“I Shouldn’t Dream Of That.”

Why we’ll miss Margaret Thatcher.



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  1. Herd of Hounds
    8:35 am on April 10th, 2013

    Goooood morning everyone! Mmmmm, stubborn, adament, pig-headed. It is all how you say it.
    T&G: Hope mom got good rest and you took good care of her.
    G&BB: Good to hear your good news on a good news day.

  2. Barb & Maggie
    8:55 am on April 10th, 2013

    Good morning. Hope Amalia and Leonard spent a peaceful night.

    We didn’t watch the Utube shot because our speaker is not working.

    David Rosenfelt has a new stand alone book, Air Tight. Didn’t get very good reviews, so probably won’t buy it. Normally we love his books, especially his Andy Carpenter books. Has anyone read this new one yet?

    Lisa Scottoline has a brand new one too, Don’t Go. She is one of Wookie’s dad’s favorites and ours as well. She has one coming out this fall that will bring back her original group of women lawyers. Those were great characters!

  3. O'Howlers
    8:55 am on April 10th, 2013

    Good morning, HOH. It is another HOT day here in PA. We are expecting t-storms later. yeep!

  4. Rose
    9:04 am on April 10th, 2013


    Beautiful day in Westchester. Rain tonight.
    Grizz and I loved Maggie Thatcher.

    T&G: I hope you watched over your mum last night, and took extra special care of her. So happy for the good news!

    RIO! Did you convince your friend to stay home?

  5. O'Howlers
    9:15 am on April 10th, 2013

    For some reason, we are unable to get to that youtube link.
    Mom loves Lisa Scottoline also, and she was wondering about the new book. She hasn’t read any of hers in a long while; in fact, she actually never “read” one. She used to listen to them on audio on her long commutes. The person doing the reading always had that perfect Philly accent, so it was fun.

  6. B. Stover
    9:32 am on April 10th, 2013

    Good morning all.

  7. BearSpiritDog
    9:33 am on April 10th, 2013

    Margaret Thatcher: Good on you.
    Don’t ever let them make you do something you don’t want to do.
    Of course, this conversation should all be in the past tense since the formidable M.T. is no longer on this side of the Bridge.
    As for me? Love to show my jumping skills at every opportunity.

    Hey! I haven’t checked the final score from last night’s game.
    Siber-H: Do I dare?

    Hope all those under the Quilt had a restful night.

  8. Barb & Maggie
    9:47 am on April 10th, 2013

    Barb is heading out to PT and some errands. BBL

    Oh, and we are supposed to get rain all week and into early next week. Farmers need it, so trying not to fret about gardening delays.

  9. Herd of Hounds
    10:07 am on April 10th, 2013

    Ho-Hum, just another sunny day in hound paradise. Low 80’s today. RAIN and thunder boomers start here tomorrow. AH, spring. We all love to jump too, BSD, except Darah who loves to but isn’t good at it yet. 13 weeks old and yes, Melanie, a furry shark.

  10. Rose
    10:21 am on April 10th, 2013

    Luna: How did you learn to pick a lock? Did Poncho and Lefty teach you? They are master pick-pockets.

  11. Staff
    10:40 am on April 10th, 2013

    Here is one of two pictures of the coats my friend picked up.

  12. Melanie
    10:43 am on April 10th, 2013

    Franklin lets the dogs out here, huh, huh . .
    Mattie lets herself out at the vet’s.

    I wish the spammers had a better translation app. Last night’s was a hoot.

    G&BB, congratulations to your Paw!

    HOH, We miss furry sharks.
    Good morning all.

  13. O'Howlers
    11:05 am on April 10th, 2013

    Can anyone see Staff’s picture? On our big computer, it is just a big black space.

  14. O'Howlers
    11:15 am on April 10th, 2013

    Kat’s first picture is on the right … The one on the grass with yellow leaves scattered about. Boy was she tiny…and cute. No wonder we all fell in love with her. (But you didn’t hear us say it).

