“Did anyone see the PBS show on dogs last night?” Admin says. “I caught an interesting part about dogs having the most variety and differentiation of any species on the planet. But then I had to change the channel.”

“Because Audrey came in?” says Spence.

“No way to watch dogs on TV when she’s around. All animals are problematic, in fact.”

“Except for the bipedal kind. Wonder what that’s all about.”

“No clue.”


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  1. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:49 am on October 13th, 2011

    Nope!…We were watching the Tigers vs Soggy Bottom Boys…heh!

    TV!…This post brings back fond memories of Bess. She used to bark at Zebra’s on tv….sniff!

  2. Sam
    9:51 am on October 13th, 2011

    I’m not allowed to watch Animal Planet unless I have adult supervision. I get so excited! My family puts on the Weather Channel for me when they’re not home. BORING.

    9:54 am on October 13th, 2011

    I have been know to boing up and down in front of the tv on occasion. Animal Planet is my favorite, but we missed the show last night.

    We checked out the emails from the Royals mum. Lots of good stuff there. Hate to say it, but we can’t figure out what MMS means. Sure when you tell us we will go “duh”.

  4. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:57 am on October 13th, 2011

    MMS!…Musher Mercantile Store….snort!

  5. B.Stover
    9:57 am on October 13th, 2011

    Barb: I think it’s Musher’s Mercantile Store.

    I didn’t see the PBS program. Wonder if it is online.

    Good morning all.

  6. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:03 am on October 13th, 2011

    PBS!…It is online…snort!…I’m a wealth of information this morning, aren’t I?…heh!

  7. B.Stover
    10:07 am on October 13th, 2011
  8. Melanie
    10:16 am on October 13th, 2011

    Riö, how many cups of caffeine have you had? You are up and at ’em today!

    Our Bess loved to watch TV. Zebras were wrong!

    By the Way . . . I hate pool covers. The grommets are coming out.

    Carpola . . .

    10:30 am on October 13th, 2011


  10. Mollypop
    10:58 am on October 13th, 2011

    I don’t care for football, but this past weekend there was a game that I liked a lot. The Buffalo Bills played the Eagles here at home and they won. Michael Vick went down in flames!

  11. BearSpiritDog
    11:01 am on October 13th, 2011

    Just caught up on last night’s posts.

    Prayers and good thoughts going out to Macy’s Angie tomorrow.

    Royal Mum: Thank you for the information on dish. Trying to decide on our request for a bear fetish. We simply must have some of your wonderful work!

    B: Will check out the PBS link in a bit. Thanks for the link.

    We like tuna casserole! It was a staple at our house in the lean years. The recipe was tuna, mac & cheese with baby carrots and peas added at the end. You could make the whole meal for around a dollar. When #2 son came home on leave he requested it for supper. We couldn’t believe it.

    Melanie: Is information on the pool cover forthcoming from the manufacturer? What a hassle!

  12. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:06 am on October 13th, 2011

    Bear!….Number 2 son was the one who was in the hospital recently, right?….snort!….I’m not saying growing up on Tuna Casserole had anything to do with it….snort!….But it is quite a coincidence…grunt!

  13. BearSpiritDog
    11:18 am on October 13th, 2011

    With a tossed green salad & loaf of hot french bread it did contain all the food groups.

  14. Melanie
    11:18 am on October 13th, 2011

    BearSpiritDog!!! Thanks, I must be very tired. I hadn’t thought of that.
    So I looked up the manufacture, told them there is no dealer around us, the internet site we bought the pool from, does not have covers that fit their pool!

    Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, hopefully will hear soon.

  15. Siber-H
    11:23 am on October 13th, 2011

    I watched the baseball game instead of the program about dogs on PBS. Thanks guys for reminding me I can watch the PBS dog program online.

    Good! Michael Vicks team lost again. His “broken hand” hasn’t kept him from playing.

    Macy, Prayers and good thoughts going out for your girl. Keep us posted.


