One Strike Away (Twice)

“Lookin’ a little groggy today,” Spence says.

“Right back at you,” says Admin.

“Is there another game like baseball?”


“That bunt over the head of the charging Beltre.”

“Somehow fielded by Andrus.”

“But advancing the runner anyway.”

“And a zillion other little telling details, just like in good writing. Care to make a prediction?”

“Yes. The Chinese are going to fall in love with this game and in fifty years it’ll be bigger than ever, played just about everywhere.”

“Except for Europe, of course,” Admin says. “And here’s a picture that hung in the bathroom shared by my two sons when they were growing up and playing high school ball.”


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177 Responses to “One Strike Away (Twice)”

  1. OleyHowlers
    9:16 am on October 28th, 2011

    What a game last night! When is Game 7 (which we never doubted would take place)?

  2. Mollypop's Mom
    9:20 am on October 28th, 2011

    It’s 27 degrees here and the ground is frozen white snow. There are golfers out there!

  3. OleyHowlers
    9:29 am on October 28th, 2011

    Hey Molly! Golfers are crazy. We are supposed to get 8 inches of cery heavy, wet snow tomorrow. We can’t wait until Kat sees that!

  4. OleyHowlers
    9:30 am on October 28th, 2011

    Omd darn iPaw… We meant M’s Mom. Sorry.

  5. B.Stover
    9:34 am on October 28th, 2011

    Perhaps I should move to Europe.

    Good morning all.

  6. Melanie
    9:37 am on October 28th, 2011

    Wow, that was exciting and all I did was read the comments! Youse guys out did yourselves!

    The morning sun coming over the hills made for a beautiful picture behind our house.

  7. B.Stover
    9:37 am on October 28th, 2011

    It’s 34 here this morning but bright and sunny. It should get to 52 so no snow yet. However, I did see my first junco of the season in the garden this morning. (It’s the bird that winters in Michigan.)

  8. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:47 am on October 28th, 2011

    Croak!…. gasp!…Is it morning already?…sniff! …. My friend found me in my bed lying on my back with my paws straight up in the air….heh!… She said it looked like I was running bases…snort!

    Gurgle!….I don’t know about the rest of you but I’ve got a WhoooHooo hangover….heh! …My throat is dry and cracked from all the Woooo-woooooing and Yeeep-yeeeping for 5 straight hours practically…snort! ….Give me a few hours and a couple of Zingers with black coffee and I will be ready to do it all over tonight!…cackle!

    9:51 am on October 28th, 2011

    Bee, We love Juncos too, just not winter.

    Oh thee of little faith! We went to bed a little after 10:00 last night, score was 7-4 in the 7th inning, we think. We figured the Cards had lost, and didn’t want to see any more of the abuse. So, we missed the win, and probably one of the most exciting games in Series history! Also noticed that at 268 posts, or there abouts, probably a new record for us.
    Barb is at CLL, so she would be dragging if we had stayed up, but what’s a little lack of sleep!

    Beautiful picture, Melanie.

  10. B.Stover
    10:09 am on October 28th, 2011

    268 posts yesterday!!!! You guys crack me up. I loved all of the pictures and Dawson even willing to sacrifice her quilt for this year.

    Wolfie: What is a tri tip?

  11. Melanie
    10:16 am on October 28th, 2011

    B.Stover One more game to go! Then on to the Iditarod!!

    (I have no idea what a tri tip is, I thought it was something that got changed by iPaw)

    Off to get some of my hair chopped off. Probably around 5 to 7 inches. Last time I did that my guys didn’t even notice.

  12. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:26 am on October 28th, 2011

    Tri-Tip!…Is a type of Steak…slurp!

  13. Staff
    10:31 am on October 28th, 2011

    Oh MY Goodness!!!!

    I woke up and did a little quilting and had breakfast and decided to hook up and check on the game from last night!!!
    over 250 posts! Ifigured something was up, and there were too many posts to check. I went to the Huffington Post and found out what had happened. Oh My Dog and I missed it all. Sob sob sob. But I figure it only happened because I sacrificed myself for the Cards.

    Now to go back and read about it in yesterdays posts.

    Another game tonight B and then it is all over for a few months.

  14. Kirby T. Penworthy
    10:37 am on October 28th, 2011

    Good morning, y’all! Mom’s running around like a chicken with her head cut off (sorry Barb!) trying to get ready for her trip, so I don’t know how much she’s going to let me on the computer. Then tonight Mom and Dad are meeting my boy’s new girlfriend. They only met in person a few weeks ago, but they “met” before that online, and have spent lots of time “Skyping,” so now they’re totally in love! She lives about a couple hours away, and they’re both college students, so they can’t get together very often. That could change, though. She’s a grad student, and my boy’s school has a Ph.D. program she’s been looking at (independent of him), so she could be joining him at his school in a couple of years. (Hopefully, by that time he’ll still be at his same college in law school — paws crossed!!!)

  15. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:49 am on October 28th, 2011

    Snow!….Here’s a shot out of the window from the Busy-Place after the snow storm…grunt!…Doesn’t look very busy to me…sniff!…My friend says she walks by that pond every day except these last couple of days cuz it has been too cold…brrrr!

