Memorial Day

“This year,” says Spence, “we should also remember all the dogs who have served.”

“Read my mind,” says Admin.

Have a good Memorial Day, everybody. Bernie and I are going on a long walk. First I have to wake him.

Welcome Cinnamon and Shadow, Sasha, Crash, Unusual Trio, Very Cute Dude, Mabel, Roxie, Jaslyn. Harry and Jack: please try again.



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  1. Barb & Maggie
    9:01 am on May 30th, 2011

    Good morning and Happy Memorial Day to all.

    Lovely day her, but supposed to be really warm later, about 90. We go from using heat to a.c. in one day.

    Just had sausage and fresh eggs for breakfast. Sausage is almost as good as bascon, which is my personal favorite. Barb got up at 5:00, not sure why. She has already made a rhubarb cobbler, and may invite some neighbors over mid morning for coffee and a piece of cobbler.

  2. B.Stover
    9:25 am on May 30th, 2011

    Have a great walk Chet! (I just got back from a great walk!)Happy Memorial Day and good morning all.

    B&M: Sunny and going to 90 here also. I love rhubarb cobbler! Is your recipe at dishlickers? Think I’ll get rhubarb at farmer’s market this Saturday.

  3. Rose
    9:28 am on May 30th, 2011

    Good Morning Barb and Maggie!
    Happy Memorial Day to All!
    The service men, women, and dogs who served and continue to serve are in my thoughts. (Special shout out to Bernie on Memorial Day as well).

    It is very hot and humid here in Westchester. I’m not very fond of this kind of weather, and my hair doesn’t like it either.

    The Prof and I took a nice drive to Cold Spring, a very old and
    quaint town in Putnam County, right off the Hudson. We walked a bit, saw lots of dogs (my favorite part of the day), and had a nice dinner.

    Today’s plan is to stay in air-conditoning as long as we can!

  4. Rose
    9:29 am on May 30th, 2011

    Hi B!

    Hope Chet and Bernie have a nice long walk!

  5. B.Stover
    9:42 am on May 30th, 2011

    Hi Rose! What happens to your hair in high humidity? Mine goes into corkscrew waves and won’t stay put.

  6. OleyHowlers
    9:48 am on May 30th, 2011

    Hello all. We will be sure to keep all of the men, women, and children who served in our thoughts today. Good to hear when people recognize the real reason for this “holiday”.
    We are envious of you, Maggie, for the sausage. We were back to our humdrum kibble breakfast today.
    Very humid here already Hey did you notice my webpage is now included? shows you our weather. The temp/humidity and rain gauge were not working for awhile; had to be replaced. But now its all good again.
    We don’t get walks now that Pop is on crutches. Mom says she can’t walk all 3 of us and wouldn’t want to hurt feelings. Dima figures he would always get picked so he’s all for the walk with the hurt feelings.
    Did you notice the Unusual Trio this morning???? Whats up with that???

  7. Barb & Maggie
    10:07 am on May 30th, 2011

    Bee, Barb took some liberties with T & G’s mama’s recipe for Blurberry Cobbler. She added 1 1/2 tsp. baking powder to the dry mix, since we don’t normally have self rising flour on hand. Then we also increased the sugar, since her recipe called for pie filling which has sugar in it. We used just a little over 1 cup of sugar, and then added 2 cups of finly diced rhubarb to the top. It turned out quite well.

  8. OleyHowlers
    10:10 am on May 30th, 2011

    Welcome to Cinnamon and Shadow, Crash, Very Cute Dude, Mabel, Roxie, Jaslyn. And a BIG SPECIAL WELCOME to Sasha…we kinda love that name ! 🙂
    Glad to see Cinnamon and Shadow together..thats how it works in our home too, except Buddy hogs Sasha’s bed.

  9. Barb & Maggie
    10:14 am on May 30th, 2011

    Oley, I think the trio’s picture was taken when they were having beer and wings after a game. Is that correct?

    Barb is reading Unbroken, which seems like a fitting book for Memorial Day. The author does a ton of research, and she writes very detailed accounts of events in WWII. It is well written, but a little slow for us. I bet Wookie’s dad would like it. Barb’s brother is reading it and likes it, but it is a little dry or too detailed at times. Someone else was reading it, Bear maybe? Any opinions?

  10. OleyHowlers
    10:23 am on May 30th, 2011

    B&M, that was us reading Unbroken. Our mom and pop read it too, and thought it was very very good. Especially since it was all true. Cal Thomas, whose editorial pieces we almost never read, wrote a good one this weekend about the book and Zamperini. Keep reading it…it gets very good.

