Sundays With Ingrid

Dr. Vishevsky sighed; a tiny little sigh, but Ingrid caught it.

“Moving to the character of Sherlock Holmes specifically,” he said, “what do you like about him?”

“I don’t know. He’s interesting.”

“In what way?”

At that moment, Ingrid actually figured out what she liked best about Sherlock Holmes: He thought for himself and didn’t care what anyone thought about him.

“It’s hard to say,” she told Dr. Vishevsky.

“I understand,” he said. There was a long pause. He seemed to be lost in thought. Then he said, “Do you ever imagine yourself doing the kinds of things Sherlock Holmes does?”


“Investigating cases, for example? Solving crimes?”


“Or being the center of attention like him, admired by everybody?”


“Allowing your powers of make-believe to carry you over to another—”


Dr. Vishevsky wrote on his notepad, turned the page, wrote some more. “Do you know what a biography is?”

Of course she did. What a question! She gave a little nod.

“Have you read any?”

Ingrid thought. “There was one about Sacajawea.”

Dr. Vishevsky blinked. Was it possible he was unaware of Sacajawea? “How about—given your dramatic interests—biographies of actors and actresses?”

She shook her head, at the same time making a mental note to go on the Internet and see what actress bios were out there.

“I’ve read a few,” said Dr. Vishevsky.

“Oh?” said Ingrid. “About who?”

Dr. Vishevsky looked surprised. “I don’t recall the names offhand,” he said.

“Maybe the books weren’t very good,” Ingrid said.

Dr. Vishevsky blinked again. Then his face, a pretty soft one, hardened slightly, as though . . . as though he’d decided he didn’t like her. “But I did find a common element in all these life stories,” he said. “Any idea what that might be?”

Multiple divorces? Drug and alcohol problems? Nose jobs? Ingrid kept all that to herself. “No,” she said.

“They all,” said Dr. Vishevsky, “all these actresses and actors, had difficulty expressing their feelings in real life. It was only in the world of make-believe that their feelings came out.”

Silence. Ingrid heard a man laughing on the other side of the wall. Dr. Binkerman. She wished she were over there instead, even getting her braces tightened extra tight, a really wacked-out thought.

From Behind the Curtain.



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77 Responses to “Sundays With Ingrid”

  1. BearSpiritDog
    9:51 am on May 22nd, 2011

    Hey! Where is Everyone? Oh, No! you don’t think…

  2. Buddy and T.C.
    9:51 am on May 22nd, 2011

    Good Sunday Morning folks.
    Rio and Siber: We are very sorry you didn’t get to watch the Rockies last night. We watched our Fightin Phils and the awesome Cliff Lee!
    Staff, thanks so much for the welcome for T.C. There is much debate about what T.C. actually stands for. Some say its “Too Cute”, because … well you know… she is! Others (Mom) says “Too Costly” because one of those nasty Sibes found her first and broke her leg, and Mom & Dad had to spend a lot of money to get it put back together. Fortunately, she was just a baby and now you can’t even tell she ever was injured. Also fortunately for Sasha, T.C. does not remember what happened and Sasha treats her well now that she is an inside, spoiled cat.
    The real reason for the name, however, is that she was found on Sunday, Sept. 16, 2001, as Mom & Dad were getting ready to go to Church to pray for all the victims of 9/11, when the Sibes found this kitten. She was named for the Trade Center.

  3. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:20 am on May 22nd, 2011

    Sunday!… I love Sundays because that’s the day we take it easy…snort!…That’s the day we used to take it easy, I mean. Her mother has the whole day planned out for us already…grunt!… So who knows when I will get a chance to get back on here and mess around with you guys…heh! …The sun is out!…Wooooo!

    Buddy!…heh!snort!heh!…I still got all my stuff!…sniff!

  4. B.Stover
    10:23 am on May 22nd, 2011

    Good morning all.

  5. Barb & Maggie
    10:27 am on May 22nd, 2011

    Good morning. We here in Illinois are still walking around and unraptured. Thank Dog!

