Malice Toward None

“One hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the secession of South Carolina is today,” Spence says. “Did you write a book about the Civil War some time back?”

“Sort of,” says Admin.

“What’s always bothered me is that quote of Lincoln’s,” says Spence.

“And what quote would that be?”

“‘My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that.'”

“Uh-huh,” says Admin. “But later he  said, ‘Yet, if God wills that it continue until all the wealth piled by the bondsman’s two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword, as was said three thousand years ago, so still it must be said “the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.”‘”

“So where are we?” says Spence.

“Somewhere better,” says Admin.

Sounds good to me.

No Post Tomorrow


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192 Responses to “Malice Toward None”

  1. B.Stover
    10:23 am on December 20th, 2010

    Administrators, including presidents, often have no choice but compromise. Wonder what’s going on tomorrow.

  2. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:32 am on December 20th, 2010

    Wha!?… “No Post Tomorrow”….grunt!…This is a first. Sometimes he titles his post “No Post Today”. But we’ve never had a forewarning of No Post….snort!… I hope this doesn’t become a habit, this No Posting stuff….cough!

    Books!… I’m going to go see if I can track down our Quilling books….grunt!…She is running out of time very quickly…sniff!… One more project needs to be done by Friday!….yeep!

  3. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:37 am on December 20th, 2010

    Hey!… Our books were processed in Denver yesterday afternoon…. Yeep!… I bet they show up on my doorstep this afternoon… snort! ….Someone will be very happy and relieved….sniff!

  4. B.Stover
    10:52 am on December 20th, 2010

    Rio: One time we had an Ingrid post on Sunday “and this one Saturday” or something like that. It was a Saturday with Ingrid and then no post on Sunday. I’m glad your books are on the way and hope the wrist is better today.

  5. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:01 am on December 20th, 2010

    Stover!… Last night she woke up which woke me up and she was in terrible pain….grunt!… Her wrist and fingers were all swollen and she said it even hurt up her arm… wheeze!… I think she took some aspirin or something and went back to bed with heat on it… sneeze!…This morning the swelling had gone down but her wrist is still very painful. Of course it has to be her right hand, so doing even the smallest task is hard…grunt!… Typing isn’t too bad if she keeps the wrist straight. This is really bad timing as she has to make Christmas dinner and lifting anything is out of the question, at least today anyway. She says it better be healed by Saturday or I will be cooking the dinner….snort!

  6. Macy the Min-Pin
    11:12 am on December 20th, 2010

    Good morning to all! Good news on your books Rio. Too bad Spence can’t do like the newspaper guys and submit a few posts in advance to be run each day. Oh well, I imagine we can find SOMETHING to talk about! Mom is still in panic mode, somebody pass the Xanax please.

  7. Mollypop
    11:14 am on December 20th, 2010

    Rio – Mom The Safety Patroller says for a new injury (she’s not sure if that was newly injured) the keyword is RICE. That means Rest Ice Compress Elevate. When it becomes an older injury, then apply heat.

  8. Macy the Min-Pin
    11:15 am on December 20th, 2010

    Oh boy Rio, you are cooking Christmas dinner! I bet you don’t make anything stupid like jello. You know what a dog wants. What time is lunch. Our pack is being left alone while the family goes to Grandma’s, so we are free. Dad went to Sam’s Saturday and bought a CASE of Slim Jim’s.

  9. Melanie
    11:16 am on December 20th, 2010

    Good Morning All!

    Riö: I hope she takes care of her wrist and fingers. Though it sounds like she has no choice in the matter. Glad your books are getting there.

    B.Stover: Maybe his Rose is coming back from Europe?

    Thank you everyone . . .

  10. Melanie
    11:18 am on December 20th, 2010

    Hey MollyPop, I was wondering what she was supposed to do with the rice until I finished the post. A long time ago, a friend of mine told her brother that for a bee sting he had to put peanut butter all over his arm. She was grounded for a quite awhile.

    Morning Macy, have you gotten into the Slim Jims yet?

  11. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:28 am on December 20th, 2010

    Molly!… I will send her an email right now letting her know she better put some ice on it….grunt!…Elevating will be tough because she is at work doing work stuff…snort!…Rest is out of the question because, well just because it’s almost Christmas and she always wants everything to be just so – especially this year for her mother and Grandma….sniff!

  12. Mollypop
    11:28 am on December 20th, 2010

    Melanie – Ha ha. Peanut butter ALL OVER his arm?

    Rio – Here’s cousin Emma is her very chic sweater. Like you, she’s cold all the time and just loves this sweater. She can wear it only when she’s not alone. There was a previous problem when she got a bit tangled.

    Yes, she is shaped like a football.

  13. Mollypop
    11:29 am on December 20th, 2010
  14. Mollypop
    11:31 am on December 20th, 2010

    Rio – Tell your friend that the compression can be done with an Ace bandage.

  15. B.Stover
    11:34 am on December 20th, 2010

    Now I want to pull (gently) Emma’s tail also. She is so cute. I love the sweater.

    Rio: I think your friend should go to the doctor. Could something be broken?

    Melanie: The peanut butter story is funny.

    Hi Macy.

  16. B.Stover
    11:37 am on December 20th, 2010

    Wonder how Jasper’s friend is doing. I wouldn’t want to make the drive she has twice a day…especially in winter.

    Have to go get a perscription filled before it starts snowing.

  17. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:37 am on December 20th, 2010

    Emma!…Wowwie! What a hot little dish she is!…snort!snort!… Especially in that sweater….heh!…It looks like she likes to beg too!…snuffle!

  18. Macy the Min-Pin
    11:37 am on December 20th, 2010

    OMG, I thought it was Rio in a sweater! Mom just found yet ANOTHER Christmas coat that she forgot we had. I think we can warm all the homeless small dogs in the area. I mean, really, I can only wear one coat or sweater at a time, and Annie and Biddie have outgrown everything. They can stop growing any time now.

    Dad has hidden the Slim Jims. Mom doesn’t even know where they are.

  19. B.Stover
    11:41 am on December 20th, 2010

    SH: I looked up chupacabra. It’s a legend. From Wikipedia:

    “In July 2010, a chupacabra-like creature was reported killed, but found to be a coyote with a severe parasite infection. In October of that year, University of Michigan scientists theorised that parasite-riddled coyotoes (specifically the parasites responsible for scabies and mange) were likely the basis for the chupacabra legend.”