    11:30 am on October 13th, 2011

    Our tuna casserole was cooked egg noodles, tuna, cream of mushroom soup mixed with some milk, frozen greep peas, and topped with crunched up potato chips. Barb and her mom both made it that way.

  17. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:31 am on October 13th, 2011

    SiberH!…Don’t you have a big hole to dig somewhere?…grunt!

  18. OleyHowlers
    11:49 am on October 13th, 2011

    Hello all. We want to weigh in (yuk-yuk) on the tuna casserole debate. We love it at our house. This is the meal if the weather is ugly and time is short. We just use elbow macaroni, tina, and cream of mushroom soup. Put it in the oven for ~45mins. We serve it with apple sauce. Comfort food extroadinaire.

    Thanks for the PBS link. We will watch it soon.

    Mom & Pop were at a party at an outdoor place that has a sports bar attached on Sunday. Everyone was giving Mom updates on the Eagles (this is Eagle-fan area), because they knew she was ecstatic about their losses.

    Paws crossed here for Angie.

  19. OleyHowlers
    11:50 am on October 13th, 2011

    Duh…that would be tuna. Tina doesn’t taste so good.

    11:54 am on October 13th, 2011

    Oley, Tina goes with our greep peas!

  21. Staff
    12:15 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Good luck going out for Macy’s daughter Angie. I had to go back to last night to find out what was going on.

    It is starting to get colder here and yesterday we had a thunderstorm and it blew millions of leaves out of the trees that still have leaves on them. This year is sort of different. There are some trees that are perfectly bare already next to some that are still full of green leaves. And they are the same kind of trees. (Maples in this case)

    Dawson wants the trees to hold onto some leaves until she comes to visit in November but I think she is out of luck.

    Melanie hope you find an answer for the grommets!

    All of a sudden I feel like I might want some tuna casserole. It is the potato chips on top that are ‘saltily’ calling to me. (my computer wants to change saltily to silently.)

  22. OleyHowlers
    12:21 pm on October 13th, 2011

    We’re asking Mom to make us greep peas and Tina tonight. LOL

    12:55 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Bear, We also are thinking of a small bear fetish and a dream catcher.

    Wonder if she can offer any small, less expensive wisdom baskets too.

  24. OleyHowlers
    1:23 pm on October 13th, 2011

    We are wondering how high and wide the copper horse is. We really love that, but maybe we need to buy a ticket first…

  25. Riö - The Evil Pug
    1:39 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Sizes!…Doesn’t Stinky Mama give sizes on her info-email on Dishlickers?…snort!… I thought I read about the Copper Horse out there…sniff!

  26. Staff
    1:42 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Just a note to ChettheDog bloggers who love the Royals art work. Smaller on something like these art items from Tupper and Gilly’s Mom is not necessarily less expensive. The difference in the amount of money in the clay is minuscule and sometimes it is more difficult to make them smaller than it is larger. What is expensive is the work, not the clay.

    This is not intended to make anyone feel bad for not being able to afford the art, it is just to remind you that the amount of work put into it is generally the same, no matter the size.

    Now I will get off my copper high horse and go back to avoiding making more stuff for the MMC. Bad Staff!

  27. Riö - The Evil Pug
    1:43 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Horsie!…Well, she gave the length, but not the Height and Width…grunt!

  28. Riö - The Evil Pug
    1:47 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Smallness!….I agree with Staff about the Size thing….grunt!… My friend struggles just as much, maybe more with the small pieces (gift cards) as she does the large works….snort!…. I’m not comparing her stuff to Stinky Mama’s by no means….sniff!…I’m just agreeing with Staffie. And Staff, you better get busy and make something that will dazzle everybody for the MMCS…heh!

    2:20 pm on October 13th, 2011

    That is a very good point Staff, and Rio.

  30. BearSpiritDog
    2:46 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Barb&Magpie: We may be able to order a small bear fetish – one of our favorite items.