    Buddy and T.C. That is such a touching story. Not about Sasha finding her, but about naming T.C. Made us a little teary.

    We are supposed to have big storms later with winds and damaging hail, but right now it is glorious out there.

    18 seems to be the final baby chick count. Last two popped out during the night. There are a few eggs left in the incubator, but no scratching or peeping coming from them so they are probably duds. Remeber Templeton and his goose egg dud in Charlette’s Web?

  6. OleyHowlers
    10:45 am on May 22nd, 2011

    Hello to all!
    Rio, thanks for sharing the story of that wonderful rescue that your friend went to. The pictures were great, and we love knowing there are folks rescuing animals from abusive situations. There is way too much abuse and neglect of both animals and children for us to contemplate.
    Cats on the other hand…well you know.

  7. Tupper and Gilly
    10:47 am on May 22nd, 2011

    Hi BearSpiritDog – nope, the only rapture we had was getting our beds and blankies freshly washed and a good slicker brushing to get out the pounds of shedding hair we are producing. There are going to be some snuggly warm birds’ nests in our yard this summer.
    Barb and Maggie – we loved Charlotte’s Web – it was one of those books we read over and over as children. We had a lovely illustrated edition, and we so wanted to be like Fern, pigtails, overalls and freckles.
    Hi T.C. and Buddy – we love rescue stories. Maybe that could be our book for the 2013 Snowhook fundraiser….just sayin’

  8. BearSpiritDog
    10:50 am on May 22nd, 2011

    Whew! Good Morning!

    Buddy: Masquers likes your story of T.C. Seems Sasha mistook her for a little playmate (we’re giving her the benefit of the doubt here)

    Guys! Did the Rockies win?

    Barb&Maggie: How is Sandy doing? We’ve (almost) given up hope. It has been such a long time!
    “Unbroken”! Just got notice from the library it is on the hold shelf for us. Nana has been looking forward to reading it. Laura Hillenbrand is a wonderful writer. She first became acquainted with her after reading her very moving first book – “Seabiscuit”.

  9. BearSpiritDog
    10:55 am on May 22nd, 2011

    T&G: Do you think we all got “Left Behind”?

  10. Tupper and Gilly
    10:57 am on May 22nd, 2011

    Reading the movie reviews in the newspaper today – Jane Eyre (another of our favorites, so romantic…sigh)got a big thumbs up. Water for Elephants – not so much. They said the book was very good, but the movie fell flat.

  11. Tupper and Gilly
    10:58 am on May 22nd, 2011

    BSD – Thank dog if we did! We have pottery to fire! And we don’t think the cataclysmic fires of the end of the world would do it.
    (my gosh we are quite the little sacreligious Corgis, aren’t we?)

  12. OleyHowlers
    11:16 am on May 22nd, 2011

    We think Meashka was “raptured”…..good riddance.

    Oh no! here she comes…rats.

    Love the idea of a rescue book. We have 6 good ones here at Howling Arabians.

  13. Barb & Maggie
    11:23 am on May 22nd, 2011

    T & G, Think we mentioned this last night, but the pottery was beautiful. The one with blue hourglasses looked like dog bones to me, so that was my personal favorite.

    Barb said Charlotte’s Web was her favorite book when she was 12. She cried when she read it. Then she read it to Shannon and Kelly who are around 40. She cried again. Then she read it 10 years later to Josh who is 31 now,and gues what? She said she will never be able to read it without crying.

    Sandy, well what can we say about that darn goat. We are about ready to send her off to be a Maruader! The breeder who had her for the winter said she was bred 2 weeks after Stormy (who kidded 4 weeks ago). Her theory is that maybe she didn’t “take” at that breeding and got pregnant the next time. Since they come into heat every 3 weeks, she would then have another week to go. Who knows, I guess she will do it when she gets darn goood and ready!

    Going to go play on the riding mower for awhile. BBL

  14. Melanie
    11:30 am on May 22nd, 2011

    Buddy and T.C. sniffle . . .