  15. BearSpiritDog
    11:16 am on April 10th, 2013

    O’Howlers: Staff’s photo is coming in Clear Here.

    Gus&BooBear: Good News for your Dad! Yay!

  16. BearSpiritDog
    11:17 am on April 10th, 2013

    But Yours is NOT.

  17. BearSpiritDog
    11:17 am on April 10th, 2013


  18. Staff
    11:20 am on April 10th, 2013

    And here is the other one. This is the back side, the first one was the tummy side.

  19. O'Howlers
    11:25 am on April 10th, 2013

    Bear, you mean our avatar?

  20. Siber-H
    11:26 am on April 10th, 2013

    What a stupid interview…not Thatcher but the interview.
    Wose, Mom and dad also loved M. Thatcher.

    Bear, No, Don’t bother to check the scores. The Rockies gave their lead away to the Giants and lost. Gah

    Thinking of Amalia and Leonard this morning.

  21. Rose
    11:33 am on April 10th, 2013

    Staff: Nice job! The Snowhook doggies are going to rock those coats, and be the best looking doggies on the trail!

    Siber-H: Sorry about the Rockies.

    O’Howlers: Kat is the cutest thing. I have big love for her!

    Thoughts are on the Royal Mum and the Storyteller.

    Thinking about Rio’s friend making it safely to work.

  22. BearSpiritDog
    11:43 am on April 10th, 2013

    O’Howlers: No, your avatar is fine, but didn’t you just post a Photo of Kat as a Pup?

    The Storyteller and Royal Mum must be Very Tired today.

  23. B. Stover
    11:45 am on April 10th, 2013

    I just read that in the last three episodes of this first season of Elementary, Natalie Dormer is going to portray Irene Adler. (No, I’ve never heard of her before.) Apparently there is going to be a flashback. As I recall, in the original Conan Doyle version, she doesn’t die but marries someone else. (Of course, in the original version, Mrs. Hudson is a bit different also.)

  24. Herd of Hounds
    11:45 am on April 10th, 2013

    Dog coats look great, even on the little pos mom uses. Wow! Mom entered this century (finally). She is technology suspicious, probably comes from taking computer preogamming in 1971. She hates shopping but loves catalogs. After listening to ya’ll discuss buying online, she got a pre-pay card and did her car registration and bought 2 books on-line. We’re proud of her. Thank you, Plunderers.

  25. B. Stover
    11:48 am on April 10th, 2013

    I just pre-ordered the sixth C&B novel on Amazon.

  26. Tupper and Gilly
    11:54 am on April 10th, 2013

    Tell ya what – there are some sadly abused Corgis in this here house. Did you know that our Mama didn’t even come home till almost 1 o’clock in the morning? And what were we poor little doggies to do, with no one to feed us, or pet us, or give us tummies, or let us out? Well, no one except Gramp. We guess he did actually do all those things, but it doesn’t count cuz it wasn’t Mama.

    Anyway, Daddy spent the night in ICU, after spending 11 hours in surgery. This morning he was alert enough to be able to call home and let us know that he was being moved from ICU to the orthopedic center, so it sounds like he is doing great.

    And since Mama didn’t roll out of bed until just a little while ago, she is doing good too. Of course she is abandoning us again to go spend time with Daddy.

    Would someone please call the SPCA for us – she put the phone up too high for us to reach…sob, sob.

    Oh, and Gus and Boo – High Five and Congratulations!!!!! We are so thrilled to hear the good news about your dad!

    Rio and Siber – awwww. Poor Rocks.

    Staff – snickering here. Guess the Marauding Goats have been unmasked. tee hee

  27. Princess Sam
    11:56 am on April 10th, 2013

    I don’t see the pictures either. Just like the Howlers I only see a black box. Probably because we’re both using the iPaw.

  28. Herd of Hounds
    12:11 pm on April 10th, 2013

    T&G: The collective HOH hearts go out to ya’ll, poor darlin’s. Soon you’ll have the reign of the palace again with the 2 leggers bowing (or at least listening to) your every whim.