    Rio & Staff: We hadn’t considered that smaller isn’t necessary less expensive and easier to make.

    Tupper&Gilly: Which brings to mind Siber-H’s suggestion for your mum to advertise in the Southwest. Also, the online business idea is good. Can’t sellers set up stores on eBay? Your own Virtual Storefront. We know the Alien Art Show was just a weird alternate reality, but alternative sales ideas could be good for the winter months.

    Looking forward to the opening of the MMCS! I had better get my item picture over to Melanie for sizing. Time’s-a-wasting!

  31. OleyHowlers
    2:58 pm on October 13th, 2011

    We agree about size vs cost. But as we daydream about Copper Horse, we like to place him in our home. 🙂

    Stop the Presses! We hav BIG news. Tomorrow we are going on an 8-hour drive to Elmira, NY,to meet our new (hopefully) sister Kat!!!!

  32. OleyHowlers
    3:01 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Thats 8-hr round-trip.

  33. Melanie
    3:10 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Congratulations OleyHowlers! A new sister. . . How sweet . . .

    I bet she’ll be beautiful and obey every command. cough cough cough.
    (well one out of two ain’t bad!)

  34. OleyHowlers
    3:13 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Meashka here…she is a 4-month-old pipsqueak. I am going to need some to mold her to be what I want her to be. (evil laughing here)

  35. Siber-H
    3:16 pm on October 13th, 2011

    She’ll be beautiful.
    Keep us posted Fellow Sibers. This is exciting!

  36. Siber-H
    3:18 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Meashka, Teach her to play baseball and hunt, but a girl Siber won’t need much learning when it comes to hunting.

  37. Siber-H
    3:20 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Fellow Sibers, Is the 4 month old pipsqueak on the internet?

  38. Riö - The Evil Pug
    3:39 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Driving!….You are driving 8 hours for a Kat!?…grunt!… Unbelievable…sniff!

  39. OleyHowlers
    3:40 pm on October 13th, 2011

    She was on there a week ago when Mom and Pop fell in love with her. Mom called that place right away, but they said they already had quite a few applications for her. They were fairly sure that 2 of them would be good homes. But the woman said if we wanted, fax in an application anyway, just in case. So Mom did. They said they keep their website uo to date, so if she disappears, that means shewas adopted. Sure enough, she was gone the next morning.

    Today, that shelter called to tell us the 1st adoption fell thru! And the 2nd fell thru when the dogs were introduced. She checked with our vet and called back to ask us all to come up there tomorrow. If we get along, she is coming home with us!!!!! Mom says we’d better be on our best behavior.

  40. OleyHowlers
    3:43 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Her name is Katrina. What a perfectly beautiful name for a beautiful girl Sibe.

  41. Siber-H
    3:46 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Fellow Sibers, I’ll keep all paws crossed for you tomorrow. My mom says for you guys to be good little doggies.

  42. Staff
    3:52 pm on October 13th, 2011

    I am confused. (Nothing new here) Is this a wonderful new Kat? or a Husky? I thought kat at first but Mr.Husky has me wondering.

  43. Siber-H
    3:56 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Staff, Siberian Husky

  44. Masquers
    3:57 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Hi Rose:
    Since you started the new job we all miss your posts in the morning. Thank you for your confidence in my weatherkasting. I will begin working on a B4Kast next week. The Prof’s traveling companion is quite right. Normal temps at this time of year are quite coolish.

  45. Riö - The Evil Pug
    3:58 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Grunt!…Oley said Sister Kat…sniff!…To me that spells K-A-T…gruffle!

  46. OleyHowlers
    4:01 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Staff, she is a Sibe named Katrina (Kat).

  47. Wookie of Chevy Chase
    4:03 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Macy — Our thoughts and prayers for Angie tomorrow from the gang here in Chevy Chase. Sorry, I missed your posting from last night as well, until I saw others comment on it today. I’m sure she will be just tip-top. Wookie

  48. Masquers
    4:04 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Okay. I was just about to ask Buddy what’s up, but you just answered my question. Kat for Katrina. I’m not easily confused, but I must say – Howlers you got me this time!

