Football With Ingrid

The very next time Rocky Hill got the ball, they tried that sweep again. The lineman bowled Ty over. The running back stepped on him on his way by. Ty got up, not so quickly.

Dad shook his head. That pissed Ingrid off. “The linebacker’s not even getting there, Dad,” she said.

Mom glanced back in surprise. “So it’s not Ty’s fault? How do you know that, Ingrid?”

Ingrid shrugged. But this wasn’t rocket science or brain surgery, the two jobs people always used for defining braininess, leaving out for some reason detective or criminal mastermind. This was just football, and she’d been watching lots of it—all Ty’s games this season and, just lately, Joey’s Pop Warner games as well.

“Forget about the linebacker,” Dad said. “Ty’s got to fight off that block.”

But what about the end? Ingrid thought. Where was the Red Raider end, that enormous kid from the Flats, son of the crabby guy at the Sunoco, number 88? Shouldn’t he be out there, trying to slow down 61? Wasn’t he supposed to push 61 wide, giving the linebacker a lane?

The coaches were talking on the sideline.

“They’re going to move Ty to the weak side,” Dad said.

Next series, they moved Ty to the other side.

“As if they won’t be able to find him,” said Dad.

Mom turned, gave him a look. Dad, gaze fixed on the field, didn’t catch it, but Ingrid did. It wasn’t an angry or irritated look—she’d seen looks like that going back and forth between her parents, what kid hadn’t?—but more puzzled, as though she didn’t quite know him.

Toward the end of the second quarter—Rocky Hill 14, Red Raiders 7—they found Ty again. A sweep to the weak side, 61 still leading it, untouched. This time Ty was a little more hesitant coming up—Ingrid wanted not to see that but couldn’t help herself. He plugged the hole, in a crouch, hands up, tried to slide off 61, spin around in time to tackle the running back. Ty was so quick it almost worked. But 61 was pretty quick too, especially for someone his size. He lifted Ty right off the ground. Ty landed flat on his back just as the running back ran over him one more time.

Ty lay there for a moment, then rolled and pushed himself up. He took a few wobbly steps toward the wrong sideline, turned, walked to the Red Raider bench, actually recovering enough to jog the last few steps. The coach met him on the sideline, put a hand on Ty’s chest. He yelled something, his nose practically touching Ty’s face mask. For a moment, Ingrid thought he was yelling encouragement, like nice try or not your fault, or not entirely one hundred percent your fault. Then she saw spit droplets flying from the coach’s mouth, silver under the lights, and realized he was beside himself with fury. He stayed there in Ty’s face, some of his words—like “piss poor”—carrying all the way up to the top row. Ingrid felt herself turning red, as though she were on the receiving end. She saw that Mom had reddened too. A lumpy muscle jumped in the side of Dad’s face. Ty went to the end of the bench, sat there, head down. No one talked to him.

“Can you punt for a field goal?” Mia asked.

From Behind the Curtain.

Bernie’s NFL weekend picks: Ravens, Falcons, Seahawks, Patriots. So far: 0 for 2. What’s up with him going with so many birds?



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  1. B.Stover
    8:29 am on January 16th, 2011

    Football…yawn. Ingrid is correct: It isn’t rocket science or detective mastermind. Heh! Grunt! Groan!

  2. B.Stover
    9:06 am on January 16th, 2011

    For those who like the Midsomer Murders, some were based on the novels by Carolyn Graham. You may like them if you haven’t read them already.

  3. Melanie
    9:28 am on January 16th, 2011

    YSAS played JV football while living with his Father for one year. During a practice, JV vs Varsity, he finally got tired of the V guy running him over at full speed and the coaches doing nothing about it. (Before he went down there I had him in Karate and Judo, he was a small kid with not muscle and there was a neighborhood bully.) Remembering his weight distribution and force of another body, he got set and sent that V player right over him. The V player went flying, landed on his back and started crying. Hmmm. Tough guy. Who got yelled at? You guessed it!

