Random Amazon Review That Makes Us Blush

5.0 out of 5 stars THE EXCELLENCE CONTINUES, September 4, 2014

Sandy (Bridgeton, New Jersey) on PAW AND ORDER:

“Spencer Quinn is a genius! He is so inside of Chet’s head that you never doubt for a moment that Chet is actually telling the story. Bravo Mr. Quinn – you have done it again.”


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81 Responses to “Random Amazon Review That Makes Us Blush”

  1. Rio - The Evil Pug
    8:32 am on September 6th, 2014

    Goodbye!….Alaska!….sniffle!….We are off to the airport (((shudder)))….wheeze!

  2. Herd of Hounds,
    8:35 am on September 6th, 2014

    Good morning, everyone! The Master has done it again. Safe travels for those going home today.
    In fact, have a safe Saturday 🙂

  3. Masquers
    8:37 am on September 6th, 2014

    Goodbye!….Alaska!….sob sob sob!!!

  4. Diane C.
    8:48 am on September 6th, 2014

    Whoa–a lot of activity at an early hour (for me, anyway). Good morning everyone, and those sad at leaving Alaska, treasure your memories and recall that you can always return in future.
    Everyone–have a wonderful Saturday, and anyone travelling, travel safely.

  5. Barb & Maggie
    9:13 am on September 6th, 2014

    Good morning all. Safe travels to those going back home today. Isn’t it about 2:00 A.M. up there? Shudder is right!

    Really liked the review. Short and sweet but really nails it.

  6. Diane C.
    9:20 am on September 6th, 2014

    Finally caught up–and what a treat to see all the Snowhook and AL photos! do the dogs just hang out on their roofs all day (I’m assuming it’s warmer up there than on the ground if you want some Sun)? And if so, how do they get up there?
    Rio, Siber, and B and M–I also could have done with a bit less of Mr. Media. Did you notice that it took over 5 MINUTES before Mr. Spence got a word in?
    T&G’s Mama–Sharp collar. How about a picture of both in their new bling? Also, I think making art from shed antlers is a great idea, although all I’ve ever seen (I think) is chandeliers, about which I have mixed feelings…(photo below)

    Everyone–I’m told Ms. Pretty may need physical therapy to induce her to start putting weight back on her leg that had the surgery. So far, massage has gotten her to extend it and sometimes use it to help balance, but she still runs and walks on three legs. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  7. B.Stover
    9:24 am on September 6th, 2014

    The title of today’s post made me laugh. Fine review.

    Good travels Masquers and Rio’s Friend. (It is 5:24 A.M. in Alaska right now.)

    Good morning all.

  8. Barb & Maggie
    9:26 am on September 6th, 2014

    Love antler chandeliers.

    Also was wondering about C. Hobbit’s tree that she leaves up all year. Do you decorate it for each season?

  9. c.hobbit
    9:42 am on September 6th, 2014

    Well, I’ve taken my guests to the airport and had to switch off the “NO” in the NO VACANCY sign at the Hobbit Hotel…but as I tell all my guests, “I hope you come again.”

    Nana gifted me with a Paw and Order bookmark she won as a prize at a book signing which was so thoughtful. Yesterday we all went to a second-hand bookstore and I was able to pick up some of Peter’s other books to read which is on the agenda today as I wind down and recharge.

  10. bluecat
    9:44 am on September 6th, 2014

    ‘Morning, Everybody and enjoy your weekend.

    Loved all the pictures, AK, TYB and friend, doggie bling, Staff’s Daylight Quilt Room :-). Thanks for taking time to give us AK commentary. Safe trips home. The Hotel Hobbit looks mighty welcoming.

    Howlers, on the whisper thing that you posted earlier.

  11. Wose- the small and meek
    9:44 am on September 6th, 2014


    Nice review!

    Today’s weather here in the Big Apple will be sweltering! Severe rain and thunderstorms forecasted for late in the afternoon.

    Plunderers: I remember how sad Grizz and I were to leave Alaska. It was very hard to leave new friends behind. Like Diane said, treasure your memories (and you will, always), and remember there is always time to go back.
    Youse guys had really great adventures, took some wonderful pictures, and Rio did some fine reporting. Safe travels to youse coming home, and thank you for taking me to places in Alaska that Grizz and I did not have a chance to see!