  49. Staff
    4:11 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Awwww. Well how nice for Kat! I am sure she will love being in your family if the others will be polite when they meet. Good luck to you.

  50. Masquers
    4:25 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Well, that should be interesting…a 4 hour road trip with Dima, Meashka and Sasha. Then 4 hours back with 3 Sibers and a Kat! Just kidding, Katrina, heh, heh.

    5:08 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Lots of good thoughts going out for Howler’s trip tomorow and Angie’s biopsy.

  52. B.Stover
    5:19 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Macy: I hope everything goes well with Angie.

  53. BearSpiritDog
    5:26 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Melanie: Photo on the way for MMCS

  54. Riö - The Evil Pug
    5:36 pm on October 13th, 2011

    First!…Yogi should be the first for getting his Item photographed and sent to Melanie FIRST!…heh!

  55. Riö - The Evil Pug
    5:37 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Hmmm!…That didn’t come out quite right…heh!…Lets try it again…sniff!… Yogi should WIN A PRIZE for getting his Item photographed and sent to Melanie FIRST!…heh!

  56. BearSpiritDog
    5:43 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Melanie: Let us know if we need a retake on that. Rio, We don’t mind being second, but who is Yogi?

  57. Riö - The Evil Pug
    5:46 pm on October 13th, 2011


  58. BearSpiritDog
    5:47 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Oh, dawg. You got me big-time!

  59. Rose
    5:56 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Greetings All!

    OH: How exciting…a new sister named KAT!!!

    Masquers: Thank you. I very much appreciate your weatherkasts!

    I miss sending in my two-cents during work too. I REALLY have to work at my new job, but that is a good thing!!!!

  60. Masquers
    6:03 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Hi Rose! Your new job sounds great! So nice to “see” you again, heh,heh!

  61. Rose
    6:28 pm on October 13th, 2011

    I’m lovin’ my new job, Masquers. It is good to see you again too. Side by side, at that! I’m working late, and I’m the only one in the office, so I can sneak in some posts!

  62. Rose
    6:31 pm on October 13th, 2011

    It is nice to know that I am not the only person who has left their keys in the lock, but I’m sorry to hear about the robbery incident.

  63. OleyHowlers
    6:38 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Meashka here….I am so excited about my new sis that I went out and got her a bunny present today. But Pop took it off of me after I ate the head.

  64. BearSpiritDog
    6:44 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Oooooh, Meashka…

  65. Melanie
    7:05 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Hmmm, Meashka was this a live bunny or a bunny toy? Can never tell with you hunters you!

  66. Tupper and Gilly
    7:14 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Hi everyone –
    Howlers – congrats on the new addition! Basil and Sage are very happy too, cuz we didn’t tell them the second part. They just think there will be a new Kat on the blog…tee hee

    Staff – you are wise and wonderful. Thank you for your explanation.

    Melanie – pool covers = snigglefritz!

    Barb and Maggie – ummm, you know about Mama’s invitation for you to come here and cook…..uh, nevermind.
    (we love you, but that tuna cassarole recipe….ewwwww)
    Maybe you can just come over for a cuppa tea.

    Rio – how is your friend’s arm tonight?

  67. BearSpiritDog
    7:42 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Suppertime then bed – talk with you all tomorrow! – Bear

  68. Snowhook Bella
    7:48 pm on October 13th, 2011

    (Whispering) I may or may not have mentioned a certain Native American artist to Coach today when I called to check on MaBella (she’s doing fine and loves the name). “Do you think it’s be worth talking to some of the shops and galleries in your area?” I wondered ou loud.

    “Like those at Zions?”


    “Hmm, I’ll ask as I’m out and about.”

    Nothing may come of it, but dreams are meant for chasing.