    And you guessed, it if you guessed, that it’s ME writing, you are right! MELANIE! I used the walker and got in the living room. gasp, computer withdrawal, gasp. Relief!

  4. Barb & Maggie
    9:32 am on January 16th, 2011

    Welcombe back, Melanie. How are you feeling today? Is Dan still coming home tomorrow? You aren’t going to overdo it are you? Is Martha still there? Lots of questions!

  5. B.Stover
    9:42 am on January 16th, 2011

    Three cheers for Melanie!

  6. Mollypop
    9:46 am on January 16th, 2011

    Hey, who left the refrigerator door open? We are going to have a temp tonight with one of those minus sign thingys like Dawson and CHarris. Brrr.

  7. Mollypop
    9:52 am on January 16th, 2011

    Melanie is back. Hooray. Hope you knee is feeling better and better, plus computer withdrawal is painful.

  8. Wolfie
    10:05 am on January 16th, 2011

    Good morning everyone. And a hat tip to you, Melanie, for venturing out to the living room!

    Dad used to be a little league umpire, and the parents were downright nasty. And some of the coaches were too. Those poor kids.

  9. Melanie
    10:08 am on January 16th, 2011

    I am feeling better. Just doing tylenol, have the more potent if I over do.

    Meant to say: YSAS feels that “coaches are just grumpy old men who liked ordering kids around.” Needless to say, after he moved back from VA, he did did acting not football. snicker.

    Next time I get up, I’ll walker myself over to the other room and get the pics. Pretty cool.

    Patsy was not speaking to me until I came out of the West Wing. We had the door open but the gate was shut. She would NOT talk to me through the gate. That was wrong. She is making sure that I only pet HER, not the others.

  10. dawson
    10:08 am on January 16th, 2011

    Melanie’s back and with a great story right off the bat. Hoorah! Be careful of that knee.
    Mollypop: I have to send that cold weather somewhere and I just can’t find it in my heart to send ut to C.Harris who is almost at – 50. I’m pretty sure your eyeballs freeze in 45 seconds at that temperature.
    Wolfie: I don’t like the way the adult males are acting in this Ingrid segment.

  11. Melanie
    10:13 am on January 16th, 2011

    Wölfie: Little League (OTAS) and young Hockey (YSAS). I would cringe when I heard some of the parents. I had a video camera and found if I turned it on the parents screaming at their children, they were likely to stop. I don’t think that happens anymore. If you turn a camera on someone they are likely to get worse.

    YSAS did try baseball. His brother got medals and trophies. YSAS quit after the second time. He found it very boring. It was T-Ball. I would see him in the outfield, picking flowers, singing with his mitt as a hat. Very Ferdinand.

    Hockey had enough chaos in it for him. His skating abilities were not of the best, but as a defender he would toss himself down in front of the puck. His coach loved him.

  12. Wolfie
    10:15 am on January 16th, 2011

    There has to be a pun in here somewhere, Chet. Let’s see….is it because Bernie is a bird brain? Nah. Help me out, guys!

  13. Macy the Min-Pin
    10:16 am on January 16th, 2011

    Good on ya’ Melanie! You weren’t upstairs were you? That would just be crazy talk. Mom is glad she had girls because she can’t stand people being mean to her pups. She just about took out a gymnastics coach AND her daughter one time. She said the big one was a female dog, and the little one was one in training, luckily not to their faces.

  14. Tupper & Gilly
    10:26 am on January 16th, 2011

    Quick hello to everyone, and Cheers to Melanie! Don’t you push it, girl. Basil and Sage want to know why you aren’t acting like a princess and having everyone bring you little delicasies (hey, Kats can’t spell!). They have offered to bring you a lifeless, soggy mousie that they caught last night. On the upside, its all in one piece…..

  15. Sam
    10:40 am on January 16th, 2011

    I don’t like this cold weather. My family won’t let me grow any hair to keep warm either. What’s a Princess to do? However, I have a Snuggie that I like a whole lot.

