Tonight at 7: Spencer Quinn at the Leverett (MA) Library, 75 Montague St., Leverett. No one sober turned away! Or not sober!

Welcome Tasha and Sangha.


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  1. B.Stover
    9:29 am on September 21st, 2011

    Have a good reading/signing.

    Good morning all.

  2. Rose
    9:35 am on September 21st, 2011

    Spence: I hope nothing gets thrown!

    Hi B!

    Staff: Your sewing machine is absolutely gorgeous!

    Rio: That would be 3 hours work that your friend has put in so far. Thank you.

    I think the 3×4 decal would be best. any word on magnets???

    Top of the morning to all!!!

  3. Rose
    9:37 am on September 21st, 2011

    BTW: Like that we’re seeing more kats on Friends of Chet! 🙂

    To all that have received signed books: Do you have a paw print as well? Just wondering….

  4. Barb & Maggie
    9:47 am on September 21st, 2011

    Rose, No paw print on this one, but then we didn’t ask for it. Asked for and received one on TFAT last year.

    Good morning everyone. Lovely day here.

    How is Dan today? How about all the others who have been under the weather?

    Melanie, We are going to send you some leek seeds later on, since you have the potato/leek recipe in the cookbook.

  5. B.Stover
    9:54 am on September 21st, 2011

    Hi Rose and Barb.

    I seem to be getting another sinus infection and the pressure has given me an earache so I’m not going to school today.

  6. BearSpiritDog
    10:00 am on September 21st, 2011

    Good Morning All
    Happy B-Day to YSAS!
    Dr.Appt in an hour.
    Will catch up later.

  7. Tupper and Gilly
    10:03 am on September 21st, 2011

    LEVERETT????? Oh no- that is only about 25 minutes from home. Only we aren’t home. We are at the beach 3 hours away. Sobbbbb. Life is just not fair!!!
    Leverett is just a dinky little nothing village. The only things there are a (really wonderful, active and humane)animal adoption shelter and a very active, progressive library. The library in our town could probably have done something to get either Spence or Peter to come there.. Or better yet maybe both. But NOOOOO! Our head librarian is too concerned about her side business to pay attention to important things like getting world famous, NYTimes authors to come speak and sign.
    Sobbing, sobbing pitifully…. Awoooo wooooo. Sob

  8. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:04 am on September 21st, 2011

    Leverett!….Let’s see, if I left my yard now I could be in Leverett by 7:00 I betcha!…snort!….But I can’t leave the yard because of all the fencing and gates….grump!…How come that guy never leaves MA and signs stuff anyways?…huffle!

    Stover!…My friend almost stayed home today because she didn’t feel like going to the busy-place which is not so busy right now. She really wanted to stay home and work on her project and take me for long walks….heh!…Thank dawg she came to her senses and went into the not-so-busy-place after all…wuffle!

    Birthday!….Happy Happy Birthday Clarkson!…snorkel!… I have something to send you but it will be late because I can’t leave the yard to get to the post-office until later…grunt! …Hope you have a great day on the set of the Indie Film!….woooooo!

  9. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:06 am on September 21st, 2011

    Close!….Why isn’t Melanie, Dan, Zoe and The Pack going to Leverett to see Spencer and Company tonight if that little village is so close to them???…hmmmm?

  10. B.Stover
    10:14 am on September 21st, 2011

    Rio: I think your friend should have stayed home and taken you for an all-day walk. LOL!

    T&G: What is your head librarian’s side business?

  11. Tupper and Gilly
    10:16 am on September 21st, 2011

    Rio – good question. It would probably be closer to them than the event in Vermont in October- it would be closer to our home but the Pack does live a ways from us
    Leverett had a population of approximately 2000. They have a Peace Pagoda, a Craft Cooperative plus the shelter and the library. We can’t believe that Spence is there now while we are here. We could have had him over for dinner!
    Still sobbing.

  12. Tupper and Gilly
    10:19 am on September 21st, 2011

    Bee- she has a “meditation center” and calls herself a spiritual leader. We aren’t sure what that means but we guess it must be something like “scatter brained”

    Here is a link to Leverett


  13. Rose
    10:33 am on September 21st, 2011

    B: Sorry to hear that you are under the weather.

    McKey: Many happy returns of the day!!!

