Sundays With Ingrid (1)

The bus stop was a block away, in front of Mia McGreevy’s house. Mia: another cool name. Mia and her mother had come from New York the year before, after the divorce. The bus and Ingrid arrived at the same time, which was almost always the case.

“Hey, Mia.”

“Hey,” said Mia. She was tiny, with big pale eyes that always looked a little surprised. “Gum?”

“Yeah,” said Ingrid., taking a lime-green piece of Bubblicious. She noticed Mia’s mom watching from a window to make sure Mia got on the bus safely, maybe not yet realizing that Echo Falls wasn’t the big bad city.

“You get that last algebra problem?” Mia said.

“Don’t go there.”

Mr. Sidney opened the doors. He had on his cap that said BATTLE OF THE CORAL SEA.

“Mornin’, petunias,” he said.

“Hi, Mr. Sidney.”

Girls were always petunia to Mr. Sidney. Guys were guy, as in “Take a seat, guy, and zip it.” Ingrid and Mia filed past him and sat down at the back, as far from Brucie Berman as they could. Brucie sang “Am-er-i-can wo-ma-aa-aa-aan” as they walked by, ignoring him completely. They opened up their algebra notebooks and Ingrid started copying, fast as her pen could move.

(from Down the Rabbit Hole)



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  1. B. Stover
    5:10 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Sundays, huh? Well…I like Ingrid but where is Chet?

  2. Lexi
    5:10 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Hey! I'm the first one to make a post today! Well, haven't gone to sleep yet. Megan hasn't either. She keeps looking at me and chanting, "Go to sleep already! Go to sleep!" I think she lost it. But, I'm not going to sleep. She'll be out at any minute now! Ha!

    What's a petunia? I've never heard of that before…

  3. Lexi
    5:10 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Ha! B-Stov! We posted at the same time! Ha! That's cool.

  4. Melanie
    5:34 am on May 23rd, 2010

    I like Mr. Sidney. Good control on the bus. Many a time I wished to say zip it to my "guys."

    No new news today. I guess even Chet needs a day off. I did notice we made over 100 postings yesterday!

    Wölfie! Your mom is a good mom. Teddy and you are lucky. So are her boys. Hmm. Fighting. YSAS had (besides other different wiring in the brain) an executive disorder. This meant there was no little guy up there in his brain's main desk saying "That might not be a good idea." Fights. . . He understood he couldn't throw the first punch, but if a bigger kid was beating up on someone smaller? He would throw himself into the fight. He was seven. After being summoned to the school several times. I asked, "Where are the teachers in all of this?" No answer.

    He did grow out of it. He was walking down the streets in NYC and was mugged. He did NOT try to grab the gun. He said it did flash through his brain, but he decided against it. So someone is now working up there in his brain.

    Funny thing to be happy about, but hey, small steps!

  5. ÄbbietheKitty
    6:01 am on May 23rd, 2010


    I love Ingrid but when I went to quilt market we were playing with Foster. I know I have to go back and read the last 4 days and then of course all the comments of all the days…My goodness it will take me hours! But,Ingrid? Oh well, I am glad to be back.

    Alice gave me her "obey me earthling" look last night for about 40 minutes. Finally she stopped. Now she is giving me the 'I am ignoring you, you left me' treatment. Abbie is just sitting near me.

    Quilt Market was fun, but I am glad to be back with my close personal friends, whom I have never met.

    See you later, after a spot of reading the blog.


  6. B. Stover
    6:07 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Lexi: Petunia is a flower. Mr. Sidney–the bus driver–calls all the girls "petunia" and all the boys "guy."

  7. B. Stover
    6:11 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Wolfie: I bought the cd for Bookworm from Best Buy. It is titled "Bookworm Deluxe" and the copyright date is 2005. My computer-whiz friend put Bookworm on my Palm Pilot and I think that was from the internet. It isn't as much fun though because there are never enough vowels and this is the English language we're dealing with.