    I also like to look at pictures of me because I’m so beautiful. Alice M. Johnson, eat your heart out.

  16. Melanie
    11:21 am on January 16th, 2011

    Okay, up coming are three pictures that the doctor took because he was amazed.
    It really was Synovial osteochondromatosis.

    Synovial fluid from the outside. You can just see some “stuff” in there.

  17. Melanie
    11:24 am on January 16th, 2011

    Here are two of the floating bodies together.

    The anethsiologist was very impressed.


    going to rest this pearless knee!

  18. Melanie
    11:26 am on January 16th, 2011

    Whoops, forgot one. Here’s a nest of the floating bodies and you can see where one is attached to the synovial fluid getting nourishment.

  19. Macy the Min-Pin
    12:01 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Mom is grossed out because she suspects that she has similar ickies in her knees.

  20. Kirby T. Penworthy
    12:24 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Good afternoon, y’all! Glad you’re back, Melanie. I thought maybe you were having the same kind of surgery my girl had to have, but it doesn’t sound the same. My girl tore her meniscus — twice! The first time she was a cheerleader and bent over to pick up her pom-poms. (Mom used to tease her about that, until Mom sprained her ankle doing storytime. Then my girl said she had no room to talk!) The second time she was playing basketball, so at least that sounded better. The first time she just had to have physical therapy, but the second time she had to have surgery. She was awake during the operation, and she watched her surgery on a television screen. The doctor told Mom and Dad he was quite impressed by the intelligent questions she was asking him. But when they mentioned that to her she said, “What did I ask?” She couldn’t remember any of it!

  21. Kirby T. Penworthy
    12:35 pm on January 16th, 2011

    So Melanie, were all those little floaty things in your knee hard — like pearls? Is that was was causing the pain? Or were they fatty and just not allowing your knee to move right?

  22. Melanie
    12:43 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Kirby T.: Yes, those things are created and grown by the synovial fluid. They are hard like pearls. So hard, but can be crushed. Very rare. (rolling eyes here)

    They found out about it when one of them floated up underneath my knee cap.


    Going to lie down again. “Walkering” is going well. But lots of pressure on the knee.

  23. Melanie
    12:44 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Macy: Hope your mom gets to the doc on Monday. Sounds awful.

  24. Alice Johnson
    2:30 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Heh heh heh
    I really had fun looking at all your suggestions for my middle name. Especially Rio’s. He has so much fun it is hard to take him seriously.

    I liked the suggestions from Sage and Basil. I liked the idea of having an ‘important’ middle name. Roosevelt and Merriweather seem important. Wasn’t there already an Alice Roosevelt? So I thought I might emulate Cricket and use a Queen.
    Alice Elizabeth Johnson? hmmmmmm
    I also want a name that flows nicely with Alice. I liked Kirby’s idea of an initial but then I wanted T.
    goodness this is hard. I liked the thought behind Aurora from BStover, but didn’t like it combined with Alice. Would Moonbeam have the same feeling as Aurora?
    Alice Moonbeam Johnson? ahhhh maybe not.

    I am going to try out Alice M. Johnson, like Sam says, and see how I like that. It could be anything. Maud or Merriweather or Marie. After all, we beautiful creatures should stick together.
    Right Sam???

  25. Siber-H
    2:33 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Alice, Have you been into the catnip again?

  26. Riö - The Evil Pug
    2:36 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Home!… We left really early this morning and just got home a while ago…snort!snort!… She is cleaning the house and I am watching the Seahawks vs Da Bears…grunt!….I am totally with Bernie on this one. No way in H-E-L-L should the likes of Jay Cutler get anywhere near the Superbowl…grump!…I don’t like that @ss at all….heh!

    Score!… Oh good grief! The Seahawks are getting mauled… Crap! … 21 to 0, but it’s only the first half so there is still hope!…gruff!

    Melanie!…Slurpy Pug kisses and earlobe nips coming your way!…sluurrrp!

