Into the Dark

And what did we see, gazing down through the open trap door in the floor of the warehouse? Well, let’s just leave it with what I saw, because it was all dark and shadowy, and human eyes don’t do well when it’s dark and shadowy. What I saw was a steep staircase leading down to a brick floor – a dusty brick floor with footprints in the dust.

“See anything?” Bernie said in a low voice, squinting down into the gloom. Squinting’s interesting – humans seem to do it to try making their eyes work better. Humans never look their best when they’re squinting. They look their best when they’re laughing, in my opinion. After that comes smiling, then listening to music, and then sleeping. But we’ll get into that some other time, because right now Bernie had remembered his pencil flashlight and was pulling it from his pocket. He shone it down into the darkness and I saw again what I’d already seen.

“All set, big guy?”

What a question!

Spencer Quinn will be at Eight Cousins Book Store, Main Street, Falmouth MA tonight 6-8.


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