  16. Kirby T. Penworthy
    11:09 am on October 28th, 2011

    Rio: Mom says she doesn’t know how your friend gets any work done! If she could look at that all day, she would. (As it is, she gets to look at the kids at the daycare across the street. During the summer the kids play on the slip-n-slide and the kidde pool — makes her want to go out and play with them!)

  17. BearSpiritDog
    11:16 am on October 28th, 2011

    That was some game!!! With all the celebrating going on we thought the Cardinals had won. (well, they did..sort of..a reprieve anyway) Glad we stayed up to watch it. A little groggy this morning though. No problem. That can all be solved with a good strong cup of coffee. The kind that stands your hair on end. The racetrack version of the brew.

    Oh, and we are happy to say that was NOT the last game last night.

    The photos of the early winter scenes are beautiful Melanie and Rio.

  18. B.Stover
    11:19 am on October 28th, 2011

    Beautiful picture Rio. The mountains are gorgeous.

  19. Tupper and Gilly
    11:24 am on October 28th, 2011

    Rio- that is a beautiful busy place indeed-even tho we HATE snow. Now our weather folks are saying we are going to get slammed this weekend – sob, sob.

    Hope everyone is over their hyperventilation from last night. Cuz tonight is going to be the big one.

    Anyone want to make a friendly little wager. We will bet 2 Norwegian Forest Kats on the Rangers. Just give us a couple of minutes to find that packing tape and label. Mama hid them somewhere-we have NO idea why.
    (the beauty of this bet is that even if we lose-we WIN!)

  20. Buddy and T.C.
    11:30 am on October 28th, 2011

    T&G, we’ll take that bet. Two Norwegian Forest Kats for one Siberian Husky Kat !!!

    Sshhh…Don’t tell Mom til its all over.

    Rio, that sure doesn’t look like a busy place, altho it looks like the kind of place the Howlers would like to get busy hiking. It is beautiful.

    11:32 am on October 28th, 2011

    Rio is right – tri tip is a cut of steak.

    Dawson, Billy is about 1 1/2 years old. That picture was taken last month, but he is bigger than he looks in that picture. He is probably 3-4 lbs., but looks bigger, as he is due to be sheared again.

  22. BearSpiritDog
    11:37 am on October 28th, 2011

    Adding another Norwegian Forest Cat

  23. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:46 am on October 28th, 2011

    Chorkel! …. Get this…snort!…My friend works with a big Rangers Fan and he is really upset over the way the game went last night…heh!….Talk about being a Grump! So she created a note that said, “Go Cards! Win it All! I LOVE PUJOLS!” Another girl was able to stick it on his back without him knowing….heh!heh!….He’s been walking around with that note on his back for a while now….HA! …Oblivious!

  24. Siber-H
    11:47 am on October 28th, 2011

    I believe it was Macy who first said, “I don’t know if I can do this again tonight”.

    Beautiful pictures Melanie and Rio.
    I could use some scenery like that. I have mountains, but they have no snow yet…northern NM got snow.

    We want a painting like the one Chet is showing us today.

  25. BearSpiritDog
    11:50 am on October 28th, 2011

    Siber-H: We only wish Chet’s painting could be enlarged…..

  26. B.Stover
    11:51 am on October 28th, 2011

    Go to Google and type in a search for Ray Villafane Pumpkins and go to the “images” selection. They are great!

  27. Siber-H
    11:52 am on October 28th, 2011

    Bear, me too. I tried to enlarge it. It looks like a really neat painting.

  28. Kirby T. Penworthy
    11:58 am on October 28th, 2011

    Bee: Wow, those are great! I just hope he does “real” sculpting, too, because it would be so awful just to make masterpieces like that, only to throw them on the compost pile a few days later!!!

  29. Riö - The Evil Pug
    12:01 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Pumpkins!….Here is a link to photos of 23 amazing photos of this guys work!…wow!

  30. OleyHowlers
    12:12 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Those pumpkins are awesome!

    T&G, ignore the Budster.

  31. B.Stover
    12:17 pm on October 28th, 2011

    According to the email my brother sent me, number 21 (on Rio’s site) is “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?” and, my favorite, number 19 is “Motorized Medusa.” (I don’t know if those are the artist’s titles.)

  32. Wookie of Chevy Chase
    12:27 pm on October 28th, 2011

    So, are you ready for some BASEBALL tonight!!!! I hope everyone has recovered Rio was so excited on the way back that he kept bouncing off the sides of the Wookiemobile. SiberH just curled in a corner nibbling on his Salmon Yummy Chummies and looking for someplace to dig, I think. In any event, it was great fun and a great night. Hard to imagine how tonight could possibly stack up any better. And on this one, both teams were terrific to watch and, while it is sad that the World Series has to come to an end, this will definitely go down as one of the classic World Series of all times, and one that definitely needed to go 7 games.
    Also, my dad asked me to say that a hat tip should go to Miss Melanie and Patsy for the photo assist last night. Wookie

  33. Basil and Sage
    12:35 pm on October 28th, 2011

    HEY! Who put Basil’s picture up on the blog? Oh wait a minute -Basil has a dark nose…but other than that, that could be him!

