RIP: Peter Falk

“That raincoat!” says Admin.

“The turning back on his way out for one more thing thing!” Spence says.

“Don’t forget those movies he made with John Cassavetes.”

“Husbands. A Woman Under the Influence.”

“Cassavetes still among the living?”

“Nope. Not for  a long time.”

“RIP him, too.”

Welcome Buddy and Boomer.

And here’s a thing of beauty that we never get tired of:


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144 Responses to “RIP: Peter Falk”

  1. Tyb
    8:03 am on June 25th, 2011

    Good Morning, All,
    Perhaps this is another thing I missed in my absence; do we know how and when to access the auction site?

  2. Barb & Maggie
    8:24 am on June 25th, 2011

    Yes, Peter Falk was a classic! His raincoat finally wore out and had to be replaced after it was about 25 years old. He was 83.

    Beautiful day here, good morning TYB.

    We need Melanie and an explanation of E & F. Still don’t have a clue.

  3. Barb & Maggie
    8:30 am on June 25th, 2011

    Barb’s daughter Kelly and son Josh, and some of their friends are going to an outdoor Jimmy Buffett concert today. She said some of the fans (Parrot Heads) bring in sand, wading pools, beach gear, etc. They dress in costumes and really get into it. Sounds like a lot of work to me!

  4. Melanie
    8:51 am on June 25th, 2011

    Good Morning! I’m saying “good” in a relative sense in that tomorrow the sun is to shine!

    The storm clouds headed our way would sound like “E . . .F” snicker
    That’s the beginning of the shark theme in “Jaws”.

    I love Jimmy Buffett! I remember once I went to a “la dee da” party giving in honor of an artist I knew down in VA. He was an artist but the people at the party were rich artsey people.

    I’m wandering around, trying to figure out why I was there, and listening in on people’s conversations of who, what and where, of people I didn’t care about, when I guy came up to talk. His opening gambit was “Have you heard that new musician, James Buffet.” He pronounced Buffet as the french term for a lot of food on the table.

    I’m thinking, I’m thinking, I’m thinking . . . then it hits me.

    “Oh, you mean Jimmy Buffett!” And I laugh.

    That closed that conversation in a hurry. I tell you, you can clean me up, but you can’t take me anywhere.

    My friend enjoyed the conversation though!

  5. Rose
    9:31 am on June 25th, 2011

    Good Morning Eveyone!

    I was very sad to hear about Peter Falk.

    Rio: Okay, NY gave the Rockies this one. But CC is pitching today. Still two more games to go, then we’ll discuss whether it’s domestic or imported that you would like.

    BTW: It is Old Timers Day at the Stadium on Sunday.

  6. Rose
    9:50 am on June 25th, 2011

    Good Morning Melanie!

    Just reading back yesterday’s blog. “Gone Baby Gone” was an excellent film, and as you said, very sad. I was a bit unhappy with the casting of Angie in the film though, as she is Italian in the novels, and Michelle Monaghan is not. Did love Casey Affleck as Patrick though. Have you read the Patrick and Angie series by Dennis Lehane? I love those books, and Dennis Lehane too. He is an excellent writer. The Prof and I met him last year at the Boston Book Festival. Saw Bill Bryson lecture there as well. (The Prof loves his books).

  7. Rose
    9:52 am on June 25th, 2011


    After eight o’clock, I was in an out of the game. I have to share the TV with the Prof, because wrestling was on, and the Prof is a fan.

  8. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    10:14 am on June 25th, 2011

    Good Morning, everyone!

    Snowhook is officially entering the Iditarod!

    Whoo Hooooo!

    I was trying to remember the name of the Bill Byson book that I enjoyed so much……”A Walk in the Woods.”. See, I am not completely brain dead yet!

  9. Snowhook Bella
    10:15 am on June 25th, 2011

    Today is the day! Today is the day! We finished the majority of the race entrance paperwork last night. All that is left for me to do is re-write AJ’s race bio (if I have time) and list our kennel sponsors.

    Tyb: I am still in the process of building the auction page and it will be launched once the auction starts—July 2nd. Oh, I love seeing all the wonderful auction items…thanks to all of you.

  10. Rose
    10:18 am on June 25th, 2011

    Hi Wolfie: I think the Prof read that one. He just finished “At Home.” He got the book at the BBF, and Bill Bryson signed it.

    Rebecca: WhooHooo!
    BTW: I just wanted to let you know I have not yet received the surprise.

    Sorry, B: Boston Book Festival….

  11. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    10:23 am on June 25th, 2011

    And speaking of Snowhook, I am having fun reading everyone’s notes!

    Amalia, from the PR publishers, has been wonderful. We still don’t have an exact patch price, but I am hoping that the patch people will accept a credit card. Mom said that we can use ours. Too bad we can’t use the Plunderers secret mission credit card so that we could donate all the patch money to Snowhook. However, technically this isn’t a mission and would be a misuse of funds.

  12. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    10:27 am on June 25th, 2011

    **I am referring to the notes that are accompanying the checks!

  13. Masquers
    10:37 am on June 25th, 2011

    Good Morning!

