Savannah Book Festival (More)

Admin is on the phone. “How’s Savannah?”

I can hear Spence on the other end, but can’t make out the words.

“You’ve got a talk at the Telfair Square Tent tomorrow at 9:30, right?” Admin says. “Remember that song by Nina Simone – Sundays in Savannah? I think you should sing it. That’s my only suggestion. Bye.”

Welcome Tyb (with Lego pal), Isis & Kali.


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108 Responses to “Savannah Book Festival (More)”

  1. Barb & Maggie
    7:57 am on February 17th, 2012

    Good morning. Hope Spence is having a good time in Savannah. Wonder if we will get to hear his speech?

    Today is the big day for Melanie and Zoe, with Dan coming home. Fingers and paws crossed for them.

    Cloudy but quiet here today. Possible rain. Later, chorse and then Barb is off to the salt mines.

  2. OleyHowlers
    8:05 am on February 17th, 2012

    Good morning Barb and Maggie, Spence, Admin, and Chet.
    We would love to see Savannah…looks beautiful.
    Mom took today off because she worked so many hours the past two weeks. Yippee! We will have fun all day!

  3. Barb & Maggie
    8:20 am on February 17th, 2012

    Oley, Barb has been looking at heritage pigs after reading the info on Caw Caw’s website. They listed several that they raise, including the Berkshire. We have located a local guy who raises a few Berkshire and really speaks highly of them. We have to find out more about his raising practices. The 4H boy we usually buy from has thought about raising a few Berks, so maybe he could buy a couple of feeder pigs from him. “Feeder pig” is a term used for the piggies that are ready to leave mama and be raised to a weight of around 200 lbs.

    Evidently the heritage breeds are not as lean as the breeds commonly used by factory farms who promote “the other white meat”. They have more marbleing and the meat is better.

  4. Sam
    8:35 am on February 17th, 2012

    I just saw, again, the Subaru commercial where we go skiing and the other guys leave me behind. Did they forget me? I don’t quite understand.

  5. OleyHowlers
    8:39 am on February 17th, 2012

    Sam, We love that one! Every time we watch it we say “Poor Sammie”.

    Barb, our pork is definitely not “white meat”. We don’t think pork is supposed to be white. Good for you if you can get good pork locally raised. We do know of a place sort of close to us, but they are new and not ready for retail yet. Did you read “About” on Caw Caw’s site? You will love Emile.

  6. Barb & Maggie
    8:43 am on February 17th, 2012

    Sam, Is that the ad where the English Shepherd is driving? I thing ES are intelligent enough to drive, and probably could do a better job than some of the two-legged out there.

  7. Melanie
    8:51 am on February 17th, 2012

    Good morning! Don’t think Dan is coming home today. Care Meeting today to figure out what is next. Hopefully, he’ll becoming home soon. Hopefully, he won’t do anything foolish.

    Sam, I have not seen that commercial. If you are left The Pack will come get you.

    Getting ready, will BBL

  8. Sam
    8:53 am on February 17th, 2012

    Of course, the ES always drives. The other dogs all jump in the car and drive away, leaving me standing on top of a ski hill with my skis on.

  9. OleyHowlers
    8:56 am on February 17th, 2012

    Oh no! Dan not coming home today? Wonder why. We hope everything works out for the best, Melanie.

  10. Barb & Maggie
    9:06 am on February 17th, 2012

    Melanie, We are both sad and relieved about Dan. We were (whispering) worried about everyone’s safety. Dan’s wishes and abilities may be in two separate places. Hope he will be OK with the decisions being made in the best interest of all concerned.

  11. Rose
    9:09 am on February 17th, 2012

    Good Morning!

    Oh, Melanie, why isn’t Dan coming home? I hope everything works out for him and you.

    Sammie: I still haven’t seen the commercial….

    Tyb: I love your picture with the Hulk Lego!!!

  12. Melanie
    9:19 am on February 17th, 2012

    I didn’t say Dan wasn’t coming home or coming home today. His Care Meeting with the Doc, Nursing staff, PT, OT, Dan, Zoë and me is today.

    They have looked at the house and were figuring out what else he needed to work on before he came home. We have everything ready except for a new bar in the bath tub. Looking for that today.