  8. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    6:14 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Melanie, (from Wolfie's mom)

    Chad and Cody were scheduled to come home during the week of June 8th to attend my niece's wedding. Chad decided to make all sorts of plans to spend the week with a fellow student who was being released early. Totally crazy, off the wall plans that I had already said no to. Then Chad let it slip that they were planning on getting drunk. Now, mind you, Chad has been in rehab for 13 months, clean and sober. He has had one home visit, and so on his second visit he is going to spend an entire week with someone we have never met? Flying alone into Orange County? Expecting us to drive them back and forth, an hour each way, during a busy week when we are helping to set the wedding up? Inviting this kid to the rehersal dinner and the wedding?

    I don't think so. No. Absolutely not. Chad was angry, and after our conversation, Chad went back to his unit and beat one of the new kids up. It was brutal.

    Chad came to us badly damaged, and it is going to take time to heal. He is an amazing, wonderful young man. He and Cody are our hearts.

    Cody is hanging tough, and if he continues to do well, he will be going to the wedding, which will push Chad over the edge.

    I can love and support my sons, but I cannot heal them. I can only trust that God, with his vast and unwavering and unconditional Love, can and will. For as much as I love Chad and Cody, I know that God loves them infinitely more. My prayers are unceasing.

  9. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    6:18 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Staff – welcome back!!! We missed you but we are also excited to hear all about Quilt Market. Mom quilts, did I tell you that?

  10. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    6:22 am on May 23rd, 2010




    (This is an hello from Baxter. He is the black mutt from next door who lives here part time. (Long story) He is sitting on Mom's lap (and laptop) and I am too. I like Baxter but he does not know his place.)

  11. Riö - The Evil
    6:24 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Wolfie!… Please let your mom know that I will be saying some powerful Pug prayers for her and your boys today…. snort!

  12. Melanie
    6:27 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Oh, Wölfie's Mom, It is tough being a mom isn't? You love and love and love and love then watch them make decisions that are so obviously wrong. And wonder if anything is getting through.

    You are doing something to heal them. You have them in a safe environment where they are getting the help they need. They might not see it that way. They may never ever acknowledge that what you are doing now is through love, and the best thing for them.

    How hurtful it is to watch the ones you love hurt themselves and others. Unfortunately, teens aren't able to see beyond themselves and their "needs" to see how they are impacting on others. That frontal lobe thing again. (if you google teens and frontal lobe, you can get the latest on the scientific thinking)

    Keep your guys safe and in our Creator's heart and the Newf Pack and I will send up our prayers.

  13. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    6:28 am on May 23rd, 2010

    This calls for a limerick:

    A hoodling from Vegas named Foster

    Met with Bernie and Chet on the roster

    Ingrid joined in

    To our chagrin

    And ired the bulk of Chet's posters.

    (short o – poster to rhyme with Foster, even though it means blog posters.)

    Sorry guys, that's the best I can do. Feel free to make improvements!)

  14. Riö - The Evil
    6:28 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Hey!… I like Sundays with Ingrid!… snort!… Probably because I am the only one who has not read the series….grunt!….I have a question for all you Ingrid groupies…sniff!…For some reason I was under the impression that Ingrid was very good in math/algebra….sneeze!…. So why is she copying off of Mia? … Brucie Berman… Ha!… I bet he’s a funny kid…snort!

  15. Melanie
    6:32 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Someone (was it you, Wölfie?) said they couldn't take a picture of a black dog. I find that it's always difficult to take pics of any dog because just when you have them where you want them they move, or scratch, or make a weird face.

    But . . . a pretty good pic can be taken of a black dog this way. Outside, sort of cloudy day and a close up. This makes the shadows less apparent so pup's features show up and blocking out the background makes sure that the camera is taking the exposure from the dog and not the background. When the background is added . . . the dog goes completely black.

    Unless you have iPhoto on a Mac and you can play with it some.

  16. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    6:33 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Thanks Melanie, for the reminder. When they say that teenagers are brain damaged, they are not wrong. It takes years and years for the frontal lobe and prefrontal cortex to fully develop. I appreciate your love and support!

    Rio – your prayers are awesomely powerful!! Thank you.

  17. Melanie
    6:34 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Riö, Ingrid does not copy. She does get in trouble when her math teacher, a veritable dragon lady) says she has.

    The teacher can't teach math to a math intuitive. I would describe Ingrid as a math intuitive.

  18. Riö - The Evil
    6:36 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Uh oh!… Lexi’s been Up All Night!… snort!…That means she will be bouncing off the walls or will crash here very soon… cough!… I know which one I am hoping for… heh!

