Into Thin Air

“Vanished into thin air?” said Lt. Stine. “How is that possible?”

We were out in the canyon, a whole bunch of us – Lt. Stine and some uniformed guys – they had Kelo, Portia, Freddie and Trimmer all safely cuffed in a cruiser – Bernie and me, plus Suzie; and don’t forget Iggy. But the thing is the film had vanished into thin air. That’s exactly what happened – I saw it with my own eyes.

“Iggy?” Bernie said. “What did you do with the film, little guy?”

Iggy liked Bernie. He ran around in circles, stubby tail wagging, and lifted his leg against a cactus.

“Think we should dig around that plant?” said Lt. Stine.


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One Response to “Into Thin Air”

  1. Rebecca Rice
    3:42 am on October 16th, 2009

    Ha ha hah! *snickering*

    That's hilarious.

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