    We are figuring he will be home soon.

  13. Tyb
    10:04 am on February 17th, 2012

    Speaking of Subarus, dogs, and English shepherds driving, here’s a picture that ran on
    Subaru’s web site when they were advertising “The best way to get rid of the new car smell is to get a dog.”

  14. dawson
    10:05 am on February 17th, 2012

    Savannah, Georgia, y’all. They have thick Southern accents down there. (As if I would know…I’m guessing.)
    Melanie: I hope the care meeting for Dan goes well and he agrees with the experts on what is best.
    Tyb: Your new friend (FOC) is way cool! And, you get better looking every time I see you.

  15. Mollypop's Mom
    10:08 am on February 17th, 2012

    Here’s Sammie’s commercial:

    She’s standing at the top of a ski hill that is a double black diamond. That is the most difficult rating. Here at Holiday Valley we have only one double black diamond and it has a slope of 66 degrees.

    I don’t want Sammie to even try to ski down that hill. I will put on my Safety Patrol jacket and go get her.

  16. Rose
    10:09 am on February 17th, 2012

    Melanie: Hope all goes well with the Care meeting. Good thoughts and prayers coming at you from here in Westchester.

  17. Riö – The Evil Pug
    10:13 am on February 17th, 2012

    Admin!…That guys is cracking me up this morning…heh!…Sounds like Spence is on his own in Savannah…chorkel!

  18. Tyb
    10:17 am on February 17th, 2012

    Mollypop’s Mom,
    Thanks for the link to the commercials. They are fun.

  19. OleyHowlers
    10:22 am on February 17th, 2012

    Tyb, we also liked your new friend’s pic on FOC..and love your pic as always.
    Mollys Mom, thanks for rescuing our Princess.

    We just read this article about an Irish Setter in wartime Serbia, and thought youse might enjoy reading it too.

  20. B.Stover
    10:24 am on February 17th, 2012

    Admin is in a frivolous mood today.

    Yes! Mollypop’s Mom is going to rescue Sam!

    Good morning all.

  21. Riö – The Evil Pug
    10:26 am on February 17th, 2012

    Subaru!….Oh my Dawg!…snort!… I had to laugh out loud at all those commercials!…chorkel!…Those are the best ever!…heh! heh!

  22. Riö – The Evil Pug
    10:32 am on February 17th, 2012

    Sammie!…I bet Sammie made a bundle starring in all those commercials…heheh!… She has to pay for all that Wonderfluff somehow…snort!

  23. OleyHowlers
    10:35 am on February 17th, 2012

    Did you see the part of the site where they do a profile of each of the actors? Why are they calling Sammie “Paris”?

  24. dawson
    10:38 am on February 17th, 2012

    Poor Sammie!
    Mollypop’s Mom: Thanks for post the link. I have never seen any of those commercials. Go rescue Sammie!

  25. Riö – The Evil Pug
    10:42 am on February 17th, 2012

    Nome!…Did youse guys read Rebecca’s note from late last night about Younger getting the special Nome checkpoint?….sniffle!sob!… That will be a very special day when AJ and the A-Team show up at that checkpoint for so many reasons….chuffle!….I hope he has enough food on the trail…grunt!

  26. Kirby T. Penworthy
    11:03 am on February 17th, 2012

    Good morning, y’all! We’re here for a little bit, then Mom’s going to turn the computer off and go see a movie — without me! The last time Mom and Dad went to see a movie, Mom earned enough points on her card for a free ticket, so she says she’s “treating” herself. I hope that doesn’t mean she taking my treats with her?!

    Dad’s basketball season ended last night — on a good note! Dad’s team beat the other team by a whole bunch of points — more than two, anyway. That other team has won 10 games, so Mom says Dad needs to find out what teams they beat, then put them on his schedule! (This is the only team our guys have beat all season, and we beat them twice!)

    OH: We just watched those Subaru commercials and noticed them calling Sammie “Paris.” I think maybe that’s her stage name. You know those Hollywood types are always changing their names!

  27. OleyHowlers
    11:03 am on February 17th, 2012

    Rio, we were very happy with Rebecca’s selection of Nome. To honor Younger. It was meant to be We were hoping as much.