  11. OleyHowlers
    10:26 am on May 30th, 2011

    O Boy O Boy O Boy….Mom & Pop are discussing her running for donuts!!! Think maybe we could get some crullers?

  12. Rose
    10:35 am on May 30th, 2011


    My hair turns into a giant Brillo pad! I much prefer winter weather hair.

  13. Barb & Maggie
    10:37 am on May 30th, 2011

    Oley, thanks for the info on Unbroken. We will keep reading. How about some Bear Claws?

  14. Rose
    10:39 am on May 30th, 2011


    You are quite observant! I had to go back and check out the larger image. So what is up with that????

  15. Rose
    10:40 am on May 30th, 2011

    OH: Do you think this is a hint as to the next Friend of the Month?

  16. B.Stover
    10:46 am on May 30th, 2011

    Rose: LOL! (Sorry….)

    B&M: Thank you. I’m going to try rhubarb cobbler next weekend.

    Howlers: I think Melanie may have had something to do with the photo of the unusual trio. Pondering…

  17. Tupper and Gilly
    10:49 am on May 30th, 2011

    We just want to say thanks to all of you for remembering our veterans on this day. Our Dad is marching in a parade right now. He says it was his honor to serve his country. We are awful proud of him. Hope all of you have a wonderful day. Mama will post some pics from the show tonight or tomorrow

  18. BearSpiritDog
    10:58 am on May 30th, 2011

    Happy Memorial Day!

    Good luck with waking Bernie up for that walk, Chet. I think he’s sleeping in, speaking of which, we see there is lots of catching up to do from last night and this morning.

    Here’s is something for those dogs and men (and women) that serve (it reminded us of Wookie)

  19. Siber-H
    11:09 am on May 30th, 2011

    A big thank you to all our veterans for their service! Maybe one of the best ways to honor them is to try to help the ones that are serving today. There are so many great organizations that are helping today’s service men and women.
    In keeping with Chet’s subject today: There was a short article in this mornings newspaper that more retired military dogs are being adopted now than ever before.
    From one dog to another, A special thank you and rememberance for all our heroic military dogs that have served their country.

    Mom plans on reading Unbroken. There is a new World War II book out that is also getting rave reviews, Lost in Shangri-La. Has anyone read it yet?

  20. OleyHowlers
    11:11 am on May 30th, 2011

    Bear: Thanks for posting that video. It is really moving. Brought tears to our eyes.

  21. OleyHowlers
    11:16 am on May 30th, 2011

    Siber, we have also heard Lost in Shangri-La is a good book. Will have to check that out this summer.

    While thinking of all the men, women, and dogs who served us, please also send thank you thoughts to all of the horses who have served us in war. Theirs was probably the most dangerous job of all. And since Memorial Day was originally Decoration Day and was created to pay tribute to the men who fought in the Civil War, those countless number of horses who gave their lives should be remembered as well.

  22. Melanie
    11:20 am on May 30th, 2011

    First: Thank you to my Grandfather Harold, my *Great Uncle Arnold, *Cousin Jack, Daddy Dan, Cousin Ed, Uncle Hall and my brother.

    Also a shout out to YSAS’s best friend *Julian.

    *Died in service for our country

  23. Siber-H
    11:25 am on May 30th, 2011

    Bear, thanks for the video. That is the best video advertisement for a book that mom has ever seen. She will buy the book now that she knows both the veteran and dog are doing fine.

    Fellow Siberians, You are right about remembering the horses.

  24. Melanie
    11:28 am on May 30th, 2011

    Not sure I can handle the video right now, Bear. But I will get to it today.

    About humidity and hair. I understand that! At this point my hair is in a braid or braids or pig tails. The only time I can run a comb through it is after I wash it and use a LOT of conditioner.

    I am still only half way through yesterday’s postings.

    Talked briefly with T &G’s mum yesterday evening. T & G’s Dad will be in the parade today (HE IS ALSO A VETERAN) That was me giving him a shout out.

    Then back to the show. I think it’s over today around 6pm. They were really tired yesterday, AND Tupper was great and Gillie was good.

    Dan’s infection is not getting better. Though his breathing is getting better. Weird. Anyhoo, he’s going into the doctor tomorrow. Maybe it needs another antibiotic.

    It’s definitely not allergies.

    Sorry this is so long but one more thing . . .

    I need pictures for the cookbook. I have a few people’s. Some are of food, some of dogs. Please send them on.