  69. Melanie
    8:05 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Winter Hat Time!

    Thinking of this Stormy Kromer, Eggplant.

    Bella, how’s the sizing?

  70. Tupper and Gilly
    8:08 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Melanie – that eggplant will be so pretty on your dark hair. But aren’t you allergic to eggplant?

  71. Barb & Maggie
    8:12 pm on October 13th, 2011

    T & G, Barb thinks the tuna casserole is really good, but it could be one of those memories of childhood kind of things. She promises not to make it if we come to visit. Grilled tuna steaks would be better, right?

  72. Melanie
    8:16 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Tupper and Gilly, Unlike some of our four footed friends, I don’t plan on eating this.

  73. Melanie
    8:19 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Weighing in on the Tuna or Tina Casserole.

    I used to make a great one. Have no idea how I did it because I became allergic to fish oil. So that’s off the menu for me. So eggplant. And gluten. And Borash, the herb. In fact, I broke out in a heck of a rash with that one.

    Sooooo, besides being a human barometer, I seem to be a walking allergic reaction. Jeez Lousie.

  74. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:28 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Walking!….No walking for me tonight…heh!…Her arm felt “a little” better so she went to the one-week-free place without me…snort!… Sometimes life works out okay. Now we are downstairs and watching the game. Cardinals vs Brewers….Woooo!…Go Red Birds! Fly! Fly!…Woooooo!

    Melanie!…Maybe you need to hibernate for a season or two and see if that helps…snorkel!

    Supper!… Her mother threw together soup tonight. From a dry mix…heh!…Last night it was a frozen pizza…grunt!

  75. Snowhook Bella
    8:30 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Melanie: The eggplant color is beautiful and I agree with T&G—it will look great with your hair based on the few photos I’ve seen. The sizing is pretty exact. At first I wished I had opted for a size larger, but it was too big. It seemed to give the slighted bit and fits well. I did cut out a slit in the back so I can stick my ponytail or bun through it—it seems to fit better this way than with my hair down.

  76. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:31 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Moon!…Is there a Harvest Moon tonight?…snort!

  77. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:33 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Wooooooo!….Matt Holiday (from Colorado) just hit a home run for the Cardinals!….Woooooo!…Now they are flying!…heh!

  78. Siber-H
    8:41 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Tonight, Rio, We are cheering for the same team.

  79. Melanie
    8:58 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Bella, I like the idea of having the slit for my pony tail. It’s easier when wearing a hat with long hair.

    Riö, Looked up the full moon name in October. Can be Harvest Moon, Hunter’s Moon or Moon of Falling Leaves.

    My guess for here it would be Moon of Falling Leaves Into the Pool You Are Trying To Keep Clean Before You Winterize It.

    Also about hibernation? I am considering it.


  80. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:00 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Wooooo!….Another Home Run for the Cardinals!…..WooooooWheeeee!…snort!…See SiberH, things go a lot better if we stick together…wheeze!

  81. Snowhook Bella
    9:01 pm on October 13th, 2011

    For the Anonymous Donors of the patch and decals

    Warrior Mom

    She had no choice. The situation had worsened by the hour. Three weeks of rain—rain on each of those days had flooded the kennel, leaving mutt and mushers water-logged and mud-bogged. They had done their best, this she knew. She had heard them say something about desperate times and she couldn’t agree more.


    Each night when they arrived home, she watched as they dug several small channels throughout the kennel to divert the water away from the dogs. That was the intent, yet with the abundance of rain, the banks of the several, small kennel rivers had flooded and the puppy pen was now a flood zone.

    Pushing her considerable weight against the gate, she tried it one more time. Useless. She knew that it wouldn’t budge, but she had to try. She sized up the fencing around the puppy pen. Four feet of wire and post. It wouldn’t be a problem for her in her pre-puppy days, but it seemed now, though she couldn’t prove it, that there was more of her. Desperate times. Not to tight, but tight enough not to lose her hold, she took the young pup in her mouth. Squeak!