    What a fabulous day we had yesterday! Good news for Rio, Wookie and Siber-H – the Rockies win to, of all teams, the infamous New York Yankees (sorry Rose); Kirby’s team won in an action filled 13th inning nailbitter; Prof Stover sorted out the meanings of Aweful, Awful, Awfully & Awesome; Melanie made a dramatic exit from the Blog with the mysterious ‘E’-‘F’-Acronym; Commander Rio explained Admin’s concept of Time.

    Now, what can we do to top it off today?

  14. Barb & Maggie
    10:38 am on June 25th, 2011

    Melanie, Your Jimmy Buffett story was a hoot.

    My gang is not going in costume, but they are taking makings of rum barrels. All but Josh are drinking. He is their DD (sorry, Bee).

    Barb is doing a less light hearted thing today, but an important one. She is going to a cookout-fund raiser for a young family in need. They have 4 kids and a beuatiful little farmette with dogs, cats, chickens, goats and donkeys. Great family people. Well anyhow, he was diagnoised with terminal brain cancer (gioblastoma multiforma, the worst kind) at Christmas. Doesn’t have much longer. Sad, sad situation. In these small communities, people come together to help.

    Right now, out for some yard work. Sun is shinning and a beautiful day. BBL

  15. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    10:43 am on June 25th, 2011


    Here’s something: We can sign up for the Iditarod newsletter and download a free book. It is ‘A Cold Day for Murder’, written by Dana Stabenow.

    How cool is that?

  16. B.Stover
    10:44 am on June 25th, 2011

    Good morning Spence and Admin and everyone.

    Thank you for the explanation Rose. I was going to start grumping again.

  17. Siber-H
    10:47 am on June 25th, 2011

    TYB, When it comes time for the auction, one of the plunderers can explain to both of us exactly how it is going to work.

    I love seeing the patch up there on Chet’s blog. You know, the artwork on that patch could be turned into a tee-shirt…just a thought.

    crapola, CC is pitching today.

  18. dawson
    10:47 am on June 25th, 2011

    Good morning everyone.

    Today’s the day. Iditarod bound. Everybody start concentrating on Snowhook winning their entrance fee back. That would be wonderful. Go Snowhook go!

    Good to hear from you Tyb.

  19. Siber-H
    10:57 am on June 25th, 2011

    Iditarod Bound reminds me of a song by Gordon Lightfoot, “Alberta Bound” great song

    Great Jimmy Buffet story, Melanie. My folks have seen him in concert a couple of times and Gordon Lightfoot several times.

    Barb, I hope they raise a lot of money for that young family.

  20. Melanie
    11:23 am on June 25th, 2011

    Hmmm. . . PR person is Ariele not the other name.
    The other name helped with the Patch’s design.
    You might also call her the Royal Mum . . .

    Barb, hope the fund raising goes well.

    The Rockies won? Hot digging dog! (also known as Siber-H)
    Sorry Rose, but being the mom of two Red Sox fans . . .

    YSAS was doing his walk about in NYC yesterday and was wearing his baseball cap with a red B on it, and a tee shirt that said Wicked Big Red Sox Fan.

    On every block someone had to shout out “Yankees!”


  21. Masquers
    11:26 am on June 25th, 2011

    Wolfie: That is very cool! I do love a good mystery.

    Speaking of which, Peter Falk as Columbio was a favorite of mine. And John Cassavetes was an excellent writer/actor/director.

    Rose: We here love Bill Byson’s books, one of our favorites being: “The Life & Times of the Thunderbolt Kid”

    Prof.B: Do you have an answer to Mr.Redbone’s question of last night regarding the word awfully, and how the Southern colloquialism of awful came about? It was quite amazing to me to find the word “awfully” used as an adverb, but then again, Mr. Webster does include many common slang expressions of the times in his big book of words and their meanings.

  22. Melanie
    11:27 am on June 25th, 2011

    Forgot to say . . .

    Riö, your finishing comment last night was Awesome!

  23. Melanie
    11:37 am on June 25th, 2011

    This pic was on the National Geographic site.
    It’s from Norway, but . . .


  24. Melanie
    11:38 am on June 25th, 2011

    Let me try again.

  25. BearSpiritDog
    11:56 am on June 25th, 2011

    Good Morning & Happy Weekend!

    Looks like the Plunderers are hitting the floor running.

    SnowBella dashing off to submit the paperwork for the 2012 race, working on completing the auction page, then off to the lower states.

    Barb&Maggie helping out with a fund-raiser for a local family in need. (Barb, that is a very endearing term: “farmette”, which I am assuming means small farm. Although, with all those animals, does the term “small” apply?

    Rio & friend moving more things from the other house (a job we certainly do not envy them)

    Everyone else doing the things you do on a daily basis to ensure the comfort, safety and well-being of loved ones.

    I’ll be back after that very best meal of the day: “Break-Fast”

  26. B.Stover
    12:19 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Did I miss a question from Redbone? Sorry. “Awfully” is the more formal usage of the adverb; “awful” is less formal. Of course, in English we often form adverbs by adding “ly” to adjectives. Here is one of my favorite quotations from Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence: “…the drawing room in which New York’s most chosen company was somewhat awfully assembled.”