  14. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:38 am on September 21st, 2011

    Tuppence!….If you guys had had Spencer and Company over to Dinner, what would the menu look like?….slurp!….Now I am hungry just thinking about this….sniff!

  15. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:50 am on September 21st, 2011

    Leverette!…I bet the whole town comes to the book signing tonight….snort!…Heck, there’s nothing else to do in that town…heh!

  16. Barb & Maggie
    10:53 am on September 21st, 2011

    Happy Birthday, Clarkson! And many, many more.

    T & G. We want to ask you about your Dog Biscuit recipe in the cookbook. Barb was considering making it for me, but she is confused. Recipe calls for 2 cups milk and 1 large can pumpkin, then to add 1 of 4 veggies/fruits and mix. Down below it mentions eggs, and says you can use white flour, or half wheat and half white or wheat germ and cornmeal, but there is no mention of eggs or flour in the list of ingredients. Did something get left out, and if so, how much flour and egg do we use?

  17. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    11:06 am on September 21st, 2011


    The hikers have been released from prison!!!!

  18. Siber-H
    11:07 am on September 21st, 2011

    Happy Birthday Clarkson!

    I haven’t seen the movie The Godfather either. Movies about Italian gangsters or gangsters of any kind are boring.

    My Arctic Paws Yummy Chummies are extremely delicious.

  19. Barb & Maggie
    11:09 am on September 21st, 2011

    We are so relieved that they are released, although we have to agree, why would they even get close to the border? Not too bright! Still, glad they are safe.

  20. Melanie
    11:10 am on September 21st, 2011

    I will be passing on the HBs to YSAS! He is going to Coney Island today to see the aquarium.

    Leverett: We thought about going but . . . We are going to the one in VT on 10/1 for Zoe’s birthday. We are going to rent a car and Dan is going with us and at the time the trees will be BEAUTIFUL! The Pack will be catered to by Jesse.

    So it will still be 10/1 for us.

    Dan is doing better (thank you for asking. Both Dan and Zoë slept most of the day yesterday, and I expect will sleep most of the day today.

    Franklin is in excellent health.

  21. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:11 am on September 21st, 2011

    Hikers!…Now they can go back to their real jobs of being spies ….grunt!

  22. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:13 am on September 21st, 2011

    Godfather!….Only someone who has never seen it would voice an opinion about the movie being boring…grunt!

  23. Siber-H
    11:14 am on September 21st, 2011

    Me too, I’m very glad they are finally being released, but hiking in that part of the world was a dumb decision.

    I was just reading about Leverette. Anyplace that names their main street Rattlesnake Gutter Road can’t be all bad.

  24. Melanie
    11:18 am on September 21st, 2011

    Now the Indie movie. The director is the writer and he likes to get input from his actors. He has a script and wanted to hear from the actors on characters that they feel they could do well at. (sorry B)

    He met one third of the cast knew three people and they had a great time. YSAS came up with two characters: one that is even more over the top than is on his website and another a person with PTSD from not only the war but from a certain incident of which I may not tell you.

    The director had already picture YSAS as the one (but more) on his website but also loved the idea of why the PTSD occurred. So we will see. . .

    Next rehearsal is Monday night. Filming starts 10/7 or 10/14 depending on the availability of the empty building in CT.

  25. Siber-H
    11:18 am on September 21st, 2011

    I bet it was the Borzoi who got the hikers released. That would explain why she has been so busy.

  26. Tupper and Gilly
    11:41 am on September 21st, 2011

    Barb- this is just not our day. First we find put that Spence is near home when we are not- then we find that our recipe for dog biscuits is COMPLETELY wrong.
    The recipe starts with 12 cups of oats and 4 cups of flour. There are 8 eggs plus honey, molasses, and oil before it gets to the milk part.
    We didn’t get our hard copy in the mail before we left for the beach, but Mama just checked the PDF on her iPhone and the recipe is WRONG.
    Now, she is just sitting here with her head in her hands. Guess today is not the day to buy a lottery ticket.
    CARPOLA ! What happened??
    Wonder if Liz can fix the PDF?

  27. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:42 am on September 21st, 2011

    Natasha!… I have it on good authority that Nattie is on vacation with all her Russian pals barn dancing….snort!


