Sneak Peek: Robbie Forester And The Outlaws Of Sherwood Street

“Wow,” I said. Totally inadequate, but I couldn’t think of anything better. I glanced over at Ashanti. There were tears in her eyes. We still held hands, but our arms weren’t spread as though we were gliding, because we weren’t gliding on a breeze or making any other kind of effort. We were just up there, period. I was excited, thrilled, full of joy, but strangely calm at the same time, my heart beating only a little faster than normal, and even that might have been a leftover from running in that alley and being so scared. Maybe that was the most amazing part of how I felt now: I wasn’t scared the least bit. The truth was I felt more confident than all the times I’d felt confident in my whole life rolled into one and multiplied by zillions.

“Let’s go higher,” I said.

“How?” said Ashanti.

“I don’t know,” I said, withdrawing my hand from hers in order to make one of those palms-up I-don’t-know gestures. Big mistake.



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  1. Snowhook Bella
    8:47 am on November 27th, 2011

    Good morning! Tenzing and I just enjoyed the sneak peak at Robbie Forester! Well, truth be told, Tenzing slept through it, but that has nothing to do with the sneak peak and everything to do with it not being 5 a.m. yet.

  2. Snowhook Bella
    8:50 am on November 27th, 2011

    Rose: I hope the girls made it over last night and didn’t hog the bed. They have a track record.

  3. Tyb
    9:04 am on November 27th, 2011

    I just voted for AJ. Don’t you forget to do it too.

  4. B.Stover
    9:19 am on November 27th, 2011

    Where are Robbie and Ashanti? Yikes!

    Good morning all.

  5. Barb & Maggie
    9:34 am on November 27th, 2011

    Bee, we were wondering the same thing. Must be somewhere high up!

    Gloomy day here. We are going to stay in and do some Christmas decorating.

    I am sorta on someone’s schitt list this morning. That someone had some sausage defrosting on the counter, and well, you know what happened next. Semi-frozen raw sausage is not the best, but I wolfed down half of it before she got it away from me. Now she is watching me like a hawk. She said I deserve what I get, whatever that means!

  6. Trigger
    9:38 am on November 27th, 2011

    Maggie: Heh, heh. Tis the Season…Counter Surfing USA.

  7. Wookie of Chevy Chase
    9:49 am on November 27th, 2011

    Good morning sleepy heads. Time to get up and start some serious Christmas shopping. And I know just the place — the Snowhook Holiday Auction page. Wookie

  8. Sam
    10:09 am on November 27th, 2011

    I have to report Dog Neglect this morning. My family went away and I got boarded up. Not in a kennel though, I was at my groomer’s house with seven other dogs. One of them was my boyfriend Jack, but I love Wolfie and Whitey-Lance so much too. Anyway, I can’t let my family get away with this stuff. I want them to know I did not have fun, I’m just sleepy today.

  9. OleyHowlers
    10:28 am on November 27th, 2011

    Good Sunday, Everybody!
    Tyb, thanks for the reminder. We just voted.
    Where are Robbie and Ashanti? We want to know the same thing…and what happened when Robbie pulled her hand out?
    Our company left about an hour and a half ago. All is quiet. Mom & Pop are relaxing but trying to get up the energy to decorate.

  10. BearSpiritDog
    10:30 am on November 27th, 2011

    Up to greet the day
    What did we do?
    Voted for AJ
    And so should you

  11. Buddy
    10:31 am on November 27th, 2011

    Hey Guys! I’m out of the cellar. Mom is so happy to be with me again. But it wasn’t so bad, because T.C. was a captive audience the whole weekend. I think I made some headway in winning her over.

  12. Rose
    10:33 am on November 27th, 2011

    Errr, Rebecca, you may want to go back and do inventory at the kennel. Belle Starr and Luna are out at the high school taking a nice long walk with the Prof, and then a McDonald’s run. You may also want to check your wallet…The girls are staying for Cyber Monday….


    Sam, you and Tyb are at the top. How could your family do such a thing!!!

  13. Melanie
    10:51 am on November 27th, 2011

    Good Morning All! Not up for Christmas decorating yet. We did have a great Walk/Run this morning. That is until the gunfire. It’s Sunday. It’s Massachusetts. Not legal!

    Dan’s at church. My sister will be bringing him home after a run to get gift bags.

    (Sam. I’m so sorry you were neglected.)