    BSD I was pondering this with Zoë this morning. How would we know if 144,000 of the human race got Raptured? I mean there are over 6 BILLION of us on the planet. If a few here and a few there were taken up, how would we know?

    Found this on-line Bottom line: What have we learned, Children?
    Right, never listen to crazy people who tell you the world is going to end if you don’t send them money.
    Save your money.
    So, you can buy my book about how the Mayans were totally right about 2012.

    Wish I had thought of that.

    Okay read last night’s blog and had to find REBECCA’S HAT! I think I found it . . .

    I’m thinking I might get one for the Iditarod. Maybe not pink though . . . Not really a pink sort of gal. 🙂

  15. Melanie
    11:33 am on May 22nd, 2011

    Dan’s got another infection. 🙁 I’m off to get his meds and then I’m going on a small safari. Just riding the backroads with my camera.

    First I’m getting his meds and bringing them home.

  16. B.Stover
    11:34 am on May 22nd, 2011

    Here is a link to a story in the Guardian about a manuscript of Jane Austen’s unfinished novel The Watsons which is going to be auctioned. It gives a glimpse of her writing method.

  17. B.Stover
    11:39 am on May 22nd, 2011

    There’s a picture of Rebecca in the calendar wearing that hat–November when she’s greeting Charlie and Fritz at the burled arch. Cool

    Hope Dan starts feeling better.

    Have to work in the garden while the sun is out.

  18. BearSpiritDog
    11:42 am on May 22nd, 2011

    O.Howlers: Stories? Do tell!

    Melanie: That does look like Rebecca’s hat – pretty in pink.

  19. BearSpiritDog
    11:50 am on May 22nd, 2011

    O.Howlers: Stories? Do tell!

    Melanie: That does look like Rebecca’s hat – pretty in pink. A safari – how cool! Raven, feel better soon.

    B: “The Watsons” 200,000 pounds is what exactly in dollars? It will be interesting to see what the final bidding will be on this very rare item.

  20. BearSpiritDog
    11:51 am on May 22nd, 2011


  21. Barb & Maggie
    12:33 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Melanie, Please you must do something with Beatrice’s hat. That was voted the most ugly, most outlandishe at the royal wedding. She is the daughter of Fergie and Andrew, and her hat was the big beige thingy.

    Off again to deliver tomato plants to the neighbor.

  22. OleyHowlers
    1:47 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Mom really loves that hat!!! She never wears pink, but she thinks that hat looks particularly good in pink.

    Sasha, Dima, and Meashka are all rescues, each with their own story about how we came to be abandoned or neglected, and then rescued. Also, those 2 cats we live with were rescued (o.k. so one was rescued from Sasha’s mouth and the other one from Meashka). Also we have a rescued horse. We think the telling of each tale would make good additions to a book by the Plunderers to be used to fund-raise for Snowhook in the future.

    We went back to look at the pottery that T&G posted last nite…those are beautiful pieces, and we agree with Barb & Maggie that the doggie bones one is the very best.

  23. B.Stover
    2:11 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Here are two pictures (posted separately) of a hibiscus in bloom. It’s been awhile since it bloomed. The pictures are from several weeks ago and it has had several blooms since.

  24. B.Stover
    2:12 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Second one:

  25. B.Stover
    2:19 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Melanie: I sent you an email with a picture of the sour cream coffee cake for the cookbook.

  26. BearSpiritDog
    2:20 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    That hibiscus is lovely, B.

    Mr. Sun is peeking his head out from the clouds. I’m going to dash outside for a quick romp to enjoy it while I can.

    BBL – Bear

  27. Snowhook Bella
    2:22 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    T&G: I had the thought just yesterday of a book about the rescued four-leggeds. I wasn’t thinking in terms of a fund raiser, but because there a some amazing stories that should be told.

    B Stover: A green thumb is something I wish I had, but don’t. Absolutely beautiful.

