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Friends of the Month, which used to happen here and at Chet’s Facebook page, now happens only at the Facebook page, for organizational reasons too boring to go into. But you’re more than welcome to participate. It works the same way – post a pic (not in the comments section) and the random number generator does the rest! The winner is displayed for the month in a little thingy top left on the page, and the winner’s human companion gets a signed (and paw-printed) copy of the latest Chet and Bernie novel. Today’s the last day of the month, so the R#G is warming up! Sometimes parts fly when that happens. (Just click on the Facebook link.)


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95 Responses to “Friends of Chet”

  1. Herd of Hounds
    8:42 am on February 28th, 2015

    Good morning, everyone! We miss the FOC here but know that change happens.
    So glad to hear Elmer has returned safely from his walkabout. Funny he did it on the day that the post was “Mental Health and the Nation Within”. Probably just reliving previous glories 🙂
    Fare thee well February and have a scintilating Saturday.

  2. Meashka
    8:49 am on February 28th, 2015

    Good Morning! Mom and Pop ate way too much pizza and drank way too much wine last night. And tonight is their Brit Pub night out with friends. Grump!

    Bella, I posted to you after you found Elmer.

  3. Siber's Mom
    9:00 am on February 28th, 2015

    Thank Dog and the Creator! Both Elmer and Rebecca are safe at home!

  4. MTMP
    9:22 am on February 28th, 2015

    We didn’t know that Elmer was missing until he was found. Thank Dog he is safe. Mom has to go out to work on a solid sheet of ice soon. Yesterday’s nice snow has turned to today’s nasty ice. We four leggers are going to stay in our places on the couch an be warm.

    later taters

  5. Herd of Hounds
    9:32 am on February 28th, 2015

    MTMP, tell your mom to be safe on the nasty road.

  6. Barb, Maggie and Lucy
    9:59 am on February 28th, 2015

    We are so glad we awoke to good news about Elmer. How scary that was, more for Rebecca than Elmer. Thank Dog for the kind rescue person.

    We really miss our FOM on the blog. I for one, do not participate in the FB friend contest.

    Drive safely ML. Ice is worse than snow.

    Heading out for some errands this morning. We have a record low temp -10*, but no snow till tonight.

  7. Pepe le Pew
    10:05 am on February 28th, 2015
  8. B.Stover
    10:15 am on February 28th, 2015

    I wonder what the “organizational reasons” are.

    Good morning all.

  9. Wose-the small and meek
    10:22 am on February 28th, 2015


    I did not hear of Elmer’s walkabout until just now when I read yesterday’s posts. Thank the Creator that he kept a watchful eye on Elmer, and that he is now back in his rightful home.

    Thieves! Please ask your Lady if she needs someone who loves dogs and gives the best tummies, if she would like me to come live with youse. I could play with youse, and keep an eye on youse while she and the Giant are gone. I come highly recommended as a tummy giver, and I am still seeking a job less ordinary.

  10. Wose-the small and meek
    10:37 am on February 28th, 2015

    Oh, I also don’t eat much, and don’t take up too much space.

  11. Tupper' and Gilly
    10:37 am on February 28th, 2015

    Hey everyone.
    Ok, it’s the last day of this terrible, bitterly cold, snowy, icy, breaking all records February. Tomorrow is March 1st. And the weather reports tells us to prepare for another bad storm. Aaaasrrrrrgggghhhhhhh


    Welcome home Elmer. Bad doggie. Good boy.

  12. Meashka
    10:48 am on February 28th, 2015

    Hey Guys! Bella has been a busy little Giant girl. All the sponsored Snowhook Dogs are updated on the websites, and if you click on yours, you will see you are listed as a sponsor. Wow, Pixie!!!! Good job!

  13. BearSpiritDog
    11:01 am on February 28th, 2015

    Elmer! What in Dog were you thinking?! You Worried Everyone sick…Especially our Beloved SnowBella.
    Thank the Creator you are home.

  14. Beau - The Black Pug
    11:01 am on February 28th, 2015

    Sneeze!….Dat which was lost is now found….snuffle!snort!…Amen!

  15. Masquers
    11:02 am on February 28th, 2015

    Elmer says Whitey-Lance told him to go for it.
    A likely story.

  16. Siber's Mom
    11:15 am on February 28th, 2015

    There is 6 inches of snow on the ground and it is still snowing. They are describing he amount of snow the mountains are getting in feet instead of inches.

