Ramirez Confusion

Bernie bent down, took hold of the iron ring and pulled. Hey! A section of floor rose up. Trap door. I remembered trap doors from the Bottomley Case. Don’t get me started on the Bottomley Case. It was way more complicated than the Greed Case we were working on now, and that’s pretty complicated. We had a client, Kelo Printz, Hollywood producer and now kidnapped. The ransom demand was a can of film. We’d found that can in Death Valley – what a place! – but there’d been no film inside, instead a painting by Martin Ramirez. Not Manny Ramirez the baseball player – that was just one confusion piled on all the others. Something’s gone wrong with Manny Ramirez, can’t remember exactly what Bernie said. We like baseball, me and Bernie. He pitched for Army, that may not have come up yet. Then there was Kelo’s ex-wife Portia with her Lady Beretta, and Kelo’s grandfather or great-grandfather Ezra, PR flack on the original Greed shoot, plus two perps I wasn’t clear about, Erich von Stroheim and Louis B. Mayer, and what else? Oh, yeah: Lonnie and the other tough dude we’d tailed from Max’s Memphis Ribs. We peered down through the hole in the warehouse floor.


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