  20. B.Stover
    11:42 am on December 20th, 2010

    SH: Its name, derived from Spanish, does mean goat sucker. Interesting.

  21. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:45 am on December 20th, 2010

    Emma!… Her little toes are black!…heh!

  22. Sam
    11:52 am on December 20th, 2010

    Yesterday I wanted to go to the birthday party at Emma’s house too. Mom said I was too little and would get stepped on. Well, Dad had friends over to watch the Bill’s game and I was alone in the kitchen. I don’t know, maybe some chocolate was on the floor. The next thing I know, everyone’s in a panic and they’re not sure just what I ate.

    I told them they should have taken me to Emma’s house!

  23. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:58 am on December 20th, 2010

    Party!… Next time Emma has a party I want to go too!…snort!… I want to sniff those little black toes of hers…heh!

  24. dawson
    11:58 am on December 20th, 2010

    Spence and Admin: You are not going to get me to do “research” today.
    Mollypop: That Emma is too cute…and warm. Rio could snuggle up to that.
    Melanie: So…did the peanut butter ease the pain?

  25. Siber-H
    12:04 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Stover, My best guess has always been that chupacabras are coyotes with a deadly case of mange. They never really say that in the tv programs because, if they did, they think the program wouldn’t be as interesting. We have seen mange go through the coyote population here, and it is horrible and a death sentence. It won’t, thankfully, affect all the coyotes.

    Have to go to the store now. Spence may be as busy as most of us is is why no post tomorrow.

  26. Barb & Maggie
    12:33 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Siber, We have watched some shows on the chupacabras and we think they are coyotes, too. It is like anny ledgend, people go into a panic, and start adding to the story. Pretty soon these creatures have supernatural powers, and go flying thru the night, too fast to be tracked by humans. Good story anyway.

  27. Riö - The Evil Pug
    12:44 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Celestial!… Tonight there will be a total eclipse of the moon that will be visible across all of North America starting around 1:30 a.m. ET (and lasting until about 5 a.m. ET). They say the Moon will turn Red! ….wheeze!… it’s going to be one of those celestial events we may have to get out of bed for!….snort!

  28. Sam
    1:00 pm on December 20th, 2010

    We haven’t seen the actual sky here in a long time. Just clouds. Is the sky still blue?

  29. Siber-H
    1:18 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Sam, I am concerned about what you ate, but if you are ok now all should be well.
    This is very strange to say for this country, but we have had days of cloudy weather. The weathermen are telling us there is no chance we will get to see the eclipse tonight.

    I am all for dogs that need them wearing sweaters in cold weather. That is not fashion, but a necessity for some dogs. There are short haired dogs that come to the dog park in the winter and shiver…not very bright dog owners.
    Emma is very cute!!

  30. Siber-H
    1:27 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Rio’s books are going to arrive!! The goats failed miserably this year. tee hee

    Rio, my mom doesn’t like doctors any better than your friend does, but she may have to go over this wrist…just like Stover suggested.

  31. Riö - The Evil Pug
    1:36 pm on December 20th, 2010

    SiberH!… She sent me an email saying she found an ace bandage in the supplies at work. She has her hand and wrist wrapped up now. The ice thing didn’t work too well, she is almost done mopping up her office floor…grunt!

  32. Mollypop
    1:42 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Siber-H – We were very concerned over what Sam ate. She was home alone with a bunch of men watching a football game. Then my Mom got a call from Sam’s dad, so she looked up chocolate poisoning symptoms on the Internet. If Sam had any of those symptoms, the emergency vet wasn’t far away.

  33. Siber-H
    1:42 pm on December 20th, 2010

    I am concerned about the swelling, but I know even sprains will swell.
    Mopping up the office floor doesn’t sound like a good way to help the wrist.

  34. Riö - The Evil Pug
    1:45 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Mop!…It was a small puddle of melted ice….snort!… She didn’t want to slip on it and be in worse shape than she already is….grunt!

    Sammie!… You better be careful about what you eat little missy….snort!… You were sick last week, remember? You like feeling that way?….grumble!

  35. Siber-H
    1:50 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Sam is so little, but I know that milk chocolate isn’t as deadly for dogs as dark chocolate, but still, Sam is so little.
    Mom has been through the same thing with some of her dogs…just one look in the other direction and the dog can be into something. We are fast and sneaky.

  36. B.Stover
    3:01 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Sam: How do you feel now?

  37. Sam
    3:02 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Siber-H, you are big so you may have to be sneaky, I just have to be fast.

  38. Sam
    3:04 pm on December 20th, 2010

    B, I feel great! I told Mom this morning that I was ready for some more of that good stuff.

    I got kibble.

  39. Mollypop
    3:14 pm on December 20th, 2010
  40. Wookie of Chevy Chase
    3:20 pm on December 20th, 2010

    I don’t undertand about all this coat stuff; I just wear my natural fur coat in the winter and all is fine. Of course, I have worn my swamp vest in the summer for cooling, but that is an entirely different matter altogether. And I did wear a couple of my dad’s Polo shirts after I had my surgery about five years ago; much better than having to wear one of those weird collar things. The real key to looking sharp, however, is proper accessorization; that at least what my mom says. For me, that simply means wearing one of my bow ties.

    Sammie, as everyone else has said, you do need to be very careful around chocolate, especially given you petite size.


  41. Siber-H
    3:28 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Cute! This is interesting…if you enlarge the photo of the polar bear, you can click on enlaged pictures of Emma. Molly is our high tech poodle!
    I wonder if the artist who did the penguins and polar bear knows that they live on opposite poles of the earth.

  42. Riö - The Evil Pug
    3:41 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Poles!… Interesting Siberh!…snort!…Is the bear eating the penguin or just pretending to be a penguin for some strange reason?…sniff!sniff!

  43. B.Stover
    3:54 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Who is Edgar?

    Someone asked if Kindles included book illustrations. I think I said that mine (the first generation Kindle) did not. I must not have read any books with illustrations at that point. I’m reading a new biography of Montaigne and it has many–very nice–illustrations that come out perfectly on my Kindle. (I haven’t received the new Kindle yet.)

    Hi Wookie.

    I’m glad you’re feeling well Sam. Stay away from the chocolate.