    I am going to have houseguests in March for two days and nights while their mom is away…..two Siber girls, Rudy and Molly. They were Siber-H’s best friends. This should be fun, I think. lol

  17. Masquers
    11:25 am on February 28th, 2015

    Sibermom: I believe you are right…Siber is blowing that snow your way…a gift to his best friend Molly, and especially to let you know he is thinking of you.
    The Siber girls will be fun.

  18. Herd of Hounds
    12:00 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Our first thought was oh how sad. Mr.Siner H is missing this. Then we realized he was sharing it with us one last good snow. Thank you, Mr.Siber H!

  19. Tupper and Gilly
    12:01 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Dear Mr.Husky on The Other Side Of The Bridge – you may have all the snow you want – just please take it from our front yard.
    Thank you,
    Tupper and Gilly’s Mama

  20. Mpop's and Loulou's Mom
    12:16 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Now B, about the blog software, don’t get all poodled up. You know what happened the last time.

  21. Thieves!
    12:18 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Whitey-Lance double dog dared Elmer to give a wander-about a go, so says Elmer. Elmer is saying a lot of things today like he is furry, fixed and over three so he should be able to come and go as he pleases. He got the look from Luna and our Lady with that one.

    Thank you again for your prayers and good thoughts. We even got in on the praying action. We prayed for Elmer to return home safely, and for a case of Slim Jims to fall from the sky. we’re still waiting on the Slim Jims.

  22. BearSpiritDog
    12:46 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Thieves! And When that Case of Slim-Jims falls from the sky…Please Remember who Your friends are.

  23. Meashka
    1:06 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Siber’s Mom! Molly and Rudy are going to have an egg-cellent time at your place. Ummm…we don’t remember Rudy. Is she a young pup? I believe Molly is a gorgeous redhead like me. How about Rudy?

  24. Fern
    1:09 pm on February 28th, 2015

    I don’t have much time. I have company today. Mom left my gate open! What was she thinking? These girls are eating me out of house and home. I think my sisters must be related to Tupper’s Maw’s relatives. {giggle}.

  25. dawson
    1:13 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Way to go, Elmer! So glad you’re home. That Whitey-Lance will get a talking to!

    I seem to remember that DDD’s birthday is actually on October 31st, so happy unbirthday DDD! I could be wrong.

  26. B.Stover
    2:01 pm on February 28th, 2015

    MPM: I won’t get all poodled up, I promise. LOL!

  27. Hero of Hounds
    2:09 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Dawson, are you ever clever and correct! We will look for sky falling slim jims.

  28. Tupper' and Gilly
    2:25 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Fern – hahahahaha!

  29. Staff
    2:31 pm on February 28th, 2015
  30. Siber's Mom
    2:45 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Meashka, Yes, Molly is the redhead, but I want you to know she and Siber-H were just close friends. His heart belongs to you.

    Rudy is a white Siberian. You haven’t heard as much about her because Molly is the hell-raiser of the two. Thank dog, Rudy is not a young pup. They are both mature girls. I may live through this.
    Molly has an auto-immune disease just like Tenzing…according to the vets, she should have crossed over to Rainbow Bridge a couple of years ago. The girl is, thankfully, still going strong.

  31. Hero of Hounds
    2:49 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Oh, Stagg, not only completely different but….Something else. FUN!

  32. Hero of Hounds
    2:53 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Ain’t it amazin’ what the medical profession calls “practicing medicine”? Should we have weitten off our mom’s Fred? or Sonja. or the best friend we never met, or Mr Siber H , or Molly or Tenzig OR…Perhaps they are all the exception that proves the rule!

  33. BearSpiritDog
    2:58 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Fern: You had me worried for a minute there when you said you didn’t have much time.
    Stay Safe and don’t let your sisters Pick a Fight.

    Now we are Singing & Dancing to Pokey LaFarge. Yeah!

  34. Hero of Hounds
    3:13 pm on February 28th, 2015

    BSD, If we dance, don’t y’all dare laugh. We be shakin’ ours boories!

  35. Hero of Hounds
    3:19 pm on February 28th, 2015

    B B B B B B B B…butts!

  36. Tenzing
    3:23 pm on February 28th, 2015

    I stay on this side of the Bridge has little to do with medical science. I’m still here for fear that Luna will destroy my toys when I cross. She has a track record. The first incident was when we were both pups. She waited until I fell asleep and then took my favorite toy that I took everywhere with me. Disemboweled! When I woke, there was nothing but stuff, fluff and a broken squeaky. I’ve never forgiven her.