    Not sure how this week will be a lot depends on Dan.

  25. Siber-H
    11:35 am on May 30th, 2011

    I have a solution for all you ladies with humidity hair problems–move to New Mexico!

    I’m sorry that Dan’s infection isn’t getting any better..glad he is going back to the doctor tomorrow.

  26. BearSpiritDog
    11:44 am on May 30th, 2011

    Siber-H: We are not familiar with “Lost in Shangri La”. Also, on the subject of books from yesterday – the O.Howlers mentioned the illustrated copy of “The Eyes of the Dragon” – do order that copy. The one we read originally was a paperback edition.
    Thinner! Rio, that was a chilling tale! Good news about your friend’s project. I know she put her heart into it. We are all looking forward to bidding on it.
    Barb&Maggie: That rhubarb cobbler wounds delish! (believe it was mentioned before that rhubarb is one of our favorites – in pie too. We are also reading “Unbroken” – about 100 pages into it – she is still going into his background at this point. Also really liked the movie “Letters from Iowa Jima” and the HBO series “The Pacific”. Hmmm.. “Bear” Claws you say?
    O.Howlers: Thanks to you we now have our very own Weather Channel! I saw the photo of the 3 Baseball Buddies this morning too. Hey, Buddy & TC! your photos also showed up this morning in Friends of Chet. By the way, Masquers says she hopes your breakfast improves soon and you get a taste of that salmon.
    T&G: Great News about the show! We are looking forward to some pictures! Many thanks for that pizza (crust).
    Rose & B: Laughing about the hair descriptions.

  27. BearSpiritDog
    11:55 am on May 30th, 2011

    “Wounds”? That supposed to be “sounds” delish – jeez

  28. Wookie of Chevy Chase
    12:19 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Is anyone else having the same difficulties I am picturing Stover with corkscrew waves.

    Oley, as regards the picture, it’s just some good friends sitting down to some yummy chicken wings after a baseball game (with a hat-tip assist to Miss Melanie).

    It’s really hot here today, maybe up to 95 degrees or so here in Chevy Chase. Just a little toooo warm for those of us with double fir coats. But a perfect day for staying inside with the air conditioning going full blast, just like I like it. And lots of tummies too.


  29. Riö - The Evil Pug
    12:20 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Memories!…. We’ve been up since way too early. Her mother is driving my friend nuts today. There has been a constant stream of chattering every since we were woken up EARLY by the outside water being turned on. It sounded like it was right by our heads – constant running water – constant chattering….aaaaargh! snort! …We are going over to my house to do some stuff and get away from all the noise over here…yeep!

    Trio!….That’s a great looking trio on Chet’s friends page…heh!heh!heh!…Someone here must have posted it when I was sleeping…snort!

  30. B.Stover
    12:38 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Wookie: I’d post a picture but right now my hair is just normal waves rather than corkscrew because I haven’t been outside since this morning. Just think of running a comb through a flexible corkscrew and it just “boings” right back again. (It’s much worse in Florida and lasts all year long.)

    SH: Thanks but I’m assuming Nevada and NM have similar low humidity conditions. I always find it difficult to breathe when I’m in Nevada.

    Hope the doctor can prescribe something to take care of Dan’s infection.

  31. Snowhook Bella
    12:39 pm on May 30th, 2011

    I’ve been thinking about my friend and his son who died in Irag almost two years ago. I am grateful for him and the many others who have served or are serving. Thank you.

    Count me in the Corkscrew Club. I will be going down to Las Vegas for a conference for work at the end of June, and then I will follow the strict instructions given by my boss and spend a few days with my parents who live just a couple hours north of Las Vegas. My boss’ philosophy is that if given the opportunity to go to the lower 48 for work then you must visit family while you’re in the lower 48. Other than spending time with my parents I’m looking forward to SiberH-esque weather—it’s the only time that I straigten my hair that it stays straight for more than a few hours.

  32. BearSpiritDog
    12:47 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Melanie: Nana had a very bad infection a couple of months ago that just wouldn’t go away. It took a couple of trips to the doc to clear it up. Sending Good Thoughts your way that Dan will be better in no time.

    All of you with warm weather – it is 54 here and looking like rain. We are going to a barbeque later so hope it will clear up – paws crossed.