  28. Kirby T. Penworthy
    11:15 am on February 17th, 2012

    Dawson: We do, indeed, have nice accents down here. Can’t you tell from my postings? And Savannah is even down south-er than we are! Mom and Dad went there before I came to live with them. They liked it a lot — just parked their car at their hotel and walked and walked and walked all around town. I would have liked that walking part! (Mostly because I’m sure that if I got too tired from all the walking, Dad would have picked me up and carried me around!)

  29. BearSpiritDog
    11:23 am on February 17th, 2012

    Let’s all hope Spence’s speech goes better than Bernie’s did in The Dog Who. snicker
    TYB: Love your smile in the new picture with the Lego Giant and the one of you and Blou in the Subaru. (Hey! That rhymes!)
    Sammie & Magpie in the Subaru Dog Commercials? Why yes, yes I believe it is. Those ads are the best thing the car company ever came up with, bar none.
    Melanie: Patsy says you and Zoe don’t have to worry…she will be on the job watching out for Dan. Good thoughts winging your way today, as always. You did say YSAS will be home for a couple of days soon?
    Rose: Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday celebration yesterday. Melanie’s cake looked delish!
    Rio: Thanks to your organizing efforts and the team of Feed the Giant, AJ will have an abundance of food on the trail. Thanks to Alice too, and the Shake Your Bootie team for the hundreds of little booties to protect tender paws.
    Rebecca: Once again your beautiful words touched our hearts. The selection of Nome for Younger couldn’t have been more perfect. Rio: Thank you once again, for pulling everyone together in this team effort.
    Hello to Everyone.
    All youse Plunderers: Have a Great Day!

  30. Tupper and Gilly
    11:24 am on February 17th, 2012

    Hello all – Mama is taking a quick break from the Mud Room to get something out of the freezer to make for dinner.
    Sammie – MP’sM will find you – if not, maybe AJ and the team can swing by and pick you up. We hear that he is packing more than kibble for the team; we’re sure they would be glad to share the wealth with a Princess
    Our favorite commercial is the one when they are camping. Whenever we hear that howl in the background, we jump in Mama’s lap and cuddle. But for some reason, the real coyotes in our own backyard don’t bother us at all. And they are really loud.

    Mama’s phone was ringing this morning. Caller ID said it was (oh no!) the CL! She didn’t answer it, and there wasn’t a voice mail left. Hmmm – wonder what that was? Not calling back to find out.

  31. Kirby T. Penworthy
    11:34 am on February 17th, 2012

    T&G: Mom and Dad don’t have Caller ID, but there have been some instances that they really could use it! I’m trying to think if there could have been some good reason for CL to call…nope, can’t think of one! Oh, wait! Maybe you forgot that you and all the other employees at CLL went in together to buy a lottery ticket, and it won, and she was calling to tell you the good news! Quick! Call her back!!!

  32. Rose
    11:37 am on February 17th, 2012

    Bear: Even more fun over the weekend…Sunday is 24 years that the Prof and I are married. We are going to a very nice restaurant overlooking the Hudson River, called Half Moon. Plus, the Prof and I both have Monday off!

    Royal Mum: You go girl! T&G, make sure your mum doesn’t give into temptation. Yank the phone out of the wall.

  33. dawson
    12:03 pm on February 17th, 2012

    KirbyT: Hoorah for your Dad’s basketball team’s win and that the season is over. Love your Southern accent!

    Snowhook Bella: I’m thrilled that Younger has Nome for his checkpoint.

  34. Siber-H
    12:33 pm on February 17th, 2012

    I hope we will get to hear a bit about Spence’s weekend in Savannah

    Rebecca’s choice of Nome as Younger’s checkpoint is just perfect.

    Thanks for the link to the Subaru commercials. We watched all of them. They should have left a Siber, grinning from ear to ear, in that commercial instead of a Sammie.

    Kirby, congratulations on the win. That is the way to end the season.

  35. Barb & Maggie
    12:40 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Melanie, Good luch with your meeting and keep us posted. Good thoughts for you.

    The Subaru commercials seem to feature the same 5 dogs. They are really good!

