Some months ago we invited title suggestions for novels to come in the Chet and Bernie series. For example, The Sound and the Furry was a reader suggestion, and that suggestor received a signed copy of the book when it came out. Anyway, this was before the idea of a Christmas/holiday book had even come up, and someone suggested It’s A Wonderful Woof, which is now perfect for this idea. I’m pretty sure it was a woman but I can’t find her name. How will we get her a signed copy of It’s A Wonderful Woof when it comes out in October? Suggestor! Please step forward!


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13 Responses to “Help!”

  1. Hobbit
    8:40 am on January 8th, 2021

    Not moi but I hope she steps forward (it is a wonderful title).

    Insomnia last night so I decided to get up for at bit at 4:00 am. All animals are tucked in their beds and even the thought of getting an early breakfast out of me didn’t tempt them.

    I am hoping I don’t have to sleep away the day and be non-productive (plus thoroughly mixing up my nights and days-ugh).

    More later…maybe much later.

  2. B. Stover
    11:04 am on January 8th, 2021

    Good day to all.

  3. Mpop & Loulou’s Mom
    11:24 am on January 8th, 2021

    BooBear, Mollypop says you have been a good friend since the blog’s first days. She knows Kats are such divas and loved you is spite of it. When it’s your time, no hurry please, she will greet you with a mousie.

  4. Thieves!
    12:10 pm on January 8th, 2021

    Mollypop and LouLou’s Maw: head bumps to you! Our Lady was just thinking of you a couple of days ago and hoping you’re doing well.

  5. Wose-The Small and Meek
    12:22 pm on January 8th, 2021


    I am not the certain someone who came up with the title for the Christmas C&B book, but like Hobbit, I hope that person will come forward too.

    Good BooBear day to all!

  6. Hobbit
    3:29 pm on January 8th, 2021

    If I hadn’t been brain-dead from lack of sleep this morning, I would have wished Boo Bear and Happy Boo Bear Day. Allow me to do so now.

    I’ve had 6 hours of sleep so I can function. I will stay up all day and try and get on track tonight.

    Sadie didn’t like the breakfast I served. Let’s see who will cave in and either eat what was given or get a whole new breakfast. Taking bets now…

  7. BooBear
    4:40 pm on January 8th, 2021

    I’m betting on a new breakfast! Stand fast, Sadie.

  8. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    4:56 pm on January 8th, 2021

    Suggestor!…First, how did you receive the Title? Thru email or Facebookie?…snort!…Go back through months and months of posts or emails till you find that lucky gal…grunt!..If you do not find her my friend says you can send the new book to her and your conscience will be clear…heh!

  9. Hobbit
    5:41 pm on January 8th, 2021

    Boo Bear: Sadie Bear says she is proud to share a middle name with youse. She also says to tell you that she has met your mom and your aunt and knows you are in good hands because they were such good petters.

    Update: Sadie has eaten half of her breakfast and left half.

  10. Herd of Hounds
    5:51 pm on January 8th, 2021

    Hobbit, Sounds like Sadie bear and princess Lucy Lou eat a lot alike.
    Lucy tries to take at least one day a week off.

  11. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    7:32 pm on January 8th, 2021

    Half!…Eaten half and left half! That sounds like solid math…snort!

  12. BooBear
    9:34 pm on January 8th, 2021

    Mollypop! I have never personally had moussie tartar! I will be honored to try it, but I plan on milking this for all it’s worth before I have to cross. Mom is already feeding me more often and giving me special food. I may gain some weight back.

  13. mlaiuppa
    1:22 am on January 9th, 2021

    Well, I don’t do Facebook and have never emailed so unless it was posted here it wasn’t me.

    I usually do a list of them but it would only be here. And I don’t recall doing suggestions for a Christmas book.

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