Ridiculously Early Sneak Peek At Book 5 In The Chet and Bernie Series

Admin: I believe B. Stover, in the down-under part, was kind enough to ask how book 5 was going. Here’s a sample:

“ … puppy I was telling you about?” Mr. Parsons was saying.

“The one you saw in the canyon?” Bernie said.

“Exactly,” said Mr. Parsons. “Spotted the little fella again this afternoon. Even managed to snap a picture of him on my cell phone – first time I got the damn thing to work.”

“Soon you’ll be uploading to the cloud,” Bernie said.

Mr. Parsons gave Bernie a quick look, then nodded. “That’s true,” he said. “And except for how I’ll miss Mrs. Parsons, I’m ready. I’ve had a good life.”

“No, no, no,” Bernie said. “I meant – “ And then came a long explanation of what he’d meant, which lost me right out of the gate, and maybe Mr. Parsons, too, to judge from the look on his face.

“It’s all right, Bernie,” he said, “I’m not offended. But do you want to see the picture?”


Mr. Parsons took out his cell phone and started pressing buttons. “Cursed stupid hellish – “

“Mind if I try?” Bernie said.

Mr. Parsons handed Bernie the phone. “This one?” Bernie said.

They gazed at the glowing thing, then both turned and transferred that gaze onto me. I wagged my tail, my fall-back response in all kinds of situations.

Welcome Rosie


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100 Responses to “Ridiculously Early Sneak Peek At Book 5 In The Chet and Bernie Series”

  1. BearSpiritDog
    9:13 am on November 10th, 2011

    Good Morning!
    I’ll be back
    in a few…

  2. Melanie
    9:26 am on November 10th, 2011


  3. B.Stover
    9:29 am on November 10th, 2011

    Thank you Spence. I love it (as much as Melanie does!!)!

    Good morning all.

  4. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:29 am on November 10th, 2011

    Five!…Wow! Our Mind Control Device is working perfectly!…snort!… Good job Agents!…Woooo!Wheeee!

  5. BearSpiritDog
    9:32 am on November 10th, 2011

    Okay. I’m back. Ooooo we are going to love the new book! The short excerpt from it made us smile…not a bad thing to start the day.

    Went back to check the late night posts and there was Macy with a very brief comment to end the day (another smile)

    If this is any indication of how the day is going to go…..hey! we’ll be smiling all day. 🙂

  6. Samantha
    9:39 am on November 10th, 2011

    Ok I’ll forgive Bernie for not neutering Chet. Who doesn’t love a puppy?

  7. bluecat
    9:39 am on November 10th, 2011

    How cool is that!!! Thanks, SQ.

  8. B.Stover
    9:41 am on November 10th, 2011

    Samantha: Just look at Pearl. How could anyone resist?

  9. B.Stover
    9:44 am on November 10th, 2011

    On Facebook regarding the picture of Pearl Chet says:

    “Guess what: that’s not Spence in the picture, although he’s in Spence’s kitchen chair.”

  10. Masquers
    9:53 am on November 10th, 2011

    The new book #5
    will be the Best
    We LOVE it already
    Waiting will B a test!

  11. Melanie
    10:02 am on November 10th, 2011

    I did a dramatic reading for Zoë. I think it would have been better if she hadn’t taken a drink of coffee just before I read the part about “The Cloud” . . .

    Oh, well, an easy clean up.

    BearSpiritDog: Are you getting all prepared? Do you want Frank to blur the generator over?

  12. Melanie
    10:05 am on November 10th, 2011

    Boulder, boulder, boulder . . . wait that’s not a boulder!

  13. BearSpiritDog
    10:25 am on November 10th, 2011

    Melanie: If blurring is an option, tell Frank to go for it. A generator on hand couldn’t hurt. Nana’s still laughing about The Cloud comment and can picture Zoe with her morning coffee. If this small excerpt is any indication, this is going to be a VERY good book.

    Thumbs up Spence!!!

    Wow! That DOES look like a Boulder!

