Sochi Update: A Temporary Reprieve?

Welcome new friendfs Missy, Hokie-Bear: you can see them in the Friends of Chet gallery.


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135 Responses to “Sochi Update: A Temporary Reprieve?”

  1. Herd of Hounds
    9:54 am on February 7th, 2014

    Good morning everyone! Snort, great P.R. So what happens after the Olympics?
    Shudder to think!
    Haven’t heard from so many: Boo, Siber H, MPM? Glad Melanie now has a plan of attack. T&G’s Mama, stay close to the quilt and do not overdo.
    Have a: It’s finally Friday!

  2. Tupper and Gilly
    10:00 am on February 7th, 2014

    Good Morning all.
    Mama has learned not to overdo. At least her body has learned – it just shuts down. Kind of like a hypnotist in a movie….”you are getting sleeeeppy. Sleeeepy. You are now asleep”. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Another very pretty day here with sun on the snow. But we would gladly ship all this white stuff to the Iditarod trail.

  3. Herd of Hounds
    10:02 am on February 7th, 2014

    T&G, our mom calls that the Recovery Two-Step…2 steps forward, 1 step back 🙂

  4. Wose
    10:09 am on February 7th, 2014


    A special hello to Sharon/HOH and The Royal Family.

    What a happy and historical day today is!

    Fifty Yeats ago today, The Beatles landed in the U.S. to make their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9th. Yeah, yeah, yeah!!

    Today is my big brother’s birthday. Happy birthday, Pete!

    BUT the most special thing about today is that my most special, wonderful, sparkliest of them all, VBFF Belle Starr’s birthday is today too!!! I wish you lots of tummies and sparkles!

  5. Barb & Maggie
    10:11 am on February 7th, 2014

    We agree, that whole scenario was just created to make the Russian government look less heartless. It is set up the scene, take some picture and then destroy them after the games are over.
    Most are adult dogs, probably not overly socialized, so not highly adoptable.

    Realistically, the same thing happens to millions of dogs and cats here in this country, so we are not blameless either.

  6. Wose
    10:13 am on February 7th, 2014

    A beautiful picture of Alice M. up top.

    RIO! Please don’t leave this here blog. You and your friend are my best pals. I miss you when you are not on the blog. Beau, too. You guys are the best, you make me laugh when I am down! and who can I talk baseball with, especially now that I will be a Rockies fan? Please don’t go! Sob, sob, sob, sob.

  7. B. Stover
    10:13 am on February 7th, 2014

    There was a NYTimes article about this the other day. Perhaps Putin and his government could be put in a shelter.

    Dawson: I had seen the Google Doodle yesterday for the Olympics. It’s a good one. It’s up today also.

    Good morning all.

  8. Tupper and Gilly
    10:17 am on February 7th, 2014

    Bee – that is the best suggestion we have heard all day!

  9. Herd of Hounds
    10:18 am on February 7th, 2014

    HRH B: Perhaps a 3-day shelter for Putin like Chet was in?

  10. Melanie
    10:20 am on February 7th, 2014

    It might be PR, especially the government part of the area, but someone is taking an interest. Here’s hoping that Sochi decides that neutering is a part of what should be done.

    I am moving slower than molasses on a cold day. Considering the temperature was at -2 this morning with wind I can hear through the windows, I am probably not GOING anywhere that is far from my easy chair.

  11. Herd of Hounds
    10:26 am on February 7th, 2014

    Melanie and Golinka, if you both don’t take it easy today, we will talk to M&M and T&G and make sure they hold you down.

  12. Melanie
    10:29 am on February 7th, 2014

    On the way down to RI I stopped whenever I saw a dog, and did a quick video.
    I then stayed up most of the night putting this together for a certain litter from SnowHook.

    One of the reasons I am tired. I asked Zoë for a cup of coffee this morning and she just laughed at me.

    Happy Birthday! snicker

    It might be PR, especially the government part of the area, but someone is taking an interest. Here’s hoping that Sochi decides that neutering is a part of what should be done.

    I am moving slower than molasses on a cold day. Considering the temperature was at -2 this morning with wind I can hear through the windows, I am probably not GOING anywhere that is far from my easy chair.

  13. Melanie
    10:32 am on February 7th, 2014

    I have no idea what happened there. My brain is slower than my body!

