G’Night!… Melanie!…Love Ya!… snort!sniffle!cough!…sigh.

  98. Riö - The Evil
    4:40 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Missing!…There are lots of characters missing lately…snort!…What’s up with that? Are they bored, tired, spent, have no opinions about any thing?… grunt!… Where are they?… Dawson, Kirby, Alice, AbbieTheKat, Staff, Lexi, BluKat, Fattie, Librarian, C.Harris, …grump!… I am sure I’m missing someone on the Missing List…grumble!… If it’s ME that keeps you away, let ME know, and I will disappear… snuff!

  99. Debbie LM
    4:57 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Rio. Don't you dare disappear. Don't you know by now you are the one who keeps us together.

    Wookie (on mom's computer)

  100. Siber-H
    4:57 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Lexi and Abbie were here yesterday. I bet it is Friday night football for Kirby. Dawson is the one who has been gone the longest, but we know she is traveling.

    Rio, you are not keeping anyone away and you are not going to disappear.

  101. LizF
    5:08 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Hey Rio, i'm so impressed that you know when our baseball season is starting! I didn't know that myself. There was a guy (coach? player?) being interviewed on the radio about it earlier today – he's American so we might stand a chance of winning.


  102. Barb & Maggie
    5:13 pm on November 5th, 2010

    LizF, That is Melanie's YOUNG STARVING ACTOR SON, Clarkson McKey Carpenter, I believe.

    Rio, you are not driving anyone away, you are the center of our group.

  103. Mollypop
    5:14 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Dear dear Rio – We love you.

    We are very tired and have to go to bed, but Mom wanted to post this picture. There is a beautiful fountain on Main St. in Amherst, a northern suburb of Buffalo. You can see the waterfall at the back and benches on each side. Here, it's been filled with bubbles. Probably by kids and very funny.

  104. LizF
    5:15 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Thank you! Hopefully dropping the first S soon, which I'm surely not the first to say.

  105. Mollypop
    5:15 pm on November 5th, 2010
  106. Siber-H
    5:28 pm on November 5th, 2010

    I wonder how long it will take the bubbles to clear out. Mom (like Bernie) loves the waterfall. Me, I'm thinking the kids had a lot of fun.

  107. dawson
    5:33 pm on November 5th, 2010


    I am going through computer withdrawal – the computer at this house is terrible!! It takes a good 10 minutes to even turn the blankety-blank thing on (if you're lucky) and then it stops just when I finally get to the Chet the Dog Blog. It is driving me crazy. I have a zillion and one messages to answer or delete in my e-mail but they will have to wait. I'm gonna try to catch up on the blog news if the computer will let me.

  108. Riö - The Evil
    5:33 pm on November 5th, 2010

    You guys! And DebbieLM! (who is posting on Wookie’s Personal Computer! Foowee! I’m so glad you are still talking to me after that birthday card I picked out for your husband…snort!… It was funny, wasn’t it???)…heh!… Oh, but I think it is stretching it saying I’m the one keeping this here blog together…grunt!… I actually believe it is Chet for the most part, Spencer by accident sometimes and Admin just because he’s so cranky, who keeps us together…grunt!… I can rub a lot of guys the wrong way and make them mad as hell….grump!…In doing this I am trying to make them better communicators if that makes sense….snuff!… I just hope everyone comes back again, and I don’t have to worry about being a repellant on this here blog….grunt!

  109. Riö - The Evil
    5:35 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Signs!…Dawson who has been missing for a zillion years now…We just posted at the same freakin’ time!…WOOOOOO!…She is Alive!

  110. Barb & Maggie
    5:38 pm on November 5th, 2010

    LizF, Actually I think it is YOUNGER, not YOUNG. Other son is OTAS, OLDER TATOO ARTIST SON. Is that right, Melanie, or anyone?

    Rob is very talented, and did the Newfie illustrations for Dan's book.

  111. Riö - The Evil
    5:42 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Wookie!… I realize you were on DebbieLM’s computer, BUT I also know you have your own personal computer as well… grunt!!

  112. Siber-H
    5:42 pm on November 5th, 2010

    There's Dawson! We were just talking about you being missing. She is, indeed, alive!