  27. Riö - The Evil Pug
    2:38 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Alice!..MakeMyDay Johonson!…snort!

  28. Riö - The Evil Pug
    2:38 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Alice!..MakeMyDay Johnson!…snort!

  29. Alice Johnson
    2:42 pm on January 16th, 2011

    I don’t think I could force myself to make your day Rio. heh heh heh

  30. Macy the Min-Pin
    2:50 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Melanie, my girl walked by and wanted to know if you were growing eggs in your knee. She said that the yellow “yolk” was nourishing the “whites” pearls. If you had left them in would they have hatched and caused you to have “chicken of the knee”.

    Did you know that we can see the Super Bowl from the hill near our house? It is impossible to forget about it around here. Every newscast begins ” xx days to the Superbowl”. Now they are talking about setting up parties in the parking lot so they can make even more money. The stadium is kind of unusual in that the front is pretty close to the street, which makes it look even bigger, looming just a few hundred yards from the street.

  31. B.Stover
    2:51 pm on January 16th, 2011

    It seems to me that Alice M. Johnson is too ordinary for such a beautiful cat. How about Alice Clair de Lune Johnson?

  32. Siber-H
    2:51 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Glad to have you back with us, Melanie! We are thankful you didn’t have to be away that long.

    Cute photo, Sam. I still like the hair trim.

    Rio’s middle names are very entertaining.

    We will be cheering for the Patriots.

  33. Mollie (a black poodle)
    2:56 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Welcome Melanie. Don’t try too much too soon!
    Are we choosing again? OK, I choose the Patriots.
    Rio: I think your middle name suggestions are interesting.

  34. Riö - The Evil Pug
    2:58 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Alice!…FleurByClairol Johnson!…snort!

  35. Riö - The Evil Pug
    2:59 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Alice!…FleurDeClairol Johnson!…snort!…Sounds snottier…heh!

  36. Mollie (a black poodle)
    3:09 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Oh boy, a Seattle player just got hit in the head. I think they will be taking him off the field. It was an awful hit…

  37. Alice Johnson
    3:09 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Rio CrazyasaCoot Pugster

  38. Alice Johnson
    3:10 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Hi Molly ABP

  39. Riö - The Evil Pug
    3:33 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Meaningless!… Alice I don’t need a middle name to feel important like you do…snort!… So any of your suggestions are meaningless to me…chorkel!

    Bears!…Those damned Bears are killing the Seahawks….grunt!…Mollie, it sounds like that player has a head injury now… sniff!

  40. Melanie
    3:44 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Laughing here with the middle names.

    Zoë and I have just discovered the Amazon video on demand TV episodes.
    Someone on the blog uses that, right? Is it okay?

  41. Alice M. Johnson
    3:53 pm on January 16th, 2011


  42. Barb & Maggie
    3:55 pm on January 16th, 2011

    My real, official name is Kindred Spirits Farm’s Magnolia. Maybe Alices middle initial could be for Magnolia. Alice Magnolia Johnson. Has a certain rign to it.

  43. Alice M. Johnson
    3:55 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Rio Rio Bo Beyo
    Banana Fana Fo Feyo
    Fe Fi Mow Meow

  44. Melanie
    3:56 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Macy: “Chicken of the Knee” Snicker!

  45. Alice M. Johnson
    3:59 pm on January 16th, 2011

    OOOO I LOVE Alice Magnolia. YES! Staff and I love flowers.

    Thank you Maggie. I love your name.

    Alice Magnolia Johnson. Just the right Fleur touch. I guess I did sort of use one of Rio’s suggestions. heh heh heh heh heh.

  46. Mollie (a black poodle)
    4:01 pm on January 16th, 2011

    I kind of like “MakeMyDay” for Alice’s middle name. I like Clint Eastwood. And Alice IS fierce…
    I think the guy has a concussion. I wanted Seattle to win, but I guess they won’t.

  47. Riö - The Evil Pug
    4:04 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Alice!…I love that photo of you and Staff because you look like a stuffed animal…grunt…You’ve got your head at a funny angle which makes you look unreal…heh!…Magnolia indeed!..snort!