    P.S. (Whispering) Rio, do you think your friend will go back for an Iditarod?

  12. Wose- the small and meek
    9:47 am on September 6th, 2014

    Diane: I hope that Ms. Pretty will be tip-top soon!

  13. c.hobbit
    9:54 am on September 6th, 2014

    Wose: I think I have Nana half convinced to come up during the Iditarod. I am still working on Rio’s friend. I’ve tried telling her that Snowhook needs a good photographer so we will see.

    Diane: good wishes for Ms. Pretty to become a 4-legged soon.

  14. Wose- the small and meek
    9:58 am on September 6th, 2014

    Hobbit: I will try and twist their arms a little more. Rio’s friend would be an excellent official photographer for Snowhook.

  15. Wose- the small and meek
    9:59 am on September 6th, 2014

    Hobbit: The Giant did a lovely job on Sadie’s house. Will there be any exterior or interior decorations?

  16. Barb & Maggie
    10:10 am on September 6th, 2014

    Diane, Haven’t had any experience with doggy p.t. but what about swim therapy?

    C. Hobbit, you are such a wonderful hostess. Now enjoy your down time and re-energize.

    Staff, can’t wait to see your finished quilt room.

    Hope Amalia is feeling better this morning.

    Now off the Home Goods to look for new towels, rug and shower curtain for the bath project. The new wallpaper has flowers, butterflies and a few cute little bugs.

  17. Belle Starr
    10:18 am on September 6th, 2014

    I am allowing that Damn Pixie to sleep on my big bed because we are ready missing our friends. There may have been tears which means there may have been extra belly rubs. I had to share my extra belly rubs with Luna, Tenzing, Wyatt and Annabelle. Grump.

  18. Wose- the small and meek
    10:19 am on September 6th, 2014

    Yes, I hope the Royal Mum’s tummy is much better today.

    It was nice to hear from Tyb. A beautiful calendar page.

    Today I am thinking on Karen, BooBear, Zoe, ML and her mom, and the safe return of our Plunderers.

  19. Wose- the small and meek
    10:22 am on September 6th, 2014

    Belle Starr, you know if I were there, your belly would be the only one being rubbed. Did you get any extra rubs from the Plunderers who came to visit? I told Rio’s friend to give you extra from me.

  20. c.hobbit
    10:22 am on September 6th, 2014

    Wose: I will be painting Sadie’s dog house and making it cozy and warm inside.

    Quill goes to his first adoption clinic on Sunday. He bonds very quickly with humans so needs to be in a loving, forever home. He walks well on a leash, AJ tested him off leash and he did fine. Rebecca discovered that he knows basic commands so he has had some good training. He does well around people and trusts them so he hasn’t been abused. So fingers crossed everyone.

  21. Wose- the small and meek
    10:26 am on September 6th, 2014

    Hobbit: That is good news about Quill. I hope he can find a great forever home!

    We must see finished picture’s of Sadie’s decorated condo!

  22. Billy's Buddy
    10:40 am on September 6th, 2014

    Good morning!

    Staff: beautiful quilt(ing)room.

    TYB: Thank you for the September calendar.

    Thanks again for the pictures of Alaska and our friends there.

    Travelers: Safe journeys. (BTW, I wonder if Nana’s sister is the sister that drove so slowly in Duluth.)

    CHobbit: You run a top-notch hotel.

    I know I’ve forgotten someone, but my thoughts are scattered with everyone — in a good way.

  23. c.hobbit
    11:15 am on September 6th, 2014

    Nana is off and flying!

  24. c.hobbit
    11:17 am on September 6th, 2014

    Rio’s friend is off and flying! First stop Seattle then will leave for Denver at 1:45.

  25. O'Howlers
    11:23 am on September 6th, 2014

    Safe travels, Nana, Masquers, Rio, and Friend! Hobbit, aren’t they on the same plane to Seattle?
    Also to Hobbit: Once again, you have proven yourself a most gracious hostess. You are so open and welcoming. Our mom would never be able to do that for as often and as long as you do.
    Great review, and one we agree with wholeheartedly. TM is a genius. Oh yes he is.
    Staff, we forgot to tell you how wonderful your quilt room is. Mom does not quilt. Heck, she has trouble just sewing on a button. But she likens your nicely-organized, large quilt room to her nicely-organized, large tack room, of which she is most proud. So she gets it. Kudos to you!