    Riö! Love how you marked the soft bed pad! Mac marks new furniture, or he marks any furniture that we move, but NOT by sneezing on it.

    Glad everyone is back to their families.

  14. Masquers
    11:02 am on November 27th, 2011

    Hey Buddy: Good to hear things are back to normal at your house and you all can relax for the day.
    Over here high wind warnings so maybe not a good time to try out the new crock pot?
    As for hooking up the computer monitor…mom says she couldn’t disconnect the old monitor from the computer. She thinks she’s going to break something. Personally, I think she’s just a fraidy kat.
    Rose: Sounds like you and the girls have big plans for Cyber Monday. btw…how is the Prof doing with his allergies this time around?

  15. C. Harris
    11:07 am on November 27th, 2011

    Good morning all. I got home last night from KY to a flooded garage–my water pump broke sometime yesterday. The pump can’t be replaced until Monday so I am heating snow in kettles on the stove –shades of childhood. It takes an unbelievable amount of snow to get a kettle of water but at least I have plenty of it. This morning I discovered my Subaru won’t start. I had parked it outside (plugged in) so my house sitter could park inside the garage. She was to start it everyday to make sure it ran. It is 7 am my time and I am waiting for a couple of hours before I call someone to see if they can jump my car. {{sigh}}

    Dad has ok days and not ok days. The not ok days outnumber the good ones and I am not sure that my visits this last week didn’t trigger him to be agitated and wanting to leave. My last visit was short because I couldn’t distract him from his being upset. When I left, I hugged him and told him I loved him and he hugged me, kissed my cheek and said he loved me too. It made my trip all worthwhile.

    Someone send me a message on my SDD so I can vote for AJ.

  16. Siber-H
    11:21 am on November 27th, 2011

    C.Harris: Go to Stormy Kromer’s website, click on “vote for a living legand”, scroll down a bit until you come to AJ and vote.

    I don’t have your SSD is why I am doing it this way.
    Welcome back, but I’m sorry you had to return to problems.

  17. Siber-H
    11:29 am on November 27th, 2011

    Maggie and Trigger: LOL

    It won’t be that long until the Robbie Forester book is released. We’ll pre-order it soon.

    Melanie? Is there a law in MA about not firing a gun on Sunday?
    A law like that would never get passed in NM.

  18. Rose
    11:29 am on November 27th, 2011

    Masquers: I think it more like Belle said. Prof gets his allergy shots every month, but he’s probably more allergic to me than any four-leggeds! 🙂 BTW: Your are at the top being Zen Kat.

    Buddy: I’m glad you made the great escape!

  19. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    11:30 am on November 27th, 2011

    CHarris, if you go to, you will find a link to the voting site. Look for The Living Legend box.

    I am sorry about your mishaps, and sorry about your dad.

  20. Masquers
    11:32 am on November 27th, 2011

    CHarris: What a mess to come home to! I know you were tired enough from the trip without having to deal with all that. And, why do these things happen at the most inconvenient times…usually on a long holiday weekend.
    It is difficult to deal with the changes an aging parent is experiencing. One feels so helpless. You can only love them and do what you can do.
    B&M and Siber: We finished A Dogs Purpose. Once into it we liked it very much and would recommend it to others. I must say that if Barb hadn’t mentioned her brother(?) insisting she finish it, we may not have done so either.

  21. Rose
    11:40 am on November 27th, 2011

    Rebecca: Please check your SDD.

    Masquers, I have that book. Once I’m finished with “The Affair”, I’ll put that next on my list to be read, based on your recommendation. Will it make me cry?

  22. B.Stover
    11:59 am on November 27th, 2011

    Masquers: Why do high winds mean not using the crockpot?

    Poor Sam.

  23. B.Stover
    12:03 pm on November 27th, 2011

    CHarris: When are you retiring? Have you decided where you’re going to move?

  24. B.Stover
    12:08 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Rio: I associate sunflowers with VanGogh (one of my projects after I retire), but also that card is so intricate, both flower and leaves. (All of the cards are intricate of course.) I’m interested in seeing your friend’s new set of cards.

  25. C. Harris
    12:18 pm on November 27th, 2011

    B. Stover: yes I feel that it is time to retire for personal and professional reasons. I am having a good year professionally and would rather go out on a good year than a bad one. I’ll turn in the paperwork with the new year. The first few months I plan to just do house projects –painting, sorting, downsizing–while I decide about moving. How are you approaching retirement?