  28. Wookie of Chevy Chase
    11:45 am on September 21st, 2011

    Well. we are happy and sad here in Chevy Chase for the same reason. Having broken our vow of just reading one chapter of TDWKTM a night, we zoomed through about ten chapters over the weekend and finished it off last night. Just loved it, especially the ending, but sad that we are now done and facing the long wait for book # 5. Wookie

  29. Melanie
    11:47 am on September 21st, 2011

    Wöökie, we have figured out how to deal with that empty feeling. We just waited a couple of days and REREAD it!

    Dan is now on his second reading. . .

    I’m thinking of a third.

  30. Melanie
    11:48 am on September 21st, 2011

    Riö, that is funny. And it’s about the only way I’d be able to dance at this point! Cyber dance!

  31. Barb & Maggie
    11:53 am on September 21st, 2011

    Wookie, We also lost all control. Barb has 20 pages left, which she will read at lunch. She is trying to savor the last few pages.

    T & G, Barb says she will wait on the dog biscuits till she has the exact ingredients, then will make some for Christmas gifts. Thanks for the heads up. We knew that it would be very gooshy the way it read!

  32. Siber-H
    11:58 am on September 21st, 2011

    Enjoyed the video. Which Borzoi is Natasha? I’m sure she made that video just to throw the bad guys off her trail.

    There is no way we could have read just one chapter of The Dog Who at a time. Our solution is the same as Melanie’s…reread!

    Melanie, All paws crossed for Clarkson and the indie movie!

  33. B.Stover
    12:02 pm on September 21st, 2011

    T&G: I can fix the pdf. Do you want to put the dog biscuit recipe here on the blog?

  34. Tupper and Gilly
    12:16 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Bee- thanks!!! We don’t have the recipe with us, but will send it to you when we get home. It just makes us so sad that the beautiful book was printed with that huge mistake. People will think that we can’t cook AT ALL!

  35. Staff
    12:18 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Yes, Dawson and I got the paw print also. (I had to go back and check)

  36. Rose
    12:19 pm on September 21st, 2011

    SiberH: Enjoy your yummy snacks!

    Melanie: Glad everyone is back on the road to good health. I have not been to the Coney Island Aquarium in years, but I did enjoy it. Hope YSAS does too. Figures crossed for YSAS!!!

    My solution to finishing TDWKTM is to go back and re-read the entire series! 🙂

  37. Kirby T. Penworthy
    12:25 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Hey, Bee! Have you chosen the stories from Norton yet? Mom has to return the book to the library, but she wanted to copy the stories if you know which ones you want us to read.

  38. B.Stover
    12:30 pm on September 21st, 2011

    T&G: I just tried and I can’t change the pdf. Liz will have to do it. We can change the recipe if we republish. (And I always write changes in my recipe books. Gives them the lived-in look!)

  39. B.Stover
    12:34 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Kirby: Sorry I forgot to post that. Right now my elective class is reading Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Next we will do Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. (We have finished with the poetry and historical info.) I’ll post the Jekyll questions on my blog. We’re still on Frankenstein in the other class.

  40. B.Stover
    12:36 pm on September 21st, 2011

    There are only four questions so I’ll put them here:

    1. Based on the first paragraph of the novel, state your opinion of Mr. Utterson. What kind of person is he?
    2. Analyze the meeting between Mr. Utterson and Mr. Hyde on pages 1651 through 1653.
    3. Analyze the character of Dr. Jekyll.
    4. What does Mr. Hyde represent within the context of the Victorian era? What does Dr. Jekyll represent?

    The Victorian Web is a good place to begin research of the period:


  41. Riö - The Evil Pug
    12:43 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Waiting!…I’m still waiting for Tupper to post the menu for the Spencer and Company should’uv been Dinner Party…snort!

  42. Riö - The Evil Pug
    12:46 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Dog-Who!…We have not finished it yet… grunt!… We stopped after that thing with Bernies car…heh!…We started another book called, “A Pugs Tale”….chorkel!snort!

  43. B.Stover
    12:46 pm on September 21st, 2011

    I’ll put background, discussion and answers regarding Jekyll on my blog tomorrow.

  44. Barb & Maggie
    12:55 pm on September 21st, 2011

    T & G, No worries, we all know what a fabulous cook your Mama is. Remember thos dinner parties on Wednesday nights? We will hand write in the ingredients when you post them. Bee is right, it will give it a more “lived-in” look.