  27. B.Stover
    12:21 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Here is an acronym from an article in the NYTimes: TBR. I now know what it means solely on the context of the sentence. Is it familiar to everyone?

  28. Melanie
    12:33 pm on June 25th, 2011

    B.Stover: I went to The Free Dictionary and the acronym TBR has 39 different meanings.

    Those that might fit your NYTimes article?
    To Be Read
    To Be Released
    Technology Business Research
    To Be Reviewed
    To Be Revised . . .

    Or perhaps:
    Total business Return
    Tennessee Board of Regesnts
    Tag Bit Rate
    Or my favorite . . .
    The Burning Reel?

  29. OleyHowlers
    12:36 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Hello to all. Rio, very great insight with your last comment last night. Of course, we were sound asleep by then.
    Barb, wonderful that you are helping out that family and their farmette. Mom’s sis had that same thing…that was the reason for Dima’s Great Adventure all the way to the Boston area 3 years ago.
    Cool pic, Melanie…almost makes us miss snow.
    Mom and Pop also love Peter Falk…and the raincoat.
    And best thing of all today…Snowhook is registering for 2012 Iditarod !!!!! YAY GO SNOWHOOK!

  30. dawson
    12:37 pm on June 25th, 2011

    B.Stover: I am not familiar with TBR.
    The sun is shining – I’m going out to the garden to weed.
    Melanie: I love the Norway dogs with their tongues hanging out.
    Rose, SiberH or Rio: Who is CC?
    I love Gordon Lightfoot. I enjoyed The Thunderbolt Kid by Bryson. I had to look up Dennis Lahane.

  31. OleyHowlers
    12:38 pm on June 25th, 2011

    O yeah…as far as we know, Dawson the husky is still with his Foster Family.

  32. Siber-H
    12:44 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Dawson, I don’t know what CC stands for, but he is the Yankees pitcher today. He is very good, with a record of 9-2 this season. The Rockies are going to get slaughtered, I’m afraid. The Rockies pitcher has a record of 0-2 this season, but he was on the DL list.

  33. B.Stover
    12:51 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Here’s a link to the NYTimes article. TBR is in the first paragraph–to be read.

  34. B.Stover
    12:54 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Doesn’t Melanie’s list including 39 “meanings” of an acronym demonstrate my objection to them? Grump…..

  35. OleyHowlers
    12:58 pm on June 25th, 2011

    B: In our home, only certain acronyms are acceptable. Such as FPs (Frosty Paws), WA (walks). Some others that Mom & Pop are afraid to speak for fear of getting us huskies too excitable. But we have them all figured out.

  36. BearSpiritDog
    1:01 pm on June 25th, 2011

    B: Acronyms make my head spin! It is like those scrambled word puzzles – a scrambled brain is what I end up with. TBR, no clue and only know TYB is Thank You Blou because it was explained to me by TYB himself.

    Siber-H! The Iditarod T-Shirt is an Excellent idea! (I might even go so far as to say Awesome, as in awe-inspiring) They would go like hotcakes (to borrow a breakfast term, heh,heh) I can picture it now: “Chet & the Plunderer’s Excellent Iditarod Adventures”

    Kirby: The name of the USC (U of So.Carolina?) is a very unusual name, if I may say so. What is the background on it?

    Melanie: Your funny story of “James Boofay” reminds us of a California acquaintance of Nana’s,;’/ who is Spanish. She always pronounced Buffet – a meal at which guests serve themselves, as Buffett – as in Jimmy. Just the opposite of what that party-goer said.

  37. BearSpiritDog
    1:12 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Kirby: that is unusual as in the name of the team, not the University…

    Melanie; Forgot to say – loved the Norway sled dogs!

    Hi O.Howlers: I know what you mean – we always figure out those words too. Silly humans – treating us like kids – spelling words out and using abbreviations.

    B: I’m going to check out the NYTimes article now.

  38. Barb & Maggie
    1:30 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Bear, A farmette is a term we use here in the midwest, meaning a small acerage(usually 5-10 acres) where one does some farm activities as a hobby. They also refer to them as “hobby farms”. Not enough acerage to farm as an occupation, but enough that you could be self-sustaining if you wanted. Realtors use those terms around here, too. We have a farmette, and it is 5 acres.

    Oley, how is your Mom’s sister doing with her condition? That is the same cancer that Ted Kennedy had.

    Barb is taking off for the fund raiser. BBL

  39. Melanie
    1:31 pm on June 25th, 2011


    To Be Read!

    (whispering) the sun is shining right now. have to talk in small letters. don’t want it to hear me and disappear.

  40. Melanie
    1:41 pm on June 25th, 2011

    There are various acronyms that I could use after reading that article.
    None of which are appropriate for this blog.

    You don’t understand a era of literature because you haven’t read ALL of it?

    Ummm. Totally weird that this person has to input data into a computer to get some sort of “scientific” understanding of literature.