    As to Tupper and Gilly’s bet – NOT FUNNY! Not funny at ALL!

    Wait’ll we find that dam packing tape. THEN we’ll see who gets shipped where!

  34. BearSpiritDog
    12:41 pm on October 28th, 2011

    B & Rio: Wow! Those pumpkins are amazing!!!

  35. BearSpiritDog
    12:45 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Tupper&Gilly: Basil is a Norwegian Cat? It is all beginning to make sense…..Sorry, I’m a little on the uptake this morning…the late night you know.

    12:47 pm on October 28th, 2011

    That is a beautiful kat!

    If you ship those corgis, send them to us. Barb loves corgis! Make sure they have breathing holes!!

  37. Tupper and Gilly
    12:53 pm on October 28th, 2011

    BSD – yes, those dam kats are both “Weegees”. Brothers. Only one is beautiful and not overly bright, and one is a little less of a looker, but too dam smart for his own good.
    Mama went to the shelter one day to look for a new girl kitty, and instead came home with these two terrors.
    What’s up with that??
    Supposedly their original family developed “allergies”. Yeah, right – allergies to broken knickknacks, allergies to mad-cat-dashes through the house, up and over anything and everything in their path, allergies to calm, restful nights without sudedenly getting a fluffy tail in your face. Yeah, they developed allergies all right. What they developed was COMMON SENSE! (something Mama is woefully lacking – otherwise she would have come home with more Corgies – or better yet, just some chew sticks)

  38. Riö - The Evil Pug
    1:02 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Gah!…Just looking at all that Kat hair makes me want to…sneeze!cough!….snort!

  39. St Louis C.A.T.
    1:10 pm on October 28th, 2011

    B O L O Alert
    Be on the lookout for perp at baseball park.
    Description: very short, stocky, light tan short hair, short curly tail, possibly wearing black mask and bow tie. Known to burp, snuffle and snort. Also known for D.O.G. (disgustingly odiferous gas) May be carrying harmonica and baseball toy.
    Perp wanted for questioning in the case of the Barbeque Sauce Paw Printed World Series Trophy.
    Known associates, tall, good looking blond, and distinguished looking gentleman with black and silver hair. Rumor of third associate, but no one could give accurate description. Witness statement: “he moved so fast, he was just a blur”
    If seen, do not approach. Considered highly dangerous, capable of shooting toxic gas. Instead, contact C.A.T. (Cardinals’ Action Team) squad to apprehend.
    This is a C.A.T. squad alert

  40. Siber-H
    1:20 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Those are great pictures, Wookie, Melanie, and Patsy. That was some ballgame last night…unbelieveable.

    I’m resting up for tonight. Might as well as I have been benched for what I hope is a short period of time…no dog park. It seems I may have slightly twisted my ankle while fleeing with the stuffed squirrel in my mouth. Mom is just “resting and observing” it for now. I think she is overeacting.

    The pumpkins are fun to look at on this otherwise boring day when I am suppose to be resting.

    The Herbs are Viking Kats…cool

  41. Siber-H
    1:23 pm on October 28th, 2011

    St, Louis Kat, I don’t know anyone that fits the description of the perp you are looking for.

    You’ll never find the stuffed squirrel either.

  42. Riö - The Evil Pug
    1:28 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Ankle!….SiberH you aren’t fooling anybody…snort!…You twisted your ankle making that fast get-away from the World Series Trophy display last night after I licked it (repeatedly)…heh!heh!….Seems the KAT Squad (Kick Ass Task-force) is onto us…sniff! …Good thing we are not going to the ballpark tonight…chuffle!

  43. Basil and Sage
    1:34 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Rio’s in trubb- le
    Rio’s in trubb- le

    Hello? 1-800-CAT-SQUAD? About that perp……


  44. Siber-H
    1:34 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Rio, you left DNA at the scene of the crime. I did not.

  45. Riö - The Evil Pug
    1:38 pm on October 28th, 2011

    SiberH!…Yes you did! You YARKED and spit all over the trophy…heh!…If I go down, you are going down too!…grunt!

  46. Riö - The Evil Pug
    1:39 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Lawyer!….We better lawyer-up and call Maskers the LawKat….snort!….He’ll get us off the Trophy hook…sniff!

  47. Mollypop's Mom
    1:56 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Siber-H – Poor baby! Are you limping?

  48. Melanie
    1:59 pm on October 28th, 2011

    I’ll have to catch up on the links and the betting when I get back. Of course, I just got back! First 4 inches off my hair. When it’s wet it’s still way down back.

    Then Zoë and I took Mac (and Patsy) to the vet’s. He has been licking his knee and began to limp. Zoe was scared it was either cancer (though he’s not related to Patsy) or Lyme. It was neither. He had gotten a cut on the area just above his paw and it was getting infected.

    He will be fine. (Whew)

  49. Siber-H
    2:22 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Mollypop’s mom, Thank you for your concern. I am only holding my foot slightly whacky for a short period of time when I get up from a serious nap. Mom doesn’t want me to aggravate it. Mom overreacts to everything, but she said that if all goes well today, I can go to the dog park tomorrow.