  14. Tupper and Gilly
    10:32 am on February 7th, 2014

    Hey – last night we had postings from a new friend Hokie-Bear. And today his picture is in FOC!
    Welcome Hokie-Bear. Jump on in, the blog is fine.

  15. Diane C.
    10:43 am on February 7th, 2014

    Happy Sparkly Birthday to Belle Starr and also to Wose’s brother (minus sparkles if he doesn’t fancy them).
    Melanie–I’m delighted that things have started to happen for you, even if it means some slow mornings (or days) are involved.

    Also delighted that someone has forced at least this minimal step in Russia. If pressure continues to be applied, maybe more progress in future.

    Everyone quilt-bound–Please take it easy, keep warm, and enjoy bright blessings. (T and G–I’m sure all appreciate your generous snow export offer, but I’ll pass on my share. WE have water coming out of the sky lately. Not much, but needed.)

  16. Diane C.
    10:45 am on February 7th, 2014

    Also, Hey to Hokie-Bear, Missy, Darrell et al.

    And where is Rio?

  17. Herd of Hounds
    10:47 am on February 7th, 2014

    Melanie, mom is ROFL. Very cute. No wonder you are too pooped to YARK.
    Happy B-day to all with one, Bro Pete and Belle Star and a belated one to several other Snowhook family members.

  18. Barb & Maggie
    10:52 am on February 7th, 2014

    Great video Melanie, and Happy Birthday to all who are having birthdays today.

    Wose, why do you think Rio is leaving the blog?

  19. Herd of Hounds
    11:03 am on February 7th, 2014

    B&M: Someone told Hokie- Bear welcome and to “not mind the evil pug behind the curtain”. Sounded funny to us but a certain pug took offense at the statement and threatened to do elsewhere. We here, the HoHos in Rio’s words, hope it was all a misunderstanding 🙁 🙂

  20. Barb & Maggie
    11:16 am on February 7th, 2014

    Oh. Missed that one. Don’t understand why Rio would take offense to being called “evil”.

  21. Wose
    11:38 am on February 7th, 2014

    B&M, I was looking back over last night’s post, and Rio sounded pretty upset about several things. He threatened to leave the blog.

  22. Staff
    11:39 am on February 7th, 2014

    Dear Rio,
    Please please forgive my failed effort at humor. sniff. I thought it would be funny, but I guess not. Alice M. Johnson says I was Rude with a capital R. Gah. So I must beg your pardon and promise never ever to do it again.

    Alice must be obeyed.

  23. dawson
    12:14 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Oh Brother!

    Happy Birthday Twig! And Quigley and Elim and BelleStarr!
    Go Snowhook!

    I hope SiberH gets his computer back today!

  24. dawson
    12:25 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Oh yeah, almost forgot.

    Welcome to Hokie-Bear and Missy. A friend of Chet is a friend of mine.

    I’m watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. The various countries are parading into the stadium.

  25. dawson
    12:27 pm on February 7th, 2014

    The Jamaican Bob-sled team is there again! Whooohooo! Love those guys.

  26. Macy the min-pin
    12:30 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Good morning all who wish to be here. My leg is doing much better, thanks. That quilt is something else.

    Happy Birthday all Birthday Dogs.

    The affair for Granny last night was very nice. Grandpa showed some pictures and told the short version of her life. Then a VERY long winded preacher talked. Finally dinner was on. During dinner there were more pictures, and songs, and remembrances from family and friends. At the end there was dancing. Grandpa said it was mandatory. Dad came home with a little pouch of Granny to take to Tennessee this summer. She loved the Gatlinburg area.

  27. Macy the min-pin
    12:31 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Dawson, aren’t they on tonight?

  28. Herd of Hounds
    12:39 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Macy, wow, Tennessee? Gatlinburg is about 2 hours north of us! Maybe we can set up a re-meet (in AK)?

  29. c.hobbit
    12:48 pm on February 7th, 2014

    WELCOME HOKIE-BEAR! Love your name. What kind of dog are you and where are you? I am hoping that it is Hawaii so that we can visit during unseasonable weather.

    Rio: I hope you are having a better day. Frozen pipes can destroy a mood and a day very quickly. I spent 3 hours yesterday looking for my checkbook so that I could write a check to Snowhook and then later I spent an hour looking for a library book that I knew needed to be returned to the library. It was super frustrating and in my case I was angry at myself — certainly no one else was to blame.