    Why on earth would anyone want to deconstruct an entire genre to bits and pieces and then have it spit out information based upon “the”?

    My feeling
    Science writing does not equate with literature.
    SW ≠ LW
    and it never will.

  41. dawson
    1:51 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Huh? Duh!

  42. BearSpiritDog
    1:54 pm on June 25th, 2011

    B.Stover: That NYTimes article was most interesting. TBR, “to be read” Now I know. I also know that “Ars longa, vita brevis” means Art is long, life is short. But the article especially calls attention to the overwhelming amount of reading material out there. Besides books, I am reminded of the tremendous amount of information overload coming at us from all sides – books, newspapers, blogs, radio, tv, websites, emails. It all becomes more than one can keep up with. Alvin Toffler warned about this in his 1970 book, Future Shock. It is Now the Future and we are all in Shock.

  43. B.Stover
    1:57 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Thank you Melanie. I was feeling even more grumpy after reading that article.

  44. masquers
    2:02 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Bear! I think you missed the point.

  45. Riö - The Evil Pug
    2:05 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Wha!?….Oh no, Melanie is making up acronyms again!…grump!

    Rockies!…They are NOT going to get creamed today!…snort!…CC or no CC! Just watch…dammit!

    Rose!… I definitely do not remember making a bet with you over this series?….snort!…What was it again? Remember I cannot leave my yard!…sniff!

  46. Tupper and Gilly
    2:07 pm on June 25th, 2011

    As to the acronym of TBR:

    Tupper’s version – Tummy Brushing Requested

    Gilly’s version – To Be Rounded-up

    Sage’s version – Totally Beautiful & Regal

    Basil’s version – Where’s the catnip?
    (told ya, Basil is a coule of olives short of a martini)

  47. Melanie
    2:24 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Riö, I’m cheering the Rockies on because they need to take a sweep.

    (Is that the right way to say that?)

  48. Riö - The Evil Pug
    2:25 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Upstairs!….We have to go upstairs and make some spaghetti sauce…sniff!sniff!…Or at least someone does and I will be watching her like a hawk…heh!

  49. Siber-H
    2:31 pm on June 25th, 2011

    The drawing for the free Iditarod Entry fee is at 4 pm, Alaska Time. The Iditarod website says there will be a drawing for two free entry fees.

  50. Alice M. Johnson
    2:44 pm on June 25th, 2011


    Facebook says it is Spence’s birthday this coming Tuesday. Maybe we should have a party. I will bring some carrot cake. We could meet at Audrey’s. She can keep a secret can’t she, Wookie?

  51. dawson
    2:45 pm on June 25th, 2011

    One drawing is of all the mushers who have signed up and the other drawing is the mushers signed up who are present at Wasilla where the drawing is held.

  52. Tyb
    2:55 pm on June 25th, 2011

    I agree that the T shirt is a good idea. The problem could be licensing. Who designed it and how would we get permission to use it without violating a copyright?

  53. BearSpiritDog
    2:55 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Dawson: So that means AJ must go to Wasilla in order to qualify for that drawing, but for the other drawing the mushers do not need to be present, right? Do you know when each drawing is held?

  54. BearSpiritDog
    3:00 pm on June 25th, 2011

    TYB: I believe 2 of the Plunderers, Melanie and the Royal Mum, were the sole Grand Designers of the Patch. However, Rio did mention something earlier about the need for a copyright.

  55. Riö - The Evil Pug
    3:14 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Patch!…There were a few others involved in the patch Bear, lets just say it was a group effort….grump! …Why do some guys always like to spout off about stuff they do not know all the details about?…grunt!

    Sauce!… Made. Now we are going to finish the game, possibly before she get to go to a house warming party….grumble!

  56. Siber-H
    3:16 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Dawson, Thanks, I didn’t know there was a difference in the drawings. I’m half asleep and the Rockies, well, they aren’t winning.

    Wookie might know the answer to our question about the patch and the copyright.

    Alice, a party for Spence is a great idea but we need more than just carrot cake, which I can live without, BTW
    Salmon Bonbons and Salmon Jerky would be a winner.

  57. Melanie
    3:20 pm on June 25th, 2011

    OOOOHhhhhhh, hmm, what will The Pack bring. Hmmm. I have a doc’s appointment in the afternoon, but we could join in the evening. I’d even stay up with the Pack for THAT party.

    Hmmmm. . . I could bring Gummy Sharks in honor of the documentary. Maybe Riö could talk Admin into the shark cage.

    How about Tropical Gummy Bears for the time Chet went down to the Islands?

    And Gummy Alphabet Letters for the writer!

    Who would the Gummy Clown Fish be for?

    Can you tell I found a site that sells gummy things? and then search for gummy. YSAS loves gummies!

  58. dawson
    3:37 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Siber H and BearSpiritDog: Excuse the delay…I keep running out to the garden. My roses are blooming! Yummy.
    The draw for all the mushers that have signed up is at 3:45 and the draw for the mushers who have signed up and are present at Wasilla is at 4:00. Willow is 28 miles from Wasilla.