  37. Pookey
    3:32 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Elmer, you haven’t met me but the DDD belongs to me. His lady thought you should be sponsored becase you were special, like … moi! You seem to have some hearing issues like the DDD. I have 3 legs because, as mom says, my alligator mouth overloads my brain. Hey, I’m still here and the raccoon crossed the bridge. Anyway, Elmer, theses 2 leggers worry about us even though we know we will be watched out for. Let’s not give them too many worries as they get older. OKAY? I’m on your side, big guy!

  38. Fern
    4:43 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Those sisters are still visiting. What is that saying about houseguests and fish? Mom and Pop even went away this afternoon, and left my gate open. At this rate, I won’t have any food left. {whispering} It is kind of fun to be hanging out with them, especially my BFF Peg.

  39. Meashka
    5:14 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Siber’s Mom, I know Siber-H and Molly were just friends. Siber and I had a very special connection. We still do. {whispering} Did he take my pinup with him to the bridge?

  40. Siber's Mom
    5:39 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Meashka, Of course he took your picture. Knowing him, it is riding around with him in that Porsche.

  41. Diane C.
    5:47 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Whoa! I just read through the saga of Elmer’s Big Adventure with my heart in my mouth–and what a happy ending! I found Beau’s ongoing commentary to be quite comforting on the way to that ending.
    And now everyone seems to be entertaining (even if it’s just plumbers).
    I continue to think warm thoughts of everyone in cold climes.
    (And that P. La Farge guy is STRANGE. Entertaining, but STRANGE.)

  42. Diane C.
    5:48 pm on February 28th, 2015

    …we also lost Malcolm Boyd–right on Spock’s heels…

  43. Beau - The Black Pug
    6:07 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Losing!…Speaking of losses…sniff!….My friend has been at her cousin’s funeral today for the longest time. Cousin was only 3 years older than my friend….snuffle!….It was quite a shock for the whole family as her cousin just finished building a B&B in Alaska from scratch – with help of course but a lot of hard work went into it. Her husband is devastated. He is a pilot for Alaska Airlines…sniffle!…They were going to have the first season of tourism and now what?…wheeze!…What a great loss.

  44. Herd of Hounds
    6:07 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Oh, my when thigs happen, they really happen! So many stellar lights are going out now. Does it mean anything?

  45. Rio - The Evil Pug
    6:08 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Beau!….He always leaves his logo on after he posts – the post above is from ME!…grump!

  46. Herd of Hounds
    6:21 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Yes, Rio, we just hate it when one of us uses another’s name or avitar 🙂

  47. Barb, Maggie and Lucy
    6:34 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Rio, That is so sad. May we say we are sorry for your loss.

  48. Masquers
    6:44 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Riõ: We are very sorry for your loss. Hugs to your friend.

  49. C.hobbiti
    6:47 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Rio: take care of your friend.
    Fur Rendezvous has started and will be happening during the Plunderer visit. I wonder if I should sign DDD up for the cribbage tournament at the Senior Center from 10 am – 10 pm on Wednesday. Pondering

  50. Herd of Hounds
    6:56 pm on February 28th, 2015

    CHobbit, if it gets him outta our hair for a day and gives him bragging rites, we say, YES. WED, the 4th doesn’t have much else happening and he is a cribbage playing fool. (AS long as there is no penalty for backing out).

  51. Wose-the small and meek
    7:13 pm on February 28th, 2015

    RIO! Please convey my condolences to your friend.

  52. C.hobbiti
    7:13 pm on February 28th, 2015

    HOH: I will call and pre register him. SDD what name he wants to use. Ha ha

    I got to watch some of the parade. There was a St Bernard group which was fun to watch. Classic cars. And a group of Mini Cooper cars. Not as many people walking around in their fur gear like expected.

  53. Siber's Mom
    7:15 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Rio, Please give your friend a hug from me. I am sorry for her loss.

  54. Buddy, Leno, and Hilda
    8:02 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Hey kids, looky who showed up at my house yesterday! OK, well, guess who the new addition is? Would this qualify as appropriate, or do I need to get pics of each one individually? Anyway. Yeah. Facebook.

  55. Buddy, Leno, and Hilda
    8:03 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Oh no…Rio, I need to read. I’m sorry in advance of reading though.

  56. Rio - The Evil Pug
    8:13 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Okay!…It is okay – please do not feel bad for us…sniff!…My friend had her Shaken-To-The-Core episode and is now better…wheeze!…This has only happened one other time, a long time ago in fact. Her muscles constricted and she shook uncontrollably for about 40 minutes like she was chilled to the bone….sniff!….I sat on her to make her stop but she is okay now. Just an emotional reaction – or so a doctor friend of hers told her way back when it happened on an aroeplane flight…wuffle!