    She set him down. The squeaking stopped and the young pup looked up at his mother. The new mother looked at her pup. She tried again. Squeak!

    “Helping or hurting?” Determined, she tried again and again the squeaks squeaked. Ignoring the shrills, she leapt on the top of her dog house, built with love and big enough for mama and pups. Nothing to it, not even a whisker out of place. Taking flight over the fence, the scruff of her precious cargo secure between her teeth, she cleared the wire barrier and landed on the other side with little more than a thud next to her brother.

    He was always popular with the pups, and even the most novice of mothers could tell that he loved puppies. His tail wag told her he didn’t mind, didn’t mind at all. Less mud-bogged than other areas of the kennel and with such an eager caregiver, she passed to the entrance of his dog house and placed the squeaker inside. Turning, aware that her task had just begun, she loaded the springs in her haunches and leapt the fence again, the second of many leaps to come.

    Snatching the nearest pup and ignoring the squeaks—a newly acquired skill that would make any experience mother proud, she leapt then leapt again. Tail wagging, Coach nudged the pup until it was placed on the ground at his feet. Teeth to scruff he imitated his sister, and placed the pup inside his house.

    Perfecting the squeak and leap routine, she walked past the several in the kennel to find temporary and somewhat dry lodging for the third and fourth pups. Past Tomboy who was still undecided if pups were dogs-to-be or very mobile squeaky toys, past Rowdy who had landed firmly in the Mobile Squeaky Toy camp long ago. No to Bridger. No to Fargo. Yes to Tenzing, and yes to Luna. One left.

    Wiser, having watched, or rather heard his brothers and sister squeak as mama wandered off with each only to return empty handed, the last pup scrambled himself into a corner. The job easier for his mama, she, for the last time, held the delicate hide and peach-fuzz fur between her teeth and leapt, and leapt again. The options were few.

    Standing in between Coach and his protégé, Sue, A Boy Named Sue for long she made her decision and placed the pup at Sue’s feet. An uncertain tail wag swished by both. Hers was the uncertainty of a mother leaving her pup in the care of a yearling. His, the uncertainty at what she meant for him to do. “I’ll help you,” Coach comforted with a tail wag and head bump worthy of a great mentor, “It’s not hard. Sure they may chew on your ears, or search for dinner in all the wrong places, but nothing leaves a mark.”

    “Mark? What do you mean by mark?”

    “Have I ever led you astray?

    “The time we took a gee instead of a haw and ended up in a dead-end.”

    “But in life?—Never. Not with the important things.” It was true and it was settled. With direct care over two, Coach would keep a watchful eye on his mentee and the little one now in Sue’s care.

    Less desperate, less weighed down and less cautious, Savannah leapt for the last time back into the puppy pen. With no ark in sight, she waited atop the house, waited and watched her pups from a distance.

    Her people arrived home, but there was no distress at the empty puppy pen. Mama had done well.

  82. Tupper and Gilly
    9:16 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Oh Bella – such wonderful dogs, such wonderful stories

  83. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:17 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Wow!…What a great story!…snort!snort!… I’m wondering if it is a true story or not….sniff!

  84. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:25 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Rebeccer!….You said you were going to another writing class….snort!…Will you be teaching it?….heh!

  85. Liz
    9:27 pm on October 13th, 2011

    How gorgeous – they search for dinner in all the wrong places! Lovely story, Rebecca, as usual.

  86. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:32 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Talent!… Abounds here!…sniff!… The Charming Mr. Abrahams and Ole Pointy Head Spence should be proud of the group they have attracted to their blog each day…snorkel!

    Talent2…Hey! Gulper and Gilly, will you ask Stinky Mama to explain her “Friends and Family” discount plan to me again?…grunt!… I’m not too proud to take advantage of a discount…heh!

  87. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:48 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Oooooh!… The Umpire just got hit in his bicep with a ball – no padding there at all….groan!… As mad as those guys make me I never ever want to see them get hurt back there behind the Catcher….wuffle! ….After a little bit of “shake it off” time the guy is back on the job!…Wow!…He is a tuff old nut!…snort!

