Of Mutts And Men Virtual Tour

Tonight at 9 PM ET, 6PM Pacific, we hit the marvelous Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale AZ. Here is the link:

And here’s an Amazon reviewer yesterday:


“A tip-top series! I am absolutely devoted to this series – as much as Chet and Bernie are devoted to each other! I have read all 10 books in the series, in order, and I have recommended it to friends as well as total strangers. If you are a dog-person as I am, you will appreciate how well the author writes from a dog’s perspective. You will find yourself agreeing that “yes, I believe my dog thinks like that. reacts like that. views the world like that”. A dog as a narrator doesn’t often work well in a novel – but it does here. If you are disappointed in what passes for entertaining reading these days, do yourself a favor and check out Chet-the-Jet and his human, Bernie Little. And don’t blame me if you get nothing else done. I schedule my day and evening around the latest book in the series.”


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72 Responses to “Of Mutts And Men Virtual Tour”

  1. B. Stover
    10:45 am on July 16th, 2020

    Rio: I forgot to ask the other day–What is the reason for the photos on the recent novel covers rather than art work?

    Sorry, but I don’t want to go on Zoom.

    Good morning all.

  2. Herd of Hounds
    1:48 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Could it be that OFA is with a different publisher now?

  3. Charlie from The Other Side of the Bridge
    4:26 pm on July 16th, 2020

    B: How about we spend a quality evening in our easy chair while I listen to them game’ via earphones? I’ll bring the bowl of water.

  4. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    4:59 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Stover!…It was the Publishers’ decision….grump!

  5. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    4:59 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Stover!…What is wrong with Zoom?…sneeze!

  6. Thieves!
    5:27 pm on July 16th, 2020

    We just signed up for our very own Zoom account. If we can’t get in Facebookie, that’s fine with us. Zoom sounds more fun to drive. We bet it corners like it’s on rails!

  7. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    7:24 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Zoooom!…The Hobbit uses Zooom. It must be okay because we all know how lucky she is all the time…snort!

  8. Thieves!
    7:31 pm on July 16th, 2020

    We wonder what the max MPH (misdeeds per hour) is on Zooom!

  9. BooBear
    8:11 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Ok. Mom and I may try to do this zoom thingy tonight. Does any one know if each person has to sign in or just the hostess? We have the zoom app on the iPad.

  10. Wee Nigel
    8:18 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Boo: You can set up a Zooom! account for free. When the time comes, youse will click on the link and join the meeting. You can opt to show your video or not. (Whispering…I snuck in and put my photo on the Thieves! account…heh!). You can hit the participant button and it will open a column on the right side of your screen to show you who is in the ‘room.’ You can also hit chat to open up the chat box where you can chat with everyone or select an individual to send a message.

    I have a corsage for your mum. We will pick you up in the bus the Other Side uses for blurring large groups.

  11. Dawson
    8:19 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Just click on the link above and follow the prompts. I was just at the sign in page and it sais I could be the first to sign in. I wasn’t sure about being first so I will wait awhile.

  12. Thieves!
    8:26 pm on July 16th, 2020

    First! We aren’t sure we will be first in line or not. Beau insisted we still have bible study today, and Luna insisted we wash behind our ears for the big event. In a two birds with one stone moment, we decided to try our paws at parting large bodies of water a la Moses. Then, we tried walking on water. We are soaked! Not only did we find religion, we got a bath in the process. It was a win, win.

  13. Wose-The Small and Meek
    8:29 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Belle Starr: Get your glitter ready! Grizz and I would love to go to Spence’s tour with you. Then you can have a sleep-over with us…on the BIG bed!

  14. BooBear
    8:32 pm on July 16th, 2020

    I followed the link and it says the hostess has to sign in. Is yours past that?

  15. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    8:34 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Excited!…My paws are all a twitter! I’m excited that there will be a group of Plunderers there tonight…yeeep!…I hope my friend can sign on properly…sniff!sniff! …Last night it was easy, hoping it is the same tonight…yes!

    Questions!…Get your questions ready! Don’t be caught with your pants down like Dawson was last night…heh!heh!yark!

  16. Wee Nigel
    8:36 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Boo: Milady says they must have the meeting set up so it requires the host/Ed’s to sign on before other are able to join. Once the host starts the meeting, you should be able to join the fun.

  17. Ole Doc
    8:37 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Rio: I refuse to wear pants for precisely this reason.

  18. Belle Starr
    8:41 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Wose: How much glitter should I put in Grizz’s beard? Never mind. There can never be too much glitter for special occasions such as this.

