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Since there have been some questions bubbling up re pub dates, let’s bubble them right back down! Pub schedule for 2023: Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge – July 25; Up On The Woof Top – October 17. Both are available for pre-order, although only the cover art for Mrs. P is showing right now, the cover art not yet done for Up On The Woof Top (the next Chet and Bernie). Publishers love pre-orders!


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3 Responses to “Pub Schedule”

  1. Herd of Hounds
    10:03 am on March 18th, 2023

    Good day to everyone! Woo hoo only took don’t know how many extra hours to get home. Between one flight being canceled and one flight having to sit on the taxiway for over an hour because there was traffic of planes in the wrong places I didn’t think I’d ever get home.

  2. B. Stover
    10:28 am on March 18th, 2023

    Good day to all.

  3. Wose-The Small and Meek
    7:58 pm on March 18th, 2023


    HOH: There’s no place like home. Glad you are home safe and sound!

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