  33. Snowhook Bella
    12:53 pm on May 30th, 2011

    For the Golden Harness Plunderer:

    From Start to Finish

    Amidst the crowd of friends and strangers, among the sounds of dogs and the chatter of fans, and before time was called to move to the starting line a quiet moment was stolen.
    He held her close to him, against his chest and bent to her ear, “I will take care of you. You will take care of me.” She did not respond with words, she did not need to—this was understood between them since their beginning. “Let’s get to Nome.”
    “Justin, bib sixty-three, you leave in two minutes,” and with the matter-of-fact words spoken by the parka clad, bunny-boot wearing, clipboard carrying volunteer, the quiet moment between AJ and his best girl ended. Show time.
    He led her to the front of the line. It was where she belonged; it was her, after all that had helped him get to the starting line.


    From starting line to finish line she had been with him every step of the way, and with each step the bond was further etched in stone, and with each mile the same bond ventured into something beyond description—a secret existence.
    Flight times having separated their arrival home after their 1,000 mile journey the musher was the last to arrive. Existing beyond the exhaustion of the race, rather than seek the comforts of bed he sought out his best girl. She had waited for him. “Annabelle!” she greeted him with a wag of the tail followed by her trademarked,featherweight hug, “I got us to Nome. Just like you asked.”

  34. OleyHowlers
    12:57 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Mom says to tell you that its doubtful any of you have quite the frizzes she gets in this weather. But she got it cut super duper short last week. Calls it her Summer Do. Convertible-driving hair. She doesn’t mind humidity. We don’t either. She hated Denver because the dry air really got to her bad. We don’t even have any air conditioning here. Mom says it wouldn’t help anyway because we are outside all day long. And its nice and cool at night. Our barn stays nice and we lay in there when it gets unbearable hot. Today, tho, we are all on the porch with the ceiling fan going. Very nice.
    We are sending good thoughts for Dan. He has been sick for quite some time, hasn’t he? We hope he beats his infection very soon.

  35. BearSpiritDog
    12:58 pm on May 30th, 2011

    SnowBella: You tell a beautiful story.

  36. OleyHowlers
    1:01 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Snowhook: That was beautiful. Mom says that bond sounds so much like the horse/rider bond.

  37. BearSpiritDog
    1:08 pm on May 30th, 2011

    O.Howlers: Thank you for the reminder of the valiant Horses who serve our nation.

  38. BearSpiritDog
    1:33 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Hi Wookie of Chevy Chase!

    In case we don’t get back on the blog today; Farewell, Ian, We hardly knew ya!

  39. Barb & Maggie
    1:50 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Bear, Wait up there, guy! Ian gets one more day, right?

  40. BearSpiritDog
    1:55 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Oops! Sorry Ian.

  41. Siber-H
    2:07 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Love the story, Rebecca!! It is beautiful! No one before you has written about the Iditarod and mushing like you do.

    Stover, breathing would be worse here than in Nevada because we are higher in altitude. When mom goes to sea level she feels like there is an invisible weight on her from the dense atmosphere.
    In the old days, doctors used to send TB patients here. The dry air helped them, but the altitude wouldn’t have. Southern Arizona would have been better for them.

  42. OleyHowlers
    2:43 pm on May 30th, 2011

    An organization No Greater Love asks for a Moment of Silence at 3:00 local time today, to honor those who gave all.

  43. Barb & Maggie
    2:44 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Rebecca, Yes, that was beautiful. Thank you.

    Bear, You would have thought Ian could have posted at least once!

    Hope Dan gets on the right meds tomorrow. Is it still his lungs that are being affected?

  44. Riö - The Evil Pug
    3:02 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Best!… I thought Rebeccer was AJ’s best girl…snort! ….Annebelle needs to meet SiberH and leave AJ alone…sniff!

    Salad!… I watched her make some potato salad just now. It’s not my favorite. These guys are going to grill steaks in a couple of hours and we are going to have a feast!….Wooooo!…The weather heading toward us is seriously black looking though…sniff!…She needs to bring all those new flowers she bought today in under the patio…wheeze! …I doubt she will get them planted in her pots today…heh!

  45. Riö - The Evil Pug
    3:11 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Peace!….At last!…snort!…We are in the dining room and she is working on another project. I am laying in front of the screen door enjoying the slight breeze….grunt!…Her mother is far away in the other living room…ahhhh!

  46. B.Stover
    3:16 pm on May 30th, 2011

    I sent the Plunderers’ Who’s Who to Spence (both the alphabetized and the “relationship” versions). In his reply he said that he spoke about the quilt at the BEA and that Audrey seems to be on the mend.

  47. B.Stover
    3:19 pm on May 30th, 2011

    On Facebook Spence wrote that the cover art for Dog Who should be done soon.

