Three approaches to a Chet and Bernie Christmas/holiday story. First came Santa 365, a short story available in digital and audio form (voiced, as is all C&B by the great Jim Frangione). Then came the novel It’s A Wonderful Woof – let’s call that the Baroque approach – in hardcover, paperback, digital, audio. And on Oct. 17, preorderable in hardcover, digital, audio we’ll have the novel Up On The Woof Top. Let’s call it the Dickensian approach. And I’m getting the crazy feeling I’m still not done with this!





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6 Responses to “Merry”

  1. Wose-The Small and Meek
    9:23 am on September 23rd, 2023


    A C&B hat trick! :^)

    A rainy, gray day in this neck of the woods.

    Good Saturday to all!

  2. Herd of Hounds
    12:37 pm on September 23rd, 2023

    Good day to everyone!
    A hat trick, what a clever idea!

  3. Hobbit
    4:37 pm on September 23rd, 2023

    Today is a perfect Alaskan day: 40s with sunshine. Tomorrow I leave on a Rt 66 tour starting in Chicago. Part 1 ends in Oklahoma City. It looks like it is going to be in the high 70s and into the 80s. I hope I can adjust.

    I should be able to keep up with the blog while on my trip. I will be home the evening of Oct 6 and I expect more wintery conditions.

  4. Wose-The Small and Meek
    6:46 pm on September 23rd, 2023

    Hobbit: How exciting! I would love to do that road trip. This is for you:

  5. mlaiuppa
    8:43 pm on September 23rd, 2023

    It’s clear and warmed up a bit but still pleasant outside. The mail has arrived so I’m locking the front gates for the weekend. The dogs will be ecstatic. I may finally get the last of the plum tree branches cut up and in the green bin and be able to weedeat the grass they’re laying on prior to killing it dead, dead, dead.

    Never plant Bermuda. Ever. I didn’t. I bought the house this way 35 years ago and have been trying to kill it ever since. And it was likely 50 years old when I bought the house! Bermuda never dies. It is the Kudzu of the grass family although I’ve heard you can actually kill Kudzu.

    I have been harvesting the garden. I have beans and I have zucchini. The radishes eaten already. I picked cucumber today. Corn in a bit and in a few weeks, the watermelon will be ripe. Successful but I am disappointed no pumpkins or cantaloupe. Well, there is always next summer and I will plant earlier.

    In a month I will go through my “cool” seed box and see start the winter crops using the paper pots from my pot press. Maybe right after I finish reading Up on the Wooftop. Still disappointed there is no ornament but I have a cunning plan.

  6. mlaiuppa
    9:08 pm on September 23rd, 2023

    Why has there been no mention of #15, A Farewell to Arfs?

    August 6, 2024.

    That’s 11 months away!

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