President Obama

The president was in town a couple of days ago, or maybe more. As the days go by they get a bit blurry – ever notice that? Right now is always best, so clear. I’m feeling tip-top, by the way.

Where was I? The president. We got to see him, on account of Lt. Stine, our buddy, kind of, in Metro PD. What the president does, exactly, is your guess as good as mine, but there was big excitement. We didn’t get that close, me and Bernie, but plenty close enough for me to see one important thing: the president has great ears. Bernie likes him and also feels sorry for him, no idea why. Those ears mean the president can hear way better than most humans. That has to be good, right?


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One Response to “President Obama”

  1. ALR
    4:49 am on February 20th, 2009

    Thank goodness you blog, Chet. I just finished your first in a series and I'd be sad if it weren't for the blog. How long before we see second in a series?

    You are oh so right about the importance of good ears! Hope you get some of those special dog treats today.

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