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5.0 out of 5 stars – This book is everything – August 28, 2019.
Suzanne on THE RIGHT SIDE:
A book about an injured veteran with PTSD… she finds her way, partially by finding a dog. But it’s not that simple. Sure, I’m a huge dog lover, who believes dogs save us. I’m also married to a vet with PTSD. So for me this book rang true in every way. But it also has depth, and compassion, and irony, and sorrow. I wanted it to never end. I don’t often enjoy books that seem sad, but ultimately this book wasn’t sad. But it was real. I guess that’s bottom line, it felt real. I loved it. Would read more if this were a series. I really, really loved it.

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17 Responses to “Random Amazon Review We Like”

  1. Wose-The Small and Meek
    7:39 am on August 30th, 2018


    OFA is up early again!

    Heartfelt review!

    Still HOT here!

    Good day to all!

  2. Herd of Hounds
    7:51 am on August 30th, 2018

    Good morning Wose and everyone. Very good review.
    More heat, humidity and rain and thunderstorms due today.
    Make Thursday as good as it can be.

  3. B.Stover
    10:14 am on August 30th, 2018

    Good morning all.

  4. BearSpiritDog
    11:11 am on August 30th, 2018

    Yes, Very Good Review and it raises a Question…wonder if Spence would ever consider making The Right Side a series?

  5. dawson
    12:34 pm on August 30th, 2018

    Excellent review from one who knows the subject(s).

    Good morning all.
    We’re enjoying soggy soil and not smokey skies today.

  6. Masquers
    3:15 pm on August 30th, 2018

    Dawson: Partly cloudy skies with temps in the mid-sixties here.
    Happy to hear your air quality has improved.

  7. BearSpiritDog
    6:51 pm on August 30th, 2018

    Rio! A Visit Next Summer in North Beach would be Fun!

  8. Wose-The Small and Meek
    7:42 pm on August 30th, 2018

    I started reading this book today:


    HRH,B: I finished reading “The Cuckoo’s Calling” this morning. I liked it. I am curious to see the Cinemax series based on the three books. Unfortunately, we do not get Cinemax. :^(

  9. Herd of Hounds
    8:23 pm on August 30th, 2018

    Wose. Wooks wike wonderful weading! 😛

  10. Wose-The Small and Meek
    8:39 pm on August 30th, 2018

    HOH: :^)

  11. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    10:10 pm on August 30th, 2018

    Patio!….Yeeeeep!…Someone has been busy on a “painting the patio” project and neglected to turn the laptop on so I could not post…grump!…It looks okay. The the patio I mean. But it is only half-ways done…sniff!…She has all day tomorrow to buck-up and finish it. Even though she Hates Painting . Hates IT! …grump!

  12. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    10:14 pm on August 30th, 2018

    Bear!…I don’t entirely enjoy “Beaches”…sniff!…All that sand gets in my paws and my ears…SHAKE!!…Not to mention my under-parts…grunt!…Beaches are not my fave place to hang around on…sniff!

  13. Herd of Hounds
    10:15 pm on August 30th, 2018

    Wowser! Thunder boomers here like crazy. We are holding mom in bed so she will be safe.

  14. Ole Doc
    10:29 pm on August 30th, 2018

    Rio: Beaches have never bothered my under carriage on account of me being tall and never having been to a beach.

    More ron a Rio: Grow taller. Problem solved.

  15. Ole Doc
    12:25 am on August 31st, 2018

    Typos! I let my ego for being tall go to my head and didn’t see my typos. Bah!

  16. Hobbitz
    12:31 am on August 31st, 2018

    Rio: keep in mind that I have to fly in a plane 3.5 hours to just get to the continental United States. If I lived in the states, I would be exploring and vacationing by car. So have Friend crank up the Subaroo and claim the shot gun seat. How do you feel about camping Subaroo style?

  17. BestDonnell
    10:13 pm on September 3rd, 2018

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