  88. Tupper and Gilly
    10:00 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Rio – there is more info at dishlickers for you.

    Oh dear, will baseball season ever be over? grump, grump

  89. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:05 pm on October 13th, 2011

    LateNight!….Where is the late night gang tonight?….grunt!…I can’t keep posting all alone out here all evening…sniff!…I used to do that a long time ago till other guys started showing up, but now I don’t think I should have to be here all by myself…grunt!…I thought SiberH was watching this game with me….snuff!…Not a peep out of him for a long time…wuffle! ….Well, good night from me unless there happens to be a conversation sprouting up between now and the end of this game…heh!

  90. Snowhook Bella
    10:11 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Rio: Peep!

  91. Redbone Hound
    10:11 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Yo Brother Rio –
    What would you like to talk about, son?

  92. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:12 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Tupper!…heh!…”Will baseball season ever be over?”….snort!… What a Question! Baseball season starts in February as we anticipate the gathering of players at Spring Training….woof!…Then we follow Spring Training inch by inch and Finally it is Opening Day sometime early in April!!…Wooooo!…Then all summer long we watch with our guarded hopes and dreams of our team getting to play in October!…snort!…Then after NINE MONTHS of gestation the World Series is Born!….gasp!wheeze!…Nothing can hardly compare….whistle!

  93. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:17 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Redbone!… Well, I guess I’m feeling a bit put-out that hardly anyone has acknowledged Rebeccers very wonderful story tonight…sniff!….Maybe everyone is already in bed and has not read it…grunt! …I know first paw when you put something “out there” you like to see feedback from your friends….wuffle!…Look at all the Reviews we are subjected to by our Author each year…heh!

  94. Redbone Hound
    10:29 pm on October 13th, 2011

    I do love it when Miz Rebecca tells us one of her wunnerful stories. I kin jest imagine them dawgs of hers chattin it up whilst they wait for her and that Giant to come home.
    Wisht I could be up there for that big ole race come March, but I’m jist a short coated hound, born to hang out under the magnolia trees – it be a mite cold up there for this ole dawg.

  95. Wookie of Chevy Chase
    10:30 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Rio. Here now. We had a horrible horrible thunderstorm earlier tonight, even lost power for a couple of hours, but all is alright now. Rebecca’s story was so terrific. Little nervous about the second game though. Last I checked, Milwaukee had pulled ahead. Oh well, we will see. Wookie

  96. Redbone Hound
    10:36 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Good Evening Mr.Wook,sir. How’ve y’all been feelin these days?

  97. Tipper and Gilly
    10:36 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Rio – looks like you are in good company now. So we have to say…. Yaaawnnn …. G’night

  98. Siber-H
    10:38 pm on October 13th, 2011

    That’s a great speech about baseball, Rio! I’m looking forward to opening day next April. You have made me feel less sad about the close of this season.

    Rebecca’s story is beautiful! Dog stories are always my favorites but only a chosen few can write them well. Rebecca has dog stories in her soul.

  99. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:48 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Believe!….Right now is where we suspend our belief that the game is over….heh!…Because anything can still happen. Look at the Rangers last night in the ELEVENTH INNING….grump!… So the Cardinals can still fly away with this game if we only believe….sniff!

  100. Siber-H
    10:51 pm on October 13th, 2011

    The Rangers have done it twice in the 11th inning in this post season, so the Cardinals could very well do it.

  101. Snowhook Bella
    10:51 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Rio: No need to get your wrinkles smoothed out, but I appreciate that you like the story. To answer your earlier pondering—is it a tru story? Yes, it is. We came home one day one summer to find Savannah all alone in the puppy pen and the pups farmed out to a trusted few. A neighbor had come by while the last pup was placed with Sue. As she told me what she saw, I could almost hear the conversation.

