Getting Clued In

“Did I say Ezra Printz was Kelo’s grandfather?” said Arnold Fetzer. “I meant great-grandfather.”

Uh-oh. This was getting confusing already. And who was paying? I couldn’t quite remember. Also – has this ever happened to you? My eyelids suddenly got very heavy. And there I was, in the nice quiet shadows under the table.

“The point is,” Fetzer said, “Ezra Printz did some of the PR work on the movie Greed. Familiar with the movie?”

“Not really,” Bernie said.

“An amazing story,” Fetzer said. “Shot partly on location in Death Valley in the height of the summer. It’s probably one of the most important lost movies in the history of cinema. Not lost totally, of course.”

“What do you mean?” Bernie said.

Fetzer answered, but it was just lots of buzzing sound to me, on account of my eyes had closed and I was drifting off. I love that drifting off part. I caught something like, “It starts with a dentist winning a lottery,” and the next moment I was in dreamland, chasing javelinas down a dry wash.


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2 Responses to “Getting Clued In”

  1. C. Harris
    2:34 pm on May 2nd, 2009

    Ah yes, a full stomach and/or a contented environment can make you sleepy. With you off chasing javelinas I bet the next thing is Chet having to wake you up as you are yipping and moving your legs. I love it when my dogs dream.

    And Chet, I know you love riding in cars and on motorcycles but has Bernie ever had a case where he had to fly somewhere? Did you get to go or were you left with a dog sitter–bummer if you were left behind. If you had to stay home, did you behave or was it a time to push the limits? The last time I had a sitter, I came home to find that there were no dog treats left! A month's supply gone in ten days. I didn't know if the sitter was trying to bribe the dogs to behave or if they were just being pathetic-looking and conning her out of treats.

    If you did get to go with him, were you in the cabin (as a faux police dog) or did you have to be in cargo in a crate? It would be neat to hear your thoughts on either being in the cabin (meeting lots of people) or in cargo (were drugs involved?) I once sat next to a companion dog-in-training and it was sweet.

  2. Chet The Dog
    2:37 pm on May 2nd, 2009

    I'm pretty sure there's a flying scene in Thereby Hangs A Tail.

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