    Everyone is a valued member of this blog. Newcomers should be either welcomed or ignored. I personally don’t understand having to go through a trial by fire to be accepted. I guess I am glad I am one of the original members or I wouldn’t have made it.

  30. Melanie
    1:15 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Hokie-Bear! Hello! Looks like you are the best of many breeds. Love that.

    Now for something that make my eyes hurt . .
    The Norwegian Curling Uniforms

  31. dawson
    1:29 pm on February 7th, 2014

    MacyMinPin: The opening ceremonies on tonight? I don’t know. Sometimes the States has different times or programming than Canada. Sounds like Rick’s Mom had a dancing good send-off.

  32. dawson
    1:31 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Melanie: I love the Norway Curling uniforms. They are meant to keep you in a good mood. Even if you are losing the match, you look at your team-mate and start laughing!

  33. Herd of Hounds
    1:38 pm on February 7th, 2014

    (Pookey here) Modestly speaking, I think Hoki-Bear is very good looking, actually a lot like me 🙂

  34. Diane C.
    1:42 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Dear Blog-friends–Conan was sent back from his new groomer because he was too distraught to be groomed. His former groomer is 100 miles away. I’m wondering if I should a) take him to the vet (where he would likely be sedated); b) try taking him in the shower with me to get used to getting wet with someone new; or c) resigning myself to a long drive for future grooming.
    He’s 15 and led a sheltered existence in the past–contact pretty much limited to 1 person who was bedridden.
    He’s made good progress in the past 4-5 weeks, but he will need to get cleaned up at some point.
    Do you have any suggestions?

  35. O'Howlers
    1:51 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Welcome Hokie-Bear. Please keep posting.
    Melanie, that is seriously great birthday video!
    Happiest of Birthdays to Belly, Twig, and Elim. And especially Happy Birthday to Quig, sponsored leader of BlueCat and us Howlers! Aroooooo!
    Macy, Glad the memorial for Granny went well. Dancing, required is a very good way to memorialize a loved one.
    Those curling uniforms are a hoot!

  36. O'Howlers
    1:54 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Diane, perhaps a different groomer is needed. We here do not go to a groomer very often. When we do, Mom makes sure the special manager is there to do us. She is a long-time friend of Meashka’s, and the person responsible for Meashka living here.

  37. Diane C.
    1:59 pm on February 7th, 2014

    O’H–I’ll consider looking around. My present groomer is loved by Edgar and Miss Pretty, and I did think their hairdresser would win Conan over as well (she has a history of dealing with “difficult”/nervous dogs). Thank you for the advice.

  38. O'Howlers
    2:04 pm on February 7th, 2014

    This is bad news: the }%{^]^}<]*]* taliban have captured one of our guys, a Military Member of the Nation. We don't know if he is U.S. Or Brit.

  39. Tupper and Gilly
    2:04 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Diane – try Rescue Remedy with Conan. Might mellow him out enough to relax. And if it isn’t too much of a trip, try taking him to the groomer, bring him into the building, give him a cookie and let him hang out for a little bit, with no one doing any type of grooming on him. A couple of trips like that, and maybe he will calm down.
    (When Gilly first came here as a rescue doggie, we had to do a LOT of intervention to help her let go of a lot of her fears that came from abuse)

    Rio is Rio. He is a snarky, grumpy old Pug. It’s just who he is. He is also loyal, funny, generous, and sentimental. We find it funny that such a curmudgeon lives with Bible thumping Beau.

    Macy – now THAT is the kind of send off we should all hope for. There WILL be dancing.

    Errands and nap coming up. See ya later

  40. dawson
    2:08 pm on February 7th, 2014

    DianeC: I pick choice b! But only because I think it could be interesting and fun. I have never washed a dog (or a cat). I’m sure some of the others will have suggestions based on experience.

  41. Barb & Maggie
    2:13 pm on February 7th, 2014

    We think Hokie might be a Tibetan Spaniel. Look up some pictures and see if you agree.

    We saw the headlines about the military dog being captured, but could not read the article.

    Diane, If you decide to take him in the shower with you, I am not sure you should go in there unclothed, which is how you probably shower most of the time. Leaving yourself open for scratching or biting in Conan gets too upset.