  14. C. Harris
    10:26 am on November 10th, 2011

    Wow! Can’t wait–{{{sigh}}} how long will it be?

    BTW I’m safe and sound from the Alaska storm. Just snowing today. I’m already behind in my driveway shoveling, darn.

  15. Masquers
    10:31 am on November 10th, 2011

    Poor C.Harris. An endless job. Snow, snow and more snow. Thank you for letting us know you are okay.

  16. Melanie
    10:34 am on November 10th, 2011

    C.Harris: Have considered on recruiting some of the people who fake crop circles coming in and doing your driveway. They could tramp down the snow interesting patterns, then aliens could come and land and their engines would melt the snow on your driveway. Hmmm. . . pondering if it would work here. . .

    Glad you’re getting ready BearSpiritDog. Will send Franklin over after he wakes up from his nap.

  17. OleyHowlers
    10:35 am on November 10th, 2011

    Good Morning Everybody! SQ, thank you thank you thank you for that WONDERFUL sneak peek…how are we going to wait for Book 5???

    Macy, we loved that video. Thats pretty much the way it works around here, except that Buddy is not a cute little kitten.

    Now that Mom is not watching us, we can tell you about that scare last night. Dima, Meashka, and Kat went for a ride in the Huskymobile for Mom to do a quick errand. Dima and Meashka had their travel collars on. Kat’s travel colar was misplaced, so she had her I.F. Collar which Mom put on the dashboard. When we got home, Mom’s mind was so wrapped up in the whereabouts of the travel collar (her story), that she accidentally left them all out without putting Kat’s I.F. collar back on. No problem, because we always come right down to the house to get our collars switched. Except, there was something out there in the dark, so ALL THREE TOOK OFF thu the pastures into the night!!!!! None of them had their fence collars on. Mom grabbed the big spot light from the barn and ran out Thru 2 pastures. One husky was running back …Thank Dog it was Kat. The others came back shortly (mom was yelling something about ice cream). Even I had some ice cream, and all I did the whole time was nap on my bed.

  18. Masquers
    10:35 am on November 10th, 2011

    Snow. Speaking of which, the last we heard from Bella last night, the snow was coming down in very big flakes. I hope she and AJ are safe at home with the Pack.

    10:39 am on November 10th, 2011

    We are in total agreement, LOVE IT! Ditto Melanie!
    Barb is at work, C.L. has already called 3 times from Branson, complaining that she can’t enjoy her vacation, because all she does is work. Whose fault is that?

  20. BearSpiritDog
    10:47 am on November 10th, 2011

    Sasha: A scary night for your mom! Promises of ice cream will do the trick every time. Just happy to hear that story had a happy ending.
    Magpie: We wonder how much longer Barb will have to put up with the CL. What a idiot. Well, at least she’s good for an amusing story or two.
    Hmm…What would happen if Barb’s CL and the Royal Mum’s CL ever met. Would they recognize each other from CLL?

  21. AbbietheKitty
    11:06 am on November 10th, 2011

    Chet! Great story line there buddy. And love the ‘cloud’ bit too. I can just see Zoe doing a ‘spit take’.

    Dawson and I are going sailing today….garage sailing. Should be fun. Mr Staff will guard the parents.


  22. dawson
    11:09 am on November 10th, 2011

    Spence: Ooooh…good stuff!
    Good morning everyone.
    C.Harris: Thanks for checking in. I am concerned about the Alaskan folks this a.m. Hope Snowhook can dig themselves out. The dogs probably love it.
    Rose: Glad the Prof got a clean bill of health. That’s the kind of bills I like.
    Staff and I are off on a quick jaunt to an estate sale.

  23. OleyHowlers
    11:14 am on November 10th, 2011

    Wondering if the puppy will get a name…

  24. Melanie
    11:43 am on November 10th, 2011

    I bet Staff brings home a sewing machine.

    Dogs out loose at night. Shivers down MY spine!