  28. Riö - The Evil Pug
    4:03 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Rockies!… We are finally sitting down watching the Rockies game…snort!…What a busy day. Those two planted flower pots while I snuffled all the flowers waiting to be potted….sneeze!cough!choke!…I got in the puddles and the dirt and pretty much made a nuisance of myself all afternoon…heh!….I’ve been chasing Blue Jays out of the yard too, much to her mother chagrin…chorkel!…Damn birds!…sniff!

    SiberH!…I hope you are watching the game right now….snort!

  29. Riö - The Evil Pug
    4:04 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Rebecca!…My friend loves that hat and wants one very badly…grunt!…Where do they sell them?…sniff!

  30. Riö - The Evil Pug
    4:32 pm on May 22nd, 2011
  31. Staff
    4:37 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Hey Buddy and TC,
    Alice M. Johnson came to us also in 2001. She had been abandoned when she was very young. She found us when she was about 6 months old according to her teeth. She was the size of a 8 to 12 week kitten so she had lived for about 3 months in the woods. It was a bad year for abandoned kittens and their mothers in our woods.

    Alice still hates bad weather and will slink along very unhappily when there is thunder.

    Melanie, I hope to send you some pictures of food for the cookbook today. 😀

  32. Staff
    4:38 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Oh Dear, Rio seems upset (again). I wonder if it is the Rockies or an interruption in the Rockies?

  33. Melanie
    4:53 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Had a great time on my Safari!

    First this little dude was in our Stockade. He/she’s using the tennis ball for the nest!

  34. Melanie
    4:54 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Also our apple trees are in bloom . . .

  35. Melanie
    4:56 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    From the Safari . . .

    This was a rock spouting water!

  36. Melanie
    4:57 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    And a Mallard looking for a significant other . . .

  37. Melanie
    5:01 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    B.Stover, that bloom is the blooming best!

    To all of you with sun. I am jealous.

    Riö: google “Stormy Kromer Hat” I think I’m going to get one for this winter.

  38. Melanie
    5:03 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Also, B.Stover, what is that beautiful golden thing on the right with a lizard (?) on top?

  39. Snowhook Bella
    5:11 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Rio: I got the hat quite a while ago, but I believe I found it at Sportsman’s Warehouse (or was it Cabela’s). I remember walking into the store for something for AJ, saw pink out of the corner of my eye and thinking at once that it was the hat for me. I love that hat.

  40. Barb & Maggie
    5:30 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    They have Cabelas in Illinois too. Love the hat, Rebecca.

    Bee, Your view out your window is wonderful. Is that where you do your herbs?

  41. Riö - The Evil Pug
    5:55 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Rockies!….Lost! Again!…grump!….She said, “We came inside for that?”…Now she is making her version of lasagna and it smells good!…wooooo!

  42. Tupper and Gilly
    6:03 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Been listening to reports about the people who were involved in that church who were sure that they would be raptured and the rest of the world would explode.
    Some of them were really upset because they had given away all their stuff and emptied their banks accounts and gave the money away.
    Ok, so our question – if it is the end of the world – WHY WOULD ANYONE ELSE WANT YOUR STUFF???
    Doesnt’ the idea of giving your stuff away kind of say that you really weren’t convinced that the world was coming to a screeching halt?

  43. Mollypop
    6:06 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Melanie – No pictures of the busy beavers?

  44. B.Stover
    6:15 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Melanie: The gold thing does have a lizard on top. (I call it a gecko because I like that cartoon character.) It’s a paperweight made of glass and it has bubbles inside. I like the safari photos.

    B&M: I have some potted herbs in that garden. Also, in front of the fence at the end of the picture I have a small herb bed. I’ll post another picture of the garden with the herbs after they grow a bit.

    I’ll bet the lasagna will be delicious Rio.

  45. Riö - The Evil Pug
    6:28 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Lasagna!….I was trying to take notes for the cookbook but she was too quick for me…grunt!

    Tupper!…Those delusional (gullible) people who gave away all their stuff probably made sure they gave it to the ones they thought for sure were going to Hell….heh!

