“What gold bar?” said Suzie. “What did I miss?”

“Well,” said Bernie – we were sitting around the kitchen table, me underneath. “We decided to go on a hike for the holiday weekend and – wait! Is today Sunday?”

“Yes,” Suzie said.

Bernie got up, switched on the radio. “Don’t want to miss Elvis gospel.”

“You like Elvis?” Suzie said.

“Just the early stuff,” Bernie said. “And the gospel, of course.”

Right now it was Milky White Way, my favorite.

“Milky White Way,” Bernie said. “My favorite. He copied it exactly from the Trumpeteers’s version, but I don’t care. Same thing with Are You Lonesome tonight – real real close to the Al Jolson version.”

Suzie was looking at Bernie is a funny way. “Could you play that for me on the ukulele?” she said.

“Are You Lonesome Tonight?”

“Yeah,” Suzie said, her voice getting quiet.

“Sure, sometime, maybe,” Bernie said.

“How about now?”

Now Bernie was looking at Suzie in a funny way. What was going on? Don’t ask me.


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One Response to “Feelings”

  1. Diane Brodson
    12:56 pm on May 31st, 2009

    I must listen to the wrong radio station. I never hear Elvis on a Sunday.

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