  48. Wookie of Chevy Chase
    4:06 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Alice. How about a middle name and an initial both. I’ve got the perfect suggestion for you and its historical too. Alice B Toklas Johnson. And we all remember Alice B Toklas brownies from the 1960s. Wookie

  49. Riö - The Evil Pug
    4:30 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Wookie!… No me. I’ve never had an Alice B. Toklas brownie before….grunt!…What the hell!…sniff!

  50. Riö - The Evil Pug
    4:35 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Uh-oh!…Bernie is 0 for 3 and he has picked the Patriots to win today…sniff!…This is cause for concern…gulp!…Even so, we here are rooting for the Patriots too. Aren’t they Dan’s favorite team?….snorkel!… I hope he gets to watch the game today…snuffle!

    Ugh!…She just finished mopping the kitchen floor and now she smells like Lysol…honk!snort!…I hate that smell!…ugh!

  51. Barb & Maggie
    5:27 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Thank you Staff and Alice, at least someone liked my suggestion! And that flower garden is beautiful. That lloks like a bird house in the background. How do you feel about that?

    Melanie, those pictures are really cool, but they do look more than a little bit like developing baby chicks. Not good inside your knee.

    Barb is going to a late Christmas party in a few minutes. Her office always does it in January, because everyone is so busy in December.

  52. Barb & Maggie
    6:03 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Sam, you are adorable in pink!

  53. Riö - The Evil Pug
    6:03 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Half-time!….Drat! The Jets are ahead 14 – 3….grump!… Will Bernie really go 0 for 4? Unbelievable!….snort!….Those Patriots had better start playing football in the second quarter….sniff!… We are going to go do some laundry and then squeeze in some vacuuming…yeep! yeep!… I hate that vacuum….grrrrrr!

  54. B.Stover
    6:20 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Melanie: I’ve gotten tv shows from Amazon. After you buy and download each episode you have them forever. It works well.

  55. LizF
    6:26 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Alice B Toklas brownies??

    I like how Rio’s last name is Pugster.

  56. Kirby T. Penworthy
    6:31 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Hey, y’all! I’m back! Mom and Dad went out shopping for their closet stuff again. Not only did they not buy anything — again! — but the stuff they had decided to buy yesterday suddenly won’t work today. Honestly, people! The only thing I can trust them to do is feed me! Now Mom has to go back out tomorrow — Dad has to work, no MLK day off for him! — and actually buy the stuff they finally decided on today. And she’s going to take my boy with her to help with the loading. So that means another lonely day for poor Kirby T. 🙁 (Does anyone feel sorry for me?)

  57. Wookie of Chevy Chase
    6:39 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Rio and LizF — you are just showing your youthfulness. My recommendation would be to google it, anything more said here would probably be moderated. Wookie

  58. Riö - The Evil Pug
    6:46 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Kirby!… I spend almost everyday alone – I do not feel sorry for you at all…grunt!… The Patriots do not want to win this game me thinks…growl!snort! 🙁

    Liz!… I do not have a last name and if I did it would not be Pugster…grump!

  59. B.Stover
    6:50 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Alice B T’s brownies included marajuana I believe.

  60. Riö - The Evil Pug
    6:52 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Touchdown!…Finally! Woooooo!….Going for 2. Hmmmm….It worked! It worked!…heh!…The Patriots have finally woken up and are playing football!…snort!

  61. Kirby T. Penworthy
    7:04 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Rio: I spend most days alone, too. But this is a three-day weekend for Mom, and I still have to spend it alone. Your friend may be cleaning your house, but at least she isn’t gallivanting all over town! Everyday!

  62. Melanie
    7:13 pm on January 16th, 2011

    It’s good to be back. OTAS and F went to see YSAS in his play. Thought it was great. Then they had sushi. What a day.

    I had gluten free quiche, very good.

    Now I’m going to rest my leg, after putting lots of Arnica cream on it, and watch the Patriots WIN!