  44. Siber-H
    3:55 pm on December 20th, 2010

    I think the answer to both your questions, Rio, is, yes. The bear is pretending to be a penguin, but I think he has already eaten one. There is blood on his snout.

  45. Siber-H
    3:57 pm on December 20th, 2010

    This is turning into a mystery…Stover, I think Edgar is the name of the penguin that the polar bear ate.

  46. Riö - The Evil Pug
    4:04 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Edgar!…Speaking of the Edgar Awards, how come photos of the 2010 ceremony have not been posted on the official Edgar website? They’ve got every other year out there, but not this year when you-know-who won….snort!

  47. Barb & Maggie
    4:09 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Funny card, even if not accurate (according to Siber). Didn’t think about it, but guess Polar bears eat seals and not penguins.

    Re: chocolate: Can be fatal to dogs, the darker, the more toxic. Milk chocolate, a 10 lb. dog would need to ingest about 10 oz. to be fatal, 3 ozs of semi sweet, and 1 oz. of dark chocolate. Bad thing is, after a few hours, symptom CAN NOT be reversed. Also, vomiting only brings up 40 to 60% of stomach contents, so if in doubt get to the vet! A friend learned the hard way when their young German Shepherd Dog dropped dead right in front of them while playing with the kids. Cardiac arrest, brought on by chocolate chips.

    Chocolate contains theobromine which causes in a few hours after ingestion, vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity, and seizures.

    Good news is that Sammy seems to be fine after a day, so evidently she didn’t eat enough to cause a problem.

  48. Barb & Maggie
    4:11 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Bee, you are funny! Edgar has got to be one of the penguins, no doubt the missing one. Also, if you enlarge the photo, the bear has a penguin sticking out of his mouth.

  49. B.Stover
    4:12 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Ewwwwwwww is all I can say.

  50. Mollypop
    4:17 pm on December 20th, 2010

    MagPie! The bear is wearing a penguin mask. That way the penguins can’t tell he’s a bear. And they can’t figure out why Edgar is missing.

    The penguin says “And now Edgar’s missing” so something happened before that. Maybe a penguin was already missing “And now Edgar’s missing.”

  51. Wölfie
    4:20 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Mary here, writing from her busy place. Our DSL box died, so we have been off line at home.

    Melanie, Wolfie personally mailed Dan’s toffee today, and we’re hoping that he get’s it by Christmas.

    Did everyone receive their toffee? Can’t believe it took so long for some of the boxes to arrive. Sheez!

    Well, off for a massage and then I have to go back to work. Later, gators.

  52. Barb & Maggie
    4:23 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Molly, that is too funny! You are right, it is a mask on the bear. We still think he has something (or everything) to do with Edgar’s disappearance.

  53. Mollypop
    4:28 pm on December 20th, 2010

    The cartoon is by Gary Larson from The Far Side. The whole silly point is that the penguins don’t know he’s a polar bear because he’s wearing a penguin mask.

  54. Barb & Maggie
    4:30 pm on December 20th, 2010

    OK Molly, we will stop being morbid about it.

    It is SNOWING here. Nice weather for polar bears!

  55. B.Stover
    4:33 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Do the interpretations of the cartoon say something about our imaginations? I guess I don’t understand Gary Larson.

    I’m going to watch Sherlock on a Netflix dvd.

  56. Mollypop
    4:33 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Here’s another one guys, they’re simple and funny, so don’t over think this stuff.

  57. Mollie (a black poodle)
    4:44 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Gary Larson is funny. I love the penguin one.

  58. Mollypop
    4:50 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Thank you Mollie ABP – I was feeling very lonely out here.

  59. Barb & Maggie
    4:57 pm on December 20th, 2010

    The 2nd one is very easy to figure out and vey funny. Think Barb is going to run the 1st one by her bro, to doc, who is a complete Gary Larson fiend, and will ge his take on it.

    We still think the polar bear is in disguise so he can eat the penguins, and they have no idea why Edgar is MIA. Isn’t that part of the humor?

  60. LizF
    4:58 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Mollypop, nice work. I love Gary Larson, especially his dog cartoons.

  61. Barb & Maggie
    4:59 pm on December 20th, 2010

    the doc, not to doc.

  62. Mollie (a black poodle)
    5:02 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Mollypop: Here’s one for you.

  63. B.Stover
    5:06 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Well, I understand the border collie herding the sheep and here they welcome it. Okay, it’s funny but the thing that occurred to me (dare I say) is…what is on the table?

  64. B.Stover
    5:08 pm on December 20th, 2010

    I see why it’s called the far side of paradise.

  65. B.Stover
    5:09 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Irene Adler asks Sherlock why he’s so suspicious and he says, “Shall I answer chronologically or alphabetically?”

  66. Riö - The Evil Pug
    5:10 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Fud!… Oh, I love the Kat in the Dryer one!…heh!snort!heh!

  67. Riö - The Evil Pug
    5:12 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Stover!….Cow Chips?….heh!

  68. LizF
    5:13 pm on December 20th, 2010

    It’s a bowl of grass for nibblies.

  69. B.Stover
    5:21 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Okay. It does look like grass (not cow chips).

  70. Riö - The Evil Pug
    5:24 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Chips!…Cow chips is grass….snorkel!

  71. Macy the Min-Pin
    5:24 pm on December 20th, 2010

    I think the bowl contains grass, probably inported for the party, a late season fescue.

  72. B.Stover
    5:32 pm on December 20th, 2010

    I thought cow chips was something else.

  73. Wookie of Chevy Chase
    5:51 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Like something very interesting to roll in, although not quite as good as deer poop, my personal favorite. Wookie (Actually, for those of us in the secret agent business, you sometimes have to get very creative in terms of camouflage.)

  74. B.Stover
    5:53 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Exactly Wookie.

  75. Melanie
    5:54 pm on December 20th, 2010

    We have decided to try to break Dan out of the hospital!

    More later. Also I need to read the comments.

  76. Riö - The Evil Pug
    5:56 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Cows!…They mainly eat grass and hay, right?….snort!

  77. Barb & Maggie
    6:23 pm on December 20th, 2010

    OK, Bee, the sheep are happy to see the B.C. because sheep do not have many brain cells, and don’t know what to do unless directed. B.C. are obsessive about herding, so he will whip them in shape.

    Cow pies are cow poop. Sheep, cows and goats eat mostly hay and grass. Hay is dried grass or grass/alfalfa mix.

