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“Hey,” Bernie says. He’s at the computer, but not tapping away. I get the feeling he’s given up on the whole budget thing, fine by me – the whole budget thing put him in a bad mood. “They found this dog floating on an ice floe out in the Baltic Sea, fifteen miles from shore. So far four people have come to claim him, but he doesn’t seem to recognize them. That’s the found dog story – the rescuers are calling him Baltic. The lost dog story is from Long Beach. Jesse James – he’s Sandra Bullock’s husband – is searching for Cinnabun, a nine-month old fawn pit bull. Hope they find him.”

Me, too.

“Maybe we should see that movie,” Bernie says. “The Blind Side. The book was pretty good – although Michael Oher ended up playing the other side in the pros, maybe undercutting the whole title.”

What was he talking about? You tell me. And isn’t it way past breakfast time?


Note from Admin – anyone who hasn’t received a business card and thinks it should be there by now, please email


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12 Responses to “News Update”

  1. Rio - The Evil Pug
    5:10 am on January 29th, 2010

    Chet! Bernies given me alot to think about today.. so much information, my head is spinning. I need a smoke. My friend is in the bathroom reading your book. Maybe it's a two ciggie chapter.

  2. Mollypop
    5:45 am on January 29th, 2010

    I just love all these dog stories, especially with happy endings. Cosmo, you make me so happy. I hope Cinnabon gets found. As for Starsky and Hutch, I don't like to go that fast – no hanging my head out the window. But the part about catching perps is so exciting. I want to be like Chet. I am such a big fierce dog.

    Mom finally got me into Friends of Chet. Also, we got our business card. Mom made it shiny plastic and put it around my neck. Now I can tell them at day care that I work for the Little Detective Agency.

  3. Chet The Dog
    6:09 am on January 29th, 2010

    Great idea, Mollypop. I want that, too.

  4. Gus & BooBear
    7:08 am on January 29th, 2010

    Saw your picture, Mollypop! You are a big dog, but we don't know about the fierce part….maybe it's the poufs that make you look sweet! We're still waiting for our business card…beginning to think there is prejudice against the "cat" nation.

  5. Rio - The Evil Pug
    7:25 am on January 29th, 2010

    Grunt! I thought Jesse James was an old-time wild west outlaw. Is he still hanging around? How old is that guy? Maybe thats why he's been reduced to looking for that dimwit pit bull. And thats another thing.. how can dogs get lost? I run away all the time, but I always come home. Just the other day I ran away down the street to the Cat House… mmmm… well that didn't turn out so well, but even after that I crept back home.

  6. Melanie
    10:40 am on January 29th, 2010


    Totally cool!

    Thanks Chet!

    Oh, wait . . . The Newfs want to know if they can be your Little Detective Agency Irregulars.

  7. Rio - The Evil Pug
    10:55 am on January 29th, 2010

    Snort! The Newfs would totally rock in a Chet and Bernie story, especially if they had that scary ball with them…

  8. megan
    11:13 am on January 29th, 2010

    Our buisness cards arrived, too! Megan is so happy! Thank you Chet! But she still said that a book didn't arrive yet. That down her mood from getting those buisness cards. And she also said, because of my unsuccesful chase, that she isn't going to walk me at all this week! Who's gonna walk me then!!?? What am I going to do?!

  9. Cosmo
    1:27 pm on January 29th, 2010

    Hey guys, thanks again for all the good wishes, what a great group that's here! Thanks for the updates Chet, we really hope someone claims Baltic, he must've been freezing. We also hope they find Cinnabun, though like Rio says, why anyone would want to run away from a good home is totally beyond me. I mean come on, free food, walks and toys??? Rio, that's too bad no one respects your rules, just not right man – but like Bernie, I hope you can try to give up the cigs – nasty stuff dude! Abbie, we loved your picture, you are lucky to have your staff so well trained, keep up the good work! Love Mollypop's idea about the business card. I'm supposed to see my girlfriend next door this weekend, so I'll have to try that! Aww, don't take things personally Gus and BooBear, I'm sure Chet just has to say he doesn't like cats for global/prejudicial/majority/steriotypical reasons in the book, I'll bet he loves all you cats in real life – right Chet? Hang in there! Tailwags, Cosmo

  10. Chet The Dog
    3:28 pm on January 29th, 2010

    Note to Megan from Admin re your prize – I don't think we ever got your mailing address. Please send to Same message to Lisa Trotter.

  11. abbiethekitty
    6:13 pm on January 29th, 2010

    I am thinking I should wait a few more days, but I still haven't gotten my cards. And I am a cat too. Hmmmm Gus and Boobear, do I scent a conspiracy against cats?


    Chet wouldn't conspire. I don't want to say what he would do but it wouldn't be a secret. He might not remember it well later, cough cough, but it wouldn't be a conspiracy.

    Hi Cosmo! Yes, the staff are well trained. That is the difference between cats and dogs. Cats have staff. 😉

    I think you have a well trained pack at your place though.

    Tails up,


  12. Gerald Derego
    10:43 pm on December 22nd, 2010

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