    There was a cartoon a LOONNNNGGG time ago that had a bear saying (while looking at an RV camper) Yum, crunchy outside, creamy inside.

    I keep thinking of that cartoon when the Polar Bears start looking at the Tundra Buggies.

  25. Masquers
    11:54 am on November 10th, 2011

    Abbie: Heh,heh You have a good time now estate sailing with Dawson.

  26. Siber-H
    12:07 pm on November 10th, 2011

    We love it as many times as everyone else does!!! Oh Dawg…Laughing out loud about the Cloud part.

  27. Siber-H
    12:15 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Huskies on the Run!!! Mom says that is very scary..mom says that is the scariest part about owning Huskies.
    We are very glad the three of you are safe and sound. (whispering) I hope you had a good time. I understand.

  28. OleyHowlers
    12:21 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Siber and Melanie,
    Huskies never left the farm, so its not as bad as you might think. The concern was for little Kat out in the dark, but of course her little legs can’t even make it thru the corn field. And she could probably see just fine with that full moon. But Mom says you just never know with huskies…they all have wanderlust. In fact Boris’ mom’s name was “Sarah’s Wanderlust”.
    Alls well that ends well. Maybe we should stop trying to lose the Pipsqueak?

  29. Siber-H
    12:24 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Fellow Sibers: You will have to watch out for the Pipsqueak. She is just a youngster.

  30. OleyHowlers
    12:54 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Our mom was very upset with us, Siber.

  31. Mollypop's Mom
    1:06 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Siber-H – One of your untouched stuffed Huskies was on TV last night. His name is Jingle the Husky Pup and he now comes in an interactive version. It looks like this could be big for the holidays. Maybe you can steal one from a small child.

  32. Siber-H
    1:09 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Siber’s mom here: He talks big, but I don’t think he would want to “watch over any youngster.”

  33. Siber-H
    1:12 pm on November 10th, 2011

    What? Who me? Steal one from a small child? GREAT IDEA!
    Or, there is always the internet and credit card.

    1:19 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Barb’s neighbors, who live about 100 feet off the road, with no fence, told Barb they had thought about getting a husky. Wondered if she thought it would hang out on the porch all day while they are at work. Duh!

    Barb asked her C.L. boss if she was finished with a project. She answered “pert nir”. Gah! We are surrounded by idiots.

    Maybe the two CL.s are related…

  35. Tupper and Gilly
    1:29 pm on November 10th, 2011

    we have noticed that whenever Barb’s CL is bugging her at the office , our CL is out of town. And when our CL is hanging our our shoulders, she is nowhere in sight of Barb

    And we say YAY to puppies!

    1:34 pm on November 10th, 2011

    T & G, Do you think they could be one in the same? Nah, couldn’t be!

  37. Tupper and Gilly
    1:45 pm on November 10th, 2011

    We think the over exaggerated poor grammar is part of her diabolical disguise. Our CL has a twitch that is so distracting it could be a deliberate facade for a mastermind undercover……OH NO!! …..It CAN’T BE…. NATASHA IS THE CL??
    We’re doomed, I tell ya. Doomed

  38. AbbietheKitty
    2:30 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Staff came back from the sale with 5 bobbins for 50 cents. Dawson came back with a giant white ceramic leaf plate (about 12 inches or more long) for $2. Cost less than it weighed. Staff tried to talk her out of it but she insisted. Now it will stay here at the parents while she decides what to do with it. It is way to heavy to ship home. Especially if she wants to take the quilt along too.


    She also got a strange rolling cutter…I just found it online. It is a croissant cutter. It was all over dust so I don’t think the owner ever used it. Yum, Dawson has plans….

  39. dawson
    2:32 pm on November 10th, 2011

    You’re cracking me up! I’m glad you all came home safe from your runabout yesterday.
    Kill joy!
    Do I tell Staff she can’t have another sewing machine? NO! So why does she say I shouldn’t get a humongous leaf shaped serving dish? Why?