  45. Barb & Maggie
    1:16 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Here are the seeds Barb is going to try to save this year: Granny Cantrell’s German Red (heirloom tomato)
    Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans (She will have plenty, if frost holds off long enough for the bean pods to turn brown on the vines.)
    Leeks – plant like onions next spring
    Pink Hollyhocks (not Honeysuckle!)

    If anyone wants any, let us know.

    Going to finish Dog Who and have a nappy. BBL

  46. BearSpiritDog
    1:24 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Dawson! Something very interesting. Your moderation of 10:07 yesterday was there when I went back to catch up on the posts this morning and so was my moderation of the day before! Fat lot of good it does us since no one will be reading them. I have no clue what caused your post to be moderated.

    Rio: We can remember standing in this very very very long line waiting to see the Godfather when we lived in Hollywood back in the day. A great movie. Well worth the wait!

    We liked the Borzoi video. Nattie is the one with the white face I think.

    Bear will be watching the mailbox very closely this day. Paws crossed my signed copy arrives. Can’t wait to see what Spence signed!

    B: Nana does the same thing with her cookbook. It isn’t actually a book, but a collection of favorite recipes in a folder. Putting them all in a 3 ring binder is a future project and also a gift idea. Something personal for family members to share.

  47. Rose
    1:37 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Rio: Let me know what you think of “A Pug’s Tale.” I considered buying it, but then I thought about all the other books at home waiting to be read…

    I saw “The Godfather I and II.” My favorite is II. DeNiro was great as the young Don Corleone.

  48. Riö - The Evil Pug
    2:03 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Bear!…Leave the gun…take the cannoli!….snort!

  49. BearSpiritDog
    2:07 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Barb&Magpie: Yes too the Granny German Reds. You said that leeks are similar in taste to potatoes? Those might be interesting to grow also.
    Guess there are only three (?) of us who have not finished the book. On the last few pages here…

    B: This sounds crazy, but we can’t find a copy of the original Frankenstein at the library. What’s up with that? Interesting we are reading this and Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde. Two tales of dark forces getting out of control. One created outside of self, the other within.

  50. BearSpiritDog
    2:11 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Hugh Pooh! That would be “to” not too. gah.

  51. B.Stover
    2:15 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Bear: I keep thinking it would be interesting if we were reading those two books in the same class but we aren’t. Two scientists with similar egos…and a theme of duality in both.

    Leeks are in the onion family. They look like big green onions and are very good…subtle.

  52. Melanie
    2:40 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Barb, I still have seeds left from last year. I’ve brought my fuschias in the for the year, my begonia and my rosemary and basil. I had to repot the herbs and another little plant that I have no idea what the name is. I have them in the not too well constructed plant window (there when we moved in). Jesse insulated the bottom of it and I’ll put in bubble wrap to insulate the window area. That still lets the sun in but keeps most of the cold out. I’m also trying to figure out how to get my plant light over there. For those many non sunny days in the winter.

    It’s a very low cost full spectrum florescent bulb that’s 45 inches long.

  53. Macy the Min-pin
    3:42 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Dawson, what are you asking for your first-born?

    Are we the only ones to notice that the signing is on Montague street?

    Mom says that she still feels like she has been kicked by a mule so TTFN.

  54. Tupper and Gilly
    4:18 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Rio- let’s see…dinner menu for Spence. Well, we could go one of two ways. The fancy way:
    Escargot Francais (white wine, lemon and garlic)
    Followed by Chicken Marsala over Angel Hair pasta. Dessert would be a peppermint stick ice cream bombe in a super dark chocolate shell.
    Blame it on Rio Hot Wings followed by Hebrew National Hot Dogs followed by a big honkin wedge of chocolate cake.
    Which do you think?

  55. Macy the Min-pin
    4:31 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Honkin’ wedge all the way!!

    How fast can you guess these words and fill-in the blanks? 1. _ _NDOM, 2. F_ _K, 3. P_N_S, 4 PU_S_ , 5. S_X , 6. BOO_S

  56. Macy the Min-pin
    4:32 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Answers: 1. RANDOM 2. FORK 3. PANTS 4. PULSE 5. SIX 6. BOOKS

  57. Barb & Maggie
    5:01 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Macy, Can’t believe you got that past Mike Baker, but not those things you put on your feet!

