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Were we having fun – the college kids and me – or what? I had the Frisbee and they were pretending they wanted it back and I was pretending I wasn’t going to give it to them. Do you know that game? It’s one of the best! The college kids – we were downtown, near the college, on some job I couldn’t remember at the moment – would come chasing after me, and I’d romp around a bit and then turn and come up to one of them, real slow, the Frisbee in my mouth, right there for the taking. And then the college kid would reach out and I wouldn’t move a muscle, and the college kid would think that this time he was really going to get it, and then at the last possible instant I’d do that little shake-and-bake move and away I’d go! I can keep this up all day. Humans are great – and college kids are especially great – but they’re really not all that quick. No offense.


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2 Responses to “Joe College”

  1. C. Harris
    9:19 pm on November 8th, 2009

    Does your game include cute little growls and baring of teeth? My dogs love that part especially.

    If the college kids were at all smart, they would be finding food to offer you in exchange for the frisbee. Works like a charm. Other suggestions would be to pan out in a circle around you and close in or they should just pretend to give up and sit down and just start talking to each other. You get bored, the game is over and you drop the frisbee.

  2. Jenifer
    9:24 am on November 9th, 2009

    Chet good for you. This is excellent training of these kids for real life. They think they are going to get a job – a l m o s t in reach a l m o s t and then! Snatched away! Or – they actually get a job (this applies to those out of college for a while too – important lesson!). Then – that raise? That job security (oxymoron with emphasis on the "moron" part) A l m o s t in reach a l m o s t and then – SNATCHED AWAY!

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