  57. Rio - The Evil Pug
    8:17 pm on February 28th, 2015

    CHobbit!…Do you know the town of Port Alsworth and Lake Clark?…snort!….The B&B is located on an island there. One has to fly or boat into it…heh!heh!….I looked online for it, but it is brand new and probably does not have anything written about it yet. The family were not carrying around business cards today…wuffle!sob!sniff!

  58. Blondie
    8:55 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Help! Mom says I would make a good pillow. She keeps putting her head on me and I don’t like it one bit. Do I have to learn how to be a pillow? I prefer to be a 40 pound lap dog.

  59. Thieves!
    9:04 pm on February 28th, 2015

    We have long questioned Wyatt being blood because he lacks our genetic need for thieving. Maybe it skips a good seed. We don’t know. What we do know for certain, is ole Doc is our blood. Our Lady just caught Doc on the kitchen table stealing the sandwich has has for the Giant when he gets home from training. He was thwarted by a random act of our Lady. It happens to us all the time.

  60. Rio - The Evil Pug
    9:08 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Doc!…Who’s a good boy?….heh!heh!…Too bad you got caught. You need to work on that part…snort!

  61. Thieves!
    9:11 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Not getting caught can be tricky. But, he has the getting forgiven part down pat. He dropped the bag with the sandwich in it. Sat straight up, wagged his tail and gave our Lady the look which is entirely different that getting the look from Luna. And, just like that, ole Doc was forgiven. He is sulking on the couch.

  62. Herd of Hounds
    9:13 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Knew we loved ole Doc for a reason!

  63. Buddy, Leno, and Hilda
    9:18 pm on February 28th, 2015

    All caught up…and please add my condolences to everyone else’s. And hugs too. And schlurps from the dogs. And howls of protest from Hilda…oh wait, that’s for something else, sorry…

  64. Rio - The Evil Pug
    9:23 pm on February 28th, 2015


  65. Blondie
    9:26 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Hobbit, the DDD is very excited about the cribbage tournament.

  66. Thieves!
    9:26 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Buddy: We just saw your blog. We avail ourselves to help Hilda learn all she needs to know about being an outlaw, thief, and all around devil dog. We come highly recommended and can probably get our paws on some references.

  67. Rio - The Evil Pug
    9:30 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Buddy!…NOOOO!…snort!…Wait, what am I saying?…heh!heh!

  68. Blondie
    9:32 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Mom is reading Miss Julia Takes Over. The word “smidgen” appeared. Time warp! She was transported back to her childhood without one simple word.

  69. Blondie
    9:34 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Damned otter! Not without…”with that”…gah.

  70. Thieves!
    9:39 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Beau: Will you give us a character reference we can keep on paw.

  71. Herd of Hounds
    9:49 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Character reference? I’ll bet we could do a great one for you. Do you want bling? Do you want sparkles? No extra charge for glitter because we know we can get that from BelleStarr.

  72. Thieves!
    9:52 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Our Lady’s rules for photos or interviews is to make her and AJ look or sound better looking and more intelligent. We are pretty sure the same applies to references.

  73. Herd of Hounds
    10:02 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Oh…don’t know if we can do that…sorry.

  74. Beau - The Black Pug
    10:12 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Sneeze!….If I am reading yer questionable right, de chapter referee would be Matthew 18:12 an den dat rejoicing chapter would be, Matthew 18:13…I may have been upset a taddle last night and not told the verse and chapter correctly…sniff!sneeze!sneeze!

  75. Herd of Hounds
    10:16 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Night night blog family.

  76. Beau - The Black Pug
    10:28 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Logo-off!…I best logo off nows so dat Rio does not get so upset wiff me…sniff!sneeeeeze!

  77. Rio - The Evil Pug
    10:29 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Beau!…Off!…All Clear…sniff!

  78. Barb, Maggie and Lucy
    10:35 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Night from us too.

  79. Rio - The Evil Pug
    10:37 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Want!…There are so many good and faithful Snowhook guys and gals who are not sponsored…sniff!…I cannot stop thinking about them. I even think about getting a job like Beau, but I am already retired. I am an Other Wise-Guy here at home…sniff!…Yet. There are still so many at the kennel…please send help if youse can…wuffle!