  40. B.Stover
    2:41 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Dawson: Because she’s your big sister.

    I like croissants but how does that instrument work?

  41. Snowhook Bella
    3:18 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Hello, Plunderers!

    Howlers: Please tell your mom, I probably have some spare fabric from W.L.’s Where’s Waldo Jacket if she needs it.

    Melanie: Please check your SDD.

  42. OleyHowlers
    3:26 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Are youse guys keeping up with the horrible news out of Happy Valley? There are a lot of men we want to grab by the pant leg and send off in orange jumpsuits to break rocks in the hot sun.

  43. BearSpiritDog
    4:05 pm on November 10th, 2011

    O.Howelers: “Happy Valley” a misnomer we think.

    Barb&Magpie/Tupper&Gilly: The CL twitch. So funny! Remember the inspector in the Pink Panther movies? Those first movies were hilarious. Natasha in disguise as the CL? Pondering….

  44. Melanie
    4:55 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Bella, Please check your SDD.

    Stealing from children . . . Brings to mind and heart our Bear (keep on the look BSD, he’s a Lab as big as a Newf, hard to miss). He LOVED bagels. Dug one out of a snow bank once. He also, as neatly as can be, took one right out of the hand of a two year old child. The poor thing didn’t know if crying or laughing was in order. That was decided when the mother screamed.

    Anyhoo: Two YSAS stories. This morning on the way to his coat check gig he called me we were talking about work when he burst into the “Oscar Meyer” song. There he is all handsome and cool singing as he walked down a NYC street. He had just seen the Oscar Meyer truck!

    Also someone wrote on his facebook that one of the “Unforgiven” scenes he was in just showed. It was about a guy who breaks INTO prison. YSAS has a close up!

    Now I have to try to find it. . .

  45. Macy the Min-pin
    5:12 pm on November 10th, 2011

    My motto has always been “When in doubt, wag”. It hasn’t let me down yet.

    Mom says that “pert nir” is a favorite family expression. It’s all a matter of which neck of the woods you came from.

  46. B.Stover
    5:29 pm on November 10th, 2011

    It’s snowing!

  47. Macy the Min-pin
    5:50 pm on November 10th, 2011

    We have been a little behind on the blog.

    Happy Everyday, Patsy!

    The Birthday Song can be sung to the tune of “My bologna has a first name, it’s Oscar…..”

    We want snow!

  48. Macy the Min-pin
    5:55 pm on November 10th, 2011


    This makes me think of Sammie, and shudder. For that matter, I believe it could pick me up as well. But it is really amazing to see the beauty of nature up close.

  49. dawson
    6:19 pm on November 10th, 2011

    That eagle owl pert nir got me!

  50. BearSpiritDog
    6:21 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Melanie: Bear will keep a look out for the big guy. Also, searching for that episode of Forgiven. That would be great to see a close-up of YSAS!

    B: Is this your first snow of the season?

    Hi Macy, Do you ever get any of the white stuff? I know it snows in parts of Texas.

  51. B.Stover
    6:29 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Bear: We don’t have any accumulation. It only snowed for a few minutes but it was the first snow of the season.

  52. BearSpiritDog
    6:34 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Macy: OMD!!! That owl is huge & looks strangely like a kat. Dad told us the story of when my brother and sister and I were pups. He came out to the dog-run one night just in time to see a large owl ready to swoop down on us. Yikes! If he hadn’t been there one of us would have gone over the Bridge prematurely that fateful night.

  53. Rose
    6:36 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Hi All:

    Just wrapping up a long day at work. Waiting for the Prof to pick me up on his way home from class.

    OOOOOO…Love the excerpt from the book!!! Now I can’t wait for Book 5! Write faster, Spence!!!!

    Dawson: Thanks for your good wishes for the Prof. This is his second time having something like this done. Now he’ll have two scars on his dome. He’ll look like a tough-guy. 🙂

    BTW: I may have to put in a call to TMGs…I want your quilt!!!

    Rio: Please check your SDD when able.