    Our favorite commercial was the camping one. We did like the ski one too with Paris, I mean Sammy. Oh, and btw, on the dog profile they are caling Kasey a rescued “collie mix”. That happens a lot with English Shepherds. They are mis-labeled all the time. We even saw one rescue site where they were calling one a Chow-Chow. Are people clueless? We have talked to several people who have a rescue dog, and after finding out it was an ES say “Oh, now we understand the personality”. Duh!

    We are very happy with the Nome Checkpoint for Younger.

  36. Siber-H
    12:54 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Fellow Sibers, That is a very good article. sniff

  37. OleyHowlers
    1:09 pm on February 17th, 2012

    We are taking a break from helping supervising Mom cleaning the barn.

    Kirby, wow! What a way to end the season…great hope for next year.

    Siber, we agree that a Sibe should be included in the Suburu commercials. The Hot One is packing her bags for an audition. But we could never replace Princess/Sammie/Paris.

  38. Sam
    1:52 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Yes, Paris is my stage name. Also, I could have skied down that hill. I was acting so it looked like I was scared, but not really. Hah! I didn’t need the Safety Patrol to rescue me.

  39. Melanie
    2:21 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Keep off the phone, keep off the ski hills, Nome for Younger, the link to Subaru commercials, KirbyT”s Dad, and singing. Who could ask for more?

    Well, just a bit more. Dan is coming home WEDNESDAY! Early afternoon! Need to rest now.

    Nina Simone “Sunday In Savannah”

  40. Riö – The Evil Pug
    2:22 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Sammie!…You are a helluva actress!…heh!

  41. BearSpiritDog
    2:31 pm on February 17th, 2012

    WooooHooooo!!! 3 Cheers for Dan! Hip, Hip, Hurray!
    Underwater Dogs photos and videos everywhere on the internet, but we saw it first here…thanks again to Melanie.
    Love Nina Simone!!!

    Wolfie: Masquers is counting down as we speak. Magnet and decal totals to follow shortly. (whispering) we are down to 1 watercolor magnet and I believe that one is spoken for (Dawson) Please check your SDD in a few minutes.

    Will go to the links in a bit…..

  42. Barb & Maggie
    2:55 pm on February 17th, 2012

    What? Did we miss the boat? We were waiing for Melanie to post pictures of decals. Can we still get something, anything?

  43. Riö – The Evil Pug
    2:56 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Refresh!… Down to one magnet!….WOOOOO!….Youse guys are doing Great!Great!Great!…snort!…Refresh my memory and tell me what Wolfie was or is going to do if all the magnets and decals sell-out?…grunt!…I’m a little fuzzy on that whole part…sniff!… I can just imagine Maskers back there boxing up parcels for the post…heh!

  44. Riö – The Evil Pug
    3:08 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Barb!…Sounds like you missed the boat!…snort!…You could sponsor a Checkpoint if you’d like…wheeze!

  45. B.Stover
    3:18 pm on February 17th, 2012

    So far we have ten people (that includes me) donating to sponsor a checkpoint in memory of Brandy. (Thanks guys!!) I’ll wait until tomorrow and check with Rebecca and then I’ll send a check for the balance.

    I’m meeting a friend for an early dinner and then we’re seeing Woman in Black. I’ll let you know how it is.

  46. Riö – The Evil Pug
    3:24 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Balance!….It seems unfair to let Stover pick up almost half of the total Checkpoint….snort!….Can’t we rally and get 5 to 10 more Plunderers, or Lurkers or friends of Lurkers to donate a mere $12.50 towards this special Checkpoint????….snorkel!

  47. Redbone Hound
    3:26 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Miz Bee – Ah shorely be honored to put mah two cents in – well, make that mah $12.50 in on that there checkpoint. Yoor Brandy looks like she was a mighty fine little ole’gal,and the two of you deserve to have yoor name on a checkpoint.
    Ah will send mah check off to Miz Rebecca this very afternoon. And thank you kindly for organizin’ this here “mutual fund”.

  48. Riö – The Evil Pug
    3:39 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Redbone!…..Hound!…Wooooo!….Let’s hear it for ole Redbone! Now Stover only needs 9 more guys to step forward….snort!snort!

    SiberH!…Check your SDD ASAP!…heh!snort!heh!

