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Bernie says he just found out that Thereby Hangs A Tail is an Indie Next Great Reads pick for January. This is something about independent book stores or something. “They’re important, Chet.” If Bernie says they’re important, then they are. Right now we’re pulling into Burger Heaven, which is right next to Donut Heaven. This is one of my favorite parts of town, if not my very favorite. Bernie’s in a great mood, humming to himself. He’s humming Lonesome 77203, actually a sad song, but I can tell he’s in a great mood anyway. Is it because of this Indie thing? I don’t know.

I’m smelling burgers, big time.


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12 Responses to “Indie Next”

  1. B. Stover
    4:03 am on December 4th, 2009

    That's great!

  2. Ellen Peck
    4:08 am on December 4th, 2009


  3. ALR
    4:46 am on December 4th, 2009

    Got to agree with Bernie. Out Oregon way we have some great independent booksellers. One of my favorites is Paulina Springs Bookstore in Sisters, Oregon. It happens to be right across the street from Sisters Coffee Company, my personal favorite coffee. Bet I could rustle up a steak for you if you ever get out that way, Chet.

    Anybody else have a favorite Independent Bookseller? I have more but I always like to add to my list.

  4. SteveB
    5:45 am on December 4th, 2009

    Excellent! Can't wait. Enjoy your burger, Chet!

    8:38 am on December 4th, 2009

    Seattle has some great independents, and the University Bookstore is my favorite. How come? First, "Dog On It" has been on the staff favorite shelf since it came out in hardcover, so lots of folks have become big Chet fans. Second, dogs are welcome to shop there with their people – and there are tasty treats for us at the cash register. Nobody pets you or gives you treats when you shop online. Go to a bookstore. Case closed.

  6. Chet The Dog
    8:51 am on December 4th, 2009

    Wow. The University Bookstore sounds perfect!

  7. Carrie
    11:56 am on December 4th, 2009

    yes! university bookstore in seattle is great (go huskies). and for all of you who can't get to seattle, they offer free shipping on general book orders over $20 Our other great independent bookstore is Elliott Bay Book Company, though the tough economy has them considering moving.

  8. abbie the kitty
    2:35 pm on December 4th, 2009

    We like to go to Uncle Edgars in Minneapolis. It is in the same building as Uncle Hugo's so we can get our mystery fix and our Sci-fi fix at the same time. Jeff at Uncle Edgars knows his mysteries. And when a book gets nominated for an award he puts a little label under it that tells the reader so we can always find the good ones.

    Way to go Chet and Bernie.

    [img ][/img]

  9. Debbie LM
    4:28 pm on December 4th, 2009

    Atta boy Chet! Maybe you can get Bernie to do a reading (and you a personal appearance) at Politics and Prose, our favorite indie bookstore in the DC Metro area – they even let dogs come to book readings!!!

  10. Rebecca Rice
    6:04 pm on December 4th, 2009

    I always love the Prairie Lights Bookstore in Iowa City. But no dogs are allowed in there.

    'Round these parts, the closest I can get would be children's bookstores, like Crocodile Pie or Snicklefritz. Unfortunately, not much in the way of adult reading there.

    I don't live close enough to the big city (that's Chicago for those of you not from around here) to be near all of the independents that I'm certain are down there. But hey, if you and Bernie or Spence wanted to come our way, Chet, my mom (Diane) and I would both come and see you– even downtown!

  11. Joe Erickson
    10:42 am on December 6th, 2009

    Congratulations! I can't wait for January to read your latest adventure!

  12. ivy
    11:11 am on December 6th, 2009

    Very cool about the indie, Chet. I'm not sure there is one near me. If there was, I'd be there. There are cows next door to my library, tho. You might like those, Chet. Lots of good smells.

    I go to the library one or two times per week. Friendly folks. Much better than ordering online, for sure.

    Can't wait for Thereby Hangs a Tail. Yeah!! It will be into June before it is off the "lightening loan" shelf tho…maybe July. That's if it gets on the library shelf right away. I'll have to buy it for sure, so it is all mine. 🙂

    Hey, Chet, Can you ask Bernie or Admin if your books will be available in audio? I have a long commute, and love audio books.


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