    Melanie, We are very glad that it is nothing serious with Mac. Mom says give him a kiss from her.

    Rio, I do not spit when I yark, but we had better be contacting an attorney.

  50. Riö - The Evil Pug
    2:32 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Licking!….What kind of sentence would licking a trophy garner I wonder….grunt! ….SiberH I think we are worrying for nothing…sniff!….It’s not like there are photos or anything…heh!…Oh, wait.

  51. Masquers
    2:34 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Rio! Maskers reporting in. Has everyone returned from the dreaded Pitch Black Hole? We may have to do a head count later. I see I may have to brush up on the law. There seems to be a APB (All Points Bulletin) out on you and Siber. My advice is to lie low for a while until this all blows over.

  52. Riö - The Evil Pug
    2:34 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Cut!…Mac The Newf!… wheeze!….Good to know he will be okay and on the mend after he swallers a bunch of those antibiotics….grunt!

  53. Siber-H
    2:36 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Yes, and one of us in that photo is a picture of innocence.

  54. dawson
    2:40 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Rio: Luckily Wookie’s Dad can set you up an appointment with his lawyer friends, Dewey, Cheatham and Howe.

    To Mac and SiberH: Take care of your ow-ees.

    I’m packed up and ready to go to Vancouver. I think I’m staying in the fancy hotel that charges you $6.95 for 15 minutes of internet. This time I am prepared with my little lifesaver netbook.

  55. Riö - The Evil Pug
    2:45 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Sides!….Because of our venture into new posting sides last night, among other things I will only discuss with LawKat, I had to come up with a new set of names…snort!…Only slightly different from the first set…sniff!….Please keep a copy of this list in case you need to refer or reference a Side….heh!

    0 – 50 = The Well Lit Side
    51 – 100 = The Twilight Side
    101 – 150 = The Dark Side
    151 – 200 = The Darker Side
    201 – 250 = The Even Darker Side
    251 – 300 = The Pitch Black Side (this is where we were last night)
    301 – 350 = The Black Hole (this side has never been reached and deemed dangerous)

  56. Masquers
    2:46 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Mac the Newf! Heh, heh. Good one, Rio!
    Melanie: I’m glad to hear Mac is okay.
    Siber: Take it easy on that paw today.

    Wookie & Melanie: Superb job on the photos of the boys last night. (whispering) there may be a small problem with the one of Siber and Rio in the Trophy room…something about St.Louis C.A.T. using it as evidence?

  57. Masquers
    2:53 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Just remembered…Melanie is an expert on Photoshop. Whew!

  58. Tupper and Gilly
    2:54 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Rio- in your role as Commander, don’t you have some government strings you can pull to make sure your DNA profile doesn’t show up in any databases?

  59. BearSpiritDog
    2:55 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Then again, Patsy might say that would be tampering with evidence.

  60. BearSpiritDog
    2:57 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Tupper&Gilly: Right you are. And Wookie must have some powerful connections of his own.

  61. Riö - The Evil Pug
    3:05 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Blame!….Never fear. Once Special Agent Wookie hears about the Shenanigans the KAT Squad is up to…snort!….He will take matters into his own paws and make sure my record is wiped clean…heh!….After a little Blame Shifting SiberH will only have to spend 30 to 60 days in Quarantine. ….sniff! …Problem solved!

  62. Masquers
    3:07 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Rio: I have made note of the changes to the Sides for future reference. A big relief to know we were not in The Black Hole…a most dangerous place and one from which there may be (gasp) no return. Getting puuuurity darn close though!

  63. B.Stover
    3:22 pm on October 28th, 2011

    I hope SH and Mac start feeling better.

    I’m going with a friend to see The Ides of March.

  64. Kirby T. Penworthy
    3:43 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Oh, boy! Mom just came home with a new suitcase for her trip. What do you think? Should I mark it for posterity???

  65. BearSpiritDog
    3:58 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Hey, Dawson: Dewey, Cheatham & Howe…sounds familiar. You must listen to the Tappet Brothers on NPR’S Car Talk!

    Kirby: Yes, you should definitely mark that suitcase. You have a reputation to consider.

    5:36 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Kirby, Didn’t you get in just a wee bit of trouble for that caper last time? Maybe you should reconsider.

  67. Melanie
    5:37 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Whew, on the road most of the day. Came home and was going to take a short nap. It was 2 hours!

    Anyhoo, looks like we’re going to get the same storm as the OleyHowlers. Calling for 12 inches. (sarcastic font) Great . . .

    Will catch up after dinner. You guys have been very talkative today.

    Oh, wait, one more thing. Just finished “Men With Brooms” feel good movie with the guy from “Due South” and “Slings and Arrows”. If the Olympics showed curling that way on TV, I would have watched it!

  68. Rose
    6:24 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Good Evening All:

    Boy, that was some exciting sports casting last night! And the amount of posts…Ay, caramba!!

    Lovely pictures of the snow all!

    Mac: Get well soon!

    SiberH: Poor boy, I hope your ankle gets better soon. Looks like Rio is going to throw you under the bus for a crime you did not commit. I knew he would not be a good influence. If you need a witness to testify about your good character, I’m there! (whispering) You know you’re my sweetie!