  49. Riö – The Evil Pug
    3:54 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Lurkers!….Where are all our other Lurkers and Semi-Lurkers (Joe?)….heh!…I wish 9 of those guys would step forward and give 12.50 for a great cause!…wuffle!

  50. dawson
    3:58 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Barb and Maggie: Go to Snowhook Kennels Blog, then to Mushers Mercantile, then Chet the Dog Items. Voila!
    I think Bear meant that there are all the items left except for the watercolor magnets. You can still get a digital magnet and the decals. That’s what I think. Nobody pays me for thinking so I could be wrong.

  51. Siber-H
    4:32 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Rio, I replied to your SDD. I was away for a short time because mom drove me to the post office to mail my checks to Rebecca.

  52. Riö – The Evil Pug
    5:10 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Check(s)!….I love that SiberH is sending multiple checks…heh!snort!heh!

  53. BearSpiritDog
    5:17 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Dawson: You have thunk correctly (huh?) Plenty of everything EXCEPT the popular watercolor magnet, of which we hope to order more quickly. Wolfie is working on this as we speak.

  54. Riö – The Evil Pug
    5:23 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Boat!….So Barb did not miss the boat after all and youse guys aren’t doing as great a job as I thought…grunt!

  55. Barb & Maggie
    5:34 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Rio, We are already signed up with Bee on the Checkpoint.

  56. Siber-H
    5:35 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Rio, I asked mom why there were two checks instead of just one and she said, “Don’t ask”.

  57. Masquers
    5:47 pm on February 17th, 2012

    AHEM. Final tally on the Magnets & Decals!

    Decals: Watercolor (138) Digital (50)

    Magnets: Digital (168) Spirit team (137) Watercolor (sold out, but hopefully we can get in a new supply shortly)

    Wolfie is working on the back-order and Melanie will be posting photos shortly.

    Barb: You didn’t miss out! There are plenty to go around. Just let us know how many you want.

    Plunderers place your orders now. Wolfie is standing by.
    So far we’ve heard from: Rose, Dawson, Tyb, the Howlers.

    B: May I suggest you listen to Rio and hold off on sending your check for the balance to Snowhook. He is rallying the troups to step up and cover the remaining funds needed for the checkpoint. Also, some will be mailing checks in memory of Brandy and this will take longer.

  58. Masquers
    5:53 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Hmmm…That was supposed to be my count, although Bear just took credit for it. Everyone knows he can’t count past two!

  59. T.C.
    5:56 pm on February 17th, 2012

    We knew that, Masquers. We got the same issue with the Howlers.

    Well, it is Pizza (and Wine) Night…so we are signing off early. Good night all.

  60. Siber-H
    6:09 pm on February 17th, 2012

    I don’t understqnd what we are suppose to be doing.
    Melanie is going to put up photos, right? Photos of items we can order, right?

    We send our order to Wolfie, right?

    Who do we send the money to and how do we know the costs of the items?

  61. Barb & Maggie
    6:13 pm on February 17th, 2012

    We were just going to say the same thing. How much are the magnets? And all the other stuff Siber just said.

  62. Siber-H
    6:15 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Stover needs more help in her sponsorship of Brandy’s checkpoint!!!

    This is our last chance to help Snowhook before the Iditarod!

  63. Mollypop's Mom
    6:18 pm on February 17th, 2012

    /* venting on
    I am a Buffalo Sabres fan. I live in Upstate New york. Anything that is not New York City is Upstate – look at a map – north to Watertown, west to us, all farmland (they think). There has been a problem between MSG and Time Warner Cable (TWC) so that there have been no Sabre’s games shown here since Jan. 1st.

    Now, the guys who live downstate (that means the NYC area) are deprived of the Knick’s games with Jeremy Lin, and all of a sudden they can’t see their games. So, now the dispute has magically been settled.
    /* venting off

  64. Masquers
    6:18 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Okay. Here’s the deal, Siber and Magpie.

    Melanie will be putting up new photos so you have a clear idea of what you are ordering.
    You send your order to Wolfie.
    Lastly, but most importantly, send a donation to Snowhook (whatever amount you decide)

  65. Siber-H
    6:34 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Thanks, Masquers

  66. Melanie
    6:38 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Folks, today was rough. Glad Dan will be coming home, but the rehab’s set some rules which means our lives will not be the same.