    Got that New England??


    Oh, and T&G’s dad is having a birthday today!

  63. Kirby T. Penworthy
    7:23 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Happy Birthday, T&G’s Dad!

    Oh, and congratulations to YSAS on his play — is this a new one, Melanie? Or one you’ve already seen? I hope you’ve either seen it, or that it lasts a good long time so you’ll have time to recover and go!

  64. Macy the Min-Pin
    7:28 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Melanie thanks for acknowledging me. Mostly I feel like I am talking to myself. *sigh*

  65. Riö - The Evil Pug
    7:37 pm on January 16th, 2011

    MinPin!… I thought you were talking to yourself! Sorry!…snort! heh!

    Melanie!… I am having doubts about the Patriots winning this year…sneeze!

  66. C. Harris
    7:47 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Pugly-Oogly…play nice. How is the weather these days, you haven’t been complaining about it. -30 here and getting colder–past my comfort zone.

  67. LizF
    7:49 pm on January 16th, 2011

    When’s the super bowl? (i got distracted by the brownie talk, Macy)
    (thanks for clearing that up Wookie and B).

  68. Siber-H
    7:53 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Macy? Are you going to watch the Super Bowl from the hill? You will sure be having a lot of extra people in town for it.

    I hope your mom makes it to the doctor tomorrow. Some of us have been nagging all week for her to go.

  69. Staff
    7:55 pm on January 16th, 2011

    I know about Alice B. Toklas’s brownies.

    I guess I am old enough. (snicker)

    Bernie must never ever bet on sports. Unless he is better than this weekend seems to prove.

  70. C. Harris
    7:59 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Knowing Bernie, he probably did bet on the games. {{{sigh}}}

  71. Wookie of Chevy Chase
    8:00 pm on January 16th, 2011

    We agree with Staff about Bernie’s betting proclivities. He may be better off sticking to tin futures. Wookie

  72. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:05 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Bernie!….0 for 4 Really??…sneeze!… No wonder his finances are a mess…snort!…I hope he doesn’t pick next weekends games!…golly!

    Hey!…The Golden Globes are on right now!…snort!snort!…This is a fun show…heh!

  73. Siber-H
    8:33 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Liz, The Super Bowl is Feb 6.

  74. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:41 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Woooo!…Steve freakin’ Buscemi finally won a Golden Globe award for Boardwalk Empire!…heh!….Clarkson was on that show!…snort!….Wow! Now that show just won the Golden Globe…gee!…There was a lot of good competition too!…grunt!

  75. B.Stover
    9:00 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Downton Abbey is on.

  76. LizF
    9:07 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Thanks, RP.

  77. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:08 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Kevin!… My friend and I just caught a look at Kevin Spacey in the audience….snort!….He is looking fine and my friend is very happy now…gruff! gruff!

    Stover!… What is Downtown Abbey about?…snort!…Is it on Masterpiece Theater?…sniff!

  78. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:23 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Temple!… Clair Danes just won an award for the movie about the autistic women who works with animals named Temple something, I couldn’t catch it, but I know a couple of you here on the blog were talking about her…sniff!…Stover and Mollie, if I remember correctly…snort!

  79. Tupper & Gilly
    9:23 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Hi everyone. Sorry for you that the Patriots lost (they lost SO big!) You all and Bernie should ask our Mama how to bet. She has a system that works. She bets on the name – whoever is stronger will win. So a Jet will beat a Patriot. A Bear will beat a Seahawk, and so on. She wins lots of bets with Daddy and she doesn’t know a 3 point conversion from a pointless conversation. (actually she knows a lot about football – she just doesn’t care)
    She and Daddy just went to a really pretentious restaurant to celebrate his birthday. They had a grand time since they had agift certificate. Daddy even had oysters – ick. But he says thanks for the birthday wishes.

  80. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:35 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Tupper!… I think Bernie could take some lessons from big Mama on the whole picking teams and betting thing…heh!