  29. O'Howlers
    12:24 pm on April 10th, 2013

    T&G, It sounds like your dad is progressing according to plan, and for that, we are happy. But it’s no fair that this is all at your expense. Poor little Corgis. They’d better make this up to you later this summer, or else you go on strike. We are right behind you.

  30. c.hobbit
    12:29 pm on April 10th, 2013

    For Rio:

  31. O'Howlers
    12:40 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Love C.Hobbit’s picture! LOL
    Sammy, on our iPaw, Staff’s pictures are just the little “x” in a box (unable to load). On our p.c. There is just empty space where the picture should be.

  32. Tupper and Gilly
    12:44 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Howlers – right? You got it

    Hobbit – right? That kitten got it too!

    Mama says, “later”. She’s off to see Daddy.

  33. Masquers
    12:47 pm on April 10th, 2013

    CHobbit: Too funny!
    Riö’s friend is going to love it…another one for her to post at the busy-place.
    I have it on very good authority that Phil has gone deep underground where no one will ever find him.

  34. Masquers
    1:04 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Riö & Siber: Condolences on your teams loss last night.
    I must say…they are really trying this year…Go Rockies!

    Amalia: Give our best to the Storyteller. It was a looong day, but he came through with flying colors.
    Hugs to two very strong people.
    T&G: btw, the Herbs have informed me you are being very well taken care of by Gramp in your mama’s absence, despite what you are trying to make her believe. We think you are missing her something fierce which is completely understandable. But this whining is not befitting Royals such as yourself.
    You must snap out of it!

  35. Rose
    1:10 pm on April 10th, 2013

    CHobbit: You are making me laugh.

  36. Rose
    1:13 pm on April 10th, 2013

    B, thanks for mentioning you pre-ordered the next C&B. I just pre-ordered it on my nook!

  37. Siber-H
    1:13 pm on April 10th, 2013

    T&G Mom agrees with Masquers. She says for you two to be good little Corgies. I say, call the Queen.

  38. Melanie
    1:14 pm on April 10th, 2013

    B.Stover, Ms. Hudson . . snicker “Elementary” has been picking up extras for their last few episodes. Being dead on the show leaves YSAS not to be on again until next season. I’m hoping he gets a speaking role next season.

    C.Hobbit, I’m with the kitten. We still have some snow. The river is running with snow melt. After their Walk/Run the Pack decided to go see the river. They weren’t supposed to the idiots. But, after a discussion as they got near the roaring river, they came back.

    OFA is having a Robbie book come out next month. I think I will pre-order that.

  39. Melanie
    1:35 pm on April 10th, 2013
  40. B. Stover
    1:49 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Melanie: Is YSAS really going to be on Elementary next season? Very cool if so.

  41. dawson
    1:52 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Hello from rainy Bellingham where a 3 year old is running the show.

    Storyteller and Golinka: My thoughts and prayers are going your way for a complete recovery.
    Condolences to the HOH for the loss of Ella Fitz.
    Melanie: Get thee under the quilt!

    The plan for the day is to have lunch at the LaConner Brewery on the coast and to see the Tulip Festival. We were to have a picnic but the rain is spoiling that plan.

  42. dawson
    1:53 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Oh…and one more thing before we go.
    Gus & BooBear: Great news about your dad!

  43. BearSpiritDog
    2:00 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Awesome One: You are Very close by.

  44. BearSpiritDog
    2:04 pm on April 10th, 2013

    I think someone here pre-ordered both…the New Robbie Book
    AND The Sound & the Fury…but it is Best to check and Make Certain.

  45. Melanie
    2:12 pm on April 10th, 2013

    B. Stover, hoping for a speaking role . . Extras are booked for a day (sometimes an hour) to a week before they are needed.

    Rain coming. Time for a nap. I’m becoming BSD.

  46. O'Howlers
    2:29 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Thanks for the push, youse guys. We just pre-ordered both the new Robbie book, and the new C&B book. While we were at it we purchased the Secret Keeper.