  26. Tupper and Gilly
    11:50 am on September 6th, 2014

    Safe travels and lots of Kleenex for the travelers. What a wonderful trip it was.

    Howlers- we saw the post at the end of yesterday. We are sending prayers indeed. Please keep us informed.

    Mama is still kind of under the weather. Plus, the actual weather here today is awful. Steamy, muggy and t-storms on the way. So, we may just have to herd her into the bedroom and put on the a/c

    And yes, it was a good review.

  27. dawson
    12:46 pm on September 6th, 2014

    Safe trip home Alaskan travelers. Due to land one minute apart. If Nana looks out her window into the window of the plane flying next to her, she may see Rio’s friend using the “sick bag” so handily available in the seat pocket. I have never actually seen anyone use the sick bag. Thank dog!

    Thanks for bringing us with you to Alaska via photos and reports. CHobbit, you are the absolute best! Snowhook Kennels rules!

    Snowfall advisory in effect for tonight! Harvesting beets, potatoes and onions in the cold rain. Covering squashes and tomatoes. Flowers are on their own. Sob! (That’s what I say I’m going to do – I haven’t done it yet.)

  28. Siber-H
    1:07 pm on September 6th, 2014


    Diane, Mom would do whatever the vets told her to do about physical therapy for a dog. There are places here that only do physical therapy for animals. You need a referral from your primary vet. I am sure they would tell you how to do some physical therapy at home.

  29. Herd of Hounds,
    1:17 pm on September 6th, 2014

    Don’t know about y’all, but if our mom even heard someone using that there sick bag, she’d join right in! She’s like that, yes she is.

  30. Herd of Hounds,
    1:19 pm on September 6th, 2014

    Dawson. snowfall advisory? And Barrow, AK got 4.4 inches yesterday! Looks like old man winter is ramping up early for yuns in the north!

  31. c.hobbit
    1:37 pm on September 6th, 2014

    Nana should be landing within 30 minutes:

  32. Herd of Hounds,
    1:39 pm on September 6th, 2014

    Home again, home again, jiggety, jig!

  33. c.hobbit
    1:39 pm on September 6th, 2014

    Looks like Rio’s friend will land 5 minutes before Nana. I think she has a little Rio in her and wanted to be first:

  34. c.hobbit
    1:53 pm on September 6th, 2014

    Ooo…Nana has pulled ahead. She lands in 4 minutes and Rio’s friend in 12

  35. Thieves!
    2:14 pm on September 6th, 2014

    We thought about sneaking Rio back in his yard before his Friend returned home, but decided against it for a couple of reasons: 1) Friend already knows Rio left his yard and she seemed okay with it, and 2) Mother Jail. In the end, we cut four holes in each corner of the bottom of Friend’s carry on bag, plus a hole in each end the perfect size for a flat head and a curly tail.

  36. c.hobbit
    2:45 pm on September 6th, 2014

    Both have landed. Nana at Gate A1 and Rio’s friend at N17. She takes off on her next leg from N10 so she is fine and has plenty of time to relax. Her next flight leaves at 1:56. I will be at my volunteer post and won’t be able to track until later.

    Nana reports that she didn’t get any sleep but that it was a good flight. Hope Rio’s friend checks in soon.

  37. Thieves!
    2:52 pm on September 6th, 2014

    We got a message from Rio’s go-phone. The plan landed with all the passengers and the trays in the upright position.

  38. Barb & Maggie
    3:17 pm on September 6th, 2014

    What about Nana’s sister? Did she fly back with her to Seattle?

    You folks out east are getting the crummy weather we had Thursday and Friday. Yesterday the thunder was incredibly loud and the rain came down in torrents. Today it is sunny and nice.

  39. B.Stover
    3:27 pm on September 6th, 2014

    I’m laughing at Rio’s message.