    We are turning in and I made several trips to the landfill (politically corrrect word for the dump), and we are tired. Well, she is tired.

    Goodnight All!

  113. Barb & Maggie
    5:48 pm on November 5th, 2010

    We are signing off, too. Welcome back Dawson, we have missed you.

    Rio, Great big MagPie kisses coming your way!

  114. A. Catty Librarian
    5:51 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Sorry I have not been posting either – but this is not like any other blog that you can just drop into. If I look at it, then I have to ready every post. You can't read just one (to paraphrase a potato-chip commercial).

    Hahaha! I know Dawson is on Dad's computer, which is ancient. He calls it a "legacy" system. When I get there I'll let her borrow my laptop.

  115. Riö - The Evil
    5:52 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Hey!…. LizF is back! Today I was reading the website about your Canberra Cavalry… snort!… Apparently, one of the guys on your team is signed to the Atlanta Braves …wheeze!…This is no Little League game my dear! You have very serious players lined up for the start of ALB….Woooo!… Just wish I could “watch” them….grunt!… I will keep track and see what happens with this emerging team and league. Very Exciting stuff!!….wheeze! …Thanks for telling me about it!

  116. AbbietheKitty
    6:00 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Gus and BooBear,

    I am glad Gus is doing well and hope that your older sister has found Fatty Kitty up there on the rainbow bridge and can talk blog talk with her. 20 years is a good long time for a Kat. I bet she was much beloved.


  117. Barb & Maggie
    6:06 pm on November 5th, 2010
  118. LizF
    6:07 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Is currently signed to the Braves? Aaaaannnnnd…..are they any good? All i know (courtesy of this site) is that they didn't win the world series.

  119. Riö - The Evil
    6:10 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Dawson!…,Now I am snorting my head off picturing Dawson sitting at the Legacy System and trying to post on the blog!…SNORT!…heh!heh!heh!…Oh I’m almost laughing out loud over this image!…wheeze!

  120. Barb & Maggie
    6:11 pm on November 5th, 2010

    I did something wrong, it didn't post the picture, but you can still click on it. Will try one more time. Then it is good night!

    [file ] 1.bmp[/file]

  121. Barb & Maggie
    6:12 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Rio, Click on our photos, even tho we screwed it up. We want to get your opinion before we go to bed!

  122. Macy the Min-Pin
    6:14 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Mom still too Poodled to chat. Must keep my eye on her.

  123. Riö - The Evil
    6:19 pm on November 5th, 2010

    MagPie N’ Barb….Umm…Errr… cough!cough!… I told Balloon Butt to leave his camera at home dammit!…snort…But did he listen???…grump!… No, No, No, that cannot be me because I DO NOT dress up for any holiday…cough! …Especially not the Premiere of any Star Wars Movies….snuff!

  124. Riö - The Evil
    6:29 pm on November 5th, 2010

    LizF!… The Atlanta Braves? They are NO GOOD AT all…HEH!…. My team, The Rockies, beat the hell out of them One day. gruff!… Seriously, anyone signed to the Major Leagues is very, very talented…. snort!… I believe the guys who play in other countries during our winter season are very serious about improving their game… wheeze! …Lets keep our eye on him…I will have to look up his name tomorrow. …gruff!

  125. Riö - The Evil
    6:33 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Min Pin!… I sure hope everything is okay with your gal…sniff!…Please be careful and make sure she is ok…snuff!…Her meds may not be good for her and you just need to really be careful and watch the hell out of her…wheeze! …Be sure to YEEP! YEEP! YEEP! if you need someone to take her to the hospital….gasp!…Lets hope NOT!

  126. AbbietheKitty
    7:07 pm on November 5th, 2010

    Dear Macy,

    I know as long as you are watching over your Mom she will be Ok. Just let us at the blog know too. We are really good at making things better.

    Wolfie WWW we are keeping you and your Mom in our thoughts too.

    Abbie (and Alice who is napping)

    She helped staff put up holiday lights yesterday and has been napping a lot ever since. She got out to do it darn it. I don't think she has any rules about staying in the yard and it is hunting season here. Lots of strange people wearing bright orange are driving back and forth in front of the farm. We have a woods. It is a serious temptation even though it is posted all over. Staff sometimes wonders if they ( the orange ones) can read.

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