    Bear, If we said leeks tasted similar to potatoes, we did not mean to. Leeks are used w/potatoes in leek soup. They look like a giant green onion, no bulb, and as Bee said, very mild tasting. We are going to try leek soup this fall. The 2 plants that wintered over have gone to seed and developed a giant seed ball, that looks like an onion seed ball only much bigger. Not sure what the correct name is for those. The seeds are tiny black seed, much like onion seed.

    The Granny tomatoes are the only one we are harvesting this year. Seeds are hard to find. Will save you some.

  58. Melanie
    5:15 pm on September 21st, 2011

    T & G sent a picture. Here you go!

    “Finally had a chance to go to the beach in the sun. Hard to catch the waves at their apex but you can at least see the vastness of the water.
    I really do need to win the lottery so I can afford to live here. . .
    We are headed out to our favorite ice cream place to get our Frozen Pudding yearly treat.”

  59. Barb & Maggie
    5:18 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Both of those menus sound good, but think we will vote for the casual one. Maggie got voting rights on that one, so she won.

    Finished Dog Who, and loved the end. Without any spoiler alerts, let me say that I particularly enjoyed the ending. Great book! Is the next one coming out in October? Come on Spence, if JP can do it, so can you!

    Bear,Got an email that our order is on the way, good or bad, it should be here Friday or Saturday. Will get it mailed to you ASAP.

  60. BearSpiritDog
    5:19 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Thank you Barb&Magpie that would be great! We love GOOD tomatoes.
    Thinking back – I don’t think anyone said leeks tasted like potatoes. I probably confused the two with the talk of using them in potato soup.

    B: I even checked on Amazon for the original Frankenstein and can only find the Graphic and Kindle versions. I don’t have a Kindle and would have to read it from the PC, which is tedious and a strain on the eyes.

  61. Riö - The Evil Pug
    5:30 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Menu!….Wings! Dogs! And Honkin’ Wedge in the opposite order….snort!snort!….I’m so hungry I could just die…sob!

  62. B.Stover
    5:34 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Bear: We’re using the 1818 text (first edition….there were three) and it’s published by Oxford World’s Classics. It is $8.95. Here is their internet address:


  63. B.Stover
    5:38 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Bear: I just found that exact edition at Amazon. I typed in Frankenstein and then clicked on 1818 text.

  64. Natasha the Nefarious Borzoi
    5:59 pm on September 21st, 2011

    let us just say that ve are NOT amused. Ve vould never do dance of such undignified doggies. And ve vould vear DRESS in order to show off the legs. How anyvon vould think vhite dog looked liked lovely Natasha is only by being blind!

    And to CHarris – the love life of Natasha is very big secret. Is not possible to speak about vhich escort is for Natasha as others vould be so jealous vould make vorking together difficult. So, until ve need to disrupt next Plunderer mission, ve vill keep our secret.

  65. BearSpiritDog
    6:33 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Nattie: Our most humble apologies for confusing you with that frivolous canine.

    B; Thank you for you assistance! The order has been placed.

    My only excuse is feeling under the weather – tired with chest congestion. So….calling it a day. I will feel better tomorrow after taking p-r-e-s-c-r-i-p-t-i-o-n. Night all – Bear

  66. OleyHowlers
    6:40 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Good night Bear, hello everyone else.

    Natasha, so good to hear from you again. Dima KNEW you were not one of those silly borzois. He said you are much too dignified and sexy for that silly dance.

    Mom is hurting less today, and she says thank you too all who were sending happy thoughts her way. Shiek is still hurting tho. He is being very meek, which is not his usual persona at all.

    T&G, we vote for the wings, Hebrew Nationals, and Mom wants that chocolate cake.

  67. B.Stover
    6:45 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Hope you feel better Bear. You also Howler’s mom and Shiek.

    T&G: I can’t decide between the two menus.

  68. Siber-H
    6:46 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Bear, Stover, Macy’s mom, and my Fellow Siber’s mom…Take care of yourselves and get to feeling better soon.

    Mom loves the photo of the ocean. shudder

    After reading T&G’s menu we had to dash off for a late lunch. I’m sure Spence would be happy with whatever you cooked. I would, that’s for sure.

    Borzoi, Great work getting those hikers on their way home.