  46. B.Stover
    6:30 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    T&G: Good question of logic.

  47. Riö - The Evil Pug
    6:44 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Weather!….There were more tornados, death and destruction today. Even a volcano erupted…snort!…I guess we here were very luck we had a nice calm day to snuffle around in flowers and such….wuffle!

  48. Staff
    6:53 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Just to let you know, Dawson and I and the parents, And Abbie and Alice were a long way from the tornado’s in north Minneaplis. We are having some connections problems, but nothing else.

  49. Riö - The Evil Pug
    6:54 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Photos!… Nice photos from Africa!…snort!… Too bad there wasn’t a little red in there for some contrast…gruffle! ….That lasagna smells amazing!…woooooo!…I am so damned hungry. Since she was home all day her mother didn’t get to give me any scraps off the table…grunt!…I’m going to sit in front of the stove and whine…sniff!

  50. B.Stover
    6:54 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Murder on the Orient Express is on PBS tonight.

  51. Riö - The Evil Pug
    6:59 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Staff!…I’m so very glad you are still around and not, well you know…sniff!

    Poirot!….Woooo!…We need something to watch tonight cuz baseball, if you can call it that, was this afternoon…grunt!… I hope it doesn’t start too late so we can watch all of it…chuffle!

  52. Melanie
    7:04 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Princess Beatrice’s Hat Sells For Over $130,000 on eBay.

    Jeez . . .

  53. LizF
    7:09 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Good morning all, sorry i can’t read much today, too busy! That hibiscus looks stunning B, it’s such a wonderful flower. And Melanie, re what you said the other day about the surprise that you’re putting in the snail mail package, hooray! Really looking forward to it. 🙂

    That’s great news Staff, Dawson and Kats!

    Keep your fingers and paw-toes crossed coz i’m going to attempt Wolfie’s Toffee today, and it usually doesn’t work for me… or should that be, i usually can’t make it work!

    Might BBL.

  54. Riö - The Evil Pug
    7:10 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Hats!…This is totally good news!…snort!snort!….Maybe Natasha’s hat will follow suit and bring in a whopping amount of moolah for Snowhook!….Yes!

  55. Melanie
    7:27 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    This is the reason we named Gracie, Amazing Grace.

    It wasn’t because she was graceful!

    (MollyPop, if I see any beavers I’ll be sure to send them up to you!)

  56. OleyHowlers
    7:30 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Just got back in the house. Its raining again, and Mom & Dad got back with propane for our tractor.

    B: Thanks for posting your pictures of the hibiscus…beautiful. We are not such great gardeners, altho we have a great vegetable garden…well, O.K. Mom & Dad do. They put a fence around to keep out “critters”, but it keeps us out too…Don’t know why they would want to do that.

    Melanie: great safari pictures..we especially love the rock that magically spouts water.

    We are dvr’ing Orient Express tonite. Looks great.

    We were planning to loot our friend’s great expensive beer last evening after he was raptured. But the joke was on us: he was still there, and we couldn’t steal! Come to think of it, all our friends seem to have been left behind. hmmmm do you think we only know the bad people?

  57. B.Stover
    7:32 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Someone asked how much 200,000 pounds British sterling converted to in dollars: $325,540.

  58. Buddy and T.C.
    7:45 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Melanie, just listened to that rendition of Amazing Grace….simply beautiful.

    Staff: T.C. does not go outdoors, as she firmly believes that nothing good comes from outside. Once, while trying to dodge a pack of huskies, she mistakenly went the wrong way and ended up outdoors. She was in a panic, and ran around the house, leaping at every window trying to get in. When Mom finally herded her back into the breezeway, she had to catch her in the air on her leap at the kitchen door window.

  59. Melanie
    7:52 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Poor Kitties . . . I’m glad they are in great loving homes now!

    You guys take care! I”m headed to bed.


  60. Melanie
    7:57 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Well, I was going to bed, but I thought I’d put up one more picture.
    This is Zoë and The Pack!
    TTFN (really)

  61. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:08 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Zoe!…What a great photo! That could be in a calendar …snort!

  62. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:09 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Red!…It’s even got the red in it…heh!