    I did vote for A.J!

  26. Masquers
    12:18 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Rose: The tissue box should be close at hand.

    B: High winds are usually accompanied by power-outages. Best not to be cooking something on the stove or elsewhere. We were concerned this could be a problem on the trip to Bainbridge Island Thanksgiving Day, but all was well. One year our meal was cooked fireside and we ate by candlelight. It turned out very lovely. We were almost disappointed when the power came back on.

  27. Barb & Maggie
    12:48 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Masquers and Rose, Yes it was Barb’s brother who loaned her the book to read, and she cried several times while reading it. That was why she didn’t want to keep reading it. It was goood, but sad.

  28. Riö - The Evil Pug
    12:51 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Vote!…I just Voted for AJ the Giant!….Woooo!….I wish we could see who was winning….snort!

    Sunflowers!… She is busy busy busy, working working working on millions of little gift cards….wheeze!… If she gets the new sunflower done she said I can post a photo of it. Right now she is working on a different design and wants to finish it first before tackling the sunflowers…heh!…I think sunflowers are a lot of work. Roses are right up there on the lots of work scale too…sniff!

    Robbie!….Wow! Robbie Forester sounds very interesting. I’m surprised more of youse guys are not bidding for the ARC…sniff!….If we could afford it we would own everything out there on that Holiday Auction page…heh!…She says next year will be better and we can splurge on things, like Quilts and Iditarod Bibs…wuffle!

  29. TMG
    1:20 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Dear Rebecca
    Please check your SSD
    The Marauding Goats

  30. BearSpiritDog
    1:20 pm on November 27th, 2011

    We agree. The auction items are fantastic! Someone here is thinking about putting in a bid or two. The Quilt has jumped way out of our budget range, sad to say.

  31. B.Stover
    1:38 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Masquers: The meal fireside sounds lovely.

    CHarris: I’m approaching retirement with loud cheering! I’ll be finished after my final final exam on December 19. (I love teaching but enough is enough.)

  32. BearSpiritDog
    1:39 pm on November 27th, 2011

    And, the DreamCatcher, sigh

  33. Mollypop's Mom
    1:45 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Now this Green, Green is starting to annoy me. We should be skiing. Here are the snow guns ready to go as soon as it gets cold enough. I guess 56 degrees won’t do it, ya think?

  34. Masquers
    1:47 pm on November 27th, 2011

    B: It probably helped that our meal was shared by adventurous friends and accompanied by good wine and gourmet chocolate truffles for dessert. lol

  35. Melanie
    1:52 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Wine and truffles always make for a good dinner!

    MollyPop’s Mom, That is a beautiful green. You’ve got to wonder, don’t you?
    We’ve had the beginning of winter three times now, and it’s 53 degrees today.

    BearSpiritDog, I was high bidder on one item. I think it’s because I didn’t read the directions so was the first bidder. I am not the highest bidder on anything now. They are OOMPR.

  36. Snowhook Bella
    2:24 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Could it be a threat from the MGs? I certainly hope not.

    Auction Central: Please check from me.

  37. Masquers
    2:33 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Rio & Wookie: The bidding must be fast and furious now that the deadline is drawing neigh. Paws crossed someone here is high bidder.
    Mollypop’s Mom & Melanie: Weather conditions here also in a El Nino phase. The green is beautiful, but as you say, not conducive to skiing anytime soon.

  38. Masquers
    2:40 pm on November 27th, 2011

    The stew is on…biscuits ready for the oven…pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream for dessert. Now off to the M&P store for refreshments. Lazy Sunday afternoon.

  39. Tupper and Gilly
    2:53 pm on November 27th, 2011

    ahem – excuse us but we have an announcement to make.
    Mama has decided that as a thank you to whoever wins the auction for her item, she is going to sweeten the pot.
    The winner will get not only the dreamcatcher, but also a piece designed JUST FOR THEM. It can be a “portrait” of their critter or any thing at all that they want. Picture something about the dice of a paperback book, and as a hanging sculpture. You design it and Mama will make it.
    Sound interesting?

  40. BearSpiritDog
    3:45 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Tupper&Gilly: A very generous offer!

  41. BearSpiritDog
    3:48 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Wolfie: How is Papa Wolf feeling?

  42. B.Stover
    3:59 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Today started out at 57 but it is now 47 and we may have snow overnight. Our weather may get to you tomorrow Mollypop’s Mom.