    Siber-H:dog stories in the soul—I’ll have to remember that.

    More to Rio: I too enjoyed your answer to T&G’s baseball question and I’m not even a baseball fan.

    Mr. Redbone: I think Miss Macy has been thinking of you. And, you’re welcome for the race—we just need to make you a stylish dog jacket with matching booties.

  102. dawson
    11:03 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Snowhook Bella: A beautifully written story of a champion dog team in the making. When the times are tough they’re working together to get the job done. Inspiring to say the least.

    MacyMinPin: Thinking of your Angie and wishing for the best news tomorrow.

  103. Redbone Hound
    11:05 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Aw now Miz Rebecca – no self respectin big ole hound could be seen in no booties. It jist wouldn’t be right.
    Sides which, ain’t no earmuffs big enough to corral these big old floppers a’hangin on my head. Ifn’ we try to bundle em up on top of my head, I might jist tip right on over – or my wrinkles would git smoothed out, and we can’t have that now can we?
    I’ve been a missin my little Texas girl too. Heard that her little gal is havin some doctorin tomorrow. We shore will be thinkin good thoughts for her.
    I do git a kick outta those dainty licks she sends. Ifn’ I tried to give her a “dainty” lick with this tongue, I’d knock her right off her little tiny paws. And she would be one soggy little lady. I need to content myself with jist long soulful gazes deep into her sparklin little eyes.

  104. Siber-H
    11:12 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Mom is falling asleep so I have to say good night now. Maybe when I wake up tomorrow, I will learn that the Cardinals won the game.

  105. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:30 pm on October 13th, 2011

    (((sigh)))!…The Red Birds done hit the window…snuff!

  106. Snowhook Bella
    11:46 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Mr. Redbone: Have you ever considered using those wonderful hound ears as a scarf in the winter? And what of that Miss Macy? She always makes me smile when she send you dainty nose licks.

    Miss Macy: Hoping all goes well with Angie tomorrow.

    Truth be told, the interview between Spence and Peter posted yesterday inspired me. I’ve made a goal to try and write 250 quality words a day. I told AJ of this goal and he responded, “I told you to try that long ago. Why do you never listen to me?” Snort.

  107. Staff
    11:51 pm on October 13th, 2011

    Sorry I wasn’t here to talk to you Rio. I was at a class on cooking low salt at our local co-op. It was great! I ate celery and heart of palm salad, steamed shrimp and pineapple with lemon and olive oil dressing, and white fish with orange zest and green onions in a cream sauce. No salt at all in it. Want some recipes? (If you can find a kitchen)

    The teacher is a gastroentologist born in Italy and she loves to cook. It was great!


  108. OleyHowlers
    12:05 am on October 14th, 2011

    Hello, guys. We are back again. Mom & Pop went out to eat to celebrate our coming arrival (and because they won’t be going out for awhile).

    Rebecca, that is a lovely story about very wise huskies. We loved it.

    We are having big storms tonight. Hoping for better weather for our long drive tomorrow.

    We are praying for Angie as she has her biopsy tomorrow.

  109. Snowhook Bella
    12:17 am on October 14th, 2011

    Howlers: Good luck tomorrow with Kat. I think she’s found her a very good home and a great cover for her spy activities.

  110. Staff
    11:28 am on October 14th, 2011

    This salad was the first thing we made and ate last night. I had never eaten hearts of palm before. Yummers..

    Hearts of Palm salad (serves 4)

    3 Celery Sticks
    1 can (or 4) hearts of palm
    1/2 lemon, juiced
    extra virgin olive oil (evoo)
    chopped fresh italian (flat) parsley
    black pepper

    Juice the lemon and mix in approx. equal amount of good olive oil. Wash celery and slice thinly. Drain hearts of palm and cut into thin coins. Mix celery and hearts of palm with chopped parsley together. Add the condiment of oil and lemon just at the last minute. Serve immediately. Sprinkle with black pepper if you wish.

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