  19. BooBear
    8:41 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Thanks, Wee. If we don’t appear, it is not because we didn’t try. Mom is pretty tech stupid, and I, of course, have no option but to wait on her to figure it out.

  20. Wee Nigel
    8:42 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Boo: I will do my best to walk your mum through it.

  21. Dawson
    8:46 pm on July 16th, 2020

    There are those of us who like to ask questions and those of us who know when to keep their mouths shut. I am of the latter persuasion.

    Boobear: Wait right there and when it starts you will do the right thing. I’m going there now. 😀

  22. Thieves!
    8:46 pm on July 16th, 2020

    The bus on This Side of the Bridge needs some work. Once Wookie finished putting air in the tires, Luna got out and pushed the bus down an incline while Beau popped the clutch. Ole Doc was in charge of steering, we tag teamed the gas and brake pedals. We shall be by to pick up our respective dates shortly. Let’s roll…

  23. Dawson
    8:48 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Pants are optional but I did put on a nice top tonight.

  24. Ole Doc
    8:53 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Awesome: If one must wear clothes, I prefer the Winnie the Pooh approach, too.

  25. BooBear
    8:56 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Mom and I signed in and it said the host removed me from the meeting. It won’t let me join since I was previously removed.

  26. Wee Nigel
    8:58 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Boo: Yeep! Keep trying. I am waiting to be allowed into the room.

  27. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    8:58 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Boo! We are having the same problem!….yark!

  28. Dawson
    9:04 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Oh no. They want a password?!

  29. BooBear
    9:04 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Still says waiting for hostess to sign in. I think I’m not going to get to participate.

  30. Wee Nigel
    9:04 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Bah! I can’t get into the Zooom! I will keep trying.

  31. Wose-The Small and Meek
    9:06 pm on July 16th, 2020

    BooBear: That happened to me too!

  32. Wee
    9:06 pm on July 16th, 2020

    It says it’s still waiting for the host to start the meeting. Wheeze!

  33. Dawson
    9:07 pm on July 16th, 2020

    BooBear: They will let us in…eventually. This is all part of the fun. Snicker

    Goes to show you, they know almost as little as we do, heh!

  34. BooBear
    9:10 pm on July 16th, 2020

    I tried it on the laptop and it says the host has another meeting in progress. Think that means I am out of luck.

  35. Dawson
    9:10 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Yesterday we were about 20 minutes getting all the glitches sorted out.

    Today I brought my own wine and cheese so I can wait.

  36. Wose-The Small and Meek
    9:11 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Out of luck here too.

  37. Dawson
    9:13 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Boobear no! I was kicked out of one and then let back in. That is some sort of automated response. Don’t give up.

    Anyone else asked for a password?

  38. BooBear
    9:14 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Why would it say “host has another meeting in progress” if they hadn’t started?

  39. Wookie’s and Teddy’s Paw
    9:14 pm on July 16th, 2020

    I can’t get it either. Rats!

  40. Wee Nigel
    9:15 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Dawson: Are you into the event?

  41. Dawson
    9:19 pm on July 16th, 2020

    I’ve been let in late before to Zoom meetings but…

    Spence: What’s happening?

  42. Thieves!
    9:20 pm on July 16th, 2020

    We are confused! Today’s blog post says 9pm SQPA time which means 5pm Nigel time. But! The bookstores Facebookie says it was 5pm mountain time. So therefore…someone help us out here…we took a bath for nothing?

  43. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    9:23 pm on July 16th, 2020


  44. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    9:25 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Tour!…So much for looking forward to something…yark!sniff!

  45. Thieves!
    9:25 pm on July 16th, 2020

    It seems a shame to let a hall pass from bible study, a bath, and a legal retainer go to waste. If everyone can sit tight, we can have a few vats delivered in no time. Who’s with us?!? BYOWW…bring your own water wings!

  46. BooBear
    9:27 pm on July 16th, 2020

    I’m on the phone with the Poison Pen. They messed up and posted the wrong link (private instead of public) so it is just SQ being interviewed by the host. They will post it on their website afterwards but no participation by an audience via FB or zoom.

  47. Dawson
    9:29 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Thieves: I saw that time thing and I checked at 4 at 5 and finally at 6 because I’m not the only person who has problems with time zones. Hygiene Is at a premium these days. Sorry you had to waste some (me too).

    I guess this means I can get back to my book now?

    Try again tomorrow?

  48. Thieves!
    9:30 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Bah! Thanks for the recon, Boo. Sniff. We stand by our earlier statement that a bath is a terrible thing to waste.