    Snowhook Bella: Drive to Wasilla by 3:45! Just in case I have the times mixed up.

  59. dawson
    3:41 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Alice Johnson: You like carrot cake?!

    Siber H: I’m debating signing up for…that Iditarod stuff. I figure that if you can navigate around it, maybe I can too.

  60. dawson
    3:49 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Eye on the Trail – Iditarod Blog. That’s where I got this information and FYI 😉 it also says that the number picked at this drawing is the number you get at the Musher Drawing on March 1, 2012. I wonder does this mean if AJ picks number one he gets to be in first place at the start of the race? That would truly be Fantastic! (I’m afraid to use the word Awesome.)
    But, as usual, I don’t know all the details.

  61. dawson
    3:54 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Laziness Occurring! My young neighbor, who has a yard the size of a postage stamp, is using a riding lawn mower to cut the grass. Amazing he can even turn the thing around.

  62. Riö - The Evil Pug
    3:56 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Columbo!… My friend is very very sad that Peter Falk has died. He was one of her all time favorites….sniff!…. She said she used to watch all the Columbo episodes and still looks for them these days. I wonder if we can order them on Netflix?….wuffle!

    Snowhook!… I’m hoping my friend gets home from her party in time to be here when Rebecca tells us they have signed up…snort!….Wouldn’t it be awesome amazing if they won the drawing and got the 3 grand back to put towards other things for the Big Race??….oooooer! snort!… I just keep praying my Pug prayers that they will win today!…snorkel!….Then we really would have something to Celebrate!!!…heh!

  63. BearSpiritDog
    3:59 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Melanie: Thank you for that link! Nuts-on-line: Gluten-free Organic Quinoa, Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds, Chia Seeds, Almond Flour. Just a few of the great items offered. Yummers!

    Alice: (whispering) we’re all for a party. we could bring slim jims.

  64. Riö - The Evil Pug
    4:00 pm on June 25th, 2011

    SiberH!… The Rockies are getting Creamed….grump!grump! and grump!

    SiberH!…Is Alaska 3 hours ahead of us? Does this mean if she is home by 6:45 tonight, she will be here when the drawing is going on?….grunt!

  65. B.Stover
    4:02 pm on June 25th, 2011

    I’ve finished the Main Course section of the cookbook. Desserts and Misc. to go.

    Wonder if Spence has a favorite pie. I could bring pie to the birthday party.

    T&G: LOL….see, I can use acronyms…

    Dawson: Why are you afraid to use the word awesome?

  66. Melanie
    4:04 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Riö, don’t get me started on the time zones. Hard enough just living in one!

    Because she’s Awesome Dawson!

  67. Masquers
    4:05 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Alice: I love parties! Let’s see..what could we about Spencer steak? heh,heh

  68. Melanie
    4:06 pm on June 25th, 2011

    B.Stover: No wonder you’re getting hungry. Now you have to go thru the dreaded desert of desserts . . . or the DDD!

  69. Siber-H
    4:14 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Rio, Alaska is two hours behind us. A 4:00pm drawing in Alaska would happen at 6:00pm our time.

    Dawson, yes, I believe it does mean that the number they draw today would be their position at the start of the race. However, the teams starting position and number doesn’t have much to do with the outcome of the race. I won’t worry about whatever number AJ draws.

    Trust me on this Dawson, if I can figure out and do all the Iditarod’s website and watch their videos and follow the GPS Tracker, I know you can do it.

  70. dawson
    4:20 pm on June 25th, 2011

    BearSpiritDog doesn’t like the A word.

    Those pesky details: All mushers who have paid their entry fee and provided the paperwork to the ITC (Iditarod something Committee) will draw in the first group for starting positions. The remaining mushers will draw in the second group for starting positions. That draw is on March 1, 2012 at the Musher’s Banquet.

    My oh my, the ITC demands a ton of paperwork to register for the Iditarod.

    I’m going back outside.

  71. Masquers
    4:26 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Melanie: Hurray for Gummy Bears!

  72. BearSpiritDog
    4:40 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Siber-H! Well, now I’m totally confused! Rebecca told me one time we were 8 hrs. ahead of her. So, Alaska is 2 hrs. behind Colorado that means…..

  73. BearSpiritDog
    4:44 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Rio: If you go to dish and check our new mail you will see we are the recipients of millions of dollars – MILLIONS I TELL YOU, MILLIONS!

  74. Melanie
    5:15 pm on June 25th, 2011


  75. Siber-H
    5:21 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Bear, If the drawing is at 4:00 Alaska time, it will be at 5:00 your time, unless your neck of the woods doesn’t go on daylight savings time but I think it does.

  76. Snowhook Bella
    5:28 pm on June 25th, 2011

    BSD: It must have been a typo if I said we were 8 hours apart. Other than C Harris you are my closest time neighbor.

    We are en route to Iditarod headquarters right now. Almost there!

  77. Snowhook Bella
    5:29 pm on June 25th, 2011

    BSD: I almost forgot—check your SDD.