  48. Riö - The Evil Pug
    3:21 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Art!…I sure hope Anna Dorfman is the one who is creating the book cover…snort!…She did the last book cover and I love that one the best so far…heh!

  49. Siber-H
    3:29 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Thanks for the update on Audrey, Stover, because I have been wondering how she is doing.

  50. Riö - The Evil Pug
    3:43 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Thunder!….yeep!….My friend is sooo afraid of thunder and lightning…gasp!….She better close the screen door now because that lightning can come right in here and kill Me! Her!….yeep!

  51. Riö - The Evil Pug
    3:47 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Audrey!… Has it been two weeks yet since she’s had the surgery?…snort!… I wonder how long it takes to fully heal after something like that…sniff!….Do you think her whole backend is shaved off…heh!

    Yeep!…Here comes the wind along with the thunder and lightning!…yeep!yeep!

  52. OleyHowlers
    3:57 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Rio! Take cover!!!

    We think Audrey had surgery close to when Pop had his, which was May 5. 3 1/2 l-o-n-g weeks ago. Good to hear she is progressing well.

  53. Melanie
    4:00 pm on May 30th, 2011


    Since this was a new experience we did one dog at a time. Ellie said “No way!” and then walked over to sit with Dan. Mac was the first one in (he was also the first to “mark” the pool). Franklin needs floatation for his rear end. Mattie was in HEAVEN! She found the rest platform and just sat there and kissed Zoë’s face. I didn’t get to see Rosalyn go in because I had to take Jesse back home. Grace loved it and squeaked the whole time (Bess, her grandmother, did that). Katy didn’t even look for food. Patsy got in, swam, and got out. Went to the fence and said “I’m done now.” Rose was last. She gets a tad excited and tries to save people or dogs or leaves or grass by sitting on them. YSAS, her co-owner, Zoë and ME cousin got her to the platform. She calmed down and kissed everyone’s face, swam free and then got out.

    All in all A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!

    The guys are “tweaking” the stairs and platform. The filter is working great. It’s huge!

    Maybe we can relax for awhile. Oh, wait, tomorrow Dan goes to the doc and McKey goes the other way to the train . . . Life continues, BUT, we have a DOG POOL!

    Dan has carried stuff in his lungs since he was in the hospital last. The docs said it would never really clear up. So this other infection (it’s sort of gross so I won’t describe it) is not getting any better on this new antibiotic, but his lungs are getting better.

    Dog only knows!

  54. Riö - The Evil Pug
    4:51 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Steaks!….They are on the Grill!….Wooooo!

  55. B.Stover
    5:00 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Oh…what happened with poor Franklin’s bottom?

  56. Melanie
    5:16 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Riö,The Pack wants to come to your house for dinner . . .

    Franklin’s dog paddle is not enough to keep his rear afloat!

  57. Siber-H
    5:49 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Me, too, Rio, I want to come to your house for dinner. We can’t grill here because of the wind.

    Yippie!! The Newfs have already tried out their new pool!
    The filter would have to be huge. It is going to have a lot of dog hair to deal with.

  58. Melanie
    6:16 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Laughing here Siber-H! We did take a lot of dog hair out!

  59. Gus and BooBear
    6:35 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Mom had to work today but wants to salute all our service people and animals !! Thank dog/cat there are those who do that duty.

    Rebecca, u really should write a book.. a novel or collection of short stories. Your style is wonderful and very captivating.

    Rio, our favorite cover of the C/B books is the one with Chet and Bernie looking down at the canyon.

    Hair! You guys should try having the straightest hair EVER!! Mom would love to have some natural body!

  60. Snowhook Bella
    7:02 pm on May 30th, 2011

    AJ and Annabelle

  61. Barb & Maggie
    7:25 pm on May 30th, 2011

    You guys are getting the winds today that are predicted here tomorrow. We are in the red zone for damaging winds and hail.

    We thought the steak sounded good, so we are doing steak on the grill too, plus potatoes and onions in foil, and some spinach from the garden.

    Melanie, are two leggeds going to go in the pool or is it just for the Pack? Kelly takes her Newfs to a relative’s place that has a big inground, and one of her guys trys to “save the children” when they are in the pool. You have to be there to really appreciate it.

  62. Snowhook Bella
    7:46 pm on May 30th, 2011

    I tried to post a photograph of AJ and Annabelle but it hasn’t posted.

    A round of steaks for everyone—I picked up some steaks at the store today for dinner.

  63. Melanie
    7:47 pm on May 30th, 2011

    I know of which you speak Barb and MagPie!