    We had really hot (in the 90s) and humid weather until a really strong thunderstorm last night. (Leaves and tree branches all over the ground this morning.) Now it’s 72 and sunny.

  40. Thieves!
    3:43 pm on September 6th, 2014

    Plane not plan—gah!

    Nana’s reindeer wrangling sister leaves for home next week. It was nice to have her additional face in the line up and mug shots.

  41. Herd of Hounds,
    3:59 pm on September 6th, 2014

    HRH B 72? That is what our AC does at night but during the day??????? GAH! Still in the 90’s 🙁 Ah, the price we pay for living in the south.

  42. O'Howlers
    4:11 pm on September 6th, 2014

    Mom just came home with new hikers! They are the coolest hiking shoes ever. Could this mean Hiking Season is upon us?? Hoping…

    Still no update on Baby Mason’s arrival…

  43. O'Howlers
    4:11 pm on September 6th, 2014

    Mom just came home with new hikers! They are the coolest hiking boots ever. Could this mean Hiking Season is upon us?? Hoping…

    Still no update on Baby Mason’s arrival…

  44. Diane C.
    4:15 pm on September 6th, 2014

    SiberH, B and M–I like the idea of swim therapy but have no way to implement it at home since I share a pool with many other households. I may try the bathtub, but I think I’ll end up going with whatever the v e t has in mind if there’s no more improvement by Tuesday.
    Wose and C. Hobbit–Ms. Pretty seems to be in good spirits and fairly active–she’s just saving the one leg (for what, I’m not sure).
    Belle Starr–Your generosity in sharing with the Pixie does you credit. You are a great lady. Also sparkly.

  45. B.Stover
    4:42 pm on September 6th, 2014

    HOH: It’s 72 outside. My AC is set at 76.

  46. Herd of Hounds,
    4:51 pm on September 6th, 2014

    B, Must be tough! 🙂

  47. B.Stover
    5:01 pm on September 6th, 2014

    HOH: Sorry it’s so hot there for you. Is it humid also?

  48. dawson
    5:08 pm on September 6th, 2014

    Safe and upright! This is good news!

    I’ve picked half the apple from the apple tree, before I came in for a warm up. It’s 42 degrees and tomorrow the high is 37 degrees. The farmers at the market told me I could leave potatoes, carrots and beets (not the greens) in the ground and they should be okay.

    Oh oh! Went for a massage and came home to this post staring me in the face. Did I post it or not? I’m guessing not.

  49. Tupper's Mama
    5:42 pm on September 6th, 2014

    Diane – Miss Pretty may not need PT, though it certainly wouldn’t hurt her. Swim therapy is good – but how does the little dog like water?
    You are on the right track with massage and stretching. We don’t remember which leg is involved, but if it is a hind leg, it is easier to work with. Anything that will make her stand up, like holding a cookie or toy over her head, will encourage her to use the leg more.
    Front legs are a little harder – you have to walk her down a slope, or stairs so she uses the leg to stabilize herself.
    Many times, puppies simply remember the trauma of a leg injury and will continue to hold the leg up for months, even if there isn’t a thing wrong with it. Gilly injured her foot very badly on a wooden deck about three years ago – she caught her toenail between two boards and tore it off. To this day, when she walks on that deck, she holds that leg up.

  50. Herd of Hounds,
    6:16 pm on September 6th, 2014

    HRH B, Humid? Here in the south? Heavens, no…oh, wait. the dew point is 71.

  51. Wose- the small and meek
    6:27 pm on September 6th, 2014

    Wicked rain, thunder, and lightning here. I am looking at all the dust bunnies under the bed….

  52. O'Howlers
    6:30 pm on September 6th, 2014

    We are having those scary storms too, Wose. Although, we are getting a little break right now.

  53. Herd of Hounds,
    7:02 pm on September 6th, 2014

    We’ve had boomers but no rain yet. Wanna bet it starts about 2:30 a.m.? Just about right to bounce us all out of a sound sleep and send us on to the bed to hide, er, guard the peeps 🙂

  54. Thieves!
    7:47 pm on September 6th, 2014

    We have intel that says the pug has snorted. We repeat, the pug has snorted. Rio will be sleeping in his warm, soft bed tonight!