  43. BearSpiritDog
    4:10 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Gulp! He who hesitates has lost.

  44. OleyHowlers
    4:12 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Twirling…twirling…twirling! We need a place to camp til Mom finds out what we bought little Kat and calms down. Do any of youse have room for three good huskies? Or maybe all four of us in case Mom blames the Pipsqueak…

  45. BearSpiritDog
    4:16 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Hmm…O.Howlers, we were wondering who was doing the Happy Dance.

  46. Tyb
    4:28 pm on November 27th, 2011

    I just got back to the computer after voting this AM, but I can’t answer your question from 10:33 this morning because I don’t understand it. Sam and I are at the top of what, and what did our families do?

  47. Wookie of Chevy Chase
    4:29 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Greetings from Auction Central. Here are the final results, the winners (although I think you know who you are anyway) will be given a confirming notification shortly, and you should then make arrangements to pay Rebecca and also provide her with your address so that the item(s) you won can be sent to you.

    Ta da — drum roll please:

    Total amount raised: $745.00

    Winning bids:
    1. ARC — $100
    2. Dreamcatcher — $250.00
    3. Vase/fur flowers — $55.00
    4. Snowhook quilt — $300
    5. AJ bib — $40.00

    Way to go everyone. And special thanks to Rio and Rebecca and Melanie and everyone else who helped on the organizational side.

    Wookie (exhausted but happy)

  48. BearSpiritDog
    4:31 pm on November 27th, 2011

    A Big Thank You to Wookie from Bear

  49. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    4:48 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Bear, dad is feeling better, but he shared his germs with mom, so they have both been home all weekend. Except for when they bought the new ipaw.

    T & G, your mom is awesome!

    And three cheers for the Plunderers and their generosity!

  50. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    4:50 pm on November 27th, 2011

    And special thanks to Rio and Wookie of Auction Central!

  51. Wookie of Chevy Chase
    4:52 pm on November 27th, 2011

    And of course a double special thanks to the generous donors who donated the five items that were auctioned off (including the sweetner on the dreamcatcher that T&G announced earlier today). This could not have been done without you. Wookie

  52. Rose
    5:01 pm on November 27th, 2011

    T&G: What a sweet deal from your mom!!! I really, really wanted the huskies dreamcatcher….WAAAAAH!

    DOUBLE WAAAAHH!: I wanted that beautiful quilt too!!!


    Hi Tyb: I have such a bad habit of not making my postings clear. When I blogged at 10:33, your picture was right next to Sam’s on the Chet’s Friends. (Right underneath the FOM).

    Sam mentioned that he family boarded her, which is why I asked how her family could do that….

  53. BearSpiritDog
    5:04 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Thank you also to Rio, Melanie and Rebecca. Good job everyone!

  54. Rose
    5:06 pm on November 27th, 2011

    While I’m still sobbing, I would like to thank Wookie, Rio, and Rebecca for their work on the auction, and a big shout out to those who donated those beautiful items.

  55. Rose
    5:08 pm on November 27th, 2011

    OHs: Huskies welcome here…..

  56. Mollypop's Mom
    5:16 pm on November 27th, 2011

    I’m ready to send White Wings winging (as Bear said) on its way to the next reader. I thought it was MagPie. Please let me know.

  57. Masquers
    5:19 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Welcome Sign out for Huskies here too.

  58. Snowhook Bella
    5:25 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Burr and wheeze! Our old reliable Subaru is no longer old and reliable. It is just old. It broke down at 20 below and it was a very long, very slow ride home. Enough complaining—let the twirling begin!

    Thank you to those who donated the wonderful items (and the last minute deal sweetener), thank you to Wookie and Rio for dogging Auction Central all weekend, than you to Melanie for taking great photographs and thanks to the bidders!

    Update on the MGs: It appears that Belle Starr and Luna had a run in with the MGs. The MGs tried take the chapstick they were carrying for a VIR (very important Rose), but they failed. It seems that Belle Starr pulled out the big guns—overwhelming cuteness—the MG’s apologzied and ensured their safe blurring for the remainder of the journey. Whew!

  59. BearSpiritDog
    5:32 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Not to forget SnowBella, AJ and the Pack, without which there would be no Auction, no Iditarod, no FUN!