  54. Sam
    6:37 pm on November 10th, 2011


  55. BearSpiritDog
    6:39 pm on November 10th, 2011

    That should be “Unforgiven”

  56. Rose
    6:41 pm on November 10th, 2011

    MollyPop’s Mom and SiberH: He can be purchased at any Hallmark store. In fact the Prof and I will be doing some mall walking on Saturday……(whispering) I think I may get one.

  57. Macy the Min-pin
    6:48 pm on November 10th, 2011


  58. Macy the Min-pin
    6:50 pm on November 10th, 2011

    I am trying to change my avatar but it won’t change, dang it.

  59. Snowhook Bella
    6:53 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Melanie: please check your SDD.

    Sam and Macy: Maybe you should start wearing dog jackets that say: warning! Dogs on jackets are heavier than they appear.

  60. Tupper and Gilly
    6:59 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Hmmppph! No one ever asks US to check our SDD’s.

  61. Macy the Min-pin
    7:02 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Bella, har har.

    I see that my avatar has now changed. Here is the big picture.

    Somebody who shall remain nameless *whisper, corgis* sent me a delicious lobstah dinnah. I had to share with Belle and Annie, but I got the best part. Delish!!

  62. Snowhook Bella
    7:06 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Macy: Great picture!

    Royals: please check your SDD.

  63. Siber-H
    7:06 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Thank You Rose!! My mom HATES to go to the Mall, but she is going. She’ll live through it. Christmas only comes around once a year.

  64. Macy the Min-pin
    7:08 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Occupy Denver dog leader, Shelby, only the latest real political animal in Colorado.

    I couldn’t get the link to work, but this is pretty funny. The police asked the Occupy Denver people to appoint a “spokesperson” for the group, so they voted for Shelby.

  65. Snowhook Bella
    7:11 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Macy: I should point out that I didn’t mean to imply you or Sam were heavy, but just to give owls and other would be ne’er do wells a moments pause before swooping.

  66. Barb & Maggie
    7:29 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Siber, You never did tell us if your mom was really going to cook T.G. dinner. If so, you will have to stop telling us that she can not cook.

    Pert nir may become a new Plunderer expression. I can see it coming!

    Doctor said today that Barb’s colonoscopy test was perfect and she could wait 5 years to have another. She told the nurse to double check, because he said last year if this one was good, she could wait 2-3 years. He came back and said if she really likes having them, he would be happy to do another one in 2-3 years rather than 5. What should she tell him?

  67. Tupper and Gilly
    7:30 pm on November 10th, 2011

    We all know that Macy and Sam both have hearts of gold – and gold weighs a lot – so they should be safe.

    Rio would be safe in a typhoon.

    Basil and Sage on the other hand….well, lets just say we hope they have safety belts.

    Mama’s going to go play with clay – there she goes, twirling out the door…

  68. Siber-H
    7:42 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Barb, I did answer your question a few days ago…Mom can cook (within reason) but she doesn’t like it. She is going to cook Thanksgiving dinner because she doesn’t want to go out to eat, and she doesn’t want to go to a large gathering at friends’ houses. She wants a peaceful, quiet, Thanksgiving and I want my share of Turkey.

    Barb, about what the doctor said…Mom says you should go with whatever you feel most comfortable with, but it seems that the doctor thinks 5 years would be just fine.

  69. Macy the Min-pin
    7:43 pm on November 10th, 2011

    TandG check your SDD

  70. BearSpiritDog
    7:44 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Macy, Like your new avatar.! It is very obvious you are enjoying the gift from the Royals. We tried to goggle a YouTube link for Shelby, but the guy talking and the group parroting his words were so annoying we had to turn it off.

  71. BearSpiritDog
    7:49 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Macy: Forgot to say. When you change your avatar it seems to take a while before it shows up.

    Barb: We think whatever the doc thinks – five years is good.

    SnowBella: How much snow did you get last night?

  72. Macy the Min-pin
    7:50 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Is there no end to funny cartoons and videos out there? I say eh, probably not.