  47. O'Howlers
    2:35 pm on April 10th, 2013

    All of you facebookie friends of ours and Siber-H: Please look for American Kennel Club on facebook, and then vote for SIBES !!!! They are in the Final Four there.

  48. Wookie's Dad
    2:59 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Without giving too much away, suffice to say that Irene Adler has an incredibly interesting role to play in two of the Laurie King/Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes mysteries — The Language of Bees and and its sequel, The God of the Hive.

    Great news last night from Gus and Boo Bear and continuing great news (SPCA concerns notwithstanding from two certain yet unnamed Corgis) from Amalia and Leonard.

  49. Riö – The Evil Pug
    3:00 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Sob!…Sob!Sob!Sob!…I’ve been crying in my beer all night and all day…sob!sob!sob!

  50. Staff
    3:02 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Rio, I don’t think of you as a ‘watering pot’. What is going on? Did those poor Rockies let you down?

  51. Herd of Hounds
    3:04 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Ever feel the urge to say nothing? “Nothing”.

  52. Riö – The Evil Pug
    3:16 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Staff!…I only cry during baseball season…sob!

  53. Riö – The Evil Pug
    3:30 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Hudson!…Is Ms Hudson a guy?…snort!…I thought I caught something about an adams apple…sniff!

  54. Wookie's Dad
    3:32 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Barb. We read the new Book Airtight. The last 100 pages were great. The set up and characters were OK but not up to his usual standards. Wookie’s Mom

  55. Siber-H
    3:44 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Fellow Sibers, I am not allowed to go to Facebookie, and if they are voting on popularity instead of best looking, do we really want our breed to become popular? We are not the best breed pick for many people…even “dog people”

    Glad you checked in with us, Rio. I know how you feel.

  56. B. Stover
    3:47 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Howlers: Done.

    Rio: In the latest Elementary episode (where Ms. Hudson is introduced) Sherlock seems to confirm to Watson that Ms. H has an adam’s apple. I don’t know who is playing the role, but she looks like a female to me. I’ll try to find the actor’s name.

  57. B. Stover
    3:55 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Here’s a link to an article about Ms. Hudson:


  58. BearSpiritDog
    4:00 pm on April 10th, 2013

    B: For some unknown reason we have been Unable to Watch the latest episode of Elementary online and we missed it on CBS.
    Very Frustrating.

  59. Riö – The Evil Pug
    4:18 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Bear!…How goes it with The Americans?…snort!…Have you been able to watch the show?..sniff!

  60. Barb & Maggie
    4:30 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Wookie’s Mom and Dad, That was what we had read too, that the plot development was weak and not up to his standards. Think he has another Andy Carpenter book coming soon.

    So glad to hear good news from G & B and from T & G.

    Oley’s mom, Secret Keeper was very good, Barb loved it.

    Now we have to go out into the cold and rain to do poop patrol. Tomorrow is garbage pick up day.

  61. Tenzing
    4:35 pm on April 10th, 2013

    B&M: My Lady has tried to upgrade to non-pooping puppies with each litter of pups. No luck. They always seem to be on back order.

  62. Tupper and Gilly
    4:36 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Guess what guess what guess what????

    DADDY WALKED TODAY!!!!! Less than 24 hours after an 11 hour surgery, with bolts and steel inserted in his back, with shattered bones removed, with crushed nerves “drilled” – after all that, he WALKED!

    For some reason, that made Mama cry. We will never understand humans.

  63. Barb & Maggie
    4:40 pm on April 10th, 2013

    It is amazing how quickly they get you up and moving after major surgery. I believe they have found it lessens chances of blood clots and helps you recover faster. We are so happy for Leonard!

  64. BearSpiritDog
    4:46 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Leonard aka The Storyteller: You are Amazing. Sniff.

    Rio: We were on Episode 3 of The Americans last night and fell Asleep. Best to watch most of it again.

  65. Riö – The Evil Pug
    4:48 pm on April 10th, 2013

    UP!…Up and At-It is the best thing that Leonard could be doing, if only a little at a time…woooooo!…Amazing stuff!

