Go, Oscar!

“Here’s a story,” Bernie says, gazing at the computer screen. There’s been a bit too much of that lately, just my opinion. “This Saint Bernard, somewhere near Boston, I think, got abandoned and lived off the land for a while. When the police found him he’d forgotten lots of dog things.”


“For example,” Bernie says, “he seemed to be unfamiliar with dog toys – if you threw a ball he just stood there.”

So? I’ve done that once or twice – kind of a trick of my own that I sometimes play on humans. Never Bernie, of course.

“Now he’s living with a nice family west of Boston,” Bernie says. “They call him Oscar. Good name! Here’s to happy endings.”

And why not happy starts, too? And also happy in-betweens.


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One Response to “Go, Oscar!”

  1. Ellen Peck
    3:18 am on July 26th, 2009

    I'm glad that Oscar has a good home now.

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