Ruff Vs. Fluff: The First Paragraph

(Coming in March; middle-grade but available to adults with fake ID; fake ID happily supplied here – just send $1000 in small unmarked bills. Have a nice day!)

Chapter One: Queenie

I have the most beautiful voice. I use it to say just one thing: Me-ow! Have you ever heard anything so lovely? And it starts with “me”! How great is that? I love starting with me. In fact, I have no time for anything that doesn’t start with me and keep on going with me right until it ends, with me. Me – or actually ME – is how I think of myself, but you can call me Queenie, like all the other humans. Call me Queenie – but don’t expect me to come, or perform some stupid trick, or pay the slightest attention to you. You have my permission to look at me all you want. I don’t blame you. I’m a thing of beauty.


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18 Responses to “Ruff Vs. Fluff: The First Paragraph”

  1. Herd of Hounds
    8:27 am on November 26th, 2018

    Good morning everyone. Oh good grief, OFA seems to have catspeak down to a “c”.
    Enjoy this BooBear Monday.

  2. B.Stover
    10:35 am on November 26th, 2018

    This novel is going to be fun!

    Good morning all.

  3. Masquers
    11:56 am on November 26th, 2018

    That Queenie definitely has a katitude!

  4. Wose-The Small and Meek
    11:59 am on November 26th, 2018


    If “Ruff vs. Fluff” is made into a film, Alice M. Johnson would be perfect as Queenie! :^)

    Cyber Monday! Are any of youse shopping on-line?

    Good day to all!

  5. Masquers
    12:54 pm on November 26th, 2018

    Rose: We agree…Alice would be purrfect for the part!

  6. Thieves!
    2:10 pm on November 26th, 2018

    Wose: In am ongoing effort to teach Butch and Sundance the right way of life, we began today with shopping. We were teaching them the finer points of Siber Monday and ponies and Beau’s credit card when Luna found us. Our curriculum quickly changed from shopping to being forgiven. They are naturals.

  7. BooBear
    3:20 pm on November 26th, 2018

    Hi, guys! Mom spent her first full day of retirement at the social security office getting registered for Medicare Part B. Actually, she spent 3 hours waiting and 15 minutes with the representative.

    WOSE! Our Plunderer calendar came today! As always, you have outdone yourself! We love it! Everybody, be sure to check out July (teehee)! Thank you for your hard work and dedication on this project. Mom always loves it!

  8. Wose-The Small and Meek
    4:01 pm on November 26th, 2018

    Thieves! As long as you are not shopping for a new attorney… :^)

    BooBear: Looks like yours was first to arrive! I am glad you like it! It is the pictures that you all post to this here blog that make the calendar great!

  9. Thieves!
    4:27 pm on November 26th, 2018

    We wouldn’t dare or even desire to search for a new attorney. Do you know how hard it is to find a forgiving attorney who doesn’t ask a lot of questions. We sometimes fear that we don’t give him enough of a challenge and that he will get bored with us. We are committed to stepping up our game. Loyalty also means a lot of us. We get that from our Lady.

  10. Thieves!
    4:28 pm on November 26th, 2018

    Wose: We need to get the check in the mail! Yeep!

  11. Wose-The Small and Meek
    4:30 pm on November 26th, 2018

    Thieves! It is my humble opinion that youse have the best attorney around!

  12. Hobbitz
    4:39 pm on November 26th, 2018

    Wose: another Me Too moment: now that I can write better, I need to send you $20 to release a calendar to me.

    I have changed Mr. Big’s name to Mr. Too Big.

  13. Thieves!
    4:39 pm on November 26th, 2018

    Wose: We know we have the best attorney. We aren’t humble about it. We are hopeful he will take on Butch and Sundance as clients. We feel letting him know that they are not as well behaved as us is the honorable thing to do. We want him to go into it with his eyes open.

  14. Loulou
    5:24 pm on November 26th, 2018

    Thieves, there will be a new lawyer on the scene in a while. Princess Sam and Chloe’s girl will be graduating with a law and mba degree. She’s already working at a law firm while finishing up. The important thing is she’s never seen the likes of you guys. Hee hee. Easily manipulated.

  15. BooBear
    8:15 pm on November 26th, 2018

    LouLou! Already? Wasn’t it just yesterday that she left for college?

  16. dawson
    8:24 pm on November 26th, 2018

    Omg – Queenie!

    BooBear: I’m with you. Princess Sam’s and Chloe’s girl just left for college yesterday or, at most, last year!
    Btw: Congratulations to your Mum on her retirement! Now that took a long time.

    Wose: Did you get my check yet? Dam postal strike!

  17. Wose-The Small and Meek
    8:33 pm on November 26th, 2018

    LouLou: I can’t believe Sammie’s girl is graduating already!

    Dawson: Not yet, but the postal service on this side leaves something to be desired…

  18. Herd of Hounds
    8:42 pm on November 26th, 2018

    Done with law school already? Time surely does fly!

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