  78. Siber-H
    5:29 pm on June 25th, 2011

    WOO WOO!!! This is exciting! WOO WOO!!

  79. OleyHowlers
    5:32 pm on June 25th, 2011

    If the drawing is 4:00 Alaska time, we think that is 11:00 pm Eastern Time. We may be asleep. Altho Mom & Pop are going to a party now so maybe they will let us get on the computer later tonite.

    T&G: We are laughing so bad at your TBR acronyms!!! And yes, Basil is a few olives short. LOL

    B&M: We in the East also refer to our non-production farms as farmettes. Ours is 16 Acres and it would still be classified a farmette. As for our Aunt…that is too sad a story to relay.

  80. B.Stover
    5:36 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Here’s a link to a time zone map. Alaska is 4 hours behind Michigan. (SH is correct.)

  81. Snowhook Bella
    6:00 pm on June 25th, 2011

    We’re official! If the sneak look I took is correct we were the 36th team to sign up for the Last Great Race!

  82. dawson
    6:01 pm on June 25th, 2011

    It’s official!
    Go Snowhook Go!

  83. Rose
    6:02 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Rio: WhoooooHoooo!

    8-3! CC does it again!!! (Sorry, Siber-H, Melanie, and Wookie)

    Dawson: I think you might like Dennis Lehane’s novels.

    Rio: 99 bottles of beer was the wager.

    One game left to go!!!! WhooooHoooooo!

  84. BearSpiritDog
    6:02 pm on June 25th, 2011

    AnowBella: We await your arrival at Iditarod Headquarters with baited breath! (B.Where on earth did that expression come from?)

  85. BearSpiritDog
    6:04 pm on June 25th, 2011

    SnowBella: WhoooooHoooooo!!! 2012 Go Snowhook!

  86. OleyHowlers
    6:06 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Snowhook!!! AWOOOOO !

  87. Melanie
    6:07 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Hip Hip Hurrah!
    Hip Hip Hurrah!
    Hip Hip Hurrah!

  88. BearSpiritDog
    6:20 pm on June 25th, 2011

    SnowBella: I can assure you it wasn’t a typo on your end. As you know, I am easily confused…

  89. dawson
    6:23 pm on June 25th, 2011

    And the winner of the drawing for the entry fee is…

  90. Siber-H
    6:24 pm on June 25th, 2011

    It’s Official! We are on our way to Iditarod 2012!!
    Go Snowhook!!

  91. Rose
    6:27 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Go Snowhook!!!!!!

    BTW: CC stands for Carsten Charles.

    YIPPEEE, Snowhook!!!!

  92. dawson
    6:30 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Rose: Rio has 99 empty bottles of beer for you. Heh.

  93. Melanie
    6:48 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Rose, CC has his name backwards. Charles Carsten is better.

    I really can’t say anything because YSAS has four names and they are all last names.

  94. Melanie
    6:53 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Hmmm, looking at the time zone map, I find it fascinating that when I look at the Iditarod start and finish cams every morning, that it is actually 3 or 4 in the morning. YIKES!
    You guys up there get SUN!

    Anyhoo, just took a gander at our eagles. One parental unit and one teenager.

  95. dawson
    6:59 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Melanie: My first summer living up here, when the birds would wake me up chirping at 3 in the morning…and it was daylight…I wondered how the birds could survive on so little sleep. I think they must take naps.

  96. Mollypop
    7:02 pm on June 25th, 2011

    I’m guessing that Alaska is not on daylight savings time time, so the 4-hour difference with the East would become 5 hours right now.

  97. B.Stover
    7:09 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Excellent Rebecca!

  98. B.Stover
    7:16 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Bear: I think it’s “bated breath” and bated is short for abated.

  99. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    7:19 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Yippee, we are now official!

    Yay for Snowhook!

  100. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    7:25 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Thanks Melanie,

    I was thinking that Amalia didn’t sound quite right, but I couldn’t think of the right name.

  101. Kirby T. Penworthy
    7:30 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Hey, y’all! Mom just got home from work, so I’m finally on the computer and caught up.

    Rebecca and AJ: WHOOPPIE! It’s officially Iditarod time…well, almost. But at least we can start the countdown now!

    Bear: Yes — it’s the University of South Carolina. And the name “Gamecocks” came from a Revolutionary War general who settled near here, Thomas Sumter. He was small but mighty, and a British general said he “fought like a gamecock” — which is a type of rooster — and the nickname stuck. Later, Fort Sumter — site of Civil War action — was named for him. (By the way, my boy and girl went to Thomas Sumter Academy, where they played for the Generals.) It gets interesting when they shorten the nickname. In fact a kid at a school outside the state got suspended for wearing a T-shirt that said “GO C****!” I won’t say what it’s shortened to, just in case moderation awaits, but I think y’all can figure it out for yourselves!

  102. Melanie
    7:33 pm on June 25th, 2011

    For KirbyT:

  103. BearSpiritDog
    7:43 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Kirby: Funny story about the t-shirt! Congrats to them on the win last night. That must have been quite a game.

  104. Siber-H
    7:46 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Kirby? Are these games on tv? Maybe ESPN or one of those channels?