    Two leggeds are going in the pool. Zoë had her wet suit on and has all ready been it.
    McKey has a wet suit and he was in it. I am going to use jeans and a sweatshirt. I have not been in it . . . yet.

    Katie was pulling Zoë around in the pool. Very good! Rosie didn’t sit on anyone. Very good!

  64. Barb & Maggie
    7:51 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Do you think maybe Chet, Bernie, Spence, Admin., Peter, Mrs. A. or Suzie would make a recipe contribution? It would be fun to have something from the different personas, don’t you think?

  65. Wookie of Chevy Chase
    8:22 pm on May 30th, 2011

    What a great day on the blog. Rebecca’s story was just beautiful. It sounds as though the Pack is going to just love the pool. I was wondering, however, was the pool on the deep end. Sounds like lots of fun on hot summer days. And my friend Rio is getting steak. It doesn’t get any better than that! Wookie

    P.S. (from Wookie’s dad, whispering): A super thank you to BSD for sharing the wonderful video/ book review on Until Tuesday. It really did remind us very much of our very special boy and some of the truly magical powers he possesses. That book is definitely going to be on our bookshelf very soon!

  66. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:40 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Wookie!…Oh boy, did I get steak!…heh!…She would never have given me so many scraps, but her mom is definitely more generous when it comes to things that are really bad for me. All those things that I love love love!…heh!…Her mom isn’t so bad really..sniff!..I don’t know what all the fuss is about really….snorkel!

    SiberH! & Wookie!…Are are you guys watching the game right now???…heh!…How much better can this day get, I ask you all?…snort!snort!

  67. Snowhook Bella
    8:48 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Thank you to Wookie and the others that liked Annabelle’s story—I wanted to do a special thank you for the Golden Harness Plunderer. I asked AJ who I should write about last night and without hesitation he said, “You have to write about Annabelle.” She is a very special dog and she and being AJ’s main leader, they share a very deep bond. His is with Annabelle, mine was with Fargo.

    Last night there was a fire about five miles north of us and some properties were evacuated. We are keeping an eye on the fire danger and thankful that the majority of the team is in Southeast in case we did have to evacuate.

  68. Siber-H
    8:50 pm on May 30th, 2011

    I’m watching the game!

    Why won’t the photo of Anabelle show up? moderation?

  69. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:51 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Fire!…In Alaska! Now I do know the world is going to hell in a hand basket…grunt! …Unheard of, fire in Alaska. Unless its one of those oil wells blowing up..sniff!

  70. Siber-H
    8:57 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Rio, mom read a thick book several years ago by a guy that fought forest fires in Alaska. He was a smoke jumper…good book. A section of the Iditard trail goes over an old burned area.

    Rebecca, I hope you don’t have to evacuate.

  71. Snowhook Bella
    8:58 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Our neck of the woods gets some of the same extremes that the interior (near CHarris) experiences: frigid winters and hot summers, different than Anchorage which is much milder. We haven’t had rain for quite a while which is unusual so conditions are ripe for fires. The fire last night, from what we understand jumped the highway but was contained fairly quickly.

  72. Melanie
    8:59 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Bella, It’s amazing you can go from FREEZING to FIRE! Wow. Of course, Dawson was talking about that fire up in BC . . .

    That was beautiful about Annabelle and AJ. Hoping for another puppy to wind his way into your heart like Fargo. Not take his place, but be along there with him.

    Riö and Siber-H, I am not watching the game (imagine that!) We were watching Chimneys this evening. The new Miss Marple. Very good.

    Going to bed now, sure hope the nuts haven’t gotten my bed wet!

  73. Snowhook Bella
    9:15 pm on May 30th, 2011
  74. Snowhook Bella
    9:17 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Dern picture…I give up…Time for steak!

  75. Siber-H
    9:21 pm on May 30th, 2011

    yeah, rats…the photo won’t load for me.

    I may not watch this game. I may stick my nose in a book and pretend that this game isn’t happening.

  76. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:23 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Rebecca!…I can’t worry about you being burnt up right now…sniff!… I have too much on my supper bowl plate regarding you and your guys to worry about fire too ….sniff!…So just make sure nothing like that happens out your way, okay?…grunt! choke!

  77. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:25 pm on May 30th, 2011

    REBECCA!…Your photos have to be in a JPEG or JPG format….grumble!…Yours is a .BMP so no wonder it won’t show….huffle!….Do you people NEVER learn?…grunt!grump!