    Dan is much stronger but his balance is terrible. His bones are very fragile.

    This means He is not allowed to be at home on his own for any extended length of time.
    When the dogs are in the room, he must have someone walk with him and his walker.
    He must use the walker at all times.
    He may not go outside without someone with him.
    He has to wear a belt on the outside of his clothes that is made especially to grab on to by the person walking with him.
    Dan is not allowed in the kitchen unless he’s getting a glass of water.
    He may not cook or get anything out of the refrigerator.

    I think he’ll be fine in the beginning. He’ll be very happy to be home.
    It’s after some time home that I’m concerned about.

    So the photos ill be up tomorrow. I spent a great time napping today.

  67. Siber-H
    7:02 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Melanie, whenever you get the photos up is fine with us. I just want you to take care of yourself. I’m glad Dan is coming home and I know he is happy about it, but this will be tough on you and Zoe.

  68. Masquers
    7:28 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Ditto to what Siber said.
    Melanie: You are the most important to us right now. Please get some rest.

  69. Barb & Maggie
    7:44 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Ditto, ditto. Melanie, take care of yourself!

  70. Kirby T. Penworthy
    7:51 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Hey, y’all! Mom is back from the movie and shopping. Today was payday, so she says she’d be glad to go in with B for Brandy’s checkpoint! She’ll send a check to Snowhook tomorrow.

  71. Rose
    8:01 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Melanie: Please do take care of yourself. You are not only important to us here on the blog, but to Dan, Zoe, YSAS, OTAS, FOATS and the Newfs.

    Rio: I’m part of Stover’s team too.

  72. Kirby T. Penworthy
    8:02 pm on February 17th, 2012

    B: Check your SDD.

  73. Melanie
    8:15 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Will be take care of myself. Will make sure Zoe takes care of herself.

    Crawling under the quilt! TTFN

  74. Snowhook Bella
    8:20 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Melanie: Fathers rank much higher than photos of magnets and patches. Take care of yourself. I branched out and left some eclairs at the center of the blanket; I’m slowly working my way to the edge so there is plenty of room.

    Ahem: I am pleased to announce that the Ophir checkpoint—as in ‘Mon ophir here so we can snuggle up right tight’ was sponsored today by Mr. Redbone Hound in honor of his sweetie, Miz Macy.

    B: I am getting emails from folks who want to help with Brandy’s checkpoint. I will tally tomorrow and keep you posted.

    Good news: If you ever been to the vet for an emergency you know it isn’t cheap. As luck would have it, if there is any luck in the loss of a dog, I received a call from a sponsor that morning that they were going to do a small sponsorship. Those funds went directly toward the vet bill. We are grateful to have had those funds. I’ve been saving my airline miles to get to Nome but I don’t have enough; the money I has saved for the difference also went to the vet bill. This week I’ve been wondering how I will get to Nome and stressing about it, yet today another blessing occurred. I was at work when a colleague walked into my office and asked if he could get me to Nome. I hadn’t said anything to him; he will use his miles to purchase my ticket. I can’t believe it.

  75. Kirby T. Penworthy
    8:24 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Rebecca: Sounds like kismet — some things are just meant to be!

  76. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:43 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Melanie!….Life will change for you and Zoe and even the Pack…sniff!…We here have been through some major life changing things this past year and it Sucks Big Time. Just ask my friend…..grunt!…But time will go by and the changes you have to make will become the Norm and then it won’t Suck So Bad, maybe….wheeze! …I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m sorry you have to go through all this….sniffle!…And the offer to join someone up at the Cabin In the Mountains is still on the table….wuffle!

  77. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:56 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Rebecca!….That is amazing news!…WooooHoooo!…So its settled once and for all. YOU ARE GOING TO NOME!….snort!snort!

  78. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    9:01 pm on February 17th, 2012

    It will be a challenge, no doubt, Melanie. Getting older sucks. And youth really is wasted on the young.