  60. Tyb
    5:34 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Thanks for the clarification. I was right when I guessed what you meant about being at the top, but the family thing threw me. Sam may have been boarded, but Ihaven’t been and am not concerned that I might be. I don’t think it will happen.

  61. Riö - The Evil Pug
    5:50 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Wow!….Wow!…Wow!….wheeze!….Wooooooo! The Auction results are amazing!…snort!… I missed all the excitement because she said, “Car Ride!” and I could not resist…sniff!….We ended up over at my other place where she had to fix something or other …grunt!…Anyways, I am back now and WOW! WOW! WOW!….heh!snort!heh!….I’m twirling! I’m skipping!…I’m twirling!….I’m skipping!….Wooooo!

  62. Siber-H
    6:21 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Thanks to the excellent work of all of you who made the auction another huge success!!!

    To whoever writes up the descriptions of the items in the auction and Christmas store: You’re the best!! It doesn’t get any better than that.

  63. Mollypop's Mom
    6:22 pm on November 27th, 2011

    B. – For once I’m not complaining about the weather you’re sending us, but I don’t know if what you’re sending will be cold enough. Those stupid Laws of Physics – don’t they know how to make warm snow?

    For crying out loud, I could go sailing. Lake Erie is 50 degrees!

  64. Barb & Maggie
    6:22 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Thank you both for all your hard work. We bid but were not high bidder. We love the Dream Catcher, but as we said before, it should go to a husky home.

    Wolfie, hope both of your folks feel better soon. What is the update on the boys?

  65. Rose
    6:24 pm on November 27th, 2011

    I wondered why the girls were a little late arriving. Luna and Belle didn’t say much, but they both had that “Stayin’ Alive” strut when they got here….

  66. Melanie
    6:26 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Thank you Auction Central! All of that and on top of Thanksgiving Weekend.

    May you sleep tonight and nap tomorrow at work and no one find you.

  67. Barb & Maggie
    6:27 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Molly’s Mom, I think you are correct, I believe we are next on the list for the book. Do you still have our address? Don’t forget to send it by the special media rate. It is much less expensive, but seems to be delivered in a timely manner. I think Rio is next after us. Is that right?

  68. B.Stover
    6:41 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Mollypop’s Mom: It’s 40 here now.

  69. Riö - The Evil Pug
    6:51 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Wings!… I will take the Wings after you Barb!…snort!…We will be ready for a new book by then….grunt!

    Cards!….Well, she just couldn’t finish the Sunflowers …sniff!…So no photograph tonight. She said she is very very close to being done, but there is still a ton of work to do on the sunflowers and then the finishing work….wuffle!….She has a goal in mind of when to mail them out, but I am not allowed to say what it is, just in case she can’t meet that unsaid goal…grunt!

    Auction!….I am still thrilled and amazed at how well the Auction went!….woooooo!….Big thanks to Wookie for bringing the winning bids on home…heh!…What a guy! What an Agent! What a great friend!…snort!

  70. BearSpiritDog
    6:55 pm on November 27th, 2011

    B: That is quite a drop in temperature!

  71. BearSpiritDog
    6:59 pm on November 27th, 2011

    So who are the lucky dogs? Do tell!

  72. Riö - The Evil Pug
    7:01 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Bidders!…. Wookie thanked you once, but I will thank you twice!…snort!… You guys are the best. All you guys who bid on the Items and made this Auction a complete and utter success!… chuffle!… Even all of youse who looked and did not bid (like us) thank you for hanging out and taking a look!…sniff!… I know all of us in our own special way are supporting Snowhook the best way we can… grunt! ….Twirling! I’m still Twirling!….wooooooo!

  73. Riö - The Evil Pug
    7:02 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Subaru!…Oh crap!…snort!….How do cars always know when someone gets their paws on a little extra money?…sniff!….They always seem to break down at exactly the wrong time…grumble

  74. BearSpiritDog
    7:22 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Breakdown! One of the worst times being near the howladays. It gives a whole new meaning to the word Howl. Sorry, SnowBella.

  75. Masquers
    7:25 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Masquers is the proud owner of the Birch Vase with Fur Flowers submitted by C.Harris.

  76. Gus & BooBear
    7:26 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Wow!! Great results at Auction Central. We bid on 2 items but got outbid right away. Those are some lucky people that won the fantastic items.