  78. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:26 pm on May 30th, 2011


  79. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:27 pm on May 30th, 2011

    HUFFLE!…Huff n Puffle!… I need to go watch the game and calm down…sniff!

  80. Snowhook Bella
    9:32 pm on May 30th, 2011

    JPEG it is then—that was something I did not know. 🙂

  81. OleyHowlers
    9:44 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Beautiful picture Snowhook. Pure love.

    While all of you were apparently eating steaks tonite (we had those on Saturday nite), we had tacos tonite! Does that sound like Memorial Day fare or what ? 🙂

    Good nite all…Mom says she is exhausted and also happy because she had a very nice ride tonite.

  82. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:47 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Girlie!….That little Girlie lead your team to Nome safe and sound???…snort!Wow!….What a Gal!…snort!..;.What a little bitty gal with such a HUGE responsibility…snorkel!…;I am in love with Annabelle, so just go away SiberH!…sniff!

  83. Siber-H
    9:51 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Awww That is a beautiful photo! Thanks Rebecca

    Calm down, Rio, I am watching the game. The Rockies could come from behind and win. It is, after all, the blasted Dodgers they are playing.

  84. Tupper and Gilly
    9:53 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Whew – the show is over. Memorial Day is (almost) over. The hot, humid day is over. We bugged MAma to bring pictures home, so here are a couple from the weekend.
    First – here’s our Dad in uniform right after he got to the show from his parade.

  85. Tupper and Gilly
    9:56 pm on May 30th, 2011

    That was Dad in front of part of our booth – the next couple shots are some of the art from different artists from around the world.

  86. B.Stover
    9:59 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Annabelle is beautiful. I love what she says to AJ at the end of the story.

  87. Tupper and Gilly
    10:00 pm on May 30th, 2011

    From Kenya

  88. Tupper and Gilly
    10:02 pm on May 30th, 2011

    From Mexico – Oaxacan paintwork and Day of the Dead figures

  89. Tupper and Gilly
    10:07 pm on May 30th, 2011

    And last but not least – by the time Mama got to her friend Domingo’s booth, he had sold most of his whimsical beaded animals that are traditional art forms from his home in Ruwanda. Mama has her own little zoo of his critters, including a hippo, a rhino, a giraffe, a lion, a sheep, a guinea fowl, and various others. (now she has a brand new crocodile to join the others)

  90. Siber-H
    10:11 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Well, I’ll be
    Rio, you said earlier that Anabelle should take up with me. I think that is one of your better ideas.

    T&G, I bet your folks are tired. That was quite a big art show. Thanks for the photos.

  91. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:18 pm on May 30th, 2011

    SiberH!…Well, plans have changed…grunt!…Annabelle is all mine, so paws and eyes off!off!Off!…grunt! ….You stick with Natasha, you’ll be fine…heh!heh!

  92. Siber-H
    10:24 pm on May 30th, 2011

    The Borzoi? I will admit that I may have missed her just a little bit. She hasn’t been around lately.

  93. Belle the Bold
    10:26 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Sorry, unforseen circumstances….

    Anyway, we finally got to where we were going, and it was THE BIGGEST DUCK POND EVER! Dad called it a lake, but I saw ducks, so…Ok, first we got out of dad’s truck and I did not get leashed! It was the BIGGEST YARD EVER! And there was a new friend named Mo. He got a little fresh, but I set him straight and then it was all ok.

    After, checking out the yard, we went down to the duck pond. The wind was blowing so much that Uncle Tim could not get his boat in. I would have loved going on the boat, but I’m not sure that I would have been invited. I still did not get leashed, but Mo did, ha ha. We got down to the lake and dad let me do what ever I wanted. It was so awesome. I even got a drink, but the water was not as tasty as I was expecting. It smelled SUPER. Then, I went walking on some wet ground, and I sunk in up to my ankles. I never had mud before, and it was UNBELIEVABLE! Next time it rains, I am headed straight for the spot in the yard with no grass and see if we have mud. Maybe it is only at the lake.

    Story to continue tomorrow. I still can’t believe what a GREAT DAY I had.

  94. Tupper and Gilly
    10:35 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Wow! Its been a big day for everyone!
    Belle – that does sound like an adventure! We would have loved seeing those ducks. Can you herd ducks? Gilly would sure try.
    Melanie – The pool sounds like a big hit with all of you. Mama can’t wait to come see the Pool Pack.
    Rebecca – your story was wonderful! How nice that you and your dogs all love each other so much. We are so proud to be among the Plunderers on your team.
    Rio – STEAK! You lucky pug!
    Siber – wait til Nattie gets ahold of you! Flirting with Annabel – Siber’s in trouble, Siber’s in trouble….
    tee hee

  95. Snowhook Bella
    10:40 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Love amongst the Plunderers of the triangular variety…should be interesting.

