So it’s Elvis gospel. Right now – Known Only To Him, one of Bernie’s favorites. He also recommends In The Upper Room by Mahalia Jackson. Today – guests. Tomorrow – back to adventure.



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One Response to “Sunday”

  1. Ivy
    5:23 am on October 18th, 2009

    No Elvis gospel here, but it sure is a quiet day.

    Been thinking about some previous posts. Rebecca, I think the composition in the beef commercial is Rodeo, by Aaron Copeland, but I could be wrong. Great composor. The sound track idea is great. Anyway, beef or ribs…both work for Chet.

    Sure glad Iggy is OK after the big bird incident. Before my Abby, I had a Chihuahua named Tiny. Tiny went missing, mysteriously. I have always feared a large big was the 'perp,' so to speak. Alas, they are only doing the bird thing that they are supposed to be doing. All part of the grand design. I was the one that made the fatal mistake.

    Hopefully, it is working out with Freckles. Everyone in Chet's nation needs good homes. Cats, too, Chet.

    Love you all.


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