    Of interest to the nation:

  69. Rose
    6:27 pm on October 28th, 2011

    I do not like that suddenly, my comments are being moderated.

    B: I’m very interested in seeing the Ides of March. Let me know what you think.

  70. Rose
    6:30 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Moderated at 6:24pm…What the eff?

  71. Rose
    6:31 pm on October 28th, 2011

    T&G: One of your kind appears on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

  72. Rose
    6:39 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Rebecca: Since I’m suddenly being moderated, my message from last night did not appear.

    I’m thinking that Belle just batted her eyelashes at you, and her debt for that pink tape has been forgiven. She’s very good at that you know. 🙂

    We just made some chocolate lovers chocolate chip cookies to welcome back the Prof tomorrow. Luna and Belle both have their noses in the air…Can I give them a cookie?

    The girls decided to welcome back the Prof, and will be blurring back tomorrow, instead of today. I want to keep them, but I know you and AJ must miss them terribly. I hope the weight of Belle’s pink, sparkly backpack won’t slow her down. There is something in that bag for you I think…we were on-line shopping a couple of days ago..

  73. Macy the Min-pin
    6:52 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Royals, on the site “I can haz hotdogs?” Corgis are the dog of the week. Don’t let it go to your little heads.

  74. BearSpiritDog
    7:24 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Time to set up for the game..40 minutes and counting.

  75. Melanie
    7:29 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Patsy and I have been conferring and looking at the picture in question.
    We agree that we might be able to photoshop Rio out of the picture.
    Masquers: let me know if it’s necessary . .

    Glad we didn’t reach the dreaded Black Hole. Sounds just terrible. I’m afraid that I’ll wake up to read the blog and it will have been swallowed up by itself.

  76. Masquers
    7:30 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Rose: I’m sorry you are being moderated. It happened to me a couple of nights back also. Very frustrating after you have written a lengthy post to see it disappear in cyberspace. Mine showed up the next day after the powers-that-be deemed them harmless, but sometimes they are lost forever.
    Come watch the game with us and Belle Starr and Luna. And bring some cookies!

  77. Barb & Maggie
    7:33 pm on October 28th, 2011

    We will check in later. We are following Bear’s lead and getting ready for the game. Even if the Cards don’t win, after last night we feel that everyone played a great series, and both teams are deserving. Still cheering for the Red Birds of course!

    Bet Bee will be very glad when this is all over!

    Did anyone see the news story about the 4 month old pup who was rescued after riding on top of a moving freight train for miles? Will have to check into it, or maybe Chet can do so. I think they named him Box Car Hunter. The train was traveling 50 mph!

  78. Rose
    7:40 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Hi Masquers!

    Yeah, being moderated is quite frustrating!

    The baseball season ended for me since the Yankees aren’t playing, but if you have the Hebrew Nationals a-grilling, Belle, Luna, and I will be there with the cookies. Double chocolate chocolate chip, and sugar cokies….

  79. Siber-H
    7:43 pm on October 28th, 2011

    I don’t have to be photoshopped out of the picture because I am guilty of nothing (at that particular crime scene)

  80. Rose
    7:46 pm on October 28th, 2011

    B&M: That may be the reason why my comment is in moderation. I included a link to that story, and a story on the news today about a dog named Daniel and some other dogs who were being gassed. Daniel survived, and is now at a new rescue shelter waiting to be adopted. He is very cute…..

  81. Rose
    7:48 pm on October 28th, 2011

    SiberH: I will vouch for you good character. You are guilty only of admiring the trophy from a respectable distance.

  82. Macy the Min-pin
    7:57 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Play Ball!!!

  83. Siber-H
    7:57 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Thank you, Rose

  84. Masquers
    7:58 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Oh, No! Mom’s in the shower and the game is starting! I can hear the National Anthem. Gah.

  85. Masquers
    7:59 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Wait for me

  86. Melanie
    8:01 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Rose: The Powers That Be or PTB don’t like two or more links in one post. Perhaps that is the problem.

    I thought I was going to get some pictures primped and sent back tonight. But I’m going to bed. I will enjoy reading about the game tomorrow morning.


  87. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:05 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Game!….It’s almost time once again for the final game of ML Baseball this year!…sob!sob!sob!….Go Cards!….Wooooooooooooo!….Lets make it a good one! …snort!

  88. Rose
    8:10 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Melanie: Thanks for the tip. I’ll try again.

  89. Rose
    8:12 pm on October 28th, 2011
  90. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:12 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Stop!….What the hell is going on?….grunt! ….Get a grip Red Birds! Get a grip!…snort!

  91. Masquers
    8:12 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Great! Just in time to see Texas score..2-0

  92. Rose
    8:18 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Yes, PTB, I did already post that, but since it been in moderation for 2 hours, it isn’t a duplicate comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  93. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:23 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Freeze!….My buddy Freeze is up to bat with first and second loaded….heh!

  94. Jasper the Poodle
    8:26 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Hey all, my mom is back!! If anyone needs to be fired, just let me know. She’s good at that kind of thing, you know.

  95. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:27 pm on October 28th, 2011

    TIED!…Freeze does it again!…Wooooooooo!…snort!

