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  1. Wose-The Small and Meek
    9:17 am on May 26th, 2018


    Love the typewriter! Hopefully, no post means OFA is working on the next C&B.

    Happy birthday to Teddy RR!

    A good day to all!

  2. B.Stover
    9:55 am on May 26th, 2018

    I wonder what Spence is revising. The Arthur and Queenie book perhaps.

    Happy Birthday Teddy RR.

    Good morning all.

  3. Herd of Hounds
    11:42 am on May 26th, 2018

    Morning to Wose and B and everyone. Teddy RR happy day to you. Lots of folks in the south/southeast/east coast are looking at rain, rain, rain over this holiday weekend. Cook in, cook out but stay dry.

  4. Teddy RR
    1:51 pm on May 26th, 2018

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. It was a great day, I got to go swimming in Seneca Creek (my favorite) and a great hike to boot. Lots of yummy chicken too. The bath afterwards I could probably have done without but at least I am now very clean and fluffy (at least that is what my mom says).

  5. Hobbitz
    2:38 pm on May 26th, 2018

    Berlin, Dresden and now Prague. 7-9 miles of all day city walks on concrete and cobblestones have left me with very bruised feet. Ouch!

    Happy day for Teddy RR who will always be a puppy in my mind no matter how many years go by.

    Sadie’s neck was chomped on by a Great Dane near my house so pet sitter called me. Sadie is fine but had to have a tooth pulled and stitches. She is still at the vet. Sadie was returning home from a walk. I vaguely have met the Great Dane who is new to the neighborhood. Owner told pet sitter that she will pay any bills. Poor Sadie.

  6. Wose-The Small and Meek
    3:56 pm on May 26th, 2018

    C.Hobbitz: Your European walking tour sounds like fun! Any pictures? Hope Sadie will be tip-top soon!

    I met Teddy RR when he was still a pup, so in my mind too, he will always be a puppy. :^)

  7. Herd of Hounds
    4:02 pm on May 26th, 2018

    CHobbitz, so glad Sadie Bear is ok. That Dane’s owner needs to go to a training class. Or maybe be shot. Hope you are enjoying Eastern Europe. Post as often as you can. Love travel fotos and posts.

  8. Wookie's and Teddy's Paw
    5:12 pm on May 26th, 2018

    And to me he will always either be my best little boy, my goofball or young Theodore!

  9. Herd of Hounds
    5:45 pm on May 26th, 2018

    What a wonderful memory!

  10. Wose-The Small and Meek
    7:07 pm on May 26th, 2018

    Blurred by to help Teddy celebrate his birthday. I can report that after his bath, Teddy is indeed quite fluffy. :^)

  11. Wose-The Small and Meek
    7:36 pm on May 26th, 2018

    The party is just getting started…Woooohoooo!

  12. Thieve!
    11:30 pm on May 26th, 2018

    TRR: Happy birthday! We will blur by to bust you out for a birthday celebration.

    Teddy’s Paw: To is he will always be the devil dog that we taught how to be the well mannered honorary outlaw that he is.

    Sadie: Yeep! Get under the Quilt!

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