  42. O'Howlers
    2:21 pm on February 7th, 2014

    For what it’s worth, our Sasha hated getting wet or groomed. However, she loved the soft gentle warm water in the shower. We have a walk-in shower with a rainhead.

  43. Riö - The Evil Pug
    2:23 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Yeesh!…I second Dawson’s “Oh Brother!”…grunt!

    Alice!…For once in your life you are correct…sneeze!

  44. Riö - The Evil Pug
    2:28 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Suchi!….Has anyone heard anything about Security Guards at the Games up and leaving because they are not getting paid??…grunt!…Someone i will not mention started this rumor in the kitchen this morning – I’m not sure if it is true or not…wheeze!

  45. Masquers
    2:44 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Gathering funds for Siber’s release. sob.

  46. Herd of Hounds
    2:44 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Diane: Pookey refuses to be bathed (screams, bites, claws) So mom uses warm, wrung out washcloths and puppy wipes. She does ok.

    Good afternoon Rio. Hope your news isn’t right, yikes.

  47. Riö - The Evil Pug
    2:54 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Hokie-Bear!…So Hokie-Bear is continuing with the big hoax, eh?…snort!…Sending in a bogus photo of himself…snort!

  48. O'Howlers
    3:05 pm on February 7th, 2014

    and yet: calling him the Evil Pug is rude.

    We give up. Way too much drama.

  49. Riö - The Evil Pug
    3:11 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Rude!…Calling me by my name is not rude…sniff!…Where did you get that bolony? I swear you guys make things up when you do not read every word….grunt!

  50. Riö - The Evil Pug
    3:22 pm on February 7th, 2014

    News!…I cannot go out and search on news for Suchi because I do not want to know who wins until tonight when I watch the games…sniff!….My paws are tied.

  51. B. Stover
    3:41 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Rio: There is nothing on CNN about guards at Sochi leaving.

  52. Riö - The Evil Pug
    3:55 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Stover!…Thank dawg!…snort!…I’ve been worrit about it all day…sniff!

  53. Herd of Hounds
    4:14 pm on February 7th, 2014

    RIO…Spoiler Alert…DO NOT look at headlines as there are Opening Ceremony critiques 🙁

  54. dawson
    4:16 pm on February 7th, 2014

    I’m hungry…

  55. Wose
    4:18 pm on February 7th, 2014

    That Norway curling team looks like a 1980’s boy band!

    RIO! I glad you are on this here blog.
    Siber-H, sob, sob, sob.

    To the rest of the Snowhook doggies who are celebrating birthday’s today,
    ROCK ON!!!!!

  56. Tyb
    4:49 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Just checking the posts from Wednesday. Seeing the picture of the sewing machine posted by Herd of Hounds made me think I should send along a copy of one page from the Singer Sewing Machine Manual from 1949. I’m sure all of you will enjoy it and regret the passage of time.

  57. Riö - The Evil Pug
    4:51 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Rose!…I think you got your wires crossed…grunt!…I told Staff last night if everyone continues to tell Newbies, fake or otherwise, to ignore me, I might as well just leave…sniff!…So if you construed that as me taking off on a long camping trip, you are mistaken…sneeze!

  58. Macy the min-pin
    5:03 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Aw Tyb, a day late and $1.50 short. We posted that yesterday, but still funny.

  59. Macy the min-pin
    5:09 pm on February 7th, 2014
  60. Riö - The Evil Pug
    5:19 pm on February 7th, 2014


  61. Barb & Maggie
    5:29 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Did anyone look up the Tibetan Spaniel yet, to see if it looks like Hokie-Bear?

    Macy, that is funny. Glad your Granny’s tribute went well, and was an upbeat way to celebrate a life well lived.

    Oleys and Siber if he were here, we just read an interesting article about a local couple that race Sibes in “sprint races”. These are 5-6 mile races that involve 4-6 dogs to a sled. The race usually takes under 1/2 hour and the dogs start out at up to 25 miles per hour, and then settle in at about 18-20 miles per hour.

  62. Macy the min-pin
    5:42 pm on February 7th, 2014

    The “Lhaso Apsos” that we had looked a lot like Tibetian Spaniels. The were sweet, no matter what they were.