  96. Jasper the Poodle
    8:28 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Mom had some kind of giggly, laughing, crying fit about D.O.G. (disgusting odiferous gas). I don’t know why that set her off. I fart all the time and it smells horrifically awful, and she doesn’t laugh at all. Huh. Can’t figure these 2-leggeds out.

  97. Staff
    8:28 pm on October 28th, 2011

    OK, I came to watch the game and St Louis got two runs so I think my jinx talent has gone away. Maybe I can watch tonight.

    Ya think?

  98. Siber-H
    8:29 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Jasper, I know a Texas Rangers’ pitcher that needs to be fired right now. gah

  99. Masquers
    8:30 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Molina! ALMOST

  100. Masquers
    8:32 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Staff: You might be our good luck charm tonite..ya think?

  101. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:34 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Staff!…She can stay till we start losing then she has to Go!….heh!… Just kidding ya Staffie…snuffle!…Maybe.

  102. Tupper and Gilly
    8:35 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Hi Jasper – can your mom please come out here and fire the Crazy Lady? Only problem is – she owns the business, so maybe firing her won’t work. How about firing AT her?
    Just sayin’

  103. Rose
    8:42 pm on October 28th, 2011
  104. Rose
    8:45 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Take that Blog Moderator!

    The link above is about the dog, Boxcar Hunter.

    Looks like yesterday’s post record may be broken tonight…

    Good night all…The Prof comes home tomorrow…Twirwling here!!!

  105. B.Stover
    8:49 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Rose: I didn’t care for Ides of March because there wasn’t much of a story to it.

    Saw the previews for The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo and want to see that one.

  106. Siber-H
    8:52 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Stover? Did you read the book? You must have if you want to see the movie. Mom read the book and is impressed with the preview for the movie.

  107. Snowhook Bella
    9:01 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Good evening, Plunderers! I would have been here earlier, but my flashlight went out while I was catching up on last night’s blog and I had to feel my way out. AJ had to go to Anchorage yesterday for work, and he stopped by my office at the end of the day and took me on a date.

    I’m not a baseball fan (Coach’s football games are another story), but as far as I can tell from last night’s blog it was quite a game. We may have to have a fund raiser for bail money for Rio should those photos get into the wrong hands.

    Rose: I will expect the girls sometime tomorrow afternoon. I wonder if their going to try a visit at Rio’s again or just come straight home.

  108. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:03 pm on October 28th, 2011

    HOME-RUN!…..Wooooooooo!…. Allen Craig!…snort!snort!….Cards up by one now…heh!…Pujols up to bat now….Sweeeeeeeet! …

  109. Masquers
    9:07 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Mom talked to her dad this afternoon and he reminded her he had tried out for the Cardinals in ’46. At the time there was a player on the team called Harry “the Cat” Brecheem – so called because he moved like a kat. Brecheem won 3 games for the Redbirds that year. A picture of the team still hangs in her dad’s home office.

  110. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:08 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Rebeccer!….At first I didn’t get what you were talking about with the flashlight and feeling your way out …heh!….Then it dawned on me…snort!….Last night we out did ourselves first by some of us actually being there at the game…sniff!….Second because we made it all the way to The Pitch Black side….chuffle!

  111. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:11 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Carpenter!….He is finding his groove!….Wooooo!…Just struck out Naaa Pooo Leee!…snort!

    Maskers! ….That is a very interesting story about your Grandpa…snort!…What an amazing thing. He must have been an awesome baseball player to even try out for the team…whistle!

  112. Snowhook Bella
    9:15 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Rio: Out did, indeed. Do you think Wookie can pick up a few Plunderes in the Wookiemobile and drive north to Alaska in March so others can join us?

    Today, I was volun-told by my boss that it was ‘Bring a puppy to work day.’

  113. Masquers
    9:18 pm on October 28th, 2011

    B & Siber: I saw the foreign version of the movie, which was very good, but quite graphic. I wonder how they will handle the subject matter the US version. The Girl Who Played With Fire & The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, the last 2 in the trilogy..also very good.

  114. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:25 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Wow!….Did you guys see that bat fly?….snort!snort!….Unbelievable!

    Rebecca!…Who is that in the photo?…sniff!

  115. Masquers
    9:25 pm on October 28th, 2011

    How many broken bats is that now?

  116. Masquers
    9:27 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Carpenter is pitching to win tonight!

  117. Siber-H
    9:32 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Aww The puppy

    Masquers, Mom read all three books. She says that as long as a person liked the first book, it would be impossible to not go ahead and read the next two.

    That is neat about your mom’s dad trying out for the Cardinals.

  118. B.Stover
    9:32 pm on October 28th, 2011

    SH: I have the book on my Kindle but haven’t finished it yet.

    I think I saw the foreign film of it on tv with subtitles.

  119. Snowhook Bella
    9:34 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Rio: That is ‘Thing 2’ that was born in September. She made me very popular at work today.

  120. Masquers
    9:35 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Heh! Good one Freese!

  121. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:36 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Freeze!…He has finally learned how to handle the railings….heh!…This time he did not go over head first and butt up…snort!…And he caught the ball….Wooooooooo!