  79. Siber-H
    9:24 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Woo Woo Rebecca is going to Nome!!

    It is Valentine’s Day week!! Redbone is sponsoring a checkpoint in honor of Miss Macy. That is so sweet. Thank you, Mr. Redbone

  80. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    9:27 pm on February 17th, 2012

    My goodness, the race is still two weeks away and already there has been much excitement. Rebecca, that is wonderful news regarding the plane ticket!!

    Rio, you are a hero for speaking up when you did! These past few weeks have been richly rewarding because we have been able to pull together and help Rebecca and the Giant achieve their dream. I have been blessed.

    Soon we will begin our Circle of Prayer. If it doesn’t sound too shallow, perhaps
    we can ask for a low bib number for AJ? And we can ask the Creator to help Dan accept his limitations also.

  81. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:28 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Redbone!….Well, I have read and re-read Rebecca’s post above several times so correct me if I am misreading it, but it sounds like Redbone Hound is sponsoring a full Checkpoint all his own for Macy!…..Wow!Wow!Wow!….I thought he had given his last plug nickel to the Brandy Checkpoint and here he goes sponsoring a WHOLE checkpoint!….Wheeze!….This is Amazing, Awesome and Great news!….snort! ….Redbone Hound you truly are a gentleman and that Shine must be making you some real money….Woooooooo!

  82. Siber-H
    9:35 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Mom keeps telling me that Redbone is a true gentleman. I think she is trying to tell me something.

  83. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    9:53 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Rio, I think he is paying for a share.

  84. B.Stover
    10:07 pm on February 17th, 2012

    I’ll wait a bit to send my check to Snowhook. I’ll also wait for Rebecca’s email to let me know how much more is needed. Thank you Jay and Kirby T.

    I really liked Woman in Black and Daniel Radcliff did a good job.

  85. dawson
    10:09 pm on February 17th, 2012

    I read it that Mr. Redbone is buying his sweetheart a whole checkpoint! And putting in for a share of Brandy’s checkpoint. That’s what I think. No one pays me for thinking so I could be wrong.
    Whoo hooo! Rebecca is going to Nome! That is great news! And the vet bill is paid. Is the whole vet bill paid for, Rebecca?

  86. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:10 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Wolfie!…I think you are mistaken….snort!…Re-read Rebecca’s post above regarding Redbone Hounds sponsorship of “Ophir checkpoint”…snort!….For Macy!

    Gentleman!….Redbone is indeed what you call a ‘Southern Gentleman’ and he has deep pockets too…snort!….Macy would do well sticking with a guy like that seeing as her current situation is a might teeter-tottering luxury-wise…heh! … But this is what I am talking about! Any of us here can gather a group and sponsor a special Checkpoint in the name of a loved one. Any of us!….snort!… I think the count is, and correct me if I am wrong, 14 ta 23….grunt!…Meaning there are 14 Checkpoints covered and 9 to go!….wheeze!….The good news is we still have a couple of weeks to figure out how to get this done! Now if more Gentleman like ole Redbone and gals like Stover would step forward it would be a Snap!….snort!

  87. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:17 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Stover!…What is Women In Black about?….snort!….That sounds so familiar and yet I can’t place it…grunt!

  88. Barb & Maggie
    10:27 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Good night all. Will catch up in the morning. Sweet dreams.

  89. B.Stover
    10:28 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Rio: You may be thinking of Woman in White which is a novel by Wilkie Collins.

    Woman in Black is a ghost story with a haunted house. Children see the Woman in Black and then die. People in the audience at the movie theater screamed in several parts. Warning: I did not like the ending. Carin Hinds is the other main actor in it.

  90. Beau - The Black Pug
    10:31 pm on February 17th, 2012

    sniff!…Rio won’t pose for a photo with me.. That makes me Mad…gurgle.

  91. B.Stover
    10:33 pm on February 17th, 2012

    That should be Ciaran Hinds.

  92. Rio – The Evil Pug
    10:46 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Gah!….That Women In Black movie is not one we will soon be seeing…grunt!…We have enough Black Scariness to contend with….snort!

  93. Redbone Hound
    10:48 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Well, Mama is finally washing the clay off her hands and sitting down with us. She sure is happy these days, sitting in her Mud Room and making messes.

    Sounds like there’s been a lot going on today.