    Pant, pant, pant…I am not a sprinter. Wait, what’s that? Mom says when I get a chance for an unauthorized walk-about I am pretty darn fast. Still not pulling a sled, though.

  63. Herd of Hounds
    5:42 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Macy: Hee haw!

  64. Tupper and Gilly
    5:57 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Rio – there was something on the news last night with Brian Williams about how the Socchi guards are not being paid, and they showed the deplorable conditions they are living in – 6 beds in aluminum shed with no toilet.

    They interviewed one guy who said he was quitting and going home.

    We are just praying for a peaceful two weeks.

  65. Wose
    6:07 pm on February 7th, 2014

    RIO! I would miss you if you went on a long camping trip.

  66. Mollypop's Mom
    6:13 pm on February 7th, 2014

    So I’m going north to see dogsled racing and at the same time the dogsled racing is coming to my ski country. What the heck? Not fair.

  67. Barb & Maggie
    6:22 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Just saw Abbie and a sled team of English Springers up front. Now I bet they can really cover the ground!

  68. Barb & Maggie
    6:51 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Just refreshed and Alice was up top. What is it with all these kats?

  69. Tupper and Gilly
    7:15 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Pizza!!!! Yippeee!

  70. Beau - The Black Pug
    7:17 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Sneeze!….Pizza! Pizza!…sniff!…Where? Where?…wheeze!

  71. Beau - The Black Pug
    7:20 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Games!…Da Olympic Games Ceremony is about ta begin and we here are gonna watch it…snort!…Rio says I should not expect too much. I never expect anything so this should be good!….wooooo!sneeeze!

  72. Beau - The Black Pug
    8:01 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Crappie!…Well dose games have not started yet…sniff!…I must be lookin’ at da wrong schedule…sneeze!cough!

  73. Tupper and Gilly
    8:05 pm on February 7th, 2014

    jeez louise – when will we actually get to the ceremonies or the games or SOMETHING?
    This interview and human interest stuff is boring beyond belief. Mary Carrillo is our least favorite part of the Westminster Dog show – now we have to listen to her inane blithering here too……..

  74. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:10 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Carrillo!…Rhymes with Brillo!..snort!…I bet she spins Russia as the VERY BEST place EVER to LIVE…grunt!…Nothing has started here yet. Beau is getting anxious and fearing the worst…sniff!

  75. Princess Sam
    8:14 pm on February 7th, 2014

    I’ll be in bed by the time this actually starts. When Dawson said this morning that she was watching the ceremonies, I should have put them on too. Buffalo gets all the Canadian channels.

  76. Herd of Hounds
    8:20 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Phooey, the only thing where the Olympics is supposed to be is a jr. hi lesson on Russian history 🙁

  77. dawson
    8:24 pm on February 7th, 2014

    While you wait, here are members of Russian Ministries singing “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk.

  78. Tupper and Gilly
    8:38 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Dawson – now THAT was worth sitting here watching!

    Staff – please check your SDD when you can

  79. Herd of Hounds
    8:39 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Dawson, that beat what was on tv. Where do you find this stuff?

  80. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:41 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Costas!….Still wearing his glasses. Seems his eyeball is still red and swollen…wuffle!…Poor guy.

    Starting?…Just like Tupper said, it is supposed to start, but it is not starting yet…sniff!….What the heck. I do not care about all this commentary. I want to see the OPENING CEREMONIES…wheeze!…Beau is once again beside himself…grumble!

  81. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:45 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Outfits!…We here cannot wait to see the Norwegian Curling Team enter the Olympic Stadium…snort!….It might be Midnight before that happens though…wheeze!

  82. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:48 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Obama!…He looks drunk, or drugged or out of his mind. Not sure which yet..grump!…My ASS is cold comes to mind…sniff!

  83. Herd of Hounds
    8:50 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Dawson, forget the question. Mom cheated as she knows she won’t be able to stay up that late 🙁

  84. Barb & Maggie
    8:52 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Dawson, thank you that was a fun video.

    We here thought Obama’s talk was just hunky-dory.

  85. dawson
    8:52 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Man! At least the Canadian Prime Minister didn’t stick his big nose into the mix. Heh, heh. This is getting annoying.

  86. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:55 pm on February 7th, 2014


    Okay!…It has been almost a half hour and still no opening ceremonies…sneeze!…Just drunken gibberish.