  122. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:39 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Puppy!…. I can’t believe you only took one puppy to work…snort!…How unfair for the other Thing…sniff!…Left all alone and cold without its sibling all day long….wuffle!…That puppy is really growing…sniff!

  123. Snowhook Bella
    9:42 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Rio: Not to worry, the Thing 1 will have his day at the office, too. Two pups is a lot to handle at the office, but luckily she drove while I got some sleep on the way home.

  124. Masquers
    9:44 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Broken bat #3! Craig up to bat.

  125. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:51 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Dawning!….I must have been really tired today because Finally I think I know the reason Admin posted that photo of Dawgs at the Ballgame …heh!….It was because of Wookie, Wolfie, SiberH and Me at the World Series game last night…snort!snort!….Those are Dawgs in that little tiny photo, right?…heh! …Now I finally get it…yuck!yuck!…chuckle!

    Pujols!….Two on and One out!….Wooooooo!…Come on Cards lets do some scoring!….yeep!yeep!…Now runners are at 2nd and 3rd with 2 outs…sniff!…Looking good to score!…heh!

  126. Tupper and Gilly
    9:52 pm on October 28th, 2011

    HI Bella – how sweet that AJ took you on a date. Good AJ, Good Boy!

    Mama says that if she could find a boss like yours, she might even be willing to live in the cold, wilds of Alaska….well, she would be willing to do a work/study anyway.

    Instead, she is stuck with the Crazy Lady…sigh..

  127. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:53 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Grunt!…I can’t believe they are walking Freeze and letting Molina hit….snort!….This is gonna be GOOOOOD!…snort!

  128. Macy the Min-pin
    9:55 pm on October 28th, 2011

    hoe lee carp

  129. Masquers
    9:56 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Yeah! Walk em in!!!

  130. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:57 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Yippeee!….Cards up by 2 but now C.J. Wilson is coming in to pitch for the Rangers….yikes! ….Stay calm Red Birds. Stay calm…sniff!

  131. Masquers
    9:59 pm on October 28th, 2011

    You have got to be kidding me!!!

  132. Macy the Min-pin
    9:59 pm on October 28th, 2011

    I am going to bed, this is making me sick.

  133. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:00 pm on October 28th, 2011

    HOOOOOO!….WEEEEEE!…. C.J. hits the first batter he throws to on the first throw….snort! ….5 ta 2…chorkel!

  134. Masquers
    10:00 pm on October 28th, 2011

    This has to be some kind of record for walk-ins.

  135. Masquers
    10:07 pm on October 28th, 2011

    And…Craig leaps up and he catches it!!!

  136. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:09 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Zow!… A one-two-three inning and the Cardinals are up to bat again….heh!heh!…I think I am starting to become giddy….sniff!….Woooooooooooooo!

  137. Masquers
    10:09 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Rangers are foiled again.

  138. BearSpiritDog
    10:18 pm on October 28th, 2011

    awww Macy come back. you know it could turn around..couldn’t it?

  139. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:18 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Uh Oh!….C.J. Wilson is gathering his wits about him…yeep!… He is starting to do scary pitching…sniff! …Hold on Red Birds! Hold on to the lead!….wheeze!

  140. Siber-H
    10:19 pm on October 28th, 2011

    We’re with Macy.

  141. Barb & Maggie
    10:19 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Don’t want to say anything to jinx the game….going to go lay down on the sofa and watch the game. Fingers and paws crossed here.
    Nigh Macy, night all.

  142. Tupper and Gilly
    10:20 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Carpola – move over Macy.. Mama says we have to go to bed too. Seems that one of Mama’s co-(?) workers called in “sick” so now Mama has to go open CLL at 6 am.

    Course, after this game, Mama may be able to legitimately call in sick too. sigh……..

    G’night all – we’ll see what the final score is tomorrow.

  143. Staff
    10:22 pm on October 28th, 2011

    I thought I might be laughed at since I was playing on the computer instead of constantly quilting. However an amazing number of quilters pass by and ask for the score. Mostly Texas fans I have to admit. So far they have been disappointed….

  144. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:23 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Carpenter!….Maskers, I really hate to see Carpenter leave….sniff!… I have a bad feeling….yeep!yeep!…Hopefully it is just nervous stomach…gurgle!

  145. Masquers
    10:24 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Bella! Wookie picking us in the Wookiemobile. Great idea. Although, I might have to disguise myself in a dog costume to prepare for the ride. If Belle Starr and Luna can masquerade (heh,heh get it “masquerade”) as kats I can certainly pull off a dawg disguise.

  146. Masquers
    10:26 pm on October 28th, 2011

    I know what you mean Rio. Carpenter was having a good night.

  147. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:28 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Quilters!….I’m amazed that Quilters stay up past 10:00pm….heh!…Staff you are bringing us unusually good luck tonight…sniff!…I hope it lasts…wheeze!

  148. Staff
    10:37 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Oh Rio, You have no idea about quilters. Many of them are up, giggling and laughing into the wee hours of the morning. Also they eat much more than the camp director planned for. He had to double the size of the salad bar today.