  105. dawson
    7:52 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Hooray for the Cocks!
    Melanie: Is that a Gamecock?

  106. dawson
    7:52 pm on June 25th, 2011

    No problem!

  107. Tupper and Gilly
    7:54 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Tupper says G S-H G ! (GO SnowHook GO !)

    Gilly says C I H H? (Can I herd Huskies?)

    Sage says P & E C 4 S-H ! (Paws and eyes crossed for SnowHook !)

    Basil says W T C N? (Where’s the cat nip?)
    what can we tell ya – Basil is gorgeous to look at, but brains??

  108. Melanie
    7:59 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Dawson, that is the symbol for the Carolina Gamecocks. They probably don’t call it a symbol though . . . Nope the word for that thing is not in my brain right now.

    T&G: Love your shortcuts! Poor Basil. . . Isn’t he the Mage? Shouldn’t you guys be careful if he has his wand?

  109. Melanie
    8:01 pm on June 25th, 2011

    YSAS is being a judge tonight. Then, as he put it, he HAS to go to a party.

    Me thinks he is tired. He just wrote saying that the second play uses the audience’s iPhones in some way. He’s not worried about that, he doesn’t have an iPhone, he’s just hoping he stays awake.

  110. Siber-H
    8:08 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Gilly, yes, you can herd Huskies. Actually, it works quite well.
    Mom is often wishing for a herding dog at the dog park to go round up the huskies when it is time to leave. One time a guy brought two herding type dogs to the dog park. I thought they were playing “chase me”, which is my favorite game, and they thought they were herding me. We had a blast.

  111. dawson
    8:08 pm on June 25th, 2011


  112. Tupper and Gilly
    8:12 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Melanie – Basil as a MAGE…tee hee, haaaaa hahahahaaaaa

    Nope- its Sage the Mage. If Basil had a wand…well, remember that scene in the first Harry Potter when he is trying out wands at Rex Harrison’s store?

    There would be catnip EVERYWHERE!

  113. Tupper and Gilly
    8:23 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Howlers – there was just a lovely picture of Sasha on Chets Friends
    Siber – stop panting on the screen, you’re fogging it up.

  114. Snowhook Bella
    8:24 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Alas, luck was not on our side today for the entrance fee, but we are grateful to be entered. Thank you, Plunderers for all your support.

    Now, the work begins. Until we’ve jumped the hurdle of entering the race, I only think about thinking about all the logistics and things that must be accomplished. Booties, drop bags, oh my! Now, the thinking turns into doing. March seems so far away and just around the corner.

  115. Basil and Sage
    8:29 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Siber – send us your shipping address and your Mom will have a herding dog for the dog park in just a couple of days.

    Basil – NO!!! The sticky side of the tape goes ON THE BOX. No, Basil, on the OUTSIDE!

    Oh geez – do I have to do EVERYTHING myself?

    Here, Gilly, Gilly – look what Sagey has for you in the box…No, Basil,not you… get OUT of the box….

    Hey, Siber? This may take a little longer than I thought…

  116. AJ
    8:32 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Hello all!

    We are signed up and starting our journey to Iditarod 2012. We are profoundly grateful for all your support and dedication to our team. Thanks for taking care of my wife. I’m glad she will have the Plunderers while I’m on the trail.

  117. Tupper and Gilly
    8:40 pm on June 25th, 2011

    AJ! We are proud to support Snowhook! You are the kind of people who SHOULD have dogs. You have them for the love!

    And don’t worry – Rebecca will always have all of us – she is a Plunderer now. For better or worse, you guys are stuck with us!

  118. B.Stover
    8:41 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Isn’t Ollivander played by John Hurt in the Harry Potter films? Rex Harris was Dumbledore in the first few episodes?

  119. Melanie
    8:49 pm on June 25th, 2011

    AJ! Howdy!

    I am out of here! Notice except for AJ I’m not using any acronyms.


  120. Rose
    8:54 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Hey Dawson:

    I’m sure the bottles will be empty, since Rio has probably been drowning his sorrows out over the Rockie loss. (Snicker)

  121. Tupper and Gilly
    8:54 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Bee – gasp!!! Noooooo

    Ollivander was most definately Rex Harrison. Dumbledore was ummmm…brain cramp…someone…..???

  122. Siber-H
    8:54 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Rebecca and AJ, We are glad that you got the entry fee out of the way. That will be one less thing to think about.

    AJ, We’ll be with you and the dogs in spirit along the trail.

  123. bluecat
    9:04 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Ollivander = John Hurt
    first Dumbledore = Richard Harris

    Rebecca & AJ – glad you’re on the way. You have many fur buddies behind you.

