I’ve got lots of pals, but Iggy is my best buddy. He lives next door with these old people, Mr. and Mrs. Parsons. This is on Mesquite Road. Have I mentioned Mesquite Road? It’s in the Valley. The Valley goes on and on in all directions forever, with housing developments out the yingyang – which bothers Bernie a lot, on account of the aquifer. Bernie worries about the aquifer. I’m not sure what the aquifer is exactly. Have I ever seen it? Couldn’t tell you. Something to do with water, but there’s plenty of water in the Valley. Drive by any golf course – and we’ve got them out the yingyang, too – morning or evening, and you’ll see water spraying all over that beautiful green grass, and rainbows everywhere. Golf balls are pretty interesting, by the way. More than once, I’ve happened to be on a golf course when one came bouncing by, kind of snatchable, really, and – 

But this was supposed to be about Iggy.


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