  19. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    6:37 am on May 23rd, 2010

    What is Spence thinking??????

    Bernie has been in that housing tract for days now!! We have got to get him out of there and not sidetrack our thoughts with Ingrid. We love Ingrid but she not in danger!!!!!!!

  20. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    6:38 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Mom says that Black dogs with black eyes usually mean black blobby photos. Melanie, your suggestions are good. We'll try them.

  21. Riö - The Evil
    6:40 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Melanie!… Explain to me this sentence from up above… snort!… “They opened up their algebra notebooks and Ingrid started copying, fast as her pen could move.”… sniff!….It sounds to me she is copying…

  22. Melanie
    6:43 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Okay Riö, she DID copy the math homework. You are right. (cringe) I was remembering when she was accused of cheating on a test.

  23. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    6:45 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Bee – thanks for the info about Bookworm. We have never even heard of it around here.

    I am just now reading Into the Dark, but I get the sense that these math problems are too easy for Ingrid, not worthy of her time, and she is copying just so she doesn't get in trouble.

    (Sort of like Bee doing an easy crossword puzzle. Like, why bother?)

    I don't believe for one minute that Lexi stayed up all night. I couldn't, even if I wanted to, and why would any dog want to? Sleep is a Good Thing!

  24. Melanie
    6:45 am on May 23rd, 2010

    So, off for a little while. Today's rest is being disturbed with a family wanting to see Newfs. What they are going to see are really BIG mosquitoes. They are EVERYWHERE!

  25. Riö - The Evil
    6:47 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Mel!…. Please don’t sell my Bess!….yeep!.

  26. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    6:48 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Crap. I just noticed that "Sundays With Ingrid" has a (1) next to it, which means we'll get it again tomorrow.

    It wasn't enough that we had 37 days of Tin Futures, was it?

    I'm beginning to think that Spence is a meanie.

  27. Sam
    7:39 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Wolfie, your Mom is an angel – for you and Teddy and your boys. You all are in our prayers.

  28. B. Stover
    7:59 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Welcome back AbbieKat, Alice and Staff.

    Wolfie: I'm sorry about your boy, Chad.

    I'm assuming that "Sundays" with Ingrid mean only Sundays. However, I don't want Ingrid; I want Chet. Now I'm in a really bad mood and I never get in a really bad mood.

  29. Mollie (a black pood
    8:00 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Siber H , B. Stover, Dawson, Melanie, Jasper, Wolfie: Thank you for your kind welcomes. Wolfie: I like your limerick. My good thoughts are with you and your boys.

    Yes, it is so hard to get a good picture if you are a black dog. One time I had my picture taken with Santa and he came out OK but I looked like a "black blob". Thanks for the photo suggestion Melanie.

    Hope we get back to the case soon, though I am very confused at this point. I think maybe Chet does smell something important other than perfume.

    I just started to watch Warehouse 13. Does anyone know if they are coming back with new episodes?

  30. ÄbbietheKitty
    8:03 am on May 23rd, 2010


    I am finally caught up! Lots of interesting things on the blog. We got a new victim…er friend, with a nice blog, Welcome Nan!

    Melanie! I see that Franklin hides his head and thinks he is invisible. That happens with Abbie the Kitty too. She hides under the bed, but her tail is always sticking out from under the bed, and wiggling back and forth. We can always find her.

    (We can never find Alice when she wants to hide) That is why I know Alice can dematerialize. She doesn't even try to blur. She just goes straight to dematerialization. (The computer doesn't think that is a word, but I do, so I am leaving it.)

    Quilt Market!

    Wolfie, it was a lot of fun! What is new?

    Well vinyl backed fabric (oil cloth) is hot!

    Steamers, not irons are hot! (heh heh heh)

    Big big prints,

    Sewing clothing not quilts, esp. skirts/dresses for little girls.

    Bags, bags bags. Everyone has bag patterns!

    I really enjoyed it although I am hobbling around the house today my legs are so sore! I will have to carefully exercise them for the next few days. Sheesh! getting old it not for sissy's.

    Hi Rio! I missed your snorting ways.

    Mollypop, Siber-H, Gus and BooBear, Sam, BStover, Dawson (of course) Lexi, all you guys and petunias, I am glad to be back.