  87. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:56 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Dawson!…Your leader is a tad classier, perhaps…sniff!

  88. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:58 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Wow!…Now Bob is interviewing a Tennis Star during the Winter Olypics Ceremonial time…wheeze!….Oh and here comes Mary Carrillo…heh!heh!

  89. Tupper and Gilly
    8:58 pm on February 7th, 2014

    ummm – don’t the athletes usually come in alphabetical order? Is this being done by the Russian alphabet? There are batches of one letter,, but then Zimbabwe was in the middle.

    Missing something here

  90. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:02 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Tuppper!…Are you seeing the Athletes come into the Olympic building already? How long was the actual opening ceremonies? …wheeze!

  91. Princess Sam
    9:03 pm on February 7th, 2014

    They use the Cyrillic alphabet.

  92. dawson
    9:05 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Yes, according to the Russian alphabet! According to them, Canada starts with a “k”. The Zimbabwe being in the “a’s” has me baffled, though.

    Rio: Uh…No! Not even.

  93. dawson
    9:06 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Okay, the Cyrillic alphabet.

  94. Tupper and Gilly
    9:08 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Thanks Sammie – just after we posted that, they announced that. But it is rather confusing.

    Rio – yes, we are watching the parade. The opening stuff before this didn’t last long. Thank goodness.

    (And being snarky here)-the escorting hostesses look like a cross between a Faberge egg and a Bond Girl.

  95. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:08 pm on February 7th, 2014

    HA!…So far the United Airlines commercial has been the most entertaining….snort!

  96. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:08 pm on February 7th, 2014


  97. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:11 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Time!…So all this bull-crappie is just killing time because the Russians couldn’t pull together a show that lasted any amount of time…grump!

  98. Herd of Hounds
    9:15 pm on February 7th, 2014

    And it is all pre-recorded due to the time differences.

  99. dawson
    9:17 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Rio: The whole program lasts long enough.

  100. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:17 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Started!…Did they hire a highschool student to do this?…wheeze!

  101. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:23 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Interesting!….Now it is getting interesting with the little girl flying a kite over Russia…heh!heh!…Makes the saying, “Go Fly A Kite” mean something different now…snort!

  102. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:26 pm on February 7th, 2014

    SEVEN!…YEARS in the Making?…heheheheheheheheheh!…Unbelievable. And pretty damned embarrassing too…grunt! …..Stick-it-Putin..sniff!

  103. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:32 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Singers!…Russia does have vocalists!…snort!….They should have pursued that route whole heartedly for the big show…chuffle!

  104. Princess Sam
    9:33 pm on February 7th, 2014

    And if the five snowflakes don’t turn into the Olympic rings, they have a firing squad right out in the back.

  105. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:36 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Sammie!…I wonder who lost their “job” over that last snowflake…grunt!…I have to “get-over” Russia if I am going to enjoy these Olympics…sniff!…It is hard to do though…gah!

  106. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:37 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Athletes!…Finally! They are coming in now in this time-zone…snort!

  107. TMG
    9:38 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Da, for Mudder Russia vere ve trink wodka and den ve wonit!

  108. Barb & Maggie
    9:38 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Would anyone else like to hear from Natasha? I think her comments on the Russian Olympics would be profound and extremely interesting.

  109. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:39 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Alphabet!…I’m glad youse guys warned us about the Carrillo Alphabet…heh!heh!

  110. Herd of Hounds
    9:40 pm on February 7th, 2014

    So far it looks really colorful (we think).

  111. Herd of Hounds
    9:41 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Natasha’s insights might enlighten some of the events 🙂

  112. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:41 pm on February 7th, 2014

    TMG!…Their style has changed. Or am I a cynic?…grunt!

  113. Herd of Hounds
    9:47 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Haven’t you always been a cynic?

  114. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:48 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Announcer!…She sounds like she is splorting into the microphone…gah!

  115. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:49 pm on February 7th, 2014

    HoHo!…I just notice a lot of sh*t that annoys me day after day…grunt!

  116. dawson
    9:50 pm on February 7th, 2014

    It is colorful enough to cheer you up. I like the ballet, too.

  117. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:55 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Hong Cong!…Wow!…They have athletes!..snort!

