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5.0 out of 5 stars – Excellent – July 12, 2017.
Kindle Customer on THE RIGHT SIDE:
It is such a pleasure to read a well written book. Exquisite. I didn’t want to put it down and I didn’t want it to end but I wanted to know what happened. Such a rare conundrum in this era of editorial – phobia.

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17 Responses to “Random Amazon Review We Like”

  1. Herd of Hounds
    8:41 am on July 17th, 2017

    Good morning everyone! We liked that review, too. Ah, Monday already. Enjoy it if possible.

  2. BooBear
    9:35 am on July 17th, 2017

    Good morning, all. Good review. SQ, Mom and I are ready for the next Chet and Bernie book. Hope it is in the works.

    What a gorgeous picture of Henry last night. The green eyes are beautiful. He looks very content.

  3. Masquers
    9:38 am on July 17th, 2017

    Good review, but not quite clear on the remark about editorial phobia.

    Good morning, HOH and everyone.

  4. Masquers
    9:39 am on July 17th, 2017

    You too, BooBear, good morning.

  5. B.Stover
    10:25 am on July 17th, 2017

    I don’t understand what “editorial phobia” refers to either. Good review.

    My brother and sister-in-law have been visiting…and the Tigers won for a change.

    Good morning all.

  6. dawson
    11:38 am on July 17th, 2017

    BStover: Ha! The Toronto Blue Jays lost the game, WALKING in the winning Detroit run. Start up the pie ovens.

    “I didn’t want to put it down and I didn’t want it to end but I wanted to know what happened.” Exactly!

    BooBear: I will check last night’s blog for Henry’s picture.

    37,000 people are now evacuated out of their homes in various parts of BC because of forest fires. Up here, the thunderstorms continue to pour rain and all is soggy.

    I’m having trouble with my internet connection.

  7. Herd of Hounds
    1:46 pm on July 17th, 2017

    We’ve been at the Chattanooga lookouts ball game and are now sufficiently fried to have rednecks. Seventh inning stretch and the Jacksonville jumbo shrimp or leading 9 to 6. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the lookouts win.

  8. BearSpiritDog
    1:56 pm on July 17th, 2017

    OMD! We Missed the Northern Lights last night! How did this happen?

  9. Herd of Hounds
    2:14 pm on July 17th, 2017

    BSD, we’ve missed the northern lights in 3 trips to AK ????

  10. BearSpiritDog
    2:46 pm on July 17th, 2017

    Hounds: Sigh.

    Dawson: Good to Hear youse are safe…Thank Dog for Rain.

  11. Wose-the small and meek
    2:49 pm on July 17th, 2017


    A 3-H day here in this neck of the woods!

    Loved the picture of the handsome Henry on last night’s post!

    Today’s GOOGLE DOODLE celebrates the 2017 ICC Women’s World Cup:


    It is interactive, but as for me, my hand-eye coordination is lacking.

    Good afternoon to all!

  12. Staff
    3:29 pm on July 17th, 2017

    Dawson, I hadn’t heard about the fires at all but I taught classes 6 days last week and pretty much just came home and prepared for the next day and went to bed.

    I have started my packing for our family reunion. I am sending you a SDD.

  13. Staff
    3:39 pm on July 17th, 2017

    Wose, I am enamored of the cricket google doodle. I got up to 39. Just keep pushing the button. And NEVER take your eye off the ball…..LOL

  14. Wose-the small and meek
    3:50 pm on July 17th, 2017

    Staff: WOW!

  15. BMALS
    10:03 pm on July 17th, 2017

    Rio, how is the reno going? Pictures coming soon?

  16. ML
    10:48 pm on July 17th, 2017

    Hi all. Sorry to have been MIA, I have been reading a lot and had nothing to say. Does anyone read Lisa Scottoline? I am reading One Perfect Lie and I can’t put it down.

    Stay cool and /or dry as the case may be.

  17. BMALS
    8:11 am on July 18th, 2017

    ML, Wookie and Teddy’s Dad and I are both Scottoline fans. I have read almost all of her books and love her.

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