  66. Siber-H
    4:50 pm on April 10th, 2013

    T&G Thanks for the happy update!!

  67. Herd of Hounds
    4:53 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Wowser! great news for T&G, Amalia and most of all Leonard. Keep it up, kiddo!

  68. Staff
    5:06 pm on April 10th, 2013

    I wonder why Amalia cried. (not) She did ‘see’ Leonard walking didn’t she? She must have just thought it would take longer.
    sniff sniff sniff.

    Such great news!

  69. OleyHowlers
    5:15 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Way to go, T&G. Mom is in the waiting room at the oil change place. Now people are staring at her because she is crying.

  70. Barb & Maggie
    5:17 pm on April 10th, 2013

    BSD, Another good day on The Street! Happy Feet here!

    Poop picked up, garbage at street, and my dinner has been served.

    Still raining. We are hoping that the drought is over here in northern Illinois. Last year farmers lost almost all their corn and beans, so hopefully, this season will be better.

  71. B. Stover
    5:17 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Bear: You can get the latest episode of Elementary at Amazon. It’s called “Snow Angels.”

  72. Riö – The Evil Pug
    5:28 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Elementary!…I have not finished that snowy episode yet…sniff!

  73. bluecat
    5:59 pm on April 10th, 2013

    It’s Very Good News that Storyteller is walking and G&BB’s dad is okay. Sniff.

    Rio – you sent us your storm, but at least it’s rain and not Phil’s snow. Star magnolia trees are blooming and there’s a tinge of bright green everywhere. With Barb, we hope for a wet growing season this year.

  74. Staff
    6:16 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Oh MY Dog!

    There was a package on the porch. Mr.Staff brought it in. I tried to figure out who sent it to me. It is from Arizona.
    Do you know what was in it? No? Well let me tell you. There was a boys robe size 14/16 and a note.
    The note said “The robe is courtesy of The Marauding Goats.”
    Dad is wearing it now. Those goats…sheesh. Is anyone out there missing a very nice plush green and blue plaid robe? It is beautiful! This makes Dad’s third new robe. Snicker. I had just made him try on the one I am making (that will be his 4th robe) so I could hem it and place pockets and belt tabs.

    Thank you Marauding Goats. I will never say anything bad about you again.

  75. Princess Sam
    6:23 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Oh Staff, that’s all lovely gift from the marauding goats, but I really feel they are up to something.

  76. Melanie
    6:46 pm on April 10th, 2013

    The Storyteller and Golinka danced at OTAS and GLAD’s wedding last May. He needed his cane. Sounds like this May he can go dancing without the cane!

    I’m with Princess Sam. The TMG did something nice? That does not bode well for the next package sent . .

  77. Melanie
    6:50 pm on April 10th, 2013

    OHs, I just checked the radar o see if hose storms were coming in our direction. No yet for us, but it looks like you got a bad line of them. Are you okay?

  78. Melanie
    6:51 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Hose storms? Jeez Louise . . Sigh . . Does paint a strange picture.

  79. Barb & Maggie
    6:52 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Staff, That was extremely nice, but we are a little apprenesive about TMGs. They may have an agenda, which has not yet been made clear. Stay alert!

  80. dawson
    6:54 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Back from the soggy tulip (& daffodil)fields. The 3 year old fell in a mud puddle…twice! I love Skagit county. It is picturesque farm country. Once we were almost home the sun appeared.

    Staff: The dog jackets look wonderful!
    A plush robe from the marauding goats to an old goat. Goes to show there is some good in everyone.

    T&G: Leonard walked! Arhoooooo! That makes us Plunderers very happy.

  81. Wose
    7:00 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Creator, thank you for watching over the Storyteller. Such wonderful news that he is walking. sniff

  82. Riö - The Evil Pug
    7:29 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Goats!…Robes!…Goats!…Robes!…What could they be up to?…sniff!…This is very mysterious because the marauding goats are not known for their generosity…grunt!….They are Takers not Givers!…wheeze!