    What is FUD?

  78. AbbietheKitty
    6:27 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Staff has a favorite Far Side. She has remembered it for years. It shows a couple of campers sleeping in sleeping bags out on the ground and a bear, or two, in the woods sees them. The caption is something like… “YUM! Sandwiches!”


  79. Alice Johnson
    6:28 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Rio, we knew you would love the Kat one. Heh

  80. B.Stover
    6:29 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Barb: I think FUD is food.

  81. Lexi
    6:42 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Haha, Rio. It’s just that I’ve been packed with the new puppy and all. She keeps nipping at me! Does that mean she wants to play or something? I think she’s attacking me. And what’s this about motherly instincts? Megan keeps saying that I should have them and use them.
    Did my pictures come in from yesterday? I mean, it shows for me, but does it show for you guys?
    🙂 🙁 😀 😛 😐
    Hehe. 😐
    Right now she’s FINALLY asleep. She keeps biting everything and everyone, including me, and the only time when she’s not is when she’s asleep.
    Gotta jet…
    ~Lexi 😐

  82. Siber-H
    6:45 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Yes, Rio, and cows have several stomachs. My folks have always been big Gary Larsen fans. The border collie and sheep is one of their favorites.
    Some interviewer once asked Larsen what would happen to all the dogs if humans disappeard from the face of the planet. He said, “Give the dogs a few days, and they would get everything figured out”.

  83. Alice Johnson
    6:48 pm on December 20th, 2010

    The pictures of you and Skyla came through nicely. I am so glad you rescued her from that lonely mall. Is she a beagle?

  84. B.Stover
    6:51 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Lexi: You’re both really cute but you don’t look happy.

  85. Melanie
    7:09 pm on December 20th, 2010

    IF Dan can tolerate the high dose oral antibiotics, he is leaving the hospital on Wednesday.

    IF everything works out he will go into rehab where his OWN doctor can be in charge of him.

    IF the hospital won’t let him go, Commander Riö, we will need a plan . . .

  86. Melanie
    7:12 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Loved the pictures Lexi, your new sister is cute, but you are cuter!

    I’ve also liked the cartoon. My favorite one of Gary Larsen’s was “The Real Reason Dinosaurs Went Extinct”.

    (They were smoking cigarettes.)

  87. Macy the Min-Pin
    7:16 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Lexi I am distressed to see that you are packed with the puppy. Are you in a carrier, a crate, or a UPS shipping box. Are they sending you somewhere?

  88. Jasper the Poodle
    7:23 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Hello, hello! Mom is bbaaaacccckk! What a long day without her here to cuddle and snuggle and pet and sleep. Mom says the first day at work went very nicely, folks were quite welcoming. Boss took her to lunch and she tried Thai food for the first time. Had pad thai; not impressed. Walked a freaking mile in an underground parking garage to go to the place to get her id badge and parking permit crapola. Computer should hopefully be working tomorrow, as she has received her login and password. Sat in on a meeting re: database tracking of cases, looked at the employee handbook, realized she needed to be in a different frame of mind to read the employee handbook, so she cleaned and dusted her office, moved stuff around, went thru many files, developed a list of questions about the old crap she found, and chatted with her cube neighbor a bit. Boss made a fantabulous cranberry, dried apricot and walnut bread. She asked boss for the recipe, will share with you when she gets it. She said the drive wasn’t bad at all. She plans to listen to Christmas music for 3 days, then switch to CDs. She loves to listen to classical music after work to wind down from the day.

  89. Siber-H
    7:28 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Glad it went well Jasper! I’m sure it was a long day for your mom as well, but it sounds like she got through it just fine.

  90. Siber-H
    7:31 pm on December 20th, 2010

    I hope Dan is able to leave the hospital on Wed. I know he wants out of there. If needed, Commander Rio will come up with a plan, never fear.

  91. Melanie
    7:39 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Jasper: Tell your mom, congratulations! Sounds great. When we have had to do long drives (dog shows, hospitals and such) audio books are really great.

    She can probably get some good ones through the library.

  92. B.Stover
    7:45 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Melanie: I hope it all works out. I took high dose antibiotics when I had pneumonia with no side effects…and they eliminated both the pneumonia and sinus infection. It’s good Dan’s own doctor can be in charge at the rehab.

    Jasper: I’m glad the drive wasn’t bad. Books-on-tape is another thing to listen to during the drive. And that bread sounds good. Yes, post the recipe.

  93. Mollypop
    8:04 pm on December 20th, 2010

    I’m available for any Rescue Mission that is needed.

  94. Alice Johnson
    8:07 pm on December 20th, 2010

    YAY Jasper. Tell your Mom we are all very happy to have the good news this year. It has been a long hard one on the blog but most of us made it through and stayed friends and sent each other love and candy.
    What could be better?

    Money is coming in from the website. I think we have made over 800,000 dollars so far. I will get cards for all the members of the next expedition. I am not sure we should trust Wookie and Mr Husky as they seem to be rather too good at using them. Heh
    But thank dog we don’t have to worry about the expense accounts this time.
    Have you started planning??? I know you can break out of the yard as you have done it before.
    I will be the MoneyKat 😀 😀 😀

  95. Alice Johnson
    8:09 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Maybe a test mission could be to break Dan out. Or at least get him a Pizza. We could even do that remotely. HA!

  96. Siber-H
    8:14 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Alice, I think Wookie is on the up and up. It is me and Mollypop that have been known from time to time to put a credit card to good use.

  97. Melanie
    8:31 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Thank you MollyPop and Siber-H

    Dan is being ignored at the hospital. The last two hospitalists (they have 3 day shifts) said that they didn’t know what was going on because his file is so thick they haven’t read it. These are the people IN CHARGE of his case.

    The surgeon is good. The Infection Specialist is good. BUT MY GOD for the people in charge to say they haven’t READ the FILE!

    Needless to say, both Zoë and I were there today. The “nice friendly” hospitalist got a dose of ALPHA Bs!!! A late 20’s doc does not tell Zoë that ‘she knows how she feels”. Zoë proceeded to tell her there was no way in HECK that she knew what 60 years of marriage felt like and then started crying because she was so angry. I then started in with what we did not know, what we should know, what we were going to know before we left.

    She then read the last CAT Scan, called the docs and found out what they wanted to do. Read his last blood tests (improvement), wrote down our number and then ran away.