    Drat I miscounted and have to make 20 more blocks. Drat…

  149. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:38 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Stretch!…And Sing!….wooooo!…..God Bless America! Land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her through the night with a light from above….wheeze!… To the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam!…God bless America my home sweeeeet home!…God bless American my home sweeeeet home! ….wooooooooooooooooooo! woooooooooooooooo!…. I love that song! …snort! snort!… I wooo-wooo along with each new singer…heh!

  150. Masquers
    10:49 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Berkman makes 6-2 in the 7th!!! WooooooHooooooo!!!

  151. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:51 pm on October 28th, 2011

    WOOOOOOOOO!……Six ta Two in the Seventh inning. ….WOOOOOOO!…heh!heh!…I’m starting to spin!….yowser!

  152. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:58 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Heh!…”The Rangers are coming to the plate with a lot of work ta do.”….snort!…Quote from the sports announcers just now…snuffle!….So where the heck is all the Die-Hard Rangers fans tonight…hmmmm????

  153. Masquers
    11:00 pm on October 28th, 2011

    What happened to the Ranger cheering section?

  154. Staff
    11:02 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Now you guys. No need to rub it in…..Heh heh heh

  155. Staff
    11:08 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Hey LizE. One of the friends of Chet was a black dog with a white muzzle. He says he wants to be a friend of Chet. Is that your Cricket?

  156. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:16 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Description!….Gee Staff, could you be a little more general in your description of Cricket??…heh!heh!

    Game!….WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!….ON!…WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!…Cardinals are 3 outs away from winning the World Series!…wow!

  157. Masquers
    11:18 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Top of the ninth! The Rangers would need a miracle. Heh! Remember how the Cards rushed the field last night? Looks like a repeat of that big celebration! YES!!!

  158. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:21 pm on October 28th, 2011

    TWO!…Outs away!…wooooooo!…ONE to go!…gasp!

  159. Staff
    11:22 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Oh yeah Rio, I forgot. The black dog is saying Hi I’m Cricket…. I just wondered if it was Liz’s Cricket…

    two more outs…..

  160. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:23 pm on October 28th, 2011

    CARDINALS!….WORLD CHAMPIONS!….WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Wookie, I hope you were watching!…heh!heh!…Twirling and Spinning at the same time here!…WOOOOOOOOO!HOOOOOOOOO!WEEEEEEEEE!.,.,.snort!wheeze!

  161. Staff
    11:24 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Wow…Nick Punto will get a World Series Ring… Wow WoW wOw…

    Night all

  162. Masquers
    11:24 pm on October 28th, 2011


  163. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:27 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Trophy!…heh!…We are going to stay up fot the Trophy awards ceremony…snort!….I wonder if they ever got all the BBQ sauce off of it….chuffle! snort!

  164. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:29 pm on October 28th, 2011

    HA! HA! HA!…Twirling and laughing!…snort!…Too bad baseball is now over for 5 months…sob!sob!sob!…Not counting Spring Training which starts in late February…sniffle!

  165. Masquers
    11:31 pm on October 28th, 2011

    wOW What a game! WHAT a Series! Ah, yes, the BBQ sauce..Hmmm.

  166. Wookie of Chevy Chase
    11:32 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Rio. With a successful end to the 2011 baseball season, the key question is — how many days til Opening Day 2012! Go Rockies. Wookie

  167. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:36 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Ceremony!…. Hey, they squeezed Tony into a World Champs tee-shirt…heh!….He looks far too casual and relaxed there in that tee-shirt…sniff!…Oh and he’s very happy waving his hat around, very Un-Tony like behaviour…heh!

    Trophy!….There it is! Theres that trophy I licked last night….heh!….What a Beauty it is…snort!… Tony still doesn’t have his paws on it though…sniff!

  168. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:39 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Tony!….Now he has his paws on it!….WOOOOOOOOO!….What a great guy! What a great coach!…snort! …What a great Series! What a great Game!….gasp!wheeze!…I need to lie down….wuffle!

  169. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:43 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Freeze!…Got the MVP award!….choke!heh!…All of it so unbelievable…snort!

  170. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:45 pm on October 28th, 2011

    HOLY!…Crap! Freeze gets a Corvette!…sniff!…That guy will kill himself in that car, just you watch…wuffle!

  171. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:52 pm on October 28th, 2011

    Done!…Now after all the speeches by the players I really have to go lie down…WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!…I needed to get that out of my system first!…heh!…Goodnight All you baseball fans!…snort!

  172. Masquers
    12:01 am on October 29th, 2011

    G’night here too. Exhausted but happy. Big Cheshire Kat Smile.

  173. Kirby T. Penworthy
    8:00 am on October 29th, 2011

    Good morning, y’all! Mom’s getting ready to leave on her trip, so I’m not sure how much I’ll get to post for the next week. I was foiled on the “marking the suitcase” thing. Mom remembered what happened last time, so she made sure it was never at “Kirby height.” I guess she’s smarter than I gave her credit for!

    Mom and Dad met my boy’s girlfriend last night and they said they really liked her. Phew! They were a little worried after that last one!

    Congratulations to all you Cardinals fans, and dagnabbit to all us Ranger fans. We’ll get ’em next year! (Unless my Angels are in the mix, then I have to root for them!)

    See y’all when I can!!!

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