    Bonnie {Clyde’s Other Half!}
    Quigley {GASP}
    Louisa Mae {DOUBLE-GASP!}
    Little Cousin Bob
    Chet & Bernie {We think they are a two-for!!!}
    Kirby G. Runworthy

    Other Wise-guys

  80. Belle Starr
    10:41 pm on February 28th, 2015

    The Giant and the team just returned home. The Giant is tall as ever, bearded as always and that Damn Pixie is glad to see him.

  81. ALR
    10:42 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Rio, if I were there when your friend had a shaken to the core episode I would warm up a quilt in the dryer and tuck it around her. We often did this in the dental office I worked at, only it was more like a hospital sheet warmed in a medical warmer. Sounds like your friend was a little bit shocky (sort of a medical term!) Anyhow, glad that is behind her.

  82. Rio - The Evil Pug
    10:43 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Returned!…Giant Returned! Elmer Returned!…snort!…All is right with the world right now….WOOOOOO!

  83. Rio - The Evil Pug
    10:45 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Shocky!….Yes, my friend tends to hold in her emotions, especially her extreme emotions and then suddenly she is Shaken To The Core and cannot control it…sniff!…She is weird that way.

  84. Tenzing
    10:50 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Rio: I’ve tucked the Quilt over your Friend’s shoulders. You are welcome to join her if you like. I just ordered up a fresh batch of hot wings.

    Friend: Do you know I make a great pillow?

  85. c.hobbit
    10:50 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Oh Doc…at least you are pouting on the couch and not in a literal dog house.

    Gah…the only sunny day in either Anchorage or Fairbanks for the next several days is tomorrow. Alaska is so much prettier in the sunshine. {{{sigh}}}
    Fairbanks should be in the 20s for any Plunderer going north of north for the official start of the race. At least it is +20s. Right now they are having blowing snow.

  86. Rio - The Evil Pug
    10:59 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Twenties!…That has been the HIGH temp all winter long here….grunt!…Except for those few days of reprieve in the 40’s….sniff!….I am hating winter more and more as time goes by…shiver!

  87. Rio - The Evil Pug
    11:00 pm on February 28th, 2015

    CHobbit!…did you see my post about Port Alsworth? … sniff!

  88. Tupper and Gilly
    11:22 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Rio – hugs and sympathy to your Friend.

    We just got the late night weather report. Tomorrow – snow, ice and freezing weather.

    We need to go murder a groundhog.

  89. Staff
    11:36 pm on February 28th, 2015

    I have snacks for the plane…I mean for when we are on the plane. I assume the plane does not need any snacks.

    Mr.Fireslippers is back from going to see a bluegrass concert. He is the one who showed me the Pokey video. He is a big fan of Pokeys but he (Mr.Fireslippers) says Pokey is an acquired taste.

    Rio, please tell your friend that we are so sorry for her loss. What a plot twist that is for her poor husband.

    I am beginning to believe I will get to go to Alaska this time.

  90. Rio - The Evil Pug
    11:54 pm on February 28th, 2015

    Staff!…I am so happy for you and I am really counting on the fact that you will get there safe and sound…snuffle!…You will love it!..chuffle!…And you will love CHobbit as much as we here love Chobbit!…heh!….She is a Wonder!

  91. c.hobbit
    12:03 am on March 1st, 2015

    Rio: I know not those places you mentioned. I will have to look them up.

    Two days before guests start arriving. I still feel like I have lots to do. Whoo Hoo.

  92. Rio - The Evil Pug
    12:06 am on March 1st, 2015

    Song!…I don’t often post links to songs, but John somehow fits my friends mood tonight…sniff!…We here love John so much. On day I will post the photo of him looking right at my friend…heh!…It was in Aspen I do believe. Jimmy was there, Jmmy Buffet…snort!

  93. dawson
    12:34 am on March 1st, 2015

    Staff: The famous 6 star Hobbit Hotel! You’ve heard me rave about it.

  94. BearSpiritDog
    12:42 am on March 1st, 2015

    Rio: Thank You for the link.
    We Here Love John Denver. Nana went to one of his Concerts many, many moons ago and says It Was the Best.

    The List of Team Members you posted is Much Too Long. If only we could Sponsor Each and Every Dog. That is Our Wish.

    Staff: Pokey may be an Acquired Taste, but we Loved That Song.

  95. O'Howlers
    7:44 am on March 1st, 2015

    Rio, we just read of your friend’s cousin’s death. That is an especially heartbreaking loss, given the timing. Our deepest condolences to your friend, and to her cousin’s husband.

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