  31. Mollypop
    8:09 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Mollie ABP – Hi and welcome. New we have 3 poodles, you, me, and Jasper.


  32. Melanie
    8:14 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Riö, we will NEVER give Bess away. She is the EMPRESS of the Pack!

    Nice people. Two very cute 6 year olds who loved the Newf Pack and the Newf Pack loved them back.

  33. Riö - The Evil
    8:41 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Uh oh!… Someone isn’t looking very good right now… snort!… She seems to have pulled something in her back… grunt!… All that damn rock!… sneeze!… The tractor with the blade that was supposed to help push the rock around isn’t running now… wheeze!… It will all have to be done by shovel and rake ….gulp!… Luckily, I watched from a distance…. heh!

    Sniff!… I’m so glad you didn’t sell my Bess!… snorkel! mmmm!

  34. Riö - The Evil
    8:43 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Hmmmm!…. Me thinks someone little has crashed for the day… heh!heh!

  35. Siberian Husky
    9:28 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Glad to have you back with us Abbie, Alice, and Staff. We missed you. Dawson returned not too long ago. I need to trade places with Dawson.

    Melanie? Do you have to keep all the Newfs on heartworm meds? You mentioned mosquitoes. I take heartworm meds year round because when Husky Rescue took me in I had heartworm, was treated for it, and cured.

    Keep us posted Melanie if one of the Newfs go to a new home. We know that you would only let it go to a very good home. I am not worried about that.

  36. B. Stover
    9:36 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Mollie ABP: Season 2 of Warehouse 13 starts July 6 at 9PM Eastern.

    I think there will be a marathon of season 1 reruns on June 29 and on July 6 beginning in the afternoon, but the site for the Syfy schedule is a bit confusing. There also seems to be an online "catch up" of the series on May 25, but I don't know what that includes.

  37. Siberian Husky
    9:36 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Rio, I haven't read the Echo Falls series either. I have them, but am saving them for a little while. I do that. It makes me feel secure to have a stack of books by the bed that I want to read and know are going to be good.

    I would try to find a way to get that tractor running. The shovel and rake method could do you all in, and just remember, your job is to supervise.

  38. Siberian Husky
    9:46 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Wolfie, your mom and family have our support and prayers. I think your mom has the right attitutde about where Help really comes from.

    Hi back to Baxter!

  39. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    9:48 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Well, when Mom gets she depressed, she cooks, and that means good things for me and Teddy!! Brownies (which she does not share although I am hoping for a crumb or two), buttermilk biscuits (from Nan and Bad Blake), a big pot of beans, and some chocolate chip cookies. Yum!

    Uh-oh, now she is cleaning out the fridge! This means some definate treats!!

    Like Bee, she is in a bad mood. First Chad and now Chet. Geeze!

  40. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    9:50 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Is Molly/Mollie a required name for girl Poodles? Just wondering……

    We haven't heard from Lexi in awhile. Poor thing must be sound asleep. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing for Rio. He tends to get a little crochety when Chet wanders off. Just like the rest of us.

  41. Siberian Husky
    10:57 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Hey, Wolfie, it wouldn't take me long to drive to your house. FOOD!

    Another Rockies game that I hope Rio is able to watch.

    I'm glad Chet took the day off. We all need time off, but I hope it is back to the story tomorrow. I am biting my toenails over Chet and Bernie in that empty housing development.

  42. Riö - The Evil
    11:41 am on May 23rd, 2010

    Wow!… They got all the rock moved around… snort!… It’s a really good thing we have strong young neighbors or someone would be dead right now…. Sniff!… Actually, I’m not sure she is alive….grunt!… She came in turned on the game and there’s been no movement or sound from her… wheeze!… And there’s still house work to do and cooking to be done!… worried! sniffle!

  43. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    12:06 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Rio – It may be above your pay grade but perhaps you could help out with some of the housework. Dusting, sweeping, maybe mopping a floor or two? Someone may appreciate the help.

    I always help my mom. I am a brave watchdog and I keep the floor free of all crumbs AND I help dad take the trash up the hill every single week!

  44. Siberian Husky
    12:10 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    I supervise.

  45. Melanie
    12:42 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Siber-H, we would never sell or give away one of the Pack!! I know some breeders do after their lovely ladies get a bit older, but ours are part of our family!