    She has called since we’ve been home.

    That is when Zoë called their primary care doctor. She can’t work with him in the hospital BUT can if he’s in the Nursing Home.

    I”m not kidding when I said WE ARE BREAKING HIM OUT OF THERE!

    Letters to the Hospital will commence after we have him out of there.

    I don’t know what other state uses these hospitalists but I wish MA didn’t.

  98. Melanie
    8:34 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Hmmm, maybe I used too many capitals but the reason why we are breaking Dan out is timed at 8:31 pm and being moderated.

    We really are having to break him out.

  99. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:43 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Melanie!…Never fear if Dan does not get released I will send my best agents to dognap him!…heh!…He will be in good paws for sure…snort!

    Alice!…You as the MoneyKat?…grunt!…That’s just scary, but continue your good work. Yes the next mission is in the planning stage and a lot has to be worked out yet. This money will come in very handy as Molly, Wookie, and Lil Lexi have asked for large pay increases…grump!

  100. Wölfie
    8:45 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Melanie – I can’t wait to hear the story!

    Mom and Dad have been listening to DOI on mom’s ipod in the car.
    Dad is a total Chet fan now! Even though mom has read it twice, she is enjoying every single word. (Happy sigh)

  101. Melanie
    8:50 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Wölfie! I am making English Toffee with your mom’s recipe on Friday!

  102. Melanie
    8:51 pm on December 20th, 2010

    I’m out of it. Going to bed. Hope to be out of moderating soon.


  103. B.Stover
    9:01 pm on December 20th, 2010

    I don’t think a hospital can keep a patient against the wishes of the patient and his family.

    Wolfie: I’d also like the toffee recipe please.

    I guess we have to come back to this post tomorrow to comment.

    Good night all.

  104. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:02 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Toffee!… I am feeling very left out of this toffee business…snuff!…She would not let me give out our address to Miss Mary, but now I am missing out on all the delicious candy….grunt!…Someone here said I don’t need candy to ruin my diet. I think it’s because she is eating cookies and candy at the not-so-busy place and doesn’t want to come home to more of it….wheeze!…But what about me? I never ever get any sugary stuff and I LOVE sugary stuff…sniffle! …I especially love cookies!…sneeze!

    Two!…Oh No! We are on page two of the blog…grunt!…Life is miserable trying to go to page two!…wheeze!…DO YOU HEAR ME MIKE BAKER! IT SUCKS BIG TIME!…cough!

  105. Mollypop
    9:15 pm on December 20th, 2010

    And Rio – Like B just said, this is where we’ll have to post tomorrow too. How ugly is that?

  106. LizF
    9:16 pm on December 20th, 2010

    hey wolfie, i’d like that recipe too!

  107. dawson
    9:19 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Breaking out!
    Lexi: Good job for Megan breaking Skylah out of that cage at the mall.
    Melanie: Breaking Dan out of the hospital…I’m in favor.

  108. dawson
    9:29 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Wolfie: I think you’d better tell Mary to post that recipe! I would like it too.
    Jasper: Congratulations to your mom on her first day.

  109. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:31 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Molly!….You are so right, it’s UGLY! All you Plunderers, do you have issues with page 2 and the time it takes to post? … snort!… I think this needs to be resolved very soon, or Chets blog count will drop off dramatically after number 100 every time… wheeze! …If we have to post all day here tomorrow, it will be a very uncomfortable experience….crap! … What if somehow we reach page 3! We are doomed…snuff!

  110. LizF
    9:32 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Not an issue with the time it takes to post, but the fact that it reloads back to page 1 is a definite bummer.

  111. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:34 pm on December 20th, 2010

    OMG!…I posted on page two and I was taken back to page two!…heh!heh!…Paws crossed, maybe this is ‘fixed’…wooo! …this is another TEST!

  112. Siber-H
    9:35 pm on December 20th, 2010

    We probably won’t know what Melanie said about busting Dan out until tomorrow.

    Rio, Don’t feel bad about not getting any toffee. Do you think I am getting any toffee. NOT “It’s bad for me” Mom has stored it on top of the fridge, way up high.

  113. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:37 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Yes!… Two times now it brought me back to page 2 instead ofpage 1…heh!…I should yell at Mike more often…snort!…one more test!

  114. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:41 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Toffee!…You are right Siberh! What the hell do I care if she gets the toffee!…grunt!…She would not share it with me anyway..sniff!…But I do want to thank Mary for her lovely gift to those of us who could enjoy it!…Thanks Mary!…Woooo!

  115. Wölfie
    9:56 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Rio – Tell your friend that it isn’t too late to send her address in. It may not make it in time for Christmas, but who knows? And maybe she could give you a teeny tiny bite w/o the chocolate? Or not.

  116. Mollypop
    9:57 pm on December 20th, 2010

    If you refresh, it takes you to page 1 somewhere near the top.

  117. Mollypop
    10:00 pm on December 20th, 2010

    For tomorrow, maybe Spence will post “No Post Today” and start us off with a brand new post.

    Or possibly, Spence could pay his bill to Mike Baker and maybe we wouldn’t lose our places on the page.

  118. Wölfie
    10:01 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Here’s how mom makes her toffee:

    Step one: You’ll need

    About 1/2 cup of whole almonds
    About 2 cups of toasted chopped almonds
    12 oz bag of milk chocolate chips (use a good quality)

    Place the whole almonds on a large rimmed cookie sheet or in a large pan. Set the chopped almonds and milk chocolate aside but have them ready to go.

    Step two:

    In a large, heavy duty saucepan, add:

    1 lb of good quality butter (I use Danish Creamery but I’m not sure if you have it there.)

    2 cups sugar

    2 tsp vanilla (at least)

    2 tsp water

    1/8 tsp salt

    Bring to a boil on a medium high heat and then turn it down to medium once you reach a boil. Have a book or telephone handy because you will need to keep stirring for at least 20 minutes. If the butter separates from the sugar, stir with a whisk until it behaves. If the mixture doesn’t start to brown after 20 minutes or so, turn up the heat.
    This is the only tricky part. When it is a light brown color, dribble a little on a plate or something and let it cool a minute. Prod it a little and see if it hardens. Keep testing every few minutes. Be careful because it is easy to burn. Err on the side of caution. When it is a lovely toffee brown color and hardens quickly on the plate, you can pour it into the pan with the almonds waiting. Work fast. Spread the toffee all around, into the corners, and then toss the chocolate chips on top. Spread the chips around. You’ll won’t think they’ll melt but they will, you just have to play with them. Cover the chocolate with the toasted almonds and smish into the chocolate. Sprinkle with a tiny bit of salt. Cool. Break into chunks.

