Iggy: Cineaste

Sometimes things happen fast. Ever notice that? So fast that you only figure out what happened later, and that’s if you remember all the details, which isn’t always the case. In fact, hardly ever.

But: I’m absolutely sure that Kelo, backing out of the house, tripped and fell head over heels, although why humans say that I don’t know because I have a clear memory of his heels being over his head. The gun and the film can dropped from his hands, the gun going off and a bullet pinging off our garden shovel, left outside from the last time Bernie tried to plant a garden, long long ago. In all that commotion, nobody seemed to notice that the top had popped off the film can. And what was this? Iggy had the film in his mouth? Yes, he did,  at least some of it, the rest coiling down to the ground. He gave me a funny look. And then? Then Iggy took off, running faster than I’d ever seen the little guy go.


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8 Responses to “Iggy: Cineaste”

  1. Gus & BooBear
    4:03 am on October 9th, 2009

    Go for the pantsleg, Chet!! Iggy seems to have the film situation in hand (or mouth, we should say).

  2. Melanie
    4:15 am on October 9th, 2009

    I knew Iggy would help out.

  3. B. Stover
    4:39 am on October 9th, 2009

    What is the funny look Iggy gives Chet all about?

  4. Diane Brodson
    10:27 am on October 9th, 2009

    Wow! I leave for one little conference and look what happens. Iggy trips a perp, takes off with the film, and we are in some kind of predicament.

    Is the case solved? Or just becoming more complicated?

  5. B. Stover
    11:56 am on October 9th, 2009

    More complicated I think. Four perps (counting the "client" and Portia), two on the hall floor, one tripped up by Iggy, a bullet pinging off the shovel, which I suppose is at ground level, and Iggy giving Chet a funny look.

  6. C. Harris
    2:01 pm on October 9th, 2009

    I am sure the funny look Iggy gave Chet was a "catch me if you can look." Oh dear, the film is/was evidence of an old murder and when Iggy and Chet get done playing tug-of-war, little of it will remain intact. Remember the Indian blanket Iggy and Chet dug up and played with? Sometimes dogs just have to be dogs no matter what the consequences are.

  7. Rebecca Rice
    8:30 pm on October 10th, 2009

    This needs a soundtrack! What's that music they used to play on those beef commercials? American composer?

    Mmmm… Beef… Or ribs.

  8. Ariel Segal (owned b
    9:48 am on November 16th, 2009

    The music was Hoe Down from Copland's Rodeo


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