    Bella – we have a feeling that the Plunderers are not the only ones who think you and AJ and the fur balls are special. Very happy for you. “Fly Me to the Nome”.

    Bee – you are braver than our Mama – she is too scared to see “Woman in Black” even though the reviews are very good.

  94. Tupper and Gilly
    10:52 pm on February 17th, 2012

    oh come on!

  95. Tupper and Gilly
    10:54 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Seriously – do we LOOK like a long legged, southern drawling hound???

  96. Siber-H
    10:54 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Hi Beau! Glad you could join us.
    Rio can just Cowboy Up and pose for a photo with you. It won’t hurt him.

    We are turning in
    night all

  97. Tupper and Gilly
    10:55 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Geez – we don’t even look like US!

  98. Tupper and Gilly
    10:57 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Giving up – now we can’t even post. Keeps saying we already said that – and we didn’t.

  99. Rio – The Evil Pug
    10:57 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Redbone!….Your Mama works in clay too?….snort!… Her and Golinka should get together and communicate about your different techniques…heh!….Wouldn’t that be something!…chuffle!

  100. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    10:59 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Hey, something crazy is happening with the Avatars! And it was just after the discussion of the Woman in Black……..


  101. B.Stover
    11:03 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Wolfie: LOL!

    Talk to you all tomorrow.

  102. Staff
    11:06 pm on February 17th, 2012

    funny what problems clay can cause when hands and computers meet.

    Gotta get up early tomorrow for sticking. Wish I had a good Chet and Bernie mystery that I hadn’t already read, to read. Hey B, how can you tell when you pronounce read red and when you pronounce read reed?

    I just thought that one up.

    Good job on the checkpoints and Melanie I know exactly what you are going through right now. Pleasure and Pain for sure.

    Night all.

  103. Rio – The Evil Pug
    11:11 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Ooops!…snort!…Did I miss sumthing about Redbone?…heh!…We are staying up late watching Damages….grunt!…It takes a lot of concentration by golly…wheeze!sneeze!

  104. Macy the Min-pin
    11:14 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Oh, I am so flustered. Whatever the situation, I am so honored. Mr. Hound, sir, you are indeed my Valentine. *smooch*

  105. Rio – The Evil Pug
    11:24 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Toy!…. Oh my, someone’s mother brought home a New Toy today…grunt!…. I’m not really into toys unless you can eat them, but Beau still loves a good toy…wheeze!….Right now he is madly in love with this new toy she bought today. It is nice and flat so he can get his mouth around it. It sort of looks like a Kat…chuffle!….I want my friend to take a photo of it so youse guys can see this thing that he desires so much….heh!…I swear he is truly in Love with it!…chorkel! …Right now he is sleeping with it….heh!

  106. Rio – The Evil Pug
    11:42 pm on February 17th, 2012

    Early!…Good night for a Friday but someone here has decided its been a very long week, and we all need to get some shut-eye…grunt!… She has 4 projects to work on this weekend and she is freaking out about how to get it all done…sneeze!…Not my problem so I say Goodnight all.

    Chet!…Some One else needs to start a new Chet-Checkpoint Campaign…heh!heh!…Someone by the name of Spencer!….Goodnight!

  107. BearSpiritDog
    1:22 am on February 18th, 2012

    Time to hit the hay, hey.
    Tomorrow’s another day.
    With mail to be sent
    Before the holiday.
    ‘night all – Bear

  108. Snowhook Bella
    1:24 am on February 18th, 2012

    Miz Macy: The first email I checked this morning said two things: 1) that Mr. Redbone was sponsoring a checkpoint in your honor, and 2) I got to choose the checkpoint. I could hear Mr. Redbone’s drawl in my head combined with a certain Min-pin’s humor, and the line “‘mon Ophir here so we can snuggle…” kept coming to mind. What a beau you have…

    Speaking of Beau! Welcome, Beau! Please tell your friend that I will gladly accept a photo of you in a striking pose and a blur of an evil pug if that is all he will allow. It won’t be right not to have him on the trail.

    I am still in shock at the offer to cover my travel to Nome. I haven’t spoken with this contact in a few weeks. It was an out of the blue offer. I am so grateful.

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