    Grump!…So no one on this here blog likes to watch the Golden Globe Awards?…sniff!…That’s just sad, that is. We look forward to it every year. It helps us decide which movies to order through Netflix and we like watching celebrities make fools of themselves…heh!

  81. Tupper & Gilly
    9:41 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Rio – We can just see you and Chet hanging out on the couch with a bowl of crunchies, dissin the silly “stars” and their so called Fashion Statements. Heck, we are always perfectly dressed in our fur and sparkle collars.

  82. Mollie (a black poodle)
    9:42 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Happy Birthday T&G’s Dad.
    My boy went to Oakland to see the Harlem Globetrotters today. He said it was fun.
    Thanks B. for Downton reminder. There is a show right after Downton that says it is a “Ride on the Orient Express with David Suchet.” It is supposed to be very good. Maybe you have already seen it.

  83. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:57 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Dissed!… Well, I know you all do not care, but so far The Kings English has been over-looked by the Foreign Press tonight… grunt!… Maybe it will win Best Picture, but it doesn’t look good…sniff!…They seem to like the Facebookie story a lot, and The Fighter guys story…gruffle!

  84. Kirby T. Penworthy
    9:58 pm on January 16th, 2011

    My grandma used to pick her teams based on the color of their uniforms. Dad says her method was about 50-50. Maybe the stronger-team-name method is better!

  85. Mollie (a black poodle)
    10:02 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Or you could go by which quarterback was better looking…..

  86. LizF
    10:06 pm on January 16th, 2011

    I’ll be watching the GGs but not until tonight. Sounds like I shouldn’t bother!

  87. Kirby T. Penworthy
    10:12 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Mollie: My uncle actually did a paper for college about why so many quarterbacks are good-looking guys. His theory is that the quarterback is “the” position for kids to play when they’re younger, so the best-looking, most popular kids get chosen to play it. As the kids get older and begin to fill out and start playing the position they’re best suited for, these kids are the ones who have the experience passing, call-playing, etc., so they stay in the quarterback position. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

  88. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:13 pm on January 16th, 2011

    DeNiro!…. He received the Cecil B.(Bad Ass) DeMille award tonight… snort!… They showed a lot of movies clips that he had starred in. Funny thing The Fan wasn’t named which was very surprising indeed… grunt!…I guess the big ole Scoreboard was the star in that movie… sad!…We will be starting that book tomorrow!…snort!

  89. Tupper & Gilly
    10:19 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Hi Kirby – so you are saying that even your grandma would beat Bernie in a betting pool. tee hee
    The King’s Speech WOULD have won if there was a category for Best Short Dogs in a Drama. Enjoy your show Rio.
    G’night all

  90. Kirby T. Penworthy
    10:26 pm on January 16th, 2011

    T&G: My grandma’s finances were a lot better than Bernie’s! Of course, she only made fun bets — but maybe Bernie does, too. In all their adventures, I don’t remember Chet mentioning a bookie — only a pawnbroker!

  91. Mollie (a black poodle)
    10:26 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Kirby: Very interesting. It does make sense. The quarterbacks seem to get the most attention too & they probably want a good looking person for publicity.

  92. Mollie (a black poodle)
    10:31 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Hey Kirby..we posted at the same time. That’s always fun.

  93. Kirby T. Penworthy
    10:33 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Mollie: The funnest!!!

  94. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:35 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Actors!…It seems these days or at least on this show tonight, that the younger actors are way more well behaved than the “older” actors…heh!…The oldies seem to be right out of their minds if their speech is anything to judge them by…snort!…The younger actors, the few who have won awards, seem very intelligent and well behaved…sniff!… I think the older generation has burned up all their brain cells by now and just don’t give a shit…grunt!… I hope this younger, brighter generation of actors takes care of themselves and has regard for the great talent they possess ( NO, Not Reality Actors!)… snuff!