  73. Macy the Min-pin
    7:54 pm on November 10th, 2011

    To quote our “illustrious” governor, “oops”. I hit send instead of attaching the picture.

  74. Melanie
    8:15 pm on November 10th, 2011

    I’m Pert nir done in!

    Will have to read what appears to be a very funny evening of comments tomorrow. I have finished a project.

    Remember a few whiles ago? (OTAS saying) I mentioned the Stormy Kromer Living Legend 2012 contest and happened to pair that with a certain Iditarod racer’s name?

    Well, some people said it was a good idea, so I went with it. AND, involved The Royal Mum, and Dr. B with permission and fact checking from Bella.

    Whew, it was due tomorrow and I just got it done. It’s amazing how much more work it is when you actually read the ENTIRE application. Thanks Bella for keeping up with the SDD.

    Anyhoo, when I have a functioning brain in the morning, I will be putting the essay that I submitted to SK at our email site. With some other info there also.

    Never even got to watch my Midsomer tonight! This was more important.

    So TTFN peoples, must go rest . . .

  75. Melanie
    8:17 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Carpola, all of that and I forgot to say THANK YOU to The Royal Mum, Dr. B and Bella.

    I’d be shaking my head but I think it would fall off at this point.

  76. Melanie
    8:18 pm on November 10th, 2011


    YSAS is actually in “Unforgettable” which is proving itself not to be in my brain.

  77. Jasper the Poodle
    8:35 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Spence: Squeeeeeeee!!

  78. Barb & Maggie
    8:37 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Siber, Sorry, we must have been reading every other word!

    The owl video is awesome, and a little scary. It sort of gives you a prey’s view of the approaching doom. In the Luanne Rice book we are reading, Edge of Winter, one of the main characters is a raptor rehabber. Quite interesting.

    Going to go eat some din din, and wait for Bones to come on. Night all and be safe everyone.

  79. BearSpiritDog
    8:43 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Thanks, Melanie. lol I’ll try that one. We know EXACTLY what you mean. There comes that certain time…at the end of the day…when the brain short circuits and power is lost.
    It is that time for us – Bear

  80. Staff
    8:58 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Melanie, Check your SDD please!

  81. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:07 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Work-out!…Tonight after someone finally got home from the very boring-but-busy place, she went to where Golinka works to workout…sniff!… She was just minding her own business trying to ignore one old loud-mouth who would not shut-the-hell-up…grunt!…When someone asked her how her day was….heh!…Well she told them all in no uncertain terms just how bad the whole damned week has been and especially how bad today was…snort!….They were all laughing like crazy-ladies…sniff!….Anyways, after that more people came it was a veritable mad-house with every one talking too loud and snorting…heh!…My friend felt a lot better after she finished all that working out and laughing..snuff! …Maybe she will make it through Friday after all….grunt!

    SDD!… I have not checked my SDD and I will probably not check my SDD tonight unless it is an emergency…sniff!…So if anyone is waiting for anything, too bad…grunt!

  82. C. Harris
    9:09 pm on November 10th, 2011

    One of life’s conundrums: shovel the driveway while it is still snowing so that tomorrow I will have only 3″ of snow to shovel or wait and do 8″? Since the snow is so light and flaky, I’m waiting (besides it is dark and the moon is obscured).

    Spence is good at naming dogs but perhaps we can help him out with puppy name suggestions. Like the puppy seems “Pert Nir” like Chet. 🙂

  83. Snowhook Bella
    9:15 pm on November 10th, 2011

    CHarris: I’m heading to your neck of the woods tomorrow for work. I’ll be wearing my snow boots.

    Melanie, Royals’ Mum and Dr. Stover: Thank you for thinking so much of AJ to put his name forward for the Living Legend.

    Rio: Your friends, Pancho and Lefty came in the house today. I think they were on the lookout for the box of zingers on top of the refrigerator I’m saving for you.

