Thanks For All …

… the birthday wishes yesterday! So nice of everybody! Is there any cake left? That’s the question.



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10 Responses to “Thanks For All …”

  1. B. Stover
    10:34 am on June 29th, 2020

    I’ll bet there’s no cake left!

    Good morning all.

  2. Wose-The Small and Meek
    11:16 am on June 29th, 2020


    If it was an ice cream cake, I am sure it was gone in the blink of an eye! :^)

    Good day to all!

  3. Thieves!
    1:46 pm on June 29th, 2020

    Cake! There was cake until Ole Doc showed up to the party. Without warning, there wasn’t any cake left at all. What with the birthday discount given by W&Ts Paw, we do have some extra birthday Slim Jims. We’ll get the candles…

  4. Hobbit
    7:57 pm on June 29th, 2020

    If the cake is gone, I am sure B. will be willing to make OFA’s favorite pie.

  5. Mr. Big
    9:13 pm on June 29th, 2020

    Woe is moi, woe is moi. The other evening I saw the Intruder climb into Attendant’s lap and cuddle her just like I do every night. It is like she is copying what I do. The final insult was when the Intruder climbed onto the big bed or as I like to call it, MY BED. She settled next to the Attendant and Attendant petted her with one hand and moi with the other. I did not like it one bit. I stopped purring and left– and my Attendant didn’t care! She stayed put and petted the Intruder. I know she loves moi but she loves someone else too. At least I don’t have to share my food. That would be the final straw.

  6. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    9:46 pm on June 29th, 2020

    Solitude!…sniff! Mr Bigg, I too had to deal with an “intruder” years ago. His name was Bo, later changed to Beau…snort!…He had an awful personality. He was a bully and he bit my friend non-stop for the most minor things. She constantly gave him love …wuffle!…And I was neglected during some of that time…sob!…But I saw Beau change because of her love and then I too actually sort-of liked Beau…wheeze….Then when he was at his best he became sick…sigh!…But he left us feeling we had transformed his little soul. He was happy for the time he spent here instead of ignored and in solitude for 16 hours a day as he was in his previous home….gruffle!

  7. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    9:47 pm on June 29th, 2020

    Love!…So Mr Bigg, try to have patience and love in your heart for a kat who is just trying to belong in a new family…snorkell! …(I know it is hard, and I feel your pain.)…gruffle!

  8. Beau - The Black Pug
    11:41 pm on June 29th, 2020

    Sneeze!…I have read Rio’s post an I am humbled…wuffle!…I was a bad guy after I was abandoned by my family…sniff!…I was confused an angry, more angry than ever before. ..wheeze!..I found after much Ado, I liked my new family more. Mother was there all day waiting on me an my truest friend loved me more than I had ever been loved before..sniffle!…My life changed.

  9. HObbit
    11:51 pm on June 29th, 2020

    From Mr. Big to Rio: My Attendant also tells me that the Intruder is still being transformed into a happy house cat. This was a kitty who took months to socialize enough for her accept a wee bit of petting and to walk back and forth over Attendant’s lap and then only lying down for a minute before repeating the whole process over and over while Attendant watched tv. After she moved into the household with moi, she lies in a lap and purrs. Attendant has picked her up and held her for several seconds without her freaking out.

    From Hobbit: I remember those early days with Beau and even one time Mother was going to make Friend get rid of him. The power of love is a wonderful thing.

  10. Thieves!
    12:01 am on June 30th, 2020

    Out of curiosity, how long does it take to break in Beau? We feel we have been patient long enough. Our Lady loves Beau…so therefore, we love Beau. It’s bible study that we could do without.

    Our Lady and Luna say love goes a long way in life. Rory, was a rescue and a fear biter. She bit our Lady, but our Lady wouldn’t give up on her. Many days she just sat on Rory’s house while Rory ignored her. This went on for weeks. Then, slowly, Rory started getting closer and closer and eventually wanted attention. That girl turned out to be one of the Giant’s main leaders.

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