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Many thanks to Lisa Charlton for sending this on Willie, Chet’s August Friend of the Month:

“Looking forward to reading Tender is the Bite! Willie is a Beagle in a Terrier’s body. He was a fearful and stand-offish one year old when we adopted him from our local animal shelter. Fast forward five years, with lots of treats, toys and trust building pawsitivity, Willie is now a happy hound and as confident as he is cute. He is energetic with heart-warming pup-preciation for treat, toy, meal, dog agility and family time. A glance Willie’s way is always a thump-thump-thump of his tail and our hearts thump back in love. ❤️”



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9 Responses to “More On Willie”

  1. Wose-The Small and Meek
    10:03 am on August 4th, 2021


    Love hearing all about Willie. He looks like a happy boy who is livin’ the dream!

    HOH: Enjoyed seeing your photos!

    Good day to all!

  2. B. Stover
    10:21 am on August 4th, 2021


    Good day to all.

  3. Herd of Hounds
    1:50 pm on August 4th, 2021

    Good day to all.
    “a beagle in a terrier’s body” gave us a chuckle.
    It is cooling down a bit today but the color here is amazing.

  4. Herd of Hounds
    1:52 pm on August 4th, 2021

    I think this is Alaska Fireweed.

  5. Wose-The Small and Meek
    3:02 pm on August 4th, 2021

    HOH: A beautiful color!

  6. mlaiuppa
    3:56 pm on August 4th, 2021

    Sounds like Willie won the adoption lottery. (Let’s get real. All dogs win the adoption lottery. It just takes longer for others.)

    Freyja has no idea how much she won the adoption lottery. Looking forward to seeing what Freyja’s next five years will bring, although I don’t think it will take her that long as she seems to be a fast learner.

  7. Herd of Hounds
    6:28 pm on August 4th, 2021

    MLAIUPPA, this is a photo of the “magic “ bug bomb Hobbit told you about. You can see the packaging and the pieces, (2), dispenser and insert. Clip it to a belt, waistband, pocket or set it on a table beside you. No application to the skin. Works pretty good. Can tell you the AK and TN bugs keep their distance.

  8. Hobbit
    9:35 pm on August 4th, 2021

    “…our hearts thump back in love…” {{{sigh}}}

  9. mlaiuppa
    1:12 am on August 5th, 2021

    Thanks so much, HOH. I am going to look that up right now, even though mosquito season seems to be over and I didn’t have any in the house this year. Don’t know if it’s the drought or what. I do have water bowls all over the yard but the dogs drink from each one all day so maybe no standing water around for them.


    Looks like the fan unit is discontinued. The refills are still available though. I managed to get a unit and refills on eBay. Amazon, Walmart, CVS, Menards, etc carry the refills but not the fan unit. I’d buy a back up unit just in case if I were you. Not sure how long the refills will last when still in the package but I plant to vacuum seal mine once they get here. And maybe buy a back up unit.

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