  69. OleyHowlers
    7:27 pm on September 21st, 2011

    It is drab and raining once again here. It is supposed to rain Thursday and Friday also. Heavy rains and flood warnings are predicted for Friday. Why do we keep getting all this (way too much) rain while Macy and G&BB get none?

    We have to go help Mom make dinner … rain night meal which is tuna casserole. Pop is busy fixing the fence where we found Shiek had knocked an entire rail on Sunday night. When it rains it pours.

  70. OleyHowlers
    7:28 pm on September 21st, 2011

    That was supposed to say “rainy night meal” and Shiek knocked out an entire rail.

  71. Tupper and Gilly
    7:36 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Mama says the only way to make sure that Spence would be happy would be to have both meals at the ready and let him pick.
    Alas, he is right this moment in the clutches of the 2000 citizens of Leverett

  72. Tupper and Gilly
    7:42 pm on September 21st, 2011

    We are sending good thoughts to Macy’s mom, the Howlers’ mom, Bear’s mom and anyone else who is feeling less than stellar today.

    Yaaaaawwn. Boy, they aren’t kidding about the salt sea air making you tired. After our day at the beach, we are ready for a very early bedtime.
    Goodnight all. We will be in touch tomorrow.

    G’night Spencer in Leverett …. sobbbb

  73. Siber-H
    8:18 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Meashka, Keep us posted on how Shiek is doing. We are sorry to hear he is hurting. I know you will look after him.

  74. Melanie
    8:21 pm on September 21st, 2011

    I hope all are healing.

    Also, AJ put PICTURES up on his Facebook page. Beautiful! I think I saw the Handler’s Cabin where a certain Pugster is going to be staying!
    Lots of dogs! Lots of beauty!

  75. Liz
    8:33 pm on September 21st, 2011

    T&G, i’ll check back later when i have more time to discuss fixing the recipe. I remember wondering at the time about it, as there weren’t many dry ingredients…anyway, use my SDD for the proper recipe.

    Haven’t some been printed though?

  76. B.Stover
    9:02 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Good night all.

  77. Melanie
    9:18 pm on September 21st, 2011

    TTFN all

  78. Barb & Maggie
    9:27 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Hi Liz! Hope Cricket is doing well.

    Good night all.

  79. Liz
    9:38 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Thanks Barb! she is, i’m very happy to report. Goodnight – that seems early…

  80. Sam
    10:06 pm on September 21st, 2011

    No worry about the cookbook here. Mom loves it! (They’re out tonight and left the computer on. Hee hee.). I would like the biscuits but nobody makes stuff for me, I have to eat that stupid dry kibble. I can call the SPCA before they come back.

  81. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:09 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Sammie!…Don’t do anything drastic…snort!…Think about your girl in college. If those others have to pay SPCA fines or spend time in jail, who will pay her college tuition?…sniff!…If the tuition is not paid well then your girl will have to come….hey!…I see where you are going with this plan…heh!

  82. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:12 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Rose!… Project time tonight was 1 hour 15 minutes….snort!cough! ….And still nothing has been put together to look like anything…grunt!

  83. Snowhook Bella
    10:26 pm on September 21st, 2011

    In just a few days AJ and all the working dogs will be arriving home for the season. I tried to leave work early so I could see AJ before he left for his very long drive to catch the ferry. Alas, I was behind schedule and saw him on the highway. He called me when he saw me, then again to tell me he loves me and followed up with a third and final call to tell me to lock the doors.

    Siber-H: I shudder at the sight of the ocean, too. I’ll keep you company on firm, dry ground should your mom decide to take up an unknown passion for surfing.

    Dawson: I’d love for you to join us for Iditarod, but my guess is your first born might take exception for being uprooted as payment.

    Melanie: Happy birthday to YSAS! It is exciting to hear about his indie film.

  84. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:24 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Hmmm!…I wonder how Leverett was?

  85. Snowhook Bella
    11:27 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Rio: I thought you were going to out run the guards stationed around your yard and head to Leverett?

  86. Kirby T. Penworthy
    11:53 pm on September 21st, 2011

    Hey, y’all! I’m just checking in for a little bit because Mom is getting ready to head to the store to do her cupcake shopping. She’s getting 7 packages of cream cheese and 4 pounds of unsalted butter and 2 pounds of regular butter and — sheesh! I don’t see dog treats anywhere on her list!!!

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