Table d’Hote

We’re back. Lots of fun. Got to hang out with Rocky. What a dude, but guess what. He never gets any table scraps! Never ever! Was I shocked or what?

Tomorrow, back to Greed. As for the soundtrack – great idea!


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2 Responses to “Table d’Hote”

  1. Diane
    4:03 am on October 12th, 2009

    As long as we are waiting for the next development in the Greed case:

    I found The Willow Pattern by Robert van Gulik at a book sale. I recalled my dad sitting on the old couch, smoking a pipe and reading the Judge Dee mysteries. On the backflap: "A world reknowned orientalist, van Gulik has made a hobby of writing Chinese detective stories set in the time of the Tang Empire." No dogs – but lots of fun nevertheless. Reading the postscript on the willow pattern, I remembered that we used to have those dishes when I was a little girl. And to think that the willow pattern was a clue!

  2. Rocky
    11:42 am on October 12th, 2009

    Chet, It was great having you over this weekend. The only bad thing about it was your revelation that Bernie gives you table scraps. I'm not allowed to have them, so I have to be much more resourceful. For example, these human neighbors had a big clam and lobster bake on the beach in front of our house. If I run really fast at the start of our regular outings on the beach, I can get some tasty scraps of lobster tails and clams left in the sand before my human catches up to me. Those annoying gulls and crows are cleaning things up, so I'm soon going to need a new source of illicit food. Anyway, I look forward to our next get together.

    Your Pal Rocky

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