    Hard to believe Thanksgiving is over and Mom has to go back to work tomorrow. She says she could get used to retirement and not working full time, but the new house has put that off for awhile. Starting after the new year, its budget, budget, budget!! Going to try to get it paid for quickly. Rio, Mom doesn’t know if she is the next one after you for White Wings but she is on the list somewhere, so keep us in mind after you read it. She doesn’t get to read alot during December so it should work out well to get it after you or the next person.

    Voted for AJ! It’s becoming automatic to do it 1st thing when we sign on. When is the last day and when do we find out that AJ won??

  77. Riö - The Evil Pug
    7:49 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Grimm!….Oooooooh….shudder!….We both have to look away during some scenes in this show….wheeze! ….Because we just know something awful is going to jump out at any second….wiffle! ….This is the show with the Bees…gasp!

    Puss N’ Boots!…Just keep voting till they won’t let you anymore…heh!

  78. C. Harris
    7:56 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Congrats, Masquers! It is great that it went to a good home and it contributed to the total raised. Thank you (and thanks to Melanie who took the photo and to all the ones on Auction Central duty).

  79. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:04 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Donations!…..Major thanks to you C.Harris and Everyone else who donated these wonderful Items!…snort! ….Youse guys are the epitome of Generous…snuffle!

  80. Tupper and Gilly
    8:06 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Speakingvof twirling – Ma is pretty dam happy too! She is looking forward to hearing who won the dreamcatcher and finding put what kind of item the winners want her to create.
    Auction Central – thanks for all your hard work!
    And Siber – thanks for getting us all so involved in the race in the first place.
    And Bella and AJ – thanks for taking us all along!
    Plunderers Rock
    Plunderers Rule
    Each Plunderer’s heart:
    A Priceless Jewel!

  81. Basil and Sage
    8:08 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Snowhook Rocks
    And KATS still rule
    We are smart and neat
    And dawgs STILL drool!


  82. Snowhook Bella
    8:09 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Speaking of total raised…in addition to the holiday auction this past weekend, the Holiday Boutique has brought in just over $1300 since it opened. That is pug-tacular! The money, less the cost of the crazy patterned fleece for the you-know-whats for you-know-who’s Christmas present, has gone to and will go to dog food (kibble, meat, and lard). The money I had saved up for dog booties has also gone to the dogs—literally. 🙂

    AJ is working on the Subaru right now. We want and need to get a few miles and months out of the old beast.

    Thanks again to each of you for another great auction!

    Rose: Belle Starrs adorableness factor is off the charts and can be used as a weapon. I’ve been brought down by the weapon on more than one occassion.

  83. Tupper and Gilly
    8:11 pm on November 27th, 2011


  84. Melanie
    8:13 pm on November 27th, 2011

    We are “supposed” to get a dishwasher delivered AND installed tomorrow.
    Of course, we were “supposed” to get an electronic call from Sears today telling us when to expect them. Hmmmm

    Anyhoo, the Pack is snoring away, Patsy is looking at me saying “Hey, You! Go to bed!”
    Sooo, it’s off to get her pills, do Puppy Pee and Poo Parade, and then to bed.

    I hope to fly in my dreams tonight. Just like Robbie!


  85. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:18 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Plunderers Rock
    Plunderers Rule
    Each Plunderer’s heart:
    A Priceless Jewel!….WOOOOOOO!

    heh!snort!heh!…I’m twirling! I’m skipping!….Yeep! I’m cringing, Grimm is still on…gasp!

  86. BearSpiritDog
    8:19 pm on November 27th, 2011

    I know the O.Howlers won something very cool We could hear their howling way out West. It was either the ARC or the DreamCatcher. Don’t make us guess. Tell us, tell us, do.

  87. Siber-H
    8:20 pm on November 27th, 2011

    T&G, I’ll ship you some packing tape via overnight express mail.

  88. Snowhook Bella
    8:21 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Howlers: Please check your SDD.

    Rio: AJ and I like Grimm, too. I think there is a new episode after the Bee episode that we will watch online when AJ gets back in from swearing at the car.

  89. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:22 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Melanie!….Goodnight!…snort!…You Thanksgiving Party Animal!…heh!snort!heh!…burp!

  90. Snowhook Bella
    8:24 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Oh, no! T&G are on the hunt for packing tape. Alert to all Plunderers: Be on the lookout for purring post in your mailbox.