  55. T.C.
    7:53 pm on September 6th, 2014

    For. Basil, Sage, Abbie, Alice, BooBear, and all of my other purrfect feline friends:


  56. Tupper's Mama
    8:22 pm on September 6th, 2014

    T.C. – you da Kat! Those were great.

    Glad the travelers are home safe and sound. Bet they are missing Alaska already.

  57. Herd of Hounds,
    8:30 pm on September 6th, 2014

    Thank dog Nana and Rio’s have gotten home safely. Now Beau and Rio and BSD and Masquers and relax and guard their people.

  58. Mollypop's Mom
    8:32 pm on September 6th, 2014

    Animal planet’s program Too Cute is on right now and they’re showing Alaskan Husky pups.

  59. Barb & Maggie
    8:54 pm on September 6th, 2014

    Rio, how did your friend’s mom do while she was gone? Did she take good care of Beau?

  60. Wose- the small and meek
    9:05 pm on September 6th, 2014

    Howlers, I am out from under the bed now.

  61. Wose- the small and meek
    9:08 pm on September 6th, 2014

    I bet Beau will be very happy to have Rio and their friend back home.

    HOH: I am laughing at something you said before. I can not hear or see someone heaving up their guts. Sorry to be so graphic.

  62. Wose- the small and meek
    9:13 pm on September 6th, 2014

    I am dog tired. Bedtime calls.

    Hey, Liz!

    Good night and pleasant dreams to all,

  63. BearSpiritDog
    9:27 pm on September 6th, 2014

    They’re Home! Phones are being plugged into the chargers and suitcases are being unpacked (Heh, heh. Sure they are. Maybe tomorrow)
    Arrival from the Far North in Vests and Warm Jackets…quickly changing into into Shorts, Sandals and T-shirts.
    They say it was Ideal Weather…only a couple of days of drizzle.
    Catching up with the Blog tomorrow. Right now it’s din-din
    & a nice looooong Nap…Looks like an all niter after a Long Travel Day.
    Bear Hugs to All. 🙂

  64. Masquers
    9:35 pm on September 6th, 2014

    CHobbiti: Thank you for the excellent tracking for RioMas Airlines. You did us proud.
    We will see all of our Plunderer pals on the flip side.
    and…there may be a couple of fotoz still up our sleeves. ^..^

  65. Herd of Hounds,
    9:37 pm on September 6th, 2014

    Glad our Plunderers are home safe and sound and our CHobbit has Sadie and Quill to keep her company. Wose, you must be our mom’s twin since she is heading for bed so we will go too. Nighty night.

  66. Tupper's Mama
    10:57 pm on September 6th, 2014

    Guess there won’t be any late night pictures tonight, so we are all headed to our respective soft beds.
    Sleep well, family. G’night.

  67. Thieves!
    11:03 pm on September 6th, 2014

    We wonder out loud if there will be video of Rio and Beau running in slow motion into each other’s paws…probably not.

  68. Alice M. Johnson
    12:09 am on September 7th, 2014

    Diane C.

    Staff’s previous employer was Emily the Kat. Emily had a stroke and had trouble with a hind leg. The therapy the Vet told her to do was to hold Emily’s leg firmly and make Emily pull it out of her hand. She would follow Emily around doing this. Emily HATED it with a passion but her leg got stronger with all that pulling.

    It sure made Staff laugh!

  69. Diane C.
    8:42 am on September 7th, 2014

    Tupper’s Mama–Thanks for the tip–it’s a rear leg and she will use it for a bit of balance on grass, I’ve noticed. I can try the cookie thing also. (I haven’t heard anything further about the Kats going after snakes–is all OK on that front?)
    Wose–Still a bit early here (5:30) are you around?

  70. Diane C.
    8:45 am on September 7th, 2014

    Alice M. Johnson–Thanks! I would never have thought of that, but I can see how it would be strengthening.
    BooBear is feline? I had no idea…
    I guess they’re taking it easy this Egg Day–no post yet. Catch you on the Sunday blog.
    Thanks to all for help and encouragement. (Pretty would undoubtedly join me but she’s catching up on her beauty sleep.)

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