  119. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:06 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Dan!… I am really praying that Dan will be able to come home for Christmas. This wonderful Montague family needs to have him home for the Holidays…snort!…As do we here, on the blog, we need to have him home safe, sound and healthy….snuffle!

  120. Wölfie
    10:07 pm on December 20th, 2010

    And congratulations, Jasper’s mom, for surviving your first day at work! The first day is a little scary, I would think. (I wouldn’t know because I have never had a job, except for keeping an eye on things while mom and dad are at work.)

  121. dawson
    10:14 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Wolfie: Thanks to Mary for the recipe. 🙂

  122. dawson
    10:14 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Wolfie: Thanks to Mary for the recipe. 🙂

  123. Siber-H
    10:15 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Molly, We could take some funds out of the money that the kats have raised and pay Spence’s bill to Mike Baker. The kats are on a roll, I tell you.

  124. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:15 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Wolfie!….If my friend tried that recipe she would set the house on fire, I am pretty sure of it!…heh!…I will not share it with her just for my safety alone…grunt! …Thank you for sharing with the other more experienced candy makers though…sneeze!

  125. Siber-H
    10:22 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Wolfie, In case you didn’t get my post on Sat., Thank you very much for the toffee. My folks are loving it…never had homemade toffee before. Your mom went to a lot of trouble to make that and send it off to all of us. We deeply appreciate it.

    Hee hee…No way my mom could do that recipe. She’d probably make something that was more fit to send through the Alaska Pipeline than eat.

  126. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:22 pm on December 20th, 2010

    SiberH!…Please do NOT start spending our money yet pal!…Admin does not pay Mike Bakers bill, their publisher does…grunt!…We need this money for the upcoming events leading to the release of the fourth book of the series…sniff!

  127. Siber-H
    10:24 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Ok, Rio…Well, just give me and Mollypop a credit card or two and everything will be fine.

  128. LizF
    10:27 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Wolfie, thanks heaps for the recipe.

  129. dawson
    10:27 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Melanie is still being moderated. I’m off to warm up the bed.
    Wonder if C.Harris survived the big chill this weekend. Brrr. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

  130. dawson
    10:31 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Oops I seem to be double posting lately. ‘Scuse me please.

  131. Wölfie
    10:56 pm on December 20th, 2010

    So, mom is thinking about getting herself an ipad 3g 32k or 64k. What do all you techies think about the ipad? Would it be better to wait until the ipad 2 comes out? It still seems a little pricy but ever so kool. Pondering….

  132. Wölfie
    10:58 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Making and sending the toffee was a blessing to us.

  133. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:00 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Night!…Goodnight all!…She is off to bed early because she is tired of her wrist aching and aching….grunt!…I just want to be on the big bed under the covers…snuffle!sniff!…Christmas is one day closer!…Oh, and we Did Not Get Our Books today…grumble!…Those damned Goats from Hell!…wheeze! crap! …Goodnight all. sweet goat-less dreams!…heh!

  134. Siber-H
    11:01 pm on December 20th, 2010

    Wolfie, our techies have probably all gone to sleep…check back for their answer tomorrow.

    Night Everyone!

  135. Barb & Maggie
    11:14 pm on December 20th, 2010

    We are going to bed. Will catch up on the over-100 posts tomorrow, but did see the toffee recipe there. Thank you, we will try it, but bet it isn’t as good as your’s was, Mary.

    Rio, Tell your friend nt to be afraid to give her your address. She is a good person. And she makes the best candy!

  136. B.Stover
    10:31 am on December 21st, 2010

    Thank you for the recipe Wolfie. Mollypop has an iPad and she can tell you about them. Melanie did some research on them for Dan’s present.

    Good morning all….if anyone is here.

  137. Macy the Min-Pin
    11:03 am on December 21st, 2010

    This is going to be a strange day. Couldn’t they have just put a post with Hi or something on it so we would have a place to hang out. Otherwise we will all have to hang out at the mall, and I am not sure how your mall feels about our kind, but our mall is quite snobbish. heh

  138. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:08 am on December 21st, 2010

    Blah!… How could he do this to us?…grunt!… Chet left us high and dry on yesterdays post…snuff!… I thought he was our friend…grump!…I’m going to go find another blog to hang out at, see you guys later!…snuffle!

  139. Staff
    11:16 am on December 21st, 2010

    Melanie, We went back to check and your 8:31 post still has not appeared on the blog. (((snif)))
    I am rather curious…

    I wonder if Mike Baker thinks we are demanding?

  140. B.Stover
    11:31 am on December 21st, 2010

    I don’t think that wanting (and to me rightfully expecting) technology to run efficiently is being demanding. Any job should be done well especially if you’re being paid to do it.

    No, Melanie’s comment from 8:31PM yesterday has not materialized yet. Wonder how hard it is to unmoderate something.

  141. Wookie of Chevy Chase
    12:17 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Did anyone stay up to watch the lunar eclipse last night? Unfortunately on the East Coast it did not happen until about 3:00 am in the morning, and my mom and dad pooped out around midnight. We did stay up several years ago to watch a meteor shower at about the same time, but they were a lot younger then. As for me, I had thought about just staying awake myself, but once I got very comfy in my soft dog bed, just like Rio, I kind of dozed off. Wookie

  142. Barb & Maggie
    12:28 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Wookie, We saw some shots of the eclipse on tv this morning. It was snowing here last night, plus we didn’t want to stay up that late (or get up that early). It is too hard to post today, so will BBL. Have a good day everyone.

  143. C. Harris
    12:49 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Only -30 today. Cold spell over! Supposed to be -25 and -30 through Christmas, no -40 in sight. Moon so bright I had trouble sleeping last night.

    Going to make ice luminaries over the school break. They are beautiful and last a long time. Has anyone else made them?

  144. dawson
    1:00 pm on December 21st, 2010

    C.Harris: Glad your weather has warmed up to a balmy -30 degrees.
    I have attempted luminaries with some little success (and more failures). I was considering trying them again but will have to shovel my way to the containers I was going to use…

    Melanie: Hoping the hospital hasn’t lost Dan…unless of course he got lost on purpose. Heh, heh, heh.