  84. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:19 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Charris!….What a Great Idea!…snort!snort!… Lets Name The Puppy!!! ….woooo!… My guess is “Lil Amigo.” Chet is always saying Amigo, so now he can call the little dude, Amigo…snorkel! …Pert Nir is a very good name for him too!…heh!

  85. C. Harris
    9:25 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Puppy name: Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot (or the shortened form: WTF)

  86. Staff
    9:33 pm on November 10th, 2011

    How about Junior?

    Oh, and Melanie, no need to check your SDD. Rebecca knew the answer.

  87. Masquers
    10:04 pm on November 10th, 2011

    For some unknown reason the power went out briefly this afternoon, A reminder that loss of power means no heat, electricity, internet ,cell phone, or land line. The National Weather Service’s big storm warning of yesterday has been downgraded to mostly rain. The Strait of Juan de Fuca & Admiralty Inlet will get the brunt of it, along with Whatcom County. The Seattle forecast looks good. The night is clear with a full moon rising in the eastern sky. Mom is getting up very early tomorrow so I will be signing off until then.
    G’night everyone.

  88. Tupper and Gilly
    10:35 pm on November 10th, 2011

    If she doesn’t stop twirling – we’re gonna get dizzy…..

    Mama is all excited cuz her teacher gave her an idea and turned her loose and she started a new project and it is coming out pretty good and her teacher thinks its pretty good and he didn’t think she would be able to do it on her own with no instruction and she did it cuz she has listened when he was instructing other people and its gonna branch her work out in a new direction and she has lots of ideas of what she wants to make and she’s gonna work with teach again on Saturday and maybe Sunday and it was a really cool project and she’s kind of excited. Just a little bit.

    Whew – we’re going to bed – hopefully she will come down off cloud 9 and get some sleep.

  89. C. Harris
    10:40 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Congrats T & G. I’m off to the store and then to bed.

  90. Snowhook Bella
    10:40 pm on November 10th, 2011

    T&G: I find that twirling in the opposite direction can undo the dizziness. 🙂

  91. Macy the Min-pin
    10:51 pm on November 10th, 2011

    T and G, I found what you lost …………

  92. Masquers
    10:53 pm on November 10th, 2011
  93. Snowhook Bella
    10:56 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Masquers: That is beautiful. I just went outside to bring in some firewood for the evening. The moon was so full and bright that I didn’t have to use a headlamp.

  94. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:14 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Tumbling!….sniff!… That’s great news about Golinka and her clay-works…snort!…She will never get to sleep, not for a couple of hours anyways…snorkel!…Well, someone here was not twirling a while ago after I had to get up on her lap because I have not seen her all day long and its been a really long day…wuffle!…Well, she was busy twirling and gluing paper bits, 90 to be exact, and my little paw inadvertently hit the corner of that cork board she had carefully put each of those 90 little circles of paper….sigh!…You should have seen them fly! Way up in the air. Way way up!…gah!…Then they hit the floor and rolled. Boy, oh boy did they roll…gasp!

  95. Snowhook Bella
    11:17 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Rio: Oh, no! I hope you helped your friend gather up all those bits of twirled paper that went up, up, up in the air.

  96. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:31 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Rebeccer!….Nooo….ooo…oooo….sniff!… I’m pretty much on her SOL list right now….wuffle!… She said she has “had it!”…grunt!…So we are going to go to bed and I’m sure the rest of the little circles will be found eventually…wuffle!…by someone who is not me. …G’Night!

  97. Tupper and Gilly
    11:36 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Ok Macy – we’re stumped. What did we loose?

  98. Wookie of Chevy Chase
    11:40 pm on November 10th, 2011

    Oh Rio. Rio, Rio, Rio. SA Wookie will zip by in the morning and help reassemble all the parts. I know all too well what those inadvertent little paws (and tails) can do sometimes. Wookie

  99. Macy the Min-pin
    8:52 am on November 11th, 2011

    Royals, what you lost was a whole basket of periods in your sentence, lol. Silly puppies!

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