  118. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:58 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Politics!…Why do they keep bringing up Politics during this Olympics …grump!…It never used to be that way, did it?..sniff!

  119. Beau - The Black Pug
    10:13 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Sneeze!…If it was me and my choice I would make all da opening ceremonies of all Olympic Games all about the athletes….sniff!…All we need ta see is our teams enter the Olympic Stadium and den dat special Torch to come in and given to the hosting countries special guy…sneeze!…Dat guy will den light the light which is the real beginning of da Games….sneeeeeze!

  120. Beau - The Black Pug
    10:15 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Sniff!…All dis baloney about nuthin’…guffle!…Now I am hungry and no one is in the feeding mood…sneeze!

  121. Diane C.
    10:17 pm on February 7th, 2014

    T and G–I hadn’t thought of Rescue Remedy, but I will try that.
    Dawson, B and M–I have bathed my own dogs before and done so by getting into the bathtub or shower with them in my gardening-and- getting-wet clothes. It can be a bit dramatic at times, but you’re right that a drizzle of warm water sometimes works miracles.
    Oddly, I decided to try a wrung-out washcloth on Conan’s face today (after his return from the traumatic groomer visit) and he pressed his face up against me and pushed his head forward, so I guess he likes that part–maybe just not strangers–so taking him for brief, de-sensitizing visits may help. Thank you all so much!

  122. Diane C.
    10:18 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Master Rio–It’s so nice to hear from you.

  123. Diane C.
    10:24 pm on February 7th, 2014

    I’m puzzled by cryptic references to Siber-H. Is all well.

    Judging from your posts, I guess the Olympics have started. (Oh boy–ice dancing and luge…)

  124. Diane C.
    10:26 pm on February 7th, 2014

    On the other hand, Rio’s comments sort of make me want to see the opening ceremonies.

  125. Beau - The Black Pug
    10:27 pm on February 7th, 2014

    USA!…Team USA finally!…Snort!Snort!….Lookit’ all of dem…wooowooow!…sneeze!…I hope at least one of dem wins a gold medal…snuffle!…Hey, deres Sean White. I love dat guy!…Woooo!

  126. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:40 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Color!…My friend mentioned a lot of the Olympians coats are a boring whitish color this year…grunt!….I myself have a coat of many colors, but alas it has been lost. (((heh))) I bet it will show up at this Olympics.(((Heh!!))..snort! …I so miss that coat((not!)) Embarrassing!…wheeze!

  127. Tupper and Gilly
    10:44 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Rio – we think the Norwegian Curling Team used your coat of many colors for their uniforms.

    tee hee

  128. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:46 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Tupper!…I KNEW it would show up somewhere…heh!…That Coat has a mind of its own…snort!…I can’t wait to see it (((no!)))

  129. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:57 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Awwww!…The show continues….burp!…This is interesting!

  130. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:05 pm on February 7th, 2014

    YIKES!…Maskers…gulp!…That crazy blond, blue-eyed and ultimately one-armed guy from last years season of Justified is doing commercials for Cadillac during the Olympics…gasp!…It is perfect. And sort of insane. He is a big guy….gah!

  131. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:11 pm on February 7th, 2014

    Wow!…Now this is incredibly Kool…wheeze!…snort!…I take almost everything back I said “bad” earlier…sniff!…About the Ceremonies…grunt!

  132. Macy the min-pin
    12:10 am on February 8th, 2014

    We here enjoyed the opening ceremonies, the pastel dancers especially.

    Nightly noodles

  133. Diane C.
    8:10 am on February 8th, 2014

    Rio et al–So I finally got a look at part of the opening ceremonies–didn’t see anything too exciting (although I did like the little girl flying and the exerpts from “Prince Igor”) [the Stranger in Paradise chorus while she was flying over Russia]. I
    didn’t hear anything that sounded like splorting, (and I was sort of looking forward to that), though I thought it was kind of cool to see names of famous Russians in Russian, English and French (what was with the giant kitty when Pushkin’s name came up?)
    Where’s Natasha? Aren’t there any sports going on yet (if you can
    call ice dancing a sport)?
    Conan, Edgar and Pretty all sufficiently recovered to sleep through it all…

  134. Diane C.
    8:11 am on February 8th, 2014

    There was ballet? And I missed it? Fudgesicles!

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