  83. Riö - The Evil Pug
    7:31 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Staff!….Maybe Staff sent it to herself when she was pretending to be the TGM’s and forgot…sniff!

  84. Staff
    7:39 pm on April 10th, 2013

    No Rio, sniff. I only pretended to be TMG once and you know how well I succeeded.

    The forecast for the two days left before Dawson gets here is for 8 to 17 more inches of snow. She is pushing it this way I know. We were out of snow before yesterday and now we have a very wet perfect snowball packing one inch on the ground. The new storm starts tonight.

    I left the violas out on the steps in the rain last night. They were just a mound of snow this morning. So I dumped it off and brought them back inside the porch. I guess I won’t have to worry about watering them for awhile.

  85. Riö - The Evil Pug
    7:44 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Storm!…Staff that is the storm Beau and I have endured for 2 days now…sniff!…Good luck with all the wind, ice and really cold air…grunt!

  86. Staff
    8:27 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Oh-ho. So you are sending it up here for Dawson. I will let her know.

  87. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:30 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Beau!…He has the runs…gah!…He crapped all over her mother’s carpet today in a circle, as is his signature style…snort!…My friend had to swallow her laughter when she heard about it the moment her foot stepped inside the door tonight…grunt!…It couldn’t be all the glorious food we are given each and every day, could it?…snorkel!…Nope, definitely not because I am just fine…heh!

  88. Beau - The Black Pug
    8:32 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Sneeze!…I got da squirts….sneeze!cough! squirt!…oops.

  89. Tupper and Gilly
    8:41 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Such an exciting day all around. Storytellers walking and Goats marauding, and three year olds mud puddling – oh, it’s all too much. We need to go lay down.

    Do we have a Plunderer in Arizona? Or could it be….hmmm…not sure, but could it be that Chet is actually TMG? Just sayin’.

    Good night all, and thank you thank you thank you for the wonderful support and comfort you have given us. And that goes for you too Linda Lurker.

    PS – Beau, try a cork. No, don’t EAT it….

  90. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:48 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Arizona!…This baffles me. Because as Tupper so wisely pointed out the only one we know of who has been in Arizona lately is Spencer himself…heh!…But that was quit a some time ago so I do not think it was him….grunt!…Now it could have been ordered from a company in Arizona online and shipped to Staff’s doorstep…snort!…I think she should look very closely at the packaging once again for clues…grunt!

  91. Barb & Maggie
    9:08 pm on April 10th, 2013

    I think Rio might have a good point about the robe being ordered from Arizona. Good detective work, Rio.

    We are going to say nighty noodle. Barb has to take Gus back at 7:00 am tomorrow,and then will help Lily get her science project to school. Josh has to come over at 6:30 because Gus will not get into the car by himself, and Barb cannot lift 170 lbs of Newfie! Sweet dreams all.

  92. Melanie
    9:10 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Dawson, when both my guys were little, we would go puddle hunting. Loved doing that!

    I’m going to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzx

  93. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:26 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Idol!…That Lazaro is still in the competition…grunt!…He better show me something tonight or else I am going to vote him off…wheeze!….It is Burt Bacharach night and we here love!love!love! all of his songs…sniff!…Do it justice Laz or you are a goner, stutter and all..gruffle!

  94. c.hobbit
    9:30 pm on April 10th, 2013

    SnowBella: check your SDD; I think we might be within viewing distance of the finish line with regard to coat #2 (the one for the ceremonial start). Plunderers are so amazing –but you already knew that.

    Thanks everyone for staying on the hunt. If I counted right, one more should do it.

  95. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:34 pm on April 10th, 2013

    OHMYDAWG!…He was Horrible…grunt!…Why is this guy on the damned show and some Really Awesome singers have been voted off?…sniff!…I do NOT understand this voting thing at all…grump!…HE HAS GOT TO GO! NOW!…yeeep!

  96. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:36 pm on April 10th, 2013

    CHobbit!…I am so amazed at the Coat Story coming together so quickly…wooooOOOOOoooo!…One more coat can be found, I just know it…snort!…Not here, but somewhere…heh!