  124. BearSpiritDog
    9:08 pm on June 25th, 2011

    We are following in the footsteps of Melanie and the New’f pack.
    Goodnight All. – Bear

  125. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:11 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Home!….Someone finally got home and boy is she grumpy!….snort!… She had to drive a really long way for that “party.” When she finally got there she was hot as hell and the house was too!…sniff!…Apparently, the person having the party had all her windows open and all the hot afternoon air was blowing in AND her place faces West….grunt!….So there was no relief for my friend. She said people would show up and then leave because it was unbearable. She stayed for an hour or so and then drove home in the heat again. The air conditioner in her old car does not work very well…..snort!…So now we are downstairs and she is trying to cool off. What a dud party! Very little food – it was too hot to eat anyway, and No Liquor at all ….heh!heh!….Servers her right for leaving me on the weekend…huffle!

    Snowhook!….Well, at least Snowhook is signed up for The Big Race!….woooooo!

    Rose!….One more game to go tomorrow. Then you will be shipping all that nice cold beer my way…heh!heh!

  126. Tupper and Gilly
    9:15 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Bee – our apologies – Basil got ahold of the computer and posted some silliness about Harry Potter movies in our name.
    We of course knew it was John Hurt all along.
    That Basil….

  127. Barb & Maggie
    9:17 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Hi and bye, everyone. Barb is tuckered out. Fund raiser was a big success. Standing room only for the auction. Cars and trucks parked way out of the golf course, up and down the country road. They had golf and games for the kiddies, raffles, a silent auctuion and regular auction. Not sure how much was raised, but it had to be a lot. Barb is going to go crash for a while on the sofa. Glad tomorrow is a slow day.

    Also glad we are signed up. Hope everyone had a good day.

  128. Tupper and Gilly
    9:29 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Barb – how wonderful for your friends. We love to hear about the good things people can do for each other!

    Hey Wookie – we might have missed it earlier this week, but you are all done with treatments now, right?
    How are you feeling Big Brother?
    (we’ve all been sending up prayers for you)

  129. Redbone Hound
    10:37 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Yo! Y’all sleepin already?

  130. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:22 pm on June 25th, 2011

    UP!….We here are still up!…snort!… We were just chilling out, literally in her case, and I was dozing beside her….heh!… Tired but don’t want to call it a day yet. So anyone else UP?…snorkel!

  131. Barb & Maggie
    11:38 pm on June 25th, 2011

    T & G, Yes, it makes you feel good to see such outpouring of support. The towns around here are small and not wealthy, so it means so much to see everyone coming together to help a family at their time of need. Scott does have insurance, but some of the treatment is considered experimental so it is not covered. Plus, they did have 2 incomes, and now have only 1. Don’t know what their life insurance is, but hopefully she will be able to keep the girls in their home.

    See y’all tomorrow. Sweet dreams.

  132. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:46 pm on June 25th, 2011

    AJ!…. Hey! AJ was here! Sorry I missed him…sniff! … AJ you know Rebeccer will be well taken care of by us while you are off on your big and most Excellent Adventure next March…heh!… I hope you will be checking in on the Auction next week. I have to admit I am really looking forward to it because it is going to be sooooo much fun raising money for you guys!….snort!snort!… This is a way in which we can all be involved either in donating something or bidding on all of our friends things over and over again until we get just the Item we want …dammit! Heh!!

    UP!…Anybody else UP?…snorkel!

  133. OleyHowlers
    11:48 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Congrats Snowhook on being 2012 Official! We are so excited. And to bed we go.

  134. OleyHowlers
    11:49 pm on June 25th, 2011

    Oh Justin is showing as a “Vetersn” !!!! How cool is that!

  135. Kirby T. Penworthy
    12:08 am on June 26th, 2011

    Rio: I’m still up, but I don’t know for how long. Mom fell asleep on the couch, and then when she woke up she said I could be on the computer until she gets ready for bed.

    Siber-H: Yes, the games are on ESPN.

    Dawson: Yes, Melanie’s picture shows a Gamecock. If you look real close at the leg, you’ll see a little “spur” strapped on. That’s because they used to be the “Fighting Gamecocks,” but when people started making all the “fuss” about cockfights — a.k.a. a sport! — they dropped the “Fighting” part of the name in deference to the “animal lovers.” I’m sure there are still people around here who resent that!

    It’s funny that footwear gets moderated, but “Go Cocks!” doesn’t!

  136. Riö - The Evil Pug
    12:14 am on June 26th, 2011

    Vetersn!…What does that mean?…sniff!

  137. Riö - The Evil Pug
    12:24 am on June 26th, 2011

    Kirby!…heh!snort!heh!…That moderating program is wacked….chorkel!

    Down!…. We are going upstairs to fall into sleep…heh!…Funny the way that all works. I know where I need to go to find my warm soft bed…sniff!… It’s been a little too warm lately so now me and my very warm bed are in the path of a well placed fan….wuffle!…This makes it ever so nice to sleep deeply until her mother wakes me up at least 3 times a night while she is prowling around looking outside and turning off well placed fans …huffle!

  138. Kirby T. Penworthy
    12:40 am on June 26th, 2011

    Good night, Rio and all y’all! I think I’m going off to bed, too. Our well-placed fans are all on our ceilings — can’t live in the South without those!!!

  139. Macy the Min-pin
    2:27 am on June 26th, 2011

    Do we get the prize for being up latest? Liz? Nite-nite

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