  145. Mollypop
    1:21 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Mom cannot tolerate POS software (you’ll love that B). I’m going to Sam’s and will check back in later.

    I have to find out from C.Harris about the ice luminaries.

  146. C. Harris
    1:32 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Ice luminaries: You take a bucket, fill it half-full of water and leave it outside until it freezes (no problem at -30). Then you put an empty glass or can weighted with rocks in the center of the frozen ice and put more water in the bucket and freeze. [yes, I save rocks from summer but any weight would do]. After the second freezing, you place bucket in the sink. Ice will defrost from the outside-in or you can run warm water over it to loosen the ice faster. Empty rocks from glass/can and fill with warm water to melt ice and remove the glass/can.

    When the ice comes free from the bucket, place candle in the hole made from the empty glass/can. Viola! = ice luminaries. You can put food coloring in the water (bottom/top or both) and you have colored ice luminaries. Very pretty, safe and long lasting. I have 2 buckets to use at a time and hope to line my driveway–it might be too ambitious but then again winter is long up here.

  147. dawson
    1:38 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Thanks C.Harris: I am going to try it. I was filling the first container with water and putting a second container in the water and trying to freeze both at once. Duh.

  148. Siber-H
    1:39 pm on December 21st, 2010

    CHarris? How do you make ice luminaries? New Mexico is famous for luminaries, but we have never been able to get too excited about a brown paper bag with sand and a candle in it. It is a really big deal here…entire neighborhoods put them out and then people buy tickets for bus tours of the neighborhoods. I know we can’t do ice luminaries here, but they sound prettier than our brown paper bags.

  149. Siber-H
    1:45 pm on December 21st, 2010

    That does sound much prettier, but more work, than a brown paper bag. I wonder if they would show up well in a photo?

  150. Wölfie
    1:55 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Hopefully Melanie and Zoe are at the hospital springing Dan. I wonder why her post got moderated, anyway?

    It’s been raining here non-stop so we couldn’t see the eclipse. I looked, though, when I went out to do my final security check on the property. (I am now starting to worry about goats and bedbugs. I didn’t see any bedbugs but we do have goats across the street from us. They seem to be pretty innocent though, and as far as I know, all of our mail has arrived. I do keep my eyes on them though. No point in taking any chances.)

  151. C. Harris
    2:44 pm on December 21st, 2010

    I’ll try and do a photo of a driveway a few miles away from me. You can also make little ones for inside on a table. If you live in an area where it doesn’t get cold enough and you have a freezer, that would work.

  152. Barb & Maggie
    2:47 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Wolfie, We still have about 5 or 6 pieces of toffee left. We think of you every time the red box comes out. Actually Barb won’t let me have any, she SAYS because of the cohocolate, but we both know the real reason!

    Barb is going to the dentist and it is still a pain to post, since we start with page 1, hit page 2, post something, refresh, then go back to page 1 again. I think Rio was serious when he said he was leaving for the day!

  153. Melanie
    3:45 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Not springing him yet. I had to do errands the other way down the mountain.
    Zoë hung up on the hospitalist this morning.
    Dan has now had more fluid drained and they are testing that for inflammation or another infection.

    If the blood work continues to look good he will be out of there soon!!

    Must put away things before the dogs eat it all. Will catch up later.

  154. dawson
    3:51 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Go Zoe and Melanie: Keep on the hospitals’ case. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  155. LizF
    5:20 pm on December 21st, 2010

    CHarris – how short are the days up there?

  156. dawson
    6:01 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Hi LizF: C.Harris did answer that question a few days ago and I think there was about 3 hours of daylight, if memory serves me right. What is the temperature where you are right now?

  157. Siber-H
    6:28 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Tonight is the longest night, and then the sun will be making its return journey North. That is the happy thought of the day for all you plunderers that live in the great North, and for people like my mom who only thinks the nights are long here.

    CHarris, I have talked my mom into making some little ice luminaries.

  158. dawson
    6:44 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Siber H.: Yippee! The sunlight will start coming back, slowly but surely…that is…if these clouds disappear.

  159. LizF
    6:47 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Thanks Dawson. I haven’t been able to catch up with the chat lately, sorry if i missed stuff – I know Rio will be very unimpressed with that! Three hours a day – i so could NOT live there.
    Here we’ve had a cold snap, including snow in the mountains! But now it’s up to a balmy 25 degrees (77 fahrenheit), warming up over the next few days so it should be nice for christmas.

  160. dawson
    7:01 pm on December 21st, 2010

    But LizF: Just think. In our summer there is virtually no darkness.

  161. LizF
    7:07 pm on December 21st, 2010

    So in fact I could live there for half the year.
    Does that get weird?

  162. Debbie LM
    7:15 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Wow Barb, you have toffee left?

  163. dawson
    7:22 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Barb: You are very good at rationing that toffee.
    LizF: Yes, it is a little weird. You’ll find yourself staying up until all hours, thinking it is earlier. The opposite of now, when I want to go to sleep for the night even though it isn’t even suppertime yet.

  164. dawson
    7:26 pm on December 21st, 2010

    The man in this house was given a gift certificate for a local restaurant, so we are going out for supper. Hope you get to 200 posts.

  165. Melanie
    7:43 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Hey all,

    Since Zoë and I have complained mightily for two days straight, tomorrow at 12 noon, all of Dan’s docs, a hospital counselor, patient advocate, Dan AND Zoë are going to have a meeting.

    Things are really rushing now. We’ve got the administration upset so people are really rooting for Dan now!

    Probably won’t be sprung tomorrow, but soon . .

    I’m so tired that I’m going to fall over. I’m staying at home tomorrow and will catch up.

    Have to tell you one thing . . . YSAS has an audition coming up in January (can’t tell you what yet) but he needs a 3 minute speech transcribed. So he asked me to do it, tomorrow. He told me he understood that I couldn’t do it tonight. I explained that I had a lot to catch up on, he said he understood and that was why he said tomorrow.

    Snicker. . . I told him I’d get to it but to not expect it tomorrow.

    He knows everything that is going on here, but when it comes to his career, he tends to forget that we are actually busy.

    He’d do it except he VERY dyslexic and so it just wouldn’t make any sense.