  97. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:37 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Petco!…I wonder if Petco would want to be a Snowhook Sponsor?…hmmmm!heh!

  98. Siber-H
    10:11 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Rio, check your SDD

  99. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:22 pm on April 10th, 2013

    SiberH!…After the score was 9 ta Zero I could not watch anymore…sob!sob!sob!

  100. TMG
    10:23 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Dear Staff,
    Heh heh heh.
    The Marauding Goats

  101. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:30 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Goats!…Too bad the Dancing Giraffes won’t tromp on the Marauding Goats…sniff!…I still cannot believe those goats gave something to someone…gruffle!

  102. Tenzing
    10:33 pm on April 10th, 2013

    CHH: Please check your SDD, quick like a little hobbit!

  103. Siber-H
    10:34 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Rio, about the game…I know. That is why I have not said a word about it.

  104. Staff
    10:39 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Robe search.

    So I googled the business whose return address was on the robe package. It has a website store and an Ebay store. The package said ebay on it so I went to the sellers eBay store. There I noticed a recent feedback posting of a robe by someone named Wintermaker. I used that item number to search and there it was. The robe my father is wearing right now.

    heh heh heh.

    I can’t figure out a way to find out the ebay ID of the buyer though. I wonder if Wintermaker will ever come forward.

    If you want to see it you can search for item number 290879819903
    on ebay. Search finished sales.

    Thanks wintermaker.

  105. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:49 pm on April 10th, 2013

    WinterMaker!…hmmm….Too bad their name isn’t WineMaker…heh!heh!…Very interesting Staff! Good job! But we still do not know who at the TMG Headquarters in Arizona sent this “gift” to you…grunt!…A true blog mystery!

  106. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:58 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Hard!…To predict the winner of Idol this year…sniff!…So many amazing women performers – we here love them all…sniff!…Because of her performance tonight I have to go with Candice Glover…You heard it here and that is final!

  107. Siber-H
    10:59 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Good detective work, Staff. I’m glad your dad is getting the robes he needs.

    Night All

  108. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:20 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Wookie’s!…Dad!…snort!…Tonight someone was looking at some books on the old bookshelf down here in the basement where we live/hide most of the time…heh!….And guess what she found??? She found some of her Trixie Beldon books…wheeze!…Someone thought they had been thrown away eons ago….wuffle!…There are a bunch of her other pre-teen books on that shelf too…heh!…Tomorrow we are going to take a very good look at all of those books that escaped the bin…yipppeeee!

  109. c.hobbit
    11:21 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Rio: we still aren’t at the finish line with the Coat #2 — almost but not quite. Doggone it. There hase to be one more coat out there somewhere.

    However, a Plunderer did find *four* deluxe Coat #1 (one in grey/black and 3 in red/black) so our racing team will be warm next year along with the Giant. And they were on clearance at $9/each down from $39/each!!!

    Everyone has done such a good job on this project and I am getting emails asking what our next project will be. Together we are unstoppable–isn’t it wonderful?

  110. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:35 pm on April 10th, 2013

    CHobbit!…Have we had any guidance from Rebecca about what the next Plunder-On-Project will be?…snort!…Only the Giants know for sure what is really needed…wuffle!…I hope they realize that we Want to help and there is no shame in asking for anything…snorkel!

  111. Beau - The Black Pug
    11:36 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Sneeze!…Ask and you Shall Receive…snuffle!

  112. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:37 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Rebecca!…Yeah, what Beau said…snort!

  113. Staff
    11:39 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Goodnight all. I am tuckered out after all this detective work. Were there any Nancy Drew’s in your book stash Rio?

  114. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:41 pm on April 10th, 2013

    Nope!…She never ever read one Nancy Drew mystery in all her live-long life…snort!…No Hardy Boys either…grunt!

  115. Belle Starr
    3:06 am on April 11th, 2013

    What is the next Plunderer Project? I say global domination. My Two-legged says we have to take baby steps. Snort!

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