Tailing Bad Dudes

The old dusty van stopped by a loading dock way up ahead. Bernie pulled over behind a Dumpster. We got out of the Porsche, real quiet. Lonnie and the other dude were already up on the loading dock. Keys gleamed for a moment, a big door slid open and the dudes disappeared inside. We stepped out from behind the Dumpster, me and Bernie – there was fried chicken in that Dumpster, pretty recent, but I knew this wasn’t the time – and walked to the loading dock. It was about the height of Bernie’s head. He got up by climbing. Me? I’m not a bad leaper, as I might have mentioned already. The big door was closed but the lock hung open. Bernie slid the door a tiny bit. We peeked in the crack.


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One Response to “Tailing Bad Dudes”

  1. Rebecca Rice
    4:48 am on May 19th, 2009

    *baited breath*

    (You're a good boy, not going for the chicken.)

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