    Only puppies leave us, and it's a time for tears when they do. . .

  46. Melanie
    12:45 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Have no idea how we got to owls to this record, but Zoë remembered a wind up victrola where her family used to go for the summer. She said there was one 78 record that played on it, called Feetball. A comedic record.

    So we googled it and found it was done by Benny Rubin and the flip side was something about Thanksgiving. Looked everywhere for an audio, but none to be found.

    Love the internet. Spencer, Bernie, Chet and PA have not given us anything to look up lately. I miss the hunt.

  47. Siberian Husky
    1:05 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Good for you Melanie. About the tears..that is why mom never gave a thought to being a breeder, but we need responsible breeders to keep all the different breeds of dogs going. The variety found in the nation within a nation is amazing.

    We love mutts, mixed breeds, and cross breeds also!! Husky Rescue readily admits that the husky crosses are usually saner than the purebreds.

    Whew, Bess and Franklin won't be going anywhere.

  48. Riö - The Evil
    1:11 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Melanie!… How did you come to have so many Newfs if you sell all the puppies?… wheeze!… You must have kept a few along the way… heh!

  49. Melanie
    1:28 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    We had positively stopped keeping puppies two dogs ago. Then we kept Grace, she's my dog (so is Patsy) and then Katie's owner had to give her up due to health and economic problems.

    We had 3 people who wanted her, but she is so sweet and fit so well into the Pack, there was no way we were giving her up.

    We are positively NOT keeping any more puppies!

    Hey Grace, get those paws uncrossed!

  50. AbbietheKitty
    2:53 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    We have been out in the garden today getting our vitamin D. Alice was out for quite a while. The little sneak. She came back in when the staff gave me a big pile of fresh grass all for myself. Alice was jealous.

    (She had the whole yard full of grass for goodness sake!)

    She came into the porch and staff closed the screen door. teehee.

    They had to pick and toss a whole bunch of asparagus that didn't get picked when someone went to quilt market. Hopefully the asparagus plants will produce some more now that the tall ones are gone.

    She uncovered the new grape plant that they bought and planted last year. It is growing so they hope to have two varieties of grapes this year.

    Then we can make Green Grape and Lemon Jelly! YUM


  51. Riö - The Evil
    2:54 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Food!… She finally got round to getting some food into my bowl….sniff!… It’s just dry kibble again … crap!

    “And chew it! Don’t spit it out on the floor for gawds sake!”…. snort!… I can’t chew. My teeth don’t come together… grunt!… She’s in a cranky mood and taking it out on me her “little outlaw”. …cough!… That’s what she calls me when she’s in a decent mood….heh!…I’ve earned it.

    “And don’t puke it up on the carpet or else!”…. huh?… Now there’s a good idea….gag!

  52. Mollypop
    3:26 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Just got my Internet back. This is a puzzle but since Chet isn't giving us anything to ponder, I can work on this. The HP PC with Vista connected fine to the WiFi but local access only, no Internet. But Mom's iPod and iPad also connect to the WiFi and never lost the Internet.

    Is it Apple products vs. Microsoft? Gosh I love this stuff.

  53. Riö - The Evil
    3:34 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    AbbieTheKat!… Do you think an old grape vine should be covered during the winter months?… snort!… Or do you just cover up new grapevines?…. wheeze!… Someone has one but she thinks she is killing it off slowly each year for some reason….yawn!

  54. Siberian Husky
    4:10 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Grapes are poisonous to dogs. I don't know about cats, but they don't usually eat all the weird stuff that dogs do.

  55. Riö - The Evil
    4:15 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Aha!…That’s probably why she is trying so hard to grow one!… snort!.. Mystery solved…. Thanks SiberH!… grunt!

  56. Riö - The Evil
    4:17 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    PS:…. What’s the quickest way to kill grapevines??… snort!

  57. Siberian Husky
    4:29 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    pee on it…just kidding. Mom said to tell you she had a hard time killing the one grapevine she had in the back yard. That was ten years or so ago when she found out that grapes could kill dogs. She chopped it down piece by piece and kept chopping till it gave up the ghost. Trying to dig it up proved to be too difficult..the ground is so hard.