  91. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:34 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Car!…I hope AJ the Giant doesn’t lift that ole Subaru up and throw it into the deep dark woods…grunt! ….We have an old Subaru and I know someone is hoping it lasts forever…wheeze!

  92. OleyHowlers
    8:41 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Rio, we are now watching the Grimm episode with the bees. Very scary!

    We were so busy with our company all weekend that we just barely kept up with youse guys, and almost didn’t get to bid at the auction. But, last minute..heh heh… We swarmed in and plunked down our bid for T&G’s mum’s most fabulous Iditarod DreamCatcher. AWOOOOO !

    Thanks to all of you for great work organizing the auction, running the auction, and for your time and talent creating such magnificent items for the auction.

  93. Tupper and Gilly
    8:53 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Hey Howlers-Good for you. Can’t wait to hear what you want for your mini sculpture….hmmm, will it be a portrait of Sheik? With a Husky vanguard? Or a picture frame for Kat’s baby pics? hmmmm….

    When she got home last night, Mama had gotten to that point where she was too tired to sleep. So even tho she was in bed by midnight, she didn’t get to sleep til 6 am. And was up 3 hours later, making Thanksgiving dinner for her father.
    So, she is now officially bleary-eyed toast. And signing off, tired, full and happy. Very happy.

    oh, and p.s. – she did finally get around to posting the Plunderers’ Prayer at dishlickers. There was some minor editing done in light of some recent happenings.

    Good night all – and thank you again to everyone. You all made this so much fun!

  94. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:59 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Golinka!…Goodnight Golinka…snort!…We love you!…slurpy pug kisses!…gruffle!

  95. BearSpiritDog
    9:02 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Bear is turning in also.
    Good night all.

  96. Snowhook Bella
    9:08 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Rio: Did Beau help at Auction Central?

    There are three handsome fellows up top: two of the nation with a certain author.

  97. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:17 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Kelly Olson!….snort!….We all need to thank Kelly for creating and donating such a lovely Quilt!…chuffle!…How did she know that we are all Quilt Fanatics…heh!…Anyways, she is always welcome here at Chet’s Place if she wants to join us. I feel she is already a Plunderer at Heart!….snort! …Thank you Kelly!

    Rebecca!… Beau help?…No!…snort!

  98. Staff
    9:25 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Another busy day at the Parents house. Dawson made turkey soup and I am doing laundry. Dawson is working much more than I am. She is down in the basement emptying file cabinets of taxes from the 1950’s,60’s and 70’s. It smells rather moldy down there. For a while she thought that she had burned out the shredder, but it just needed and little rest and cooling off.

    What a successful auction! That dream catcher was awsome and I would have loved the wonderful Advance Readers Copy, sigh. Oh well I am sure it will be well appreciated wherever it is going.

    Hope everyone is feeling as well as possible tonight. Here almost everyone is over their cold except for Mom is still coughing a little every once in a while. We had a wonderful holiday here and no perfumed people to ruin it. Thanks Dog.

  99. Staff
    9:30 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Just for Rio…

    Mom,Dawson,Cousin M,Mr.Staff,Staff,M’s husband-M2,E,TurtlemanFred,Dad.

  100. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:38 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Staff!….Thanks for checking in…grunt!…Sometimes because we hardly ever hear from youse, we think Staff, Dawson and the Kats have fallen into a crater somewhere up there in Minnesota….snort!… I’m sure I am speaking for myself when I say this…wuffle!

  101. Staff
    10:02 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Maybe into a lake Rio, but we have no craters here in Minnesota. We have bunny hills that we call mountains, and rivers, but no known craters.

    If we go we will go wet.


  102. Snowhook Bella
    10:05 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Staff: Those are some great smiles in that picture.

    AJ the giant has requested a modification of his mushing bibs. Since it is not a last minute sewing request, I have to use materials in the color of his choosing—black.

    Today has been a good day. AJ and I are very grateful for all you do for the Kennel.

  103. Snowhook Bella
    10:07 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Before I forget, AJ and I will thank his Kelly on behalf of the Plunderers.

  104. Snowhook Bella
    10:52 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Rio: Please check your SDD.

    The bibs are just about done. I think AJ is getting tired of putting the bibs on and taking them off over and over. Snort!

  105. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:53 pm on November 27th, 2011

    Goodnight!…All!…snort!…Next big one, Christmas!…Wooooo!

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