  63. BearSpiritDog
    8:25 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    B: We recently rented “Murder on the Orient Express” from Netflix so will be watching the latest Tom Selleck, Jesse Stone movie “Innocents Lost”. The series don’t much resemble the Robert B. Parker books by the same name, but we love them anyway.

    Amazing rendition of Gracie’s song! And, very nice Safari pictures!

    Thank you for the update on the troops, Staff & Dawson, glad to hear you and loved ones are all safe. Those tornadoes are very scary!

    Rio: Get that lasagne recipe from your friend! By the way, how did the whining technique work? I know that’s not your usual style.

    Good luck with the toffee, Liz. Let us know how it turns out.

  64. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:29 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Newfs!….I count all nine Newfs in that photo…heh!…It’s a keeper that’s for sure…sniff! …I sure hope Dan is feeling better….sigh.

    Tired!…We are both all tuckered out tonight after our big day(s)….wuffle!…So we are settled in to watch the Cubbies and the Red Sox play the last game in the series. Sox won one game and the Cubs took the second game…heh!…Cubbies are itching to winnit tonight that’s for sure. So are the Red Sox….sniff!

  65. Barb & Maggie
    8:34 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Molly, We were going to make your’s and Sam’s salad dressing today,but would you believe our grocery store was out of poppy seeds? We have been dying to try it. How long do you think it will keep?

    Great pic of Zoe surrounded by her loving pack.

    We have big storms here tonight, too. Tornado warnings and high winds, so may be shutting down early. Glad Staff and all are ok, as we heard that a tornado touched down near the Twin Cities.

  66. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:34 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Bear!… She said she would submit it for the cookbook. Her mom liked it a lot and is going to feed it to her brother and his wife when they come a visiting….chuffle!…This means I will get more!…wooooo!…. Time is ticking and she is so far behind on everything to do with the cookbook…grunt!… This week is out of the question because she will be very busy at the busy-place. Next weekend is a long weekend, so maybe something will be accomplished….snort!

  67. Barb & Maggie
    8:46 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    We are going to try to watch the Tom Selleck movie too, but may not be able to. When there are bad storms we have trouble with our Dish Network reception, so it is currently going in and out.

    BTW Molly, how is TYB and his dad?

  68. Mollypop
    8:59 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    MagPie – You can make the dressing without the poppy seeds if you already have the rest of the ingredients. We think it’s the mix of strawberries and red onions with the dressing that is more important.

  69. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:37 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Rescue!…I just remembered, SiberH is on a Siber Rescue Mission this weekend…snort!….I sure hope it is successful…wuffle! ….If he gets home too late he will miss this game too…heh!

  70. Barb & Maggie
    9:47 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Thank you Molly, Will try it tomorrow.

    The tv has already gone out once since the movie started. And we aren’t even getting much rain out of it. Bummer.

  71. Volfie Vigglebutt
    9:53 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Liz,I hope the toffee turned out okay!

  72. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:12 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Toffee!….Liz isn’t commenting which leads me to believe she burnt it to a crisp…heh!

  73. BearSpiritDog
    10:27 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Melanie: I know you already signed off for the night and we are about to also, but just had to comment on the great picture of Zoe with the pack!

    Hi, Wolfie, Bye, Rio, B&M, Liz and the Howlers, if they’re still up. Until tomorrow – Bear

  74. Snowhook Bella
    10:28 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    There are so many wonderful pictures on the blog today! My favorite is a toss up between the hibiscus and the Newf Pack.

    Hey to Volfie Vigglebutt!

  75. Barb & Maggie
    11:05 pm on May 22nd, 2011

    Good night all.

  76. LizF
    8:36 am on May 23rd, 2011

    TOFFEE WORKED!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    hallelujah! Thanks for the positive wishes, i think that’s what got it over the line, also Volfie being online again. (Mary, i think the last three times i was stirring too much, plus maybe some of the crystals forming on the sides of the pan fell in and made it go phut). Hooray!

    (Sorry i can’t send youse some of it…)

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