  49. Dawson
    9:31 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Wow BooBear, way to go. Nice to know.

  50. BooBear
    9:33 pm on July 16th, 2020

    I wish I had tried the other night. It’s a real let down to end his tour this way. The guy at the Poison Pen said it was whoever set it up on their end.

  51. Dawson
    9:34 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Thieves: Taku River Sockeye salmon for dinner makes me think of the Alaska trips.

  52. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    9:34 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Sad!…This is sad. A lot of us were prepared to go with questions in Paw!…grump!…I for one feel very cheated and the Poisoned Pen is very very low on my list these days….wheeze!sob!sob!sob!

  53. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    9:35 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Boo!…Can you get his or her NAME and email address??…snort!…I have a thing or TWO to say to them….wheeze!

  54. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    9:36 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Plus!…I had a really good question…piss!

  55. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    9:37 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Author!…I hope he was not disheartened because NO ONE showed up to his last Tour Event…sob!sob!sob!

  56. BooBear
    9:37 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Wow! This is weird. It actually went to a second page after 50 posts on the blog tonight. It hasn’t done that in forever.

  57. Dawson
    9:40 pm on July 16th, 2020

    See BooBear: it wasn’t our lack of tech knowledge.

    Rio: This will take your mind off your troubles. Did you see there was a case of the bubonic plague in Colorado?!

  58. BooBear
    9:40 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Rio! Mom just talked to whoever answered the phone. He was very nice and very apologetic. He went and checked with somebody to see if there was anyway to get on. That’s when he found out that it had become just a private interview with SQ.

  59. Wyatt
    9:43 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Rio: My hackles are up too and that never happens. It’s like youse and laughing. That wagged, we don’t know where the miscommunication originated and don’t want to make enemies for OFA. I heard Luna communicate as much to the Thieves when she caught them with supplies to go egging and baconing. Ole Doc confiscated the bacon while the Thieves were lectured. I am sorely disappointed. We here on This Side of the Bridge and at the kennel we’re excited to show SQPA a wave of support.

  60. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    9:53 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Bubonic!…Plague in Colorado?…gasp!…How can this be? Are you making this up to try and take my mind off the Poisoned Pissy Pen???…yeeep!

  61. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    9:54 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Support!…I will wave my paws for our Author, always. But as for that “person” at the Poisonish Pen, I will NOT!…grunt!

  62. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    9:57 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Plague!…Oh no! I hope Rocky the Squirrel is okay…sniffle!…What a terrible day this has been so far….yelp!

  63. Wookie’s and Teddy’s Paw
    10:07 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Any chance we can get The Poisoned Pen to schedule a re-do?

  64. dawson
    10:09 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Oh wait!
    It was a Squirrel that tested positive for the B. Plague. Hope it wasn’t Rocky.

  65. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    10:11 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Wookie!…You are an optimistic fellow, aren’t youse?…heh!

  66. Thieves!
    10:13 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Rio: We like it when our legal representation is optimistic.

    Maybe we could start a pet-ition! Give the people what they want!

  67. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    10:16 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Yes!…I could use a good Pet right now and a good scratch down my back too…snorkel!

  68. BooBear
    10:21 pm on July 16th, 2020

    SQ is probably ready to be done with his tour.

  69. Thieves!
    10:22 pm on July 16th, 2020

    For future reference, W&Ts Paw exhaling audibly through his nose means he’s not feeling optimistic. It’s rarely a good sign. Blinking and staring means he has a strategy of how to best set a trap in the name of a defense. That’s never a good sign for prosecution. We love those times. And, smirking and shaking his head means he is secretly proud and a little amazed at what he now has to defend. We love those times most of all.

  70. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    10:32 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Wait!…Maybe Wookie’s Paw could legally convince Spencer to answer our yet unanswered questions on this here blog – Tomorrow!…snort! ….Will you try to convince him Wookie’s Paw???…sniffle!sneeze!

  71. Thieves!
    10:39 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Clarification! We should clarify that when the smirk and head shake is accompanied with a wink it means not only is W&Ts Paw secretly proud and a little amazed, but that we will live to cahoot another day. When it’s accompanied with a medium weighted scritch between the ears, it means he is secretly proud and a little amazed, and that he will begin filing the appeal before dinner. Either way, we love seeing him secretly proud and a little amazed any chance we get. We consider it a personal challenge.

  72. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    11:33 pm on July 16th, 2020

    Sniff!…Well I am going to go curl up in my soft cool bed and sob!sob!sob! myself to sleep…wuffle!wiff!

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