  58. Riö - The Evil
    4:35 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Not!… good news Siberh….sigh!

    Hey!… We are done with the days events, so we started scrolling through the mindless channels …snort!… just in case there is something on worth watching(ha!)… We ran across “The Fan” with Robert DeNiro….well!… It was only rated a one star “*”… grunt!… One of Mr. Abrahams stories must have gotten the “Hollywood Treatment” ….wheeze!… And that is why I worry about ‘Dog On It’ going all Hollywood… sniff!… Not gonna watch ‘The Fan’ because we know the book will be way better…cough!… and we are saving that one for when there is no baseball on again… heh!

  59. Mollypop
    4:37 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    B. – Mom just reminded me that you had asked about what I liked about the iPad (or something close to that). I think you asked after I had gone to bed and I must be like Siber-H ha ha because I forgot by morning.

    Anyhow, we got it to read the local newspaper and the New York Times, and also to play games. We love it! Now Mom might try it for iTunes because we have the remastered Beatles that Aunt SamsMom gave us for a gift.

  60. Riö - The Evil
    4:43 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Kats!….We turned instead to “Why We Love Kats and Dogs”….snort!… Its seems to be about how to train Kats so far….wheeze!….Maybe AbbieTheKat’s Staff should be watching this one?… heh!…As if anyone can train an Alice Johnson!… snicker!

  61. Riö - The Evil
    4:48 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    SiberH!… It’s on PBS if you want to check it out… snort!.. Really good stuff!… sniff!

  62. Riö - The Evil
    5:00 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Wow!… We will have to keep our eyes open for that show again…snort!… We missed most of it because we got delayed by ‘The Fan’ aka “*”… heh … They repeat their shows quite often so it will be on again… grunt!…. Someone had tears in her eyes after watching it for a few minutes!… good stuff!… sniff!

  63. Siberian Husky
    5:09 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    I hope they repeat it, Rio. I'll watch for it to be on again. We try to remember to check what is on every day, but sometimes forget to do that. All those channels and still nothing interesting will be on.

  64. Mollie (a black pood
    5:11 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Thanks for the welcome Mollypop. I love your name. Sounds like you are a computer wizard. Yes, Wolfie, all girl poodles must be named Mollie/Molly. Thanks for the info re Warehouse 13 B. Stover. I look forward to watching it.

  65. Mollypop
    5:20 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Mollie ABP – We're a computer family so I just watch and learn. Then when Mom walks out of the room, I order dog toys! I have lots.

  66. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    5:25 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    You might want to steer clear of mom tonight. She just discovered that she accidently washed and dried her ipod while doing laundry.

    She says it's Chad's fault, but near as I can tell, he is at school, in the community room, with no shoes. So I don't see how he could have done it. Sometimes humans make no sense.

  67. Siberian Husky
    5:26 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Rio, I just looked that program up on PBS's website. It is one of the Nature Series programs…"Why People Adopt Cats and Dogs." They will definately repeat it, and mom and I want to see it.

    Well, you humans adopt us because we are so wonderful and you would be lost without us.

    Hey and Hi to both Mollies!

  68. Mollie (a black pood
    5:27 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Mollypop: Oh, that sounds like so much fun, I love to shop. What is your favorite toy? I can check email, read this blog and go to and that's about it. That PBS show about Cats and Dogs sounds interesting, I will watch or tape it.

  69. ÄbbietheKitty
    5:27 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Grapes are poisonous to dogs???

    I never heard of that. I heard of Chocolate.

    And why not cats???

    These are important things. What would we do if Foster throws a grape at Chet. You KNOW he is going to catch it! He is just that way.

    I am assuming he would have to eat a lot of grapes to be poisoned though. Not just one. However……

    I just googled it and got a fascinating article about it on Snopes. Evidently it is quite true and it doesn't have to be a lot of grapes. Also raisins, chocolate, cocoa, onions and macadamia nuts. Who knew?

    And this is not something that has been known for a long time. The report in Snopes was from a veternarian in 2005. They had 'heard of it' but never seen it.

    Gosh guys, be careful out there. Rio! I know you love to eat people food but be careful!


  70. Siberian Husky
    5:28 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Wolfie, mom once did that to her cell phone.