    Take care all! TTFN

  166. Riö - The Evil Pug
    7:45 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Blah!…Grunt!… So we are still posting on yesterdays post?….grump!… Well, I’ve been very busy today looking through tons and tons of paperwork finally turned in by my Special Agents….snort!….What a mess! This will take some time to sort out. Also, our Books finally showed up on my door step!….Wooooo!… She has picked out the next project to do for her best friend….wheeze!….Not starting it tonight though, it will get a good study, but no rolling of paper will start till tomorrow….sneeze!…She is pretty sure her not-so-busy-place will let her come home early and then a proper start will begin…grunt!…My goodness, I am finally starting to get in the Christmas spirit!…honk!…What a great year we have had out on this here blog…sniff!…I hope Chet comes back at some point and tells us what has been going on with him and Bernie…snuffle!

  167. Riö - The Evil Pug
    7:53 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Melanie!… How exciting for Clarkson!…snort!snort!… I am his biggest fan besides you of course. I can’t wait to find out what he is auditioning for…wheeze!… I just know he will knock them dead with his interpretation!….gasp!… Please tell him “I am All In” regarding his career! ….heh!

  168. Macy the Min-Pin
    9:22 pm on December 21st, 2010

    We saw the eclipse last night. Dad set the alarm, mom forgot about it and yelled at dad “why is that *(&^ thing going off in the middle of the night”. I think she felt a little sheepish after that, since it was her idea to get up. As for me, I stood in the doorway and pretended to look. Dad said he thought the moon would be bigger. Duh, dad, the moon is the moon is the moon. Plus he can’t bend his head back so he was laying back on Angie’s car so he could see. Too bad the neighbors missed all this.

    Night all,
    Macy out.

  169. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:26 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Molly!…Help me out here, but my friend has worked on web interfaces involving a 3+ million record database and the recovery speed was amazing…grunt!…Never over one minute or else someone was held accountable…heh!…Unless of course the query was questionable in nature. Now why does it take this here blog FOREVER to load our simple comments? Just words for gosh sakes. It’s not even a Query from a huge database, or is it?? …sniff!…Maybe it is, but why not narrow the query down to the specific day? What The HELL?…wheeze!…I am totally baffled by the incredibly bad performance of the blog given what my friend says…grunt! And grunt! Again! Wheeze!

  170. Staff
    9:30 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Macy I am jealous. I was up at 3 pm last night. (Ask Alice) But somehow I forgot about the moon.
    When I got up at 5:30 to use the facilities I remembered but it was tooooooolaaaate darn it all.

    I think that is the first HONK I have heard from Rio. Usually he is a bit more sibilant.

    Our toffee has been gone for days. None was eaten by the Kats. They didn’t even try. But Mom and Dad and Mr Staff were very happy with it.

  171. Mollypop
    9:33 pm on December 21st, 2010

    What the hell.

  172. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:35 pm on December 21st, 2010


    (this comment of course, will take at least 5 to 10 minutes to post on our computer)…growl!

  173. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:48 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Ahhh!…The comment posted quickly, but navigating back to it from the first page takes forever!….groan! …. Molly, what the Hell is wrong with Mike Bakers navigation system?…hmmmm!…grunt!

  174. Siber-H
    9:53 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Why, when we refresh the second page, do we end up in the middle of the first page? Why do we need to refresh the page we submitted a comment to before our comments will disappear from the comment box?

  175. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:24 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Aww haa!…Very good questions to add to all the others…heh!…The Baker Boy has some work ahead of him, but it is Christmas, so I doubt any of it will get reported or resolved till after the New Year.…sniff!…Chet himself deserted us today. What can we expect from a stranger who keeps the blog going?…grunt!…Probably not much, in my opinion, he doesn’t really care about us. He will do the minimal to maybe keep the blog up and running, that’s all…gruffle!

  176. dawson
    10:40 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Melanie: Good luck to Zoe, Dan and the patient advocate in their dealings with the hospital tomorrow. And to YSAS at his audition in January. And may you and Zoe get some rest tonight.

  177. Siber-H
    10:41 pm on December 21st, 2010

    I hope Chet returns tomorrow. I missed him today.

    Night, Rio We seem to be the only ones left on this foggy blog. Sweet dreams and Santa is comming soon! I’m glad your books arrived today.

  178. Siber-H
    10:43 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Aww There is Dawson.. good night to you and sweet dreams

  179. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:50 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Good Night!… I can’t believe you all went through the torture of posting on Chet’s blog today!…grump!…There is no reason for it. Mike Baker aka Expert? Very doubtful in someone’s opinion….growl!…Prove it my man! Fix the damn blog once and for all!…grump! … Good night all yee faithful fans…yeep!

  180. dawson
    10:57 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Goodnight All.

  181. Kirby T. Penworthy
    10:58 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Hey y’all! Sorry I’m here so late, but Dad picked Mom up after work and they went to watch the Lady Gamecocks — that’s the women’s basketball team from the University of South Carolina. USC won, which is the good news, but it sure did keep me from getting on this blog any earlier!

    The other thing is that I meant to say this yesterday, but since we’re on the same post I guess it really doesn’t matter! They had a Secession Ball last night in Charleston to mark the 150th anniversary of the signing of the secession. It was very controversial — more than 100 protesters were outside. A member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans said the event was celebrating “the bravery and the tenacity of people who were protecting their homes from invasion.” On the other hand, a member of the NAACP said it was “a celebration of one of the darkest periods in our history.” Earlier in the day, when the mayor of Charleston unveiled a historical marker commorating the spot where the document was signed, he said the war was fought because of slavery — and he was heckled by someone who said, “You’re a liar!” Many claim the war was for state’s rights, because the state didn’t want the federal government telling it what to do.

    In some ways the war has never ended around here!

  182. C. Harris
    11:15 pm on December 21st, 2010

    Gosh, I have no problems posting at all. Wonder why some of do….

  183. dawson
    9:21 am on December 22nd, 2010

    A chance to post 3 days in a row on the same post. History in the making.

    Kirby T: Sounds as is the war is not history where you are. It is still raging. Congratulations to the Lady Gamecocks.

    C.Harris: Anyone who can survive in -50 or -60 degree weather is not going to worry about a few extra clicks on the mouse. I don’t have a problem with it. My first luminary should be ready by the time I get home from work.

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