  95. B.Stover
    10:37 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Downton Abbey is set in 1913 England and is a sort of Upstairs Downstairs. It’s very good and very interesting. I’m trying to decide what the difference is. Upstairs Downstairs was first set in 1903 so the ten years is one reason for the different attitudes. I think this first series has six episodes. It was just announced that the series will be continued in 2011 sometime.

    The Suchet Orient Express show is a repeat I think.

    I think the name of the Clair Danes’ movie was Temple Grandin. I may not be spelling it correctly. CD was very good in it.

    Happy birthday to T&G’s dad.

    Good night all.

  96. Macy the Min-Pin
    10:38 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Yes we are planning on sitting on our hill with binoculars to watch the Super Bowl. I am sure the NFL will be along to collect our watching fees.

  97. Kirby T. Penworthy
    10:44 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Mom used to live on a bluff overlooking the stadium in San Diego. Unfortunately, she was 3 years old, and the stadium hadn’t been built yet, so she didn’t get to watch any games! Otherwise, that would have been a great place to live!

  98. Staff
    10:51 pm on January 16th, 2011

    At least Macy will be allowed at the hilltop Super Bowl. Sounds like a good time Macy.

    I saw the David Suchet special on the Orient Express. It is about how the Express was during the time Agatha Christie took it. It is very interesting. We saw it last summer some time.

    Macy I may not always reply to you but I just love your sly little comments. You are a funny funny dog. We saw a Min-Pin the other day and it had the tiniest feet. It was prancing in the snow and I worried that it would freeze it’s little feet right off. It didn’t seem to be bothered though.

    Well, off to early bed as I must get up and go (Sob) to work tomorrow.

    Goodnight all, ‘cept Liz, g’day Liz.

  99. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:52 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Liz!…DO NOT READ FURTHER! If you are going to watch the Golden Globes…heh!


    Yes!…. Colin Firth just won rhw Best Actor award for The Kings English…Wooooooo!! … First award it has won all night, but one of the Best!…heh!

  100. Alice M. Johnson
    10:54 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Oh, Staff was once a contestant on a radio show to pick the winners of a week of football games. She failed miserably. She chose by the aura of the team. Evidently she has no idea of the aura of anything.

    Oops, gotta go, Staff is turning me off!!!

  101. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:01 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Heh!… rhw = the, an obvious mistake to make…snort!

    Best Picture!…Is a complete surprise…sniff!…Even though no one I know has seen it….heh!…Maybe it is a good picture because Kevin Spacey is either in it or is a producer of it. Not sure on this yet. Need more Spacey research. He was up there accepting a Golden Globe so therefore…yeep!

  102. Siber-H
    11:06 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Macy, I agree with Staff…you are a funny little Min-Pin and I like you.

    Rio, I would rather read your review of the Golden Globes than actually watch the program.

    Good Night Everyone!

  103. Siber-H
    11:08 pm on January 16th, 2011


    I put us on the Dark Side. I’m outta here.

  104. Riö - The Evil Pug
    11:09 pm on January 16th, 2011

    CRAP!… sigh. 100 used to be a thing to celebrate, now I dread it…grunt!… Goodnight all! Hope you sleep well and have no icey roads to drive on in the morning…snort!…That is my friends biggest fear, or at least used to be. Now weather doesn’t bother her that much. I think she has become a Zombie…heh!…Her haircut is nice though…sniff!

  105. Macy the Min-Pin
    11:10 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Thanks staff, your feet are tiny too! The best thing about tiny feet is less surface to freeze. Belle has boats for feet.

    Yes, the Hilltop SuperBowl welcomes the nation. All I am really interested is the supper bowl.

  106. Macy the Min-Pin
    11:11 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Mr. Husky, you are a gorgeous hunk of canine. I like you too.

  107. Kirby T. Penworthy
    11:15 pm on January 16th, 2011

    Oh dear, looks like we’re going to the dark side. I guess it’s a perfect time to go to bed. Goodnight, y’all!

    (Rio: You were No. 100 — give yourself some slobbery kisses!)

  108. Antonia Latorre
    2:35 pm on January 23rd, 2011

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