  71. Mollie (a black pood
    5:30 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Mollypop: Help, I need computer lessons. I thought my post would go below yours, silly me. Or those two handsome guys are just too fast…I can't keep up…

  72. ÄbbietheKitty
    5:31 pm on May 23rd, 2010
  73. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    5:32 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Poinsettias are also poisonous.

    And so is going to the vet's office.

    Okay, I made that up but it is so yucky it might as well be!

  74. Mollypop
    5:34 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Mollie ABP – My favorite toy is always the one my cousin Sam is playing with.

  75. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    5:36 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Well, mom's ipod is about four years old and she has been thinking about getting an itouch. Does anyone know anything about them??

    Does anyone go to Quibids? It's an online auction site, and if you work it right, you can get some great deals. Mom doesn't seem to have the hang of it yet, but she keeps trying.

  76. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    5:37 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Mollypop – what is Sam's favorite toy? lol

  77. Riö - The Evil
    5:40 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Toys!… Oh heaven help us ….snort!… We now have two black Poodles who love to shop!… grunt!… and are named Molly(ie) … wheeze!… I hope the new Mollie doesn’t have a cousin named Sam too… cough!…That could really get out of control…

  78. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    5:42 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Now Rio, I know you like toys too. I've seen the evidence. And I'm not sure I believe the story about the toy being one of Peppers.

    Real Pugs like toys.

  79. Siberian Husky
    5:44 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Abbie, It is strange, isn't it…all the things that humans can eat, but dogs can't. IT ISN'T FAIR!!!

    Mom overreacts to that list of food that is deadly to dogs. It mostly isn't allowed in the house because well-meaning people get careless and some dogs are thieves…not me, of course.

  80. Riö - The Evil
    6:06 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Thieves!…. The only thrill I get from toys is taking them from other weaker dogs!… heh!…Remember Whitey? He got in all kinds of trouble cause he was a thief, and a Siberian Husky!…wheeze! … You do not have much defense my friend…snort!… I

  81. Mollie (a black pood
    6:06 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Rio: No, I don't have a cousin named Sam, but…and I kid you not…I have a friend who visits me who is a cat named Abby.

    At least the names are spelled differently, ie or y, oh my…

  82. Riö - The Evil
    6:09 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Empty!…I can certainly understand why there is no lethal food in your house!… sneeze!

  83. ÄbbietheKitty
    6:13 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Mollie ABP

    Actually Abbiethekitty is not really fussy about how her name is spelled. However her email uses 'ie' so that is a clue.


  84. Riö - The Evil
    6:14 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Mollie!… You snuck in=between me and my friend Siberh!…snort!…. I was accusing him of being a thief because that is his nature… heh!… Sorry pal, we still love you all the same….sniff! …. Next time you come to visit, give us a little warning so we can hide the valuables… heh!

  85. Mollypop
    6:17 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Wolfisher – Mom has an iPod Touch and it's great. She gave her old model iPod to her granddaughter. She uses the Touch to hold her music so no CD's. It was used for games but now the iPad has a much bigger screen.

    I'm up way past my bedtime and will be crabby tomorrow.

  86. Siberian Husky
    6:20 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Whitey is an Alaskan Husky not a Siberian, Rio. Next time I come to visit, you don't need to hide the valuables, just the food.

    Rio, I bet Lexi is another one who likes to shop. Girls..sigh

  87. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    6:24 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Thanks for the info, MP!

    Mom and four of the Kats are watching the show about Kats and Dogs. Not me. It's time for bed. Night all.

  88. Siberian Husky
    6:33 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Goodnight Everyone!! A cool front is suppose to come through tonight. I hope so…it may be my last hurrah before summer arrives.

  89. Riö - The Evil
    6:43 pm on May 23rd, 2010

    Alaskan!… I knew I couldn’t sneak anything like that by you Siberh!… snort!… You are the expert in all things Alaskan….grunt!… Come to think of it, wasn’t it food that Whitey was after too??… heh!… You guys are all related… sniff!

    Good Night!… Someone is dead tired and already tucked into bed…snort!…I am going to go whine and cry till she wakes up and risks her already vulnerable back to pick me up and put me onto the bed…grunt!… Life can be fun if you just take time to see the small things….heh!

  90. Winfred Reges
    5:38 am on December 5th, 2010

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    10:02 am on April 14th, 2011

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