    T&G: Thank you for sharing the photos of your father and the art show. I love all the different colors in the photos.

    Belle: A day spent with mud and Mo—sounds like an adventure!

  96. Kirby T. Penworthy
    11:02 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Hey, y’all! Mom and Dad got back from their vacation — and they said they needed a vacation from their vacation. It’s all very confusing to me! Anyway, they spent the day doing things here and there, but they spent a lot of it doing things like watching the national college lacrosse championship. And while all that was going on, nobody turned the compter on for me. I finally begged and begged, and then Mom turned it on, but it took me FOREVER to catch up on everything, since nobody turned it on for me in days and days.

    Oh, and we’re reading the book about Tuesday. So far we’ve read about the background, but Tuesday hasn’t gone to his forever home yet, so we’re eager to read that part!

  97. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:08 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Kirby!…I was wondering where the hell you were…snort!…Now I know…sniff!

  98. Siber-H
    11:15 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Welcome back, Kirby! We missed you.

    Belle, I am glad you had a great time. Water and mud aren’t my idea of fun, but we are all different.

    T&G, I have seen Border Collies on tv herding ducks, so if they can do it you can. It was a competetive event. I can think of saomething else to do with ducks.

    Night All!

  99. Tupper and Gilly
    11:20 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Siber – we have a feeling that what you can think of to do with ducks might be an addition for the plunderers’ cook book….if the methodology was cleaned up a little…
    thats it for us folks – exhausted Corgis, heading for bed.

  100. Alice Johnson
    11:32 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Belle, sounds like mud is fun. I don’t think I would like it though. All that cleaning up would be yucky. I suppose it is different with dogs.

    Rebecca, love the pic of AJ and Anabelle. Poor Rio, In love and not allowed to leave the yard. However he got steak so I guess it evens out.

    We had leftovers here and I did not get any. They never give me anything good. Abbie gets most of the good stuff cause she sucks up to Grandma Maggie.

    Welcome back Kirby. Hope your Mom and Dad can relax for a couple of days.

    Mr Husky and Rio, sorry about the Rockies tonight. The Twins lost too, but we are rather used to that. MrStaff told us that Ubaldo hasn’t won a game yet this year? Not good that.

    Well we are going to bed now.
    Night all.

  101. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:42 pm on May 30th, 2011


  102. Kirby T. Penworthy
    11:46 pm on May 30th, 2011

    Belle: I’m not real fond of water, so I’m not sure how fond I would be of mud, which is just watery dirt when you come right down to it! But I’m glad you had fun!

    Rio and SiberH: I missed you, too!

  103. Kirby T. Penworthy
    11:51 pm on May 30th, 2011

    I thought maybe my boy would turn the computer on for me while Mom and Dad were gone, and he did a few times. But then he went to orientation for his new school. And I guess after that he was so excited that he forgot about me! He found out that they’re accepting a bunch of credits he thought they wouldn’t. He has about 70 credits — he needs 120 to graduate — so it’s not going to take him as long as he thought it would to finish his bachelor’s degree.

    He started his first class this morning, only he didn’t get off to such a good start. Because he’s a transfer student, his orientation was on Friday, and he couldn’t register for classes until then, which was later than all the returning students. So when he went to his literature class this morning it turns out he was supposed to have read a book already — so he got a zero on his first quiz! The professor said he emailed everybody the assignment last week — only my boy wasn’t on the email list because he hadn’t even registered for class. So the professor said he should have gone to a certain website to get the assignment — only nobody told him that either! There were a couple of people in the class who were in the same situation — and the prof basically said too bad! He did say he might drop one quiz grade. Might. I hope so — my boy was pretty upset about starting off on the wrong foot like that.

  104. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:57 pm on May 30th, 2011


  105. Riö - The Evil Pug
    12:02 am on May 31st, 2011

    Rockies!…This month!….

  106. Riö - The Evil Pug
    12:04 am on May 31st, 2011

    Hangover!….We all here have a Rockies hangover…snort!…What the hell happened to them in the month of May??…grunt!

  107. Riö - The Evil Pug
    12:06 am on May 31st, 2011


  108. Kirby T. Penworthy
    12:09 am on May 31